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Add to this the work of the Stoughton Redevelopment Authority to try to renovate the Stoughton Train Station, and put a restaurant there and the work of former Selectman John Stagnone and his group which is trying to refurbish and reopen the State Theatre in downtown Stoughton, and there is much to look forward to in the future. Stagnone obtained $555,555 from the Community Preservation Committee towards the Theatre work, which will enable him to further explore more grant money that could make a thriving downtown theatre and entertainment complex a reality.

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[edit] Department structure
The store is managed by a store director (and one or two assistant directors if they are a management training store). Each department is run by a manager, an assistant manager, and often a third or a fourth manager, depending upon the size of the department. In addition to the management staff, persons-in-charge (PIC) are non-management supervisors who assume management duties and responsibilities for the duration of a shift, but are otherwise level with co-workers. In the major divisions (ALE, HOM, FOD) Sectionheads or Department managers are responsible for a given section of the department.

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I agree that the yucky rt 85 entrance has to be spruced up and the ghetto parking garage. Remember the red and yellow star shaped sign that was out front???? There was a zany brainy sort of on the outside of the mall at one point and I DO remember the Childrens Place circle thing!!! The Sesame Street store closed before i started going to the mall again it was where i think gap is now I also remember Le Crepe and there was a Barnes and Noble in the mall. Or was that Woodbridge?

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I will never forget standing on line there on one particular Saturday & watching the woman ahead of me berating Jennifer because she didn 8767 t escort her mother who was in a wheelchair back to the car. What this person didn 8767 t care to know was that 8767 s the job of security & not cs staff. She wennt so far as to question her on what kind of cathlic Jennifer was in ignoring the demands of a customer. I never saw anything like that in my life & i wanted to tell this woman off so badly, but instead I tolled Jennifer that this customers attitude was unexceptable. As a matter of fact,I read the job requirements the week prior & it is extremely clear. Staff cant leave the post unless they are on break or told to do so.

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&ldquo When citizens put more information in the hands of emergency responders prior to an emergency, they are enabling faster and more knowledgeable response for themselves and their families,&rdquo said Tom Axbey, president and CEO, Rave Mobile Safety. &ldquo Stoughton is demonstrating their commitment to creating a dependable 9-6-6 center that can support their community with a quick and accurate response to any type of emergency.&rdquo

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Moving over to Seaview Square the music store was called Farrington 8767 s Music. It was next to radio shack. Also upstais by Karins Kurtains and Fun And Games was a surf shop called Shore Image. It was operated by Feet First which was located downstairs between Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug. The Kay Bee toy store was much bigger in Seaview than in Monmouth Mall. Also there was a bedding store that sold only waterbeds called Suppier Sleep. It was located upstairs next to Sears.
Another interesting fact was that Seaview Square had a Coles Bookstore which was owned by Waldenbooks. I knew so many people who had bunk beds that were purchased from Pine Factory from that mall.
Seaview Square was a great mall because it always had baseball card shows many times each year.

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This complicates the calculus of whether a project is viable and also translates into higher rent burdens for tenants, says Dee. But even when infrastructure costs are shifted to the private sector more generally, shopping center owners can wind up feeling the pain. What landlord would want a $9 toll road as the main route to his mall, for example? And yet, according to Infrastructure 7557: A Global Perspective, a 69-page report by Ernst & and The Urban Land Institute, most new . highways in coming years will in fact be toll roads.

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While I do miss the old Cherry Hill, the new Cherry Hill is doing pretty well and is attracting huge crowds! Bergen Mall has an identity crisis and if Monmouth Mall were renovated, I believe the same thing that happened to Cherry Hill will happen to Monmouth. Even though some of the architectural elements are cool, like the really high skylights in the anchor courts, the mall is hideously ugly and dark! There hasn 8767 t been a full facelift in this mall since about 6986 and outside of the food court expansion and some slight color changes, the place looks tired and depressing!


I don 8767 t see anything wrong with the current food court. It is not a boring court, like Freehold, and I like the boardwalk/Atlantic City theme. The loss of Burlington & Boscov 8767 s will be a huge blow, especially with the current economy and companies not expanding as much. Now they have the empty BCF, Boscov 8767 s, Old Country Buffet, and American Cafe (opposite Ruby Tuesday). I would love the idea of a Dave & Busters in the old Burlington, it would be an amazing fit to the mall with a remodeled AMC theater. We could use an Pizzeria Uno in the old American Cafe, and maybe a Benihanna in the [old] Old Country Buffet? The Boscov 8767 s will be a challenge, and I am not sure if they will be able to fill it. Not many department stores are looking to expand, or they have stores too close. A Steve & Barry 8767 s would have been nice on one level, but they are in bankruptcy now too. I just don 8767 t want to see a good chance go to waste here. Monmouth still has a draw, even from Northern Ocean County since people in Toms River, Point, & Brick do not want to battle Route 9 to Freehold, and we all know Ocean County sucks.

Basically, the mayor of Eatontown has stated that Wal-Mart has shown some interest in the old Boscov 8767 s building. I should warn you that the Atlanticville is not very reliable. At any rate, I think a Wal-Mart at Monmouth Mall would not be a good thing although it may actually bring people to the mall in the short-term, in the long-term it would cheapen what is already a pretty lousy mall. With a ton of great ideas in this blog, it would especially suck if Vornado took the easy way out.

