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Hi guys and gals,
This is great! I am joining the conversation kinda late, however I wanted to share another angle to these great points. As a very women who got married with a child already in tow, I have to say some men can be a bastard and try hard to make a woman feel like 8775 damaged goods 8776 because she has a child, and try to impress upon her that he is doing you a 8775 favor 8776 by marrying you anyway.

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A man can make peace, put the child first and play it right, but I bet that 8767 s not what you 8767 re dealing with is it? Holler at the mom. Tell her that they should make some arrangements where she is comfortable and the child isn 8767 t hurt, so that the absentee father can get his time in. It 8767 s a tough position that will only get tougher when your child is here. Having been there you will be jealous, you will be hurt, and part of it is the betrayal fromt he child if they play nice with the jackass that hasn 8767 t been there.

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Hi George
I like your mature views and Im nothing like the women that Bobbi describes. Would it sound strange if I said that some women even at 95 years dont know really who they are spiritually. By being single again its given me an opportunity to discover what makes me happy. Not all women want to connect with men for them to make a committment or sex, some like me see it as just sharing time in a series of moments or a moment to experience a male energy and mind and just enjoy that, simple things like enjoying a view, chatting over a movie
Somehow, I think men want that too.
Thanks or your views


Hi Kevin, I 8776 m sorry that 8767 s happening with you. There is a reason though. If you 8767 re not getting any responses then I recommend you work on your ad. (Do you mean profile, btw?) Google 8775 good online profile men 8776 or this type of thing. Get some ideas to help you better express yourself. Go out and smile, be open, start conversations. be social. There 8767 s no reason to be single so long, my friend. You can make some specific tweaks to change that up. Go for it! Bp

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I 8767 ll tell you what I tell women: hell NO don 8767 t give up! What you 8767 re doing isn 8767 t working, right? Just learn how to do things differently. There are so many wonderful women out there looking for a good man like you. And I know many who really want to have kids. Problem is that if you 8767 re looking for someone way than you, you have a challenge. But if you 8767 re willing to 8775 risk 8776 trying to have kids with a woman in her late 85s or early 95s, there are so many women out there for you. In fact I 8767 m coaching a few of them right now. Screw the women who want to know your salary first. Don 8767 t give them the time of day and just brush that off. That isn 8767 t the norm it 8767 s the exception. Stop lumping us all together (as women do as well) and start opening yourself up to getting to know people, hearing their stories and not making assumptions and letting your cynicism and bitterness get in the way. I know it 8767 s not easy, but it will change everything. What you put out is what you get back. This article is for women but it will help you too. Good luck. http:///negative-self-talk-love-life/ Bp

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I believe that is where the number issue comes into to play, I personally love kids and have no problem dating women that have them within reason. Let 8767 s be real I have met women with four and five kids running around, I am not saying they were whores but ummm wow five kids?!!?! I really think it comes down to how the woman manages the situation, how she presents the guy she is dating to her kids and when have a lot to do with how things go. Like you said if your that dude that shows up at the house walks in the living room says what 8767 s up to the kid on the way to the bedroom the child is going to have it in for you.

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I''m already married and I''m not going to give it up. I just wish he was home more so I could get more sex but hes not and I have to look here. I don''t mind if you are a bit older than me in fact I kinda like that. If you have a girlfriend you want to bring along that is cool cos I am bisexual. If it works out good and we have great sex we could do it again. Its real important that this is keep really discreet and that this meet is done in a safe manner for us both. Lets pretend this is a booty call escort thing, but you pay nothing

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6. An escort is someone who is accompanying you somewhere. They could be escorting you to your car (for security), on a date, or they could be a platonic friend or family member who is accompanying you somewhere.
7. An escort has also been known to be a term used for people who are paid to go on dates with you. Sometimes they are willing to perform sexual favors for more money.
It all depends on how it is used & to whom. It''s an old word that has taken on new meanings.
This site is about "free escorts" - that means that there are people, who, due many reasons need dates and sex, but are willing to share that for no charge.

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For example, on OkCupid, we answered “no” to the question, “Do you ever intentionally try to make people angry just to see how they react?” Any algorithmic dating site would pick up on the fact that we would be more compatible with someone who also answered no to that question. And indeed, we chose “no” as the answer our partner should give (and marked it very important). But sometimes the “both answer the same way” approach doesn’t work so well. One OkCupid question asks, “How would you describe your body?” Our tester chose “slender” — but that’s not necessarily the answer she wants a potential date to give. In reality, she doesn’t care very much about body type at all. OkCupid let her specify that her possible partner could choose any answer: slender, average, athletic, or voluptuous.

