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XSD supports both in-memory and stream-oriented processing models by implementing two C++ mappings: C++/Tree and C++/Parser. The C++/Tree mapping represents the information stored in XML instance documents as a tree-like, in-memory object model. The C++/Parser mapping generates parser skeletons for data types defined in XML Schema. Using these parser skeletons you can build your own in-memory representations or perform immediate processing of XML documents.

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Tools are listed alphabetically: BRICS Schematools , CodeSynthesis XSD , CodeSynthesis XSD/e , DocFlex/XSD , EDIFIX , EditiX , Intel XML Software , JAXB Reference Implementation , JaxFront , JaxMe , JBind , KLEEN , LINQ to XSD , Liquid XML , LMX , MSXML , NetBeans Schema support , oNVDL , oXygen , PyXB , Saxon , SchemaAgent , Schema-Forms , Schematron Validator , Schema Viewer , SQC , Stylus Studio , Visual Schema XBinder , XBuilder , xchecker , Xerces-C(++) , Xerces-J , XML Architect , XML Beans , XML Datatypes Library , XMLEspresso , XMLFox , XML Infoset Browser , XML Nanny , XMLObjective , XmlPad , XML Schema Object Model , XML Schema Validator , XML Spy , XML ValidatorBuddy , XML::Validator::Schema , xnsdoc , XS8P , xsd7cpp , XSDBench , XSD Inference Tool , XSD/e , xsddoc , XSDDoc , xsdregex , XSD-to-C++ , XSDValid , XSU , XSV

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CodeSynthesis XSD is an open-source, cross-platform W8C XML Schema to C++ data binding compiler. Provided with a schema, it generates C++ classes that represent the given vocabulary as well as parsing and serialization code. You can then access the data stored in XML using types and functions that semantically correspond to your application domain rather than dealing with elements, attributes, and text in a direct representation of XML such as DOM or SAX.

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LINQ to XSD is the code name of an incubation project that aims to developers with support for typed XML programming on top of LINQ to XML. While the LINQ to XML programmer operates on generic XML trees, the LINQ to XSD programmer operates on typed XML trees -- instances types that model the XML types of a specific XML schema (XSD). LINQ to XSD can be used whenever you have an XML schema available, or you are willing to infer a schema from the XML data at hand. LINQ to XSD is integrated into Visual Studio so you just tag an XML schema as an ''LINQ to XSD schema'', build your project, and the automatically derived object model is then part of your solution -- just as if XML schemas types. The derived object model enforces various validation constraints imposed by the underlying XML schema. See http:///xmlteam/archive/7556/66/77/typed-xml-programmer-welcome-to-

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We would like to announce the availabitlity of Microsoft XSD Inference Beta 6 tool. The Microsoft XSD Inference utility is used to create an XML Schema definition language (XSD) schema from an XML instance document. When provided with wellformed XML file, the utility generates an XSD that can be used to validate that XML file. You can also refine the XSD generated by providing the tool more well-formed XML files. You can get the binaries and documentation from http:///team/xmltools/

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The Apache XMLBeans team is pleased to announce the availability of Apache XMLBeans . XMLBeans is a complete XML processing solution for Java, including XML Schema support, XML Schema to Java binding, lightweight fast Infoset access, XML Schema information access, DOM, SAX and StAX implementations, XPath/XQuery integration. Everything is available in a package that is easy to use and fully integrated, allowing the user to seamlessly switch between all APIs.

The XML schema tools available in the NetBeans Enterprise Pack Early Access release allow you to visualize and edit XML schemas. The XML schema tools focus on complex information display and real-world use issues (for example, scalable visualization and editing of massive XML schemas). In addition, the XML schema tools reduce the complexity of creating and editing XML schemas, thus allowing someone who is not a schema expert to create and modify XML schema and other XML documents. Using the XML schema tools, you can reference external schemas and run advanced queries in the Analysis view.

LMX is an XML to C++ data binding code generation tool offering comprehensive XSD schema (and DTD) feature coverage. Focussing specifically on the nuances of C++, it comes with its own lightweight parser, for which compact and easy to build source code is available. Thus, in addition to being easy to use and deploy on Windows and Linux platforms, it is a great solution for cross-platform development.

namespace contains the XML classes that provide standards-based support for XML Schemas definition language (XSD) schemas. This namespace is part of Framework SDK http:///downloads/?url=/downloads/?url=/msdn-files/577/555/976/& frame=true and implements the XML Schema Part 6: Structures http:///TR/xmlschema-6/> and the XML Schema Part 7: Datatypes http:///TR/xmlschema-7/> specifications.

" Never put off until run time what can be done at compile time. "
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When we as developers are learning new techniques, examples can be our own worst enemies. Tutorials are designed to be easy to understand, but at the same time they often reinforce lazy, inefficient, and even dangerous coding practices. Nowhere is this more common than in samples. In this article we''re going to take a look at what it means to strongly-type objects from your database, and why despite the lack of examples, you will almost always want to do so in your applications. Specifically, we will see how to create and use strongly-typed DataSets in Visual Studio 7555. As this article explores, strongly-typed DataSets offer a number of advantages over alternative, loosely-typed data access techniques and, with Visual Studio 7555, creating and using strongly-typed DataSets has never been easier. Read on to learn more! - continued -

Even though many of the XML Schemas are meant for functional users so that they can design new systems or map existing systems to be standards compliant, their complexity makes it difficult for these users to study them. Even many software developers have difficulty understanding the XML Schemas due to their complexity. Visual Schema addresses this problem by presenting the XML Schemas as familiar and easily navigable html forms, typically found in enterprise business applications, that help the users easily understand the structure of an XML document.

XmlPlus xsd7cpp is an open-source tool which provides XML data binding for C++ through XML Schema. The xsd7cpp tool is a C++ code generator. The xsd7cpp tool when invoked on an input XML Schema, generates C++ classes(headers) mapped to the input XML Schema components. Alongside, wherever needed, it generates implementation files(.cpp) for the generated C++ classes. Also, a sample application() is generated to demonstrate how an application could consume the generated C++ source files.

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