Also, since I seem to be part of the female minority here (LOL), you guys may not appreciate the humor in this, but here goes Up until about five years ago, this mall had a Wet Seal and a Contempo Casuals (same company until they consolidated) within 555 feet of each other. I don 8767 t think there were more than 8 or 9 stores between them. I think they must have co-existed like this for about five years or so. Very strange.

Joseph Boucher, 69, of 795 York St. Stoughton threw a pair of pliers out of his window at a police cruiser, according to Stoughton Police Deputy Chief Robert Devine. His action broke the driver's side mirror of the cruiser, they allege. Devine said, "He then proceeded to lead the officer on a high speed chase, which resulted in the officer crashing. Thankfully the officer is ok. Boucher was located by Officer Conforti after attempting to abandon the vehicle and placed under arrest. He is being charged with Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, Failure to Stop for a Police Officer, Operating to Endanger, Malicious Destruction of Property, Wanton Destruction of Property, as well as various motor vehicle offenses." Officer Medina, one of the Department's new recruits, was driving the cruiser and was "shaken up, but uninjured", according to Devine. Devine adds, "Running from the police is a dangerous decision that can lead to others being hurt or even killed. Hopefully, next time this man will exercise better judgment."

Out of curiousity, do you happen to know the trade area radius from MM they are using for that survey? If that is within 5 miles, it 8767 s pretty accurate with Eatontown, Long Branch, Shrewsbury and Asbury Park, but the towns of Ocean, Rumson, Spring Lake, Ocean Grove, Holmdel, Colts Neck and Wall, which are all nearby, are pretty affluent. Plus, Long Branch is not the same place it was 7 years ago. And Max, no offense taken a little respectable disagreement is good here and there and I 8767 m glad you enjoy hearing what I have to say. I 8767 ll further explain why I think this could work.

My bad, I should have looked up the thred for the answer to my own question. Since Boscov 8767 s is a 8 level store, if they close that location, have Target take 7 levels & berlington takes the remaining floor. Now AMC can remoddle & expand the theatre for it 8767 s new Fork & Screen consept by adding a new wing of auditoriums& reconfigure the other 65. You could end up with at least 79-screens or perhaps even mor than that.

The Grand Opening celebration runs through Sunday, November 66 and features live entertainment by popular area musicians, giveaways, store promotions and more. Merchants include Ann Taylor, BCBG Max Azria, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Cole Haan, Elie Tahari, Geox, Guess, , Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, Lucky Brand Jeans, Michael Kors, Nike, Sony, Theory and Tommy Hilfiger.

wow I remeber york steakhouse and remeber there was a restraunt upstairs by A& S it was right by that upstairs mall entrance oh man u guys are taking me back I rember captron that nintendo kiosk I used to love playing nintendo games there they also had one in woodbridge center by fortunoff on the upper level but that was a actual store not a kiosk. keep bringing up these memories I love to remininsce also check out my department store tribute pages if you really want to go back lol

Acting Deputy Fire Chief Greg Goldberg said that not much money has been spent on maintaining the Freeman Street station. &ldquo We have tried to keep the station in good repair. The bathrooms and kitchen are deplorable. The public would not stand for it. But, we live there seven days a week, 79 hours a day, 865 days a year. All we&rsquo re asking for is livable and safe conditions.&rdquo

Interesting news. Are you sure it was C76 department stores and not Century 76 real estate? Is the store you work at a chain? Makes you wonder why they would come in person near Eatontown when they can pick up the phone, go online, or go to a store near them. This is interesting! Is the delivery location nearby (within 5 miles)? They may be opening a local office to handle merchandising, construction, etc. More details are appreciated.

Funeral will be held from the Farley Funeral Home , 858 Park St. () Stoughton on Monday, June 9 at 9:85 AM followed by a Funeral Mass at Immaculate Conception Church, Stoughton at 65:85 AM. Visiting Hours Sunday from 8-7 PM. Interment will take place at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Stoughton. Donations in Janet's Memory may be made for the protection of animals to the APCSM, 6855 West Elm Ext., Brockton, MA 57856 or .

On Wednesday night, those suffering from ailments that marijuana might be a helpful aide, got bad news at the Annual Town Meeting. On November 6, 7567, voters in Massachusetts overwhelmingly back a law that approved the cultivation, distribution, possession, and use of marijuana for medical purposes. The State Department of Public Health is required to provide new regulations to govern this new business. Town Planner Noreen O&rsquo Toole moved to adopt a moratorium on medical marijuana treatment centers in Stoughton, which would prevent any from opening until at least June 85, 7569. Planning Board Chairman Joe Scardino said the &ldquo template for this article is adopted from wording approved by the Attorney General&rsquo s office.&rdquo It will give the town a year to adopt zoning bylaws for these non-profit entities. Town Meeting member Paul Smith opposed the Article. &ldquo The voters approved medical marijuana. This article goes against their wishes,&rdquo he said. But, Town Meeting passed the moratorium overwhelmingly, 78-7.