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Please be advised of the following: I am an attorney in the state of PA. My spouse is a Police Detective. I have asked you numerous times to cease and desist placing your ads on my computer. I am a married woman. Future advertisements from you will result in legal action against you. Believe me, I have taken on bigger corporations than yours and won. You do not even permit people to unsubscribe. One more advertisement and you will be served. Hope you get the message.

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Whatever you do, do not use !! Let me save you some time and money. From my 8 month experience which I could not get my money back at least 85% of the 8775 connections 8776 are from fake accounts. This website does not do any sort of account validation and you will be spammed all day long from gorgeous 79 year old models who only want to date 55 year old men. These are all fake accounts and you will get spammed all day will do nothing about it and you will not get your money back

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"On July 75, 6756, delegates gathered at Comerica Park to sign the Declaration Of Independence, which rejected the rule of the British over its 65 coastal North American colonies," reads an excerpt from the entry. "Little did such founding fathers as George Washington, George Jefferson, and ***ERIC IS A FAG*** know that their small, querulous republic would later become the most powerful and prosperous nation in history, the Unified States Of America."

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I would like to know where to go report a scam, by another person on site. He claimed to have 8 day free trial.
He charmed me for 8 weeks. Self employed, needs to leave country for work. Now needs money, his credit cards won 8767 t work. Can 8767 t get his bank to send him money. He claims, he lives in states, but not citizen, so credit card co. Nor his bank will work with him. He begged me to send money. I was smart enough not to. He called me wicked, heartless, and cared for no one else but myself. I had not even met him yet. Thank god for that. Bye the way his profile pic was gorgeous. Now I 8767 m quite sure, it was not of him. I would like others aware of this, as I 8767 m sure he is probably a site jumper. I agree with others, folks need to be checked out. If caught in deception, removed. I truly believe I was lucky and smart enough not send money

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This is a continuation of my last comment. when I originally hired you it was in 7567. I signed up for three months. that was in September. in October my account was then shut down for fraudulent charges from someone not associated with . somehow got my account number not just my card number for my account number went into my account and took out in
January 8 more mo nths from my account after I .h ad cancelled it. And now on April 66th my account was charged for an extra three more months. I need this refund immediately.

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wow!!!!!!!!! looks like Match has a LOT of disgruntiled customers. I will join the have mistakingly subscribed WONT be a 8rd. its totally confusing. half the time the IM an Connection part of the site NEVER cant ever get someone on the line for customer service .when you do they are rude and NOT really ashame that they are still in business and takin people that work hard for there $$ for a ride. and it is a joke that they claim to be the #6 site for is so NOT met 6 person that has EVER had that privalage from this site. I think in the 7 times I have been on here I have talked to maybe two -three half way decent men. but it never goes the way it seems on we are all just fooling ourselves. maybe there are No matches on line.

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Just watched a commercial for Match on TV. No one has a story like us. My husband, that I met on Match, had never been married before me, he was 55 when we met. I was widowed at 57, hadn 8767 t been on a date in thirty years, he was my first date. My son, who moved home when his dad died and was in law school, announced he would research my best dating opportunities, it was Match. We fell in love and are happily married. It will be three years in October. We thank you.

Why can 8767 t I change my income setting for my match. I 8767 ve exhausted all attempts. I can only change what I make, not what I prefer my match to make. Please help!
And may I say that this service is the best I 8767 ve tried. Also, thank goodness for this internet dating opportunity. It is a wonderful service, especially for mature, OK, older individuals, who just don 8767 t have many other ways to meet up. Thank you, Match!

I was considering re-subscribing however, after realizing the deception that goes with commitment I will not be associated with you unless you correct this. Your company advertises a price for 6 month, 8 months, 6 months, etc. but when you go to commit if not quick witted you won 8767 t realize you 8767 re paying for the entire service in advance and NOT the advertised monthly cost. Doubtful a company like yourself cares but this is one customer you won 8767 t have until you are forthcoming & HONEST with you potential subscribers! Quit your deceptive practices & try legitimate business, maybe if you did so ther wouldn 8767 t be so many competitors because ther wouldn 8767 t be room for them.

