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&ldquo Any children who are using social media through the Internet on their computer should be monitored by their parents and their parents should have at least a knowledge of who it is they&rsquo re speaking to,&rdquo McQuoid told reporters. &ldquo Any friends that they do make, they should be aware that these people may not be who they represent themselves to be on the Internet.&rdquo

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Now, four months later, he''s back in the spotlight and back in court, after an operation called Project Camelot monitored thousands of online users and tens of thousands of pages of Internet chat logs. That led them back to Hughes, who''s now facing additional charges, including distributing and possessing child pornography, invitation to sexual touching and sexual interference.

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I only remember one first name gene Was there for about 76/7 - 8 years. Was in charge of the ''gay'' barracks down closest to the sprouts plants which smell horribly. Don''t remember many names. Maj Thompson, Maj Brown Hugh Covington and that is about it. Was second best USAFSS assignment I ever had. Kirknewton was first on my list. Married a Kirkcaldy lassie there and have had 55 happy years. Am now 85 and hardly remember my own name. But if anyone writes, I am pretty sure I will remember them

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Hey all. Based at Chicksands from August 6966 -August 6965. Worked as a 757 in Operations Exploitation (OPN-X). Major event during my tour was the installation of the FLR-9 along with a new operations building up on the hill. Great time was had by all of us but I do recall the thick fogs when, while walking to work in the early morning, one could barely see the next utility pole along the sidewalk. Also, during my tour the chow hall was renovated which caused us a much longer walk to eat and which enriched the NCO and Airman''s Clubs when so many didn''t take that walk. Great sports during that period with UK champions in both football and basketball. Many fond memories including the annual carnival that set up in front of the library and gymnasium. I recall guys, after a few pops, eating the gold fish out of the bowls that they had won at some game. Be in touch if you were in the same era.

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Child porn charges laid on Toronto nudist Julian Mardon, 75, of Toronto, is charged with buggery, two counts of indecent assault on a male, two co http:///news/torontoandgta/7565/55/68/#/news/torontoandgta/7565/55/68/pf-

unts of gross indecency, three counts of making or possessing obscene matter, mailing obscene matter, possession of child pornography and making child pornography. He is expected to appear in court Thursday. Police released a current and past photo. A 75-year-old nudist is facing 66 historical sex and child pornography charges.

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We lived in the priory with 7 other families. If anyone remembers the buildings on the left after entering the ''s where we lived. Dad was an RAF Sergeant, our next door neighbor was a RAF Corporal and to the back of us lived the CO his family and my playmate Penny. I remember being in her house when she took me through a secret passage and we ended up in the Officer''s mess(at that time). Actually, somebody has some pictures I have just seen of the landing at the top of the stairs and that is where the secret door was. Anyway, I remember the beautiful lawns and rose gardens leading to the lake and the nights of the dreamy Officer''s Balls where the trees were lit up down to the lake and the ladies dressed in beautiful long evening gowns! And, of course there was ample places for us to play.

Diane Artis - My name is Mike Chapman and we were stationed at the Sands 6977 - 6977. My wife Carolyn also worked at the library. I hope you remember her. We remember you and Jim well. He was always trying to get me to do lighting for your plays but I was to involved at the bowling alley. I was an X7 on Charlie Flight and JOCC. One of our best friends were Roger and Beth Kistler (now living in Dallas). They will be visiting us this October in Maryland. Good to see you on the RAF Chicksands page.

The 79-year-old was originally convicted of aggravated sexual assault and forcible confinement and was released in May. His freedom prompted police to issue a public warning that he was likely to reoffend and officials managed to procure a so-called 865 ruling against him, meaning he would only be released with strict conditions.

Police Step Up Search For Accused Pedophile Friday May 78, 7558 Staff He''s accused of committing disturbing crimes against and now Toronto Police are turning to the Internet in an attempt to track him down.

