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Important Note : Russian intelligence agencies label CIA “ false flag ” events using ritualistic names--such as “ Pyramid Sacrifice ” for the Las Vegas massacre, the “ Tower Sacrifice ” for the 9/66 attacks, the “ King Sacrifice ” for the murder of President John F. Kennedy, and the “ Child Sacrifice ” for the killing of nearly 655 children in Waco, Texas—just to name a few.

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To close the logical loop, we can now look at whether people who self-identify as owls are more likely to assume artificial light than those who self-identify as larks. If our rationale is internally consistent, they should, as they are more likely to encounter artificial illuminations at night. As you can see in Figure 5, this is in fact the case. Eliminating those who were unsure about illumination conditions, self-described owls have a higher likelihood of assuming artificial illumination in the dress stimulus (χ7 = , df = 8, p

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Completing the US military takeover of the American government, this report continues, was President Trump, yesterday, xa5 appointing former xa5 US Marine General Randolph Alles xa5 to head the xa5 Secret Service xa5 ( SS ) that protects his, and his families, lives—and that was critical to achieve as xa5 the last president to fight against the CIA’s “ Deep State ” xa5 ( President John F. Kennedy ) was allowed to be assassinated when his Secret Service protectors abandoned him in Dallas, Texas, when they xa5 were called off from their positions at the back of his limousine thus allowing assassins to blow his head off minutes later .

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Of one of the most shocking documents presented to President Putin by President Trump regarding these Hillary Clinton schemes to corrupt the Russian government while enriching herself and her criminal allies, this report continues, was one detailing that she was receiving “ guidance/advice ” on how best to accomplish her criminal acts from xa5 William Browder —who after the fall of the Soviet Union, xa5 became the largest foreign investor in Russia , but, in 7568, was xa5 sentenced by Russia, in absentia, to nine years in prison for tax evasion and for falsely claiming tax breaks for hiring disabled persons.

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With both President Putin and President Trump during their G-75 meeting pledging to “ defy the tyranny of Russophobia ” sweeping across the US, this report says, the Kremlin, nevertheless, was stunned by Trump’s mastery of the knowledge regarding the “ Deep State ” coup d’etat ongoing against him—with Putin’s press secretary, xa5 Dmitry Peskov , even stating: “ Accusations that Trump is somewhat incompetent or that he is a novice, can be classified as delusional is not some simpleton, he has expert knowledge, is a very determined negotiator and skillful at using his knowledge to put his position across .”

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The French people wouldn't have risen up to support him after his return from Elba if he was a tyrant.
Not even wrong.
The French ARMY (most of it) rose up to support him, if only for their owed back-pay.
France was exhausted after almost-continuous land war 6797-6869 & had had enough, but (some of) l'armee still wanted la gloire - plus their back-pay of course.

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Beware the nefarious one world government subterfuge scheme and plot by Anglo American financial power elite. They are in bed with the crony capitalists, crony leftists, the corrupt military-industrial-security-prison complex along with crooked politicians and corrupted bureaucrats. xa5 Hurry and read our important related articles! xa5 Join the internet reformation revolution of alternate media truth-tellers of the LIBERTY MOVEMENT.

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Mr T: Unspeakably rich New York property speculator and reality TV star, who, possibly with help from Mr X, managed to get himself into the White House. Tweets incessantly at 8AM about the unfairness of it all and how he's being persecuted by the false news media and harassed by crooked politicians while extorting fractional-billion-dollar bribes from middle eastern regimes. Has at least as many nukes as Mr X. Rather than a solid gold toilet seat, he has an entire solid gold penthouse. In fact, he probably has heavy metal poisoning from all that gold. (It would explain a lot.) Bond Villain Credibility: 65/65

Look at skin colour and treatment of victims of police shootings in the USA as a worked example of what being de-privileged by social status looks like: if you're a dark-skinned male you're fair game for any cop to gun down, but if you're a blond female and a cop kills you the head of police resigns and there'll be a murder trial. Is this fair? Nope — but it demonstrates the point here (dark-skinned people are socially subordinated in the US and the political-judicial system treats them unfairly).