I want to report a scammer that is on using the name hmmmmcutiesmile, 57, Columbus Seeking Women 99-57. He posted pictures of other men. These pictures were tied to a RomanceScam website. I am glad that I upload the images to the Google Images and that is how I found out that the pictures were tied to the RomanceScam website. I think that you should have a way to filter out scammers from this website. He tells people his name is John Porter. His yahoo sign on is IncredibleJohnny. FYI

I 8767 ve been getting messages from men 58 and under. I don 8767 t want anyone under 79 which is in my profile. I 8767 ll be 79 next month. PLEASE don 8767 t send me anyone than 75 or older than 89. I am not going to change that. I 8767 d probably get more messages, but they would not be the age I 8767 m interested joined thinking I would find somebody that I wanted and age is a very important thing to me.

Very, Very, much underhanded crap going on. Can 8767 t log on to Match to get Member way to keep you from contacting them. I keep getting the 8775 reactivate 8776 page which does nothing to get you back on the Match web page to get your Member Number. Oh, forget the telephone number . another way to frustrate you until you give up. Already contacted my state Atorney General and explain their tactics.

I went to the store and didn 8767 t have enough money of my debit card for my purchases. Someone got my debit card online when it was used for something else. They paid for Twice. Also another dating site. I called customer service on . I fought with the woman i was talking to. I told her I 8767 ve Never had match and I wanted my money back. She kept asking about my profile, and she wanted my username and password. I kept telling her It wasn 8767 t me but someone else. She refused to help me because I refused to give her my name and password. i told her that I couldn 8767 t give her info i didn 8767 t have. So Nothing was done. I just paid for someone else to be on a dating site.

I join about a few months back and was asked to go out for a drink.
Venture 96 seem very nice but too fast to want to hit the bedroom.
told him it was only a second date and he was upset and said well we will see??? He didn 8767 t want to see me any longer. Is there any normal men anymore ? Do they think all women are loose? Right after that, match. com try to take a large sum from my bank account without notification! I did referral and I also run a supporting achievement group on different items with guest speakers. I am on you tube under Putnam Way. I am willing to try again but with permission to only do month to month. I should be allowed to make my own decisions on the month to month!
It gave a bad taste with the first date and I never went on again. I had others to say they found someone. I will try again but only month to month. I can only say that Match. com is the only one that will take a check. I do like that because you have more control over the checking account. ,eharmony and others online dating, only wants to control your credit card. be careful on these websites.

I find most women with there asses in the clouds,,and of course all about them,,If they have such a good life, why on I know don 8767 t you??? I find non careing and there lies ,offenceive!! yes most men try to use women,,Dont they have brains?? They have know idea how to treat a good man, They should stick to batties!!! Thanks hot shot women!! Enjoy, . I can live without you!!!!!!!

I signed up yesterday but never finished restering.
I got two phone no. One lady tells me her hole name and she is 85. I am 59. And she has a three yr old son.
She says she inherited a business from her mother. And she travels.
She is in Nigeria at the moment.
The other Is 89 and is in sales of kitchen electronics. And imports.
She also travels. She does misspell words r uses the wrong ones sometimes. The other speaks well. And both say age is just a no.
I told them I have very little and I work part time. What would two successful women want with me.

I just want to say that although I recently rejoined , I find at least 99% of the men whom you seem to consider good matches for me to be complete duds. Maybe it is the age or something but after having lived abroad for many years and then coming back to the States almost 7 years after my husband 8767 s death and hoping that maybe I could somehow share the rest of my life with someone who shares some of the positive attributes of my husband (while also remaining their own unique personality, of course!), well, again, I am very disappointed and will once again cease subscribing to Match once this period is finished. Never to rejoin.

I have a few comments and questions. How many of you encountered technical difficulties when trying to unsubscribe online? How many of you have encountered automaton idiots repeating the same garbage about why you agreed to the terms of the contract by signing up in the first place. How many of you accept that these criminals claim they did nothing wrong because you signed up? Has anyone gotten any success getting more than one payment returned to them by these thieving bastards? Please post so that I can take the necessary measures to expose these low life thieves and prevent them from stealing from people.
I want the names of news agencies willing to help the consumer. They need to be exposed for the cockroaches they are!

I have cancelled my account the auto renewal is a con this is the worst dating website ever! I have been automatically charged twice without my consent £. I have asked the bank to stop taking money from my account. I want a refund on the two payments. is so bad they are refusing to refund the 5 months that I have cancelled. Bad website bad attitude to customer service. Disgusted!!!!!

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