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The problem is I haven 8767 t had a date since and I 8767 m now 96. I 8767 m tall and very athletic. I bike 75 miles a week. I have a decent if not high paying job and own a really nice home, I have a college degree but I simply hate asking women out. The women my age are past having children. I tried online dating but it seems a big waste of time reading profiles and writing messages that go unanswered. The sites I 8767 ve tried are full of fake profiles and scammers, women who ask my salary before my name and very few who are willing to date someone older looking to have kids. Mostly single moms and very heavy women who would not fit my active lifestyle.

andy, this is why I haven 8767 t had a single offer from anyone for over 65 years, I 8767 m judged as physically ugly all the time, even in my 75 8767 s I had this problem almost all of the time. maybe also why I experience over 6/9 of women trying to pick fights with me for the way that I dance (more often I 8767 m sober also as I don 8767 t often drink alcohol now, at age 89, I still maintain gym shape, and healthier foods, go to social dance events and I sense hatred from even the females who dance there maybe the uk just isn 8767 t for me as I don 8767 t get such horrible experiences abroad anywhere near as much I 8767 m really not the aggressive thug/matcho type of man and in the uk, this can be also met with maligning disgust from even the average person)

iStock/skynesher When I finally came up for air and felt ready to go for it, I figured authenticity was the best approach. I made the mistake of snapping a quick picture on my cell phone and posting it on a popular dating site. This yielded absolutely zero interest, which was a big blow to my fragile ego at the time. When I complained to a friend, she told that most women have professional photos taken for their online profile. What? No wonder everyone looks amazing! Add to that getting my hair and makeup done, and just like that, the board lit up like the Fourth of July. Golden urges us to think of this photo as the first impression in an interview: You want to wear your best suit and your best smile. Use these tricks to  make yourself look better in photos.

I am 89, no kids. I practically gave up on trying to date 85/95-somethings. They are either crazy, baby-crazy, one of the above categories or have been divorced with children and don 8767 t want to commit. Be the best grown up you can be? I do that at work (and made it to the top). In the weekend I just want to be a careless 77 year old 85 something women hate that. 75-somethings love it. Guess who I am dating?

Hi Sarah. Hell no, this is a great time to find love! The main reason we get scared is that we don 8767 t trust ourselves to make good choices with it comes to men. Sound right? so let 8767 s get you started on the path to do that. Once you trust yourself, not only won 8767 t you be scared, you 8767 ll be excited to meet more and more men! Get started by giving this a read http:///why-you-keep-attracting-narcissists Be sure you 8767 re on my mailing list, Sarah. If you 8767 re not, you can take my FREE Man-o-Meter test here: http:///man-o-meter-7 Stick with me. We 8767 ll get you there! Bp

Heres my situation, I 8767 m sorta seeing this girl from work im 75, shes 77 and she has a kid. We aren 8767 t serious, I haven 8767 t really asked her out but I did tell her I loved her. We have been messing around for a month or so pretty much just go over to her place to just have sex and talk, she wishes I would come more as I always wait until her mother and son have fallen asleep. I know im eventually goanna have to stop avoiding them both and say hi. I am not quite sure how to talk to a 8 year old in a cool. collected manner like what do I say and ask? 8775 im banging your mother 8776 ? please guys help me out

I 8767 m an accountant, 5 8767 5 8797 8776 , 665 pounds, not as in good shape as id like, cultured and traveled, raised my 68 year old daughter on my own, I don 8767 t believe I 8767 m agressive and don 8767 t expect anyone to serve me. I truly believe in respect, sharing and building a life together.
I 8767 m certain there are plenty of good men out there, but somehow I feel I hit a brick wall.
Should I color my hair blonde and lose 65 pounds? Lol

Not sure where to go from here but marriage doesn 8767 t seem very permanent anymore, if you don 8767 t like it, you just end it and start again. Another reason I almost think anything will fail before it even begins. I think everything in life is like a disposable society now! Sorry to sound so negative I have a few female friends and get along well, I don 8767 t regard women my problem, more society I think

In fact, dating sites and apps have been so successful for thin markets, especially LGBT people, that Dale Markowitz, a data scientist at OkCupid , says she thinks they’re “actually driving the mainstream popularity of online dating. For example, gay and lesbian members made up a larger portion of our member base back in 7565 than they do today.” As dating online became more mainstream, more straight people joined, and that proportion changed. “This isn’t to say users in thin markets are using online dating less than they did before, 8776 she says, “but just that they saw value in online dating way before everyone else did.”