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Thank you for the comment. Well, there is definitely a big difference between the not so religious Jews and the Orthodox or Conservative Jews, which is what your guy sounds like. His wife has been raised that way, that 8767 s the reason she is so timid and unsure of everything. Women are taught to let men do everything, she has probably never had to do much on her own. It 8767 s not her fault, obviously. The problem is that your guy clearly knew what he was marrying into, so there shouldn 8767 t be any surprise of WHY she behaves the way she behaves. This is the problem I have with most men, they marry these women who they fully know how they are and then they complain about it. I understand your feelings of confusion and probably some guilt, but its his own doing. He is never going to leave her, I hope you are not sitting around and waiting How did you two meet?

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'An outsider may say that whether you study the Torah for an hour each evening or switch on Coronation Street is simply a cultural variation,' one man told me. 'But that x7569 s not how it x7569 s presented to us - and, more important, it x7569 s not how it feels to us. Sitting around the Sabbath table or figuring out a Talmudic conundrum with a child is not just like having Sunday roast together as a family. To us, it is part of what we see as our sanctification, something that is uniquely ours and which we will fight tooth and nail to hold on to. The child who won x7569 t attend the Sabbath meal will have his or her parents concerned not simply that he or she is antisocial or may be depressed but that it is the beginning of drifting away, and that they x7569 re losing the child. That is not only in defiance of the child x7569 s parents and family but of our whole way of life. x7569

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I remember once when I was about 8 and had plastered my head with vaseline and then sat on the edge of the bathroom sink and admired my glossy,straight dark brown hair. So far from the cropped curls I usually had - constantly being chopped off as my mother, blessed/cursed (depending on viewpoint) with ordinary straight brown British hair - had no idea how to deal with curls. It wasn't until the late 65s, when I was a rebellious teen and insisted on letting my hair grow, that I discovered how thick, curly and sexy it could be. Anyway now I am 65, and still the lucky owner of a full head of shoulder length dark brown curls - sometimes ringlets, sometimes straighter, and sometimes a puffy mess - depending on the weather. All this I can thank my fathers Italian Jewish genes for. Of course I did end up marrying a super Aryan looking northern European and none of our kids got the curls. So, thanks Pappa!

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I also have to talk about Ashley Madison site for a minute.  If you haven 8767 t heard of it, feel free to check it out: http://  When I talk to random people about it, I get the same reaction every time: Its disgusting!  Really, why?  Because people are going to cheat no matter what, so a business genius by the name of  Noel Biderman decided to cash in on what 8767 s already there, and that is disgusting to you?  I, on the other hand think he is an extremely smart individual, who saw a huge business opportunity in the idiots that are already cheating and/or going to cheat , and created a multi-million dollar company from it.  This is America people where you can start any company you want.  Just because Ashley Madison makes it easier for people to find other like-minded individuals, it doesn 8767 t necessarily mean Evil.  What about Craigslist and Myspace, or haven 8767 t you known what married men have used that site for, well before Ashley Madison came around?

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There are now estimated to be around Haredi worldwide, and according to a 7557 study by Dr Yaakov Wise at the University of Manchester, strictly-orthodox Jewry in Europe is expanding more rapidly than at any time since before the Second World War. In Britain - home to the largest Haredi community in Europe - almost three out of every four Jewish births are in the Haredi community. If current trends continue, the strictly-Orthodox will constitute the majority of British Jews by 7555.

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Frum Jews will always be polite and helpful for any fellow Jew, regardless of level of observance, for this is one of the foundations of the Jewish Faith. As part of this isolation you won 8767 t find a Television in a Hasidic or Yeshivish Jewish home, and in most homes computers will be banned for children. Even adults are highly discouraged from using the web, and those in need for the web for job or business purposes will try not to use it home and only with a good filter.

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The tone is avowedly religious, everything refracted through the Torah way of life. There is no coverage of the arts, sport or books. Secular culture simply does not exist. The photographs are almost exclusively of distinguished rabbis, beaming out from behind capacious beards, behatted men gathering for some speech or celebration. It takes a moment for the outsider to put his finger on what is missing. There are no pictures of women. It is forbidden.

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I am so relieved to see others share what I have felt my whole life. I have dark brown super curly ringlets with blond baby hairs that frame my face. Im the oldest of 9 siblings but look nothing like any of them. They have dark skin and smooth waves for hair. Thanks to a knawing feeling in my gut and an arabic husband, a little research online and the knowledge of my mothers 6st marriage I was able to to find out her 6sthusband is my real father. I grew up thinking I was mixed(black-and-white ),come to find out my father is russian jewish. I have light skin and hazel eyes. I never knew other jewish women were being mistaken for mixed girls too. Thank you to all of u who shared your stories here : )

I've heard that Orthodox men can't touch women. Is this true?

Wrong on all counts.. Biblically, tribal status came from your father ( Jewishness coming from the mother was a later rabbinical addition).Secondly, there is a genetic basis to Jewishness, so you CAN be partly , all Jews by your reckoning are not Jews at all, as most Ashkenazi Jews, for example have semitic , Israelite haplogroups on their paternal side, and have Mt DNA from Europe ( mostly Italy ). In other words , hardly any European Jew has genetically Jewish maternal ancestry, or at least, not purely so..

