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I have no knowledge of rural areas. But why not marry some 8775 smalltown 8776 girl and living there. Less competition, less 8775 big city mindset 8776 , less feminist bullcrap, right? You 8767 ll probably have a hard time fitting in but someday you 8767 ll be part of the community, esp. if you go to church. She might even go back to the city with you, and as long as it 8767 s not too eagerly (nothing worse than a smalltown girl who wants to make it in the city) you might have gotten yourself a winner. Some of these girls seem more level headed and know their priorities (family, clean life and god, let 8767 s hope she is not too overzealous though).

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exogamy amongst US Asians is high about 85% OVERALL. But note its much higher amongst US Born Asians, even Asian men, the exogamy rate has increased. However due to the recent surge in FOREIGN Born Asians, many of which have married before coming to USA, or lack of English means they stick to their own.. But many US Born/Raised Asians do still Inter-Marry Even in the Large Asian Regions like So-Cal/San-Fran/Vancouver and New York Etc the IM/IR Rate is high, I see many, many White/Asian and White/Hispanic Couples/Mixed Babies in Middle Class Areas, White/Black is still low

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Yeah, aint that the trruth. My Dads wife is about 85+ lbs overweight now. He 8767 s in his 75 8767 s and she in her 55 8767 s. She snd Dad don 8767 t speak much anymore. She 8767 s speaking tagalo with her family and leaves him out. She looks at him like she wish he would hurry up and die. We bring him over to our house for American food and conversation when ever we can. He 8767 s a f 8767 ing stranger in his own home. She married an older man to come to the USA and brought her whole damn family. I 8767 m sure 75 . Asian Pussy seemed like a good thing at the time, but he regrets it now. Not me never would go that route. My boys look like me. Married a good ol southern girl who like football and fishing. It 8767 s not perfect, but pretty good most of the time.

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If that happened, I foresee a future in which guys will move to hot and exotic countries instead of bringing back women to their native counties in the western world.
When I travel abroad I always see poor but extremely happy people enjoying life, whilst in Europe or the USA people tend to be more sad and they often complain, so in the end I think moving abroad wouldn 8767 t be such a bad move for us

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Speaking from a red-pill white man 8767 s perspective, white women are at the bottom of the barrel (generally speaking), so it doesn 8767 t really matter who they want to get with. Living in Asia, I personally refuse to even acknowledge most of these masculinated women.
True alphas go for feminine women- and the most feminine women are Asians. Luckily for us, Asian women overwhemingly DO prefer white men over black. And that, my friend, is a fact.

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Since when have the been afraid of leaving home for foreign countries? Ask any of the millions of Polish/Baltic/Romanian girls who live across Europe. Ask any of the Mexicans who enter America and leave families behind. 8775 shitty American burbs 8776 ? Have you ever seem Ukraine before? They would fucking love to have that life. Believe it or not marrying a handsome, educated American man who wants a family and traditional life is damn appealing. For sure there are scammers but it should be fucking obvious who is scamming you unless you 8767 re totally stupid (some men are). All marriage is risky but a foreign wife is increasing less risky than marrying a native these days. If you 8767 re in shape, have a decent job and want a family, consider going foreign.

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Yeah man, nothing to disagree with here. Yeah she 8767 s the yes the allure of our fat, disgusting, weak ass, daddy-only-feminized-state culture is probably stronger than any influence I can exert over her in the long run. I 8767 m not concerned about it, if it goes there, then I 8767 ll go elsewhere. Honeymoon stage, yes I think probably so. No doubt it 8767 ll end when she realizes I 8767 m serious about not kids, no marriage I 8767 m sure.

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Asian women tried to latch onto me so many times before I got married it 8767 s not even funny. White women have standards and actual tests that these beta White males can 8767 t live up to, so they run to Asia and marry a girl who will marry them because they 8767 re White, then these losers destroy their ancestral lines. I wouldn 8767 t even call a White man married to an Asian White anymore.

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The critical mass has been reached between white men and white women, at least in the Anglosphere. White men 8767 s aggregate reluctance to save themselves by putting the boot back over the necks of white women are causing the women to desert en-masse to either black, bi-racial or brown men who will put them in their places. I don 8767 t think the average white man can live a happy life with a white woman in 7569 without her trying to emasculate him. Likewise, these white women usually show deference for guys like me. The Scandinavians are the perfect example, the descendants of the fucking Vikings for Godsake, behaving in an absolute despicable fashion, letting their ancestral homelands be turned into feminist cesspools. Men walking around with baby strap carriers.

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/Massage places Some massage places offer more than just a back rubs.  But even if the massage place does not offer a happy endings you could just ask the working massage girl if she will extend the service in your hotel room, you can ask the girls mobile number and communicate to meet after shift :-). They won’t refuse to date if they like you.  That is potentially free sex.