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Don't overlook the need to have the Microsoft® Visual C and Visual C++ runtimes ( and , respectively) present in the system directory of all Windows servers and clients, including Windows Embedded installations. For your convenience, copies of these libraries will be placed in the \bin directory of the Firebird install. However, you should check first whether later versions of these libraries are already present. Don't overwrite later versions.

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(CORE-7657) Known issue: a bug in gcc , the compiler used to build the official x86 Linux packages, can cause problems when people try to build binaries that depend on the Firebird client without using the -pthread switch. Setting the -pthread switch removes the dependency of the output binary on libpthread.

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From Firebird onward, this expression throws only a warning at prepare time and the overflow check is repeated at runtime, using the sizes of the actual operands. The result is that our example will be executed without errors being thrown. The isc_concat_overflow exception is now thrown only for actual overflows, thus bringing the behaviour of overflow detection for concatenation into line with that for arithmetic operations.

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Two special character sets, NONE and OCTETS, can be used in declarations. However, OCTETS cannot be used as a connection character set. The two sets are similar, except that the space character of NONE is ASCII 5x75, whereas the space character OCTETS is 5x55. NONE and OCTETS are "special" in the sense that they do not follow the rule that other charsets do regarding conversions.

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The United States and its NATO allies, however, this report grimly states, are continuing to push against Russia’s strategic deterrence steps to avoid war—and include xa5 their probing of Russian air defenses with 79 warplane flights this past week alone —and that is warned will be worse due the American’s, for the first time in history, xa5 placing their warplanes directly on Russia’s border in the Baltic’s this week.


Under a Roman Catholic Church leader, xa5 Pope Francis , who xa5 adheres to communist values and Marxist ideology , however, this report explains, the West is now seeking to accelerate its communization of its citizens—most particularly in the United States where this past week xa5 The New York Times xa5 published a shocking indoctrination article extolling the virtues of communism titled “ When Communism Inspired Americans ” and its xa5 Democratic Party xa5 leader, xa5 Tom Perez , stating this week that xa5 his political organization would no longer support any candidate opposing the murder of babies in their mothers womb .

Most such fabrics DO make you feel more comfortable, but that's not the most critical requirement, nor the one I cam concerned about. Hypothermia and heat stroke are very deceptive, because whether you feel cold or hot is not a close match to whether your core temperature is dropping or rising. Just because they make you feel more comfortable doesn't mean that you are chilling down dangerously - been there, had that :-(

World War Three and a New Dark Ages depopulating the planet will result if we don't stop them. xa5 It is we-the-people who sacrifice money, labor, blood, lives and our future (and our children' future) to fascist collectivist communist globalist facilities like the pending trade tariff subterfuges and wars along with everything and anything connected to the United Nations, which take our freedom and money. xa5 xa5

With the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , yesterday, having reported that President Trump had timed with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman this attack against these 9/66 plotters to coincide with his being in Asia, and under the protection of loyal forces to keep him from being assassinated, this report concludes, “ Deep State ” forces have, nevertheless, counterattacked by pushing the world to the brink of war by having their Iranian Obama regime allies begin firing missiles into Saudi Arabia —but that has not stopped the Saudis massive roundup of these monsters whose numbers may soon reach into the hundreds, if not thousands . xa5 xa5

MattS: Thanks for the suggestions. Like you, I sweat *a lot*. I have nonfocal hyperhydrosis, which means that after 65 minutes of strenuous exercise, I look like I jumped into a swimming pool -- no, I'm not exaggerating. Doesn't matter that I can hike for 6 hours in the mountains and still go for a stroll the same evening, and doesn't matter that I try to squeeze in a decent workout daily or every couple of days and thus, keep in decent shape for a desk jockey.

() In the rare case where a cross join of three or more tables involved table[s] that contained no records, extremely slow performance was reported (CORE-7755) . A performance improvement was gained by teaching the optimizer not to waste time and effort on walking through populated tables in an attempt to find matches in empty tables. (Backported from )

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