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A long curly mane is part of a particular feminine look called the Botticellian beauty. Italian painter Sandro Botticelli is famous for painting images of women with long, relaxed curls framing their serene faces, often partially tied back or loosely braided. Though this look is associated with the Italian Renaissance, long, curly tendrils of hair remain a popular hairstyle for women at weddings and fashion runways all over the world.

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The attitude to learning was what defined a Jew as Haredi, Rabbi Pinter said. 'For the Haredi, higher education would be in Talmud or Jewish learning in a modern Orthodox person it would be going to university. There is a difference in aspiration. For a modern Orthodox person getting a doctorate might be an aspiration in its own right a Haredi person would say, x756c What do you need it for? You could be an authority in halacha [Jewish law] - why would you want a PhD in physics? x756d

I had never seen a school as clean and orderly as Yesodey Hatorah, nor a more well-behaved body of students. The last full Ofsted report on the school provided an embarrassment of superlatives, rating it 'exceptionally and consistently high x7569 in virtually all categories. 'Attendance is well above national average,' the report noted. 'Behaviour is superb in a student questionnaire over 95 per cent stated they liked learning, and above all their joy is obvious.'

This practice is not unique to Judaism. When a Texas politician put his hand on the shoulder of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, who was visiting the USA, it was regarded as a highly improper social faux-pas. It was not because the Prince was the politician's "better," but because it showed a lack of respect for the prince not only as a visitor, but as the visiting representative of another country. A similar incident took place not long ago in Europe when the American president placed his hands on the shoulders of the lady Chancellor of Germany. This was considered disrespectful towards her, both as the representative of another nation and as an individual.

Mutations are the result of two genetic phenomena known as founder effect and bottleneck effect. A founder effect occurs when a new population emerges as a result of migration or some other cause a genetic bottleneck, on the other hand, occurs when an already-existing population shrinks due to a cataclysmic event, such as a famine or massacre. In populations in which people marry within a small group, both genetic events lead to fluctuations in frequencies of genetic mutations. The DNA of those who survive continues into the future, while the DNA of those who don’t becomes extinct. Ashkenazi Jews are a good example of a people with this experience: Two major genetic bottlenecks or founder effects seem to have occurred in their history, one around the year 955 CE and a second during the 69th century, both likely tied to persecution and immigration. These events narrowed the genetic range of Ashkenazi Jewry.

It has been five years. Many lifestyle changes and adjustments later, I no longer cover my hair as many of my Orthodox peers do, and I am no longer capable of accepting, let alone understanding, the practice of forced head shaving, much less the threats and intimidation used to maintain it within the community. But I am grateful for the fact that this very last, most personal violation of mine led my husband and me to gather the strength to take control of our lives and to make decisions for ourselves, our children and for me — my own body.

If she is annoying and you have not received ablow job..why do you stay with her?? I don 8767 t get that part you just listed terrible things about your don t you have the guts to leave her obviously you dont love her and she doesnt love you. Instead of spending all that ebnergy cheating, spend it getting a divorce and finding a wife that gives great head and doesn 8767 t nag! OHHHHH wait..you would need to make money or have lots! I have a feeling your wife is blowing some other cock while you are being a GOOD dad and husband!

It’s just not the Eve you’re thinking of. Testing of mitochondrial DNA, passed from mother to child, has proven that all of humanity—male and female—descends from one female progenitor: mitochondrial Eve, as she is colloquially known. Believed to have lived about 755,555 years ago in East Africa, mitochondrial Eve was not the first woman to exist (or the only woman who lived at the time), but she is the originator of a piece of DNA that, unlike the DNA of her female contemporaries, did not go extinct. All men and women, across countries, continents, ethnicities, religions and other markers of difference, have DNA passed down to them from this mother of humankind.

The reason is a rather complex, even Freudian rationale. It is felt that touching a person of the opposite gender is essentially a sexual act, or at least the precursor of a sexual act. While it is true that most handshakes between men and women do not lead to sexual relations and are not even contemplated, sexual relations always begin with touching. It is also true that a handshake does communicate feelings albeit on a superficial level.

The food, the wine - a kosher cabernet from Galilee - and the conversation flowed. It was both an intoxicatingly joyous family occasion and a profoundly religious one, the rabbi an extrovert combination of paterfamilias and teacher. Over gefilte fish, he engaged his 69-year-old son in a lively debate on the Talmudic concept of yiush ('despair x7569 ) - at what point the finder of a lost object is permitted to regard it as his own. The roast chicken was followed by a learned discourse - 'tonight x7569 s Torah portion x7569 - on the subject of Moses x7569 s stammer, the rabbi cradling his baby son on his lap as he talked. And the songs! One after another of traditional zemirot , or table hymns - this one from the Gerer, this one from the Bobover - songs of deep devotion and high sentiment. A woman at the table brushed a tear from her eye. The bride of Sabbath had arrived. The baby slept peacefully in the rabbi x7569 s arms.

He comes to see me a few hours of the week, we talk about all of it he hides nothing from me, he tells me about his wife and his children, and his in-laws, and his mother. It 8767 s a way to unload, and unwind from the stress. I 8767 ve never dated a married man before, the thought never crossed my mind that I would even let that happen. It was so 8775 taboo 8776 . He loves his wife, I will never try to take him from her, he 8767 s such an amazing guy that I couldn 8767 t not let him be happy.

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