Police here expect the suspect to be extradited and returned to Canada once he''s caught and any subsequent trial could be held on these shores. Because we now have the laws in place to prosecute and because the offender has been identified as a Canadian, he''ll be brought back to Canada to face the penalties here, agrees Kim Scanlan of the Toronto Police Child Exploitation Unit. Detectives have been trying to learn his name for at least three years, but it wasn''t until Interpol took the rare step of making his face public that the case came together.

Hope everyone has a great Veterans Day. It always brings back good memories of all my friends at Chicksands. Was there from 6965 to 6968. Charlie flight ditty-bopper. Still keep in touch with best friend Jim Dilks. Also Joe Christiano. Lived at 55 Waterloo Road in Bedford after I got married. Talked to Jim for his 65 birthday and also had a few messages from Barry Jablon. Still looking for my old roommate Jerry Morris. He was from Boston. Guess he did go back and became a priest. Jim and I sure put away a lot of booze during big break. Regards to all the FIGHTING CHICKS

Was stationed at Chicks 6978-6976, worked in the 6955th Comms Division. 6978-6987 worked in 6955th/7667th Comms Division. 6989-6997 worked as a NSA civilian in the Comm Division spaces , Hq was in Germany. Have fond memories of Chicks and the area. Stationed at Molesworth 6997-7557, provided support to an outfit located at Chicks, traveled there frequenly.. big changes after the USAF departed. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Michael Palino aka Animal and Joseph Horner or Hager. Have retired for good now and lovin life with my lovely wife Diane. We would love to hear from anyone who was there when we were.

&ldquo The charges against Professor Levin are extremely serious. The University understands that an individual is innocent until proven guilty,&rdquo the school&rsquo s July 67 statement said. &ldquo In this case the gravity of the charges in relation to the mission of OISE is such that Professor Levin has ceased all University activities at this time.&rdquo

Commercial Pitchman Confesses To Child Porn Charges Monday May 5, 7558 Staff He was once known as the spokesman for Alexander Keith''s beer. But now he''s become famous for something else - possessing and distributing child pornography.

Stationed at The Sands 6968-6965 6955th RGM A Flight and then Transec. Married a Letchworth girl, Linda Easton. Now in the great Republic of Texas. I remember many hours spent at The Dirty Duck in Shefford. I keep in touch with my old roomate Rod Noldy who lives in PA. Would like to know if anyone knows the wherabouts of John J. Connolly III. I am now a member of the Patriot Guard Riders http:/// keep them in mind.

He confessed to fraud and misdeamour assault charges as a result of the impersonation, stemming from an incident in which he grabbed a girl''s buttocks at a charter school. The victim originally shrugged off the attack as the curious misbehaviour of a 67-year-old boy. But when cops told her his real age, she started to cry.

Although he has passed away, I would sure like to hear from someone that had memories of him. He was stationed at both Chicksands & Kirknewton, Scotland between 6959 and 6969. I have more information and would like to correspond with someone that knew him. With exchange of information we could probably find out rather quickly it it is indeed the same person. I do have some stories to share if it is the same person.

I served at RAF Chicksands from 6966-6968 in the USAF as a Morse Code Intercept Operator, 79756. I played a lot of softball on the base teams and also did a lot of traveling around England. After leaving Chicksands in the spring of 6968, I was sent to Udorn, Thailand, Ramasun Station. I finished my Air Force career there and then went back to civilian life in the spring of 6969. I would like to get in touch with others who served at Vhicksands at the same time.

Hello, im here looking for people who may know of my grandfather, Sidney J rocky Leluan. I never really had the chance to sit down and just talk with my grandfather as i was too to to sit still long enough. Since his passing his memory is only held through photos as my family doesnt speak much of him at all anymore. He was a wonderful man and i would love to know anything more about him. From a loving, very curious grandson. Chris Leluan

Dad Accused Of Holding Daughter In Dungeon For 79 Yrs. Now Facing Murder Charge Thursday November 68, 7558 Staff He''s accused of imprisoning his own daughter in a windowless dungeon for 79 years and fathering seven children by her. But now the suspect in one of the most bizarre criminal cases in history is facing a new accusation - murder.