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I love dogs, I have two of them. They are truly man 8767 s best friend. They 8767 ll protect you and keep you company. I hate feminists though.
Speaking of cars and sandals, here 8767 s a joke:
A rich man and a poor man are talking when the poor man says to the rich man, 8775 My wife 8767 s birthday is this week and I don 8767 t know what to get her. What did you get your wife for her birthday? 8776
The rich man says, 8775 I got her a diamond necklace and a Mercedes 8776
When the poor man asks why he bought her both gifts, the rich man replies 8775 If she doesn 8767 t like the necklace, she can take it back to the jeweler in her Mercedes and she 8767 ll still be happy. 8776
A few weeks later the two men cross paths and the rich man asks the poor man what he ended up getting his wife for her birthday. The poor man responds, 8775 I got her a dildo and some sandals, so if she doesn 8767 t like the sandals she can go fuck herself. 8776

remember women from poor nations have the mentality of slavic girls from FSU. They think Logically with their ltr prospects and go with the best dont base decisions off of emotions like western women do(whom make a shit ton of mistakes).
To some of us, we think this is good,buts its a thin line to being hustled real bad. Cuz she knows her assets and why you like her. They have a dogs instinct on reading you. Dont be that 8775 dumb gullible narcissistic arrogant first worlder 8776 thinking hes hot shit in some dumb turd world nation. They may not be as rich or 8775 educated 8776 as you, but they know how too scam you
They know by looking at you weather you are a winner or a loser in your country.

Now, and I might very well be mistaken, a Caucasian muslim is high value, as long as you convert obviously. I imagine that some families would be happy for their daughter to marry an afluent white devoted to Allah. (Me I don 8767 t really care for religion. I mean I do, but survival trumps all). I can 8767 t voutch for the reaction of all the local non-family related males or some jealous cousin.

Nonsense the statistics have been clear for many years black men are over twice as likely to marry outside their race as black women. Also, black America severely chastises black women that even date outside their race as traitors, while praising black men that date white women for sticking it to the man. As a white man from a working class family how did I become the man that everyone hates? Neither I nor any of my ancestors oppressed anyone, unless you count choking out your lungs on coal dust or starving to death in the potato famine as oppressing others.

Asian girls are pretty when they 8767 re Hell, most women are pretty when they 8767 re My point is after the f**king and the stir fried rice, you gotta talk to her. What do you have in common? She 8767 s not an American and doesn 8767 t know ( or probably care) about anything a man like me cars about. Call me a redneck and I 8767 ll plead guilty, but if she doesn 8767 t know or like SEC football, NASCAR, and bass no use for her.

There might be two things you are worried about: Theft and health risks. As for the first one, I wouldn 8767 t recommend letting a freelancer stay at your place overnight as you cannot find her the next day in case she steals from you. Short time should be fine as long as you watch your stuff, especially when taking a shower. Different for the girls who are employed by the bar that you know where to find them the following day and so do they know. The risk of bar girls stealing from you is quite low though as they would rather hope you call them over again in the future instead of causing problems.

So very true. Almost all communication in the USA has been reduced to rude comments, criticism and sarcasm. I cannot have a 8775 real 8776 conversation with the average person here without it being quickly diverted to absurd nonsense. It 8767 s like living in a fucking sitcom. I think people are unconsciously emulating the dreck they see on TV and in movies. They don 8767 t know how to have a real conversation or any empathy anymore.

7,555 Pesos. No seriously, there is no definite answer to this question as it depends on the attractiveness of the girl, how well you get on with each other and also on the type of place. So if you 8767 d go to a  bikini bar (basically a go go bar without girls getting naked) or KTV be prepared to pay at least 8,555 Pesos and up which also includes the bar fine.

No, the Danish immigration laws are designed to stop people from the third world flooding into that very small country. Broadly speaking to bring a foreign spouse into the country you both have to be over 79, and you must have a high income. The 8775 love bridge 8776 idea comes from the bridge over the River Oresund which is the border with Sweden. Danes can get a Swedish residence permit for their spouses, and both live in Sweden, with the Dane commuting to work across the bridge into Denmark.

The best thing to be in America in 7569 is a white woman. For the longest white men didn 8767 t realize, they envied absolutely the world domination of white men, and they didn 8767 t seek to destroy this power dynamic, but put themselves in your place. They envied the fact that you could fuck and impregnate your slaves and foreign women while impregnating them too. They envied your agency. They will not willingly surrender all the power that has fallen into their laps. Now, they will restrict you from avoiding them or paying for them by restricting foreign women. They will fuck all the black, brown and whatever else guys while limiting you. From a talk with a white woman this morning over coffee (post-fellatio). No joke.

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