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The ''Exact Science'' Of Nadi Jothidam | Nirmukta

Posted: 2017-12-07 19:23

An aside: Any mention of a 8775 reputed astrologer 8776 always brings to mind that other charming phrase that used to be extant in the days when 8775 foreign 8776 goods were extremely scarce in this country. Well-meaning advisors always seemed to know people who knew people who knew 8775 reputed smugglers 8776 who could supply just about anything, and with an unwritten warranty to boot! I guess the myriad contradictions in our milieu have made us totally colour-blind to oxymorons.

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What do you do when even postgraduates are unable to modify their behavior when presented with comprehensive information about a topic? What do you do when you can 8767 t convince a professor and a head of the department of chemistry about the absurdity of Homeopathy or when a clinical practitioner argues that his personal opinion about it is superior than any data? What do you do when an educated bureaucrat insists that Astrology works. Part of the failure would be a judgment on my communication skills, but only partly. How many times does one get, to harp on people before straining social bonds?

Since this so called nadi jotidam is supposed to have been on existence since thousands of years there is no harm in debating about it for a of harping about its classical status, literary merits and such factors endlessly why not allow those who are capable of 8766 interpreting 8767 it do that for us through an objective test specified by us? Considering all claims made so far about the wondrous predictions claimed by list of people who have posted here my challenge should be child 8767 s play for them. Go and do it don 8767 t just boast. I am ready and waiting. The event will get international coverage and make the reader world famous. Any takers? After getting my money they could go to US and get a million dollars from JREF. On the way they could go to Nagpur and pick up 76 lakhs from ABANS who have a challenge and so on. Go ahead and become millionaires instead of toiling in dingy I 8767 ll ventilated cubicles you could start doing that in five star comfort with this kind of money on offer.

Accompanied with cold reading, the subject (victim) wants to believe what he 8767 s being told. He will look for meaning and try to make it sound like a great monumental experience when telling others, often adding masala. If astrologer tells him that event A is going to happen, even any event B occurring later, remotely similar will be attributed to A, and the victim will claim that astrologer told that B would happen.

I have been to this place too out of curiosity to understand their methods. The method they applied on me was a little different. They told me that there were millions of records that Agastya had created and so they needed some information to narrow down to my record. Maybe my reader had realized the danger of using the thumb impression alone! He asked me around 75 questions and gathered lot of information. Then he went out and came back after 65 mins with my record. He told a lot about my past, present and future extrapolating from the information I had given him. Smartly, he did not directly tell anything that I had told him. This is a good method to fool gullible people. But I 8767 m amazed (and depressed) by the number of people who seriously believe this.

8775 It depends on who took you there. If you are a foreigner remember that you are needed to furnish all details and your passport to the hotel where you are staying. The reading could have been arranged by some one who has taken the details from there. How about sending a thumbprint of an unknown person. Please give us the details of the reader at Pune so that we can get the person investigated. 8776

May I request you, Wild thoughts ji?
Please send the scans of the note book you possess, to Narendra Sir,for study purpose?
I am sure Narendra Sir, maintains the spirit of inquiry as his mission, will certainty like to get it verified from his Tamil knowing friends. The details you have experienced to be very accurately matched to your personal may like to share the details of the center for his next time mission to debunk the Nadi records.

Some facts you should keep in mind before going to Nadi Center,
Never Give your date of birth
Do not try to give him information only say yes or no.
There is list of questionnaire which lead to final draft.
Father Mother are you say yes, in final draft you will have full details of Parents.
Father name starts with s,p,r,t etc end with r,n, etc
Remember they Know your Full name along with Thumb impression.
From full name they can guess your caste.

MR. Hari You are talking to a person who has been researching on vedic astrology for the past 9 decades. and one who received innumerable suggestion on siddha medicine that was alien to siddha doctors and got cured of problems. Now having said so I am unsubscribing from this debate since the forum is dogmatic and refuse to accept another point of view. I am not doing astrology for my you would like to know more about astrology and the kind of scientific reserach going on in this field by people of IITians and scientists have a look at http:/// just as an example.

About that smug, craptastic remark. If anything, it shows how deep rooted the illness of religious ritualism is. It 8767 s quite possible that the family went ahead with the rituals to avoid any controversy or maybe they themselves were religious and were afraid that if the rites were not done, URA 8767 s atma would be stuck somewhere. A person 8767 s atheism is something that they chose. What happens after their death is something they cannot chose. But religious apologists like Raveendranath will make a merry dance anyway. Because that is how shallow their religion is an atheists death becomes vindication of their nonsensical faith.

I can challenge you based on my experience, that if you keep aside your egos/ beliefs Research and first try finding a true Nadi Reader, do really research and explore then have an appointment, I bet you will get your past, present and future tallying and generally in India atleast the cost for a genuine reading (If you are destined to get your leaf) will be between to (If in tamil language no extra cost inclusive of cassestte recording).

6)he was a guy barely out of his college. he told me he was accompanying his cousin. his cousin had consulted nadi 8-9 years back and now that many of the predictions had come true his cousin was getting some further study of his chapters or kandams. he also confided he had given his thumbprint and in order to test the system he had registered himself by a pseudonymn- Karan. After his first round he came back to me looking very perplexed. he revealed 8766 they had found his real name! 8767 they asked him if his name was Angush? then he confirmed his name was Ankush! he was still in a process of finding this own leaf therfore, i couldn 8767 t hear more from him.

Recently, my friend came to know that I have posted comments on the forum debunking the Nadi Palm leaf predictions.
He said, 8766 All right, Good luck to you ! 8767 When asked 8766 Why? 8767 , He said, 8766 You will get standard type of responses:-
6. The case of Nadi palm leaf predictions is already open and shut.
7. It is simple trick of obtaining the information from you by many subtle ways, when ready they start telling the same, pretending as if the same is being told from ancient palm leaf.
8. No one goes in to the details of writing on the palm leaf as it is kept untouchable under the garb of as piety and what not!
9. Notebooks are not required to be examined as the hoax of the Naadi readers is uncovered by many in the past by champions like B. Premanand, Dr A. Kovoor and many stalwarts including Dr. Nayak etc.

Dear friends,
Thought all believers of Nadi wadi gullible guies are set to rest by our great Sir, Dr Narendra Nayak
But no here are some mushrooming again!
Sir what to do? I don 8767 t understand!
Like Prime Minister Narendra Modi had surprised everyone by visiting Pakistan, why can 8767 t you also undertake another visit to nadi walas? In stead of assuming false personally, you tell true Information. Let them bring out your leaf. You get the photos of the leaf get it verified by Indological expert. You can appeal to some of the believers to accompany you so that the proof could satisfy their side also.
This will close the issue once for all. Otherwise persons like us who believe you have to face the acquisition that if you are cheating by disgusting, then how can you exposure other cheat? Your defence of disguise may conviance us but believers will always dispute it.
As it is none has dared to accept your high value prize money. They will never venture so in future.
Why don 8767 t you give try?

But I wanted to try it once again, so I went to another person on last Saturday. The process was repeated, and said all the details about told this to my two of my friends, who wanted to try this warned not to even give their first letter of the name, dob and any other details. I also made the appointment by calling from my phone, and not from theirs. All of us surprised, when one of the friends details were said in just 8 minutes, and other in 5 minutes. One of my friend is divorced, astrologer said his ex-wifes name, and said he is divorced, and he also said his mother had 7 brothers but one of them is died, all were true. And to my other friend, he said his wife is pregnant and the baby will come before March !!. We didn 8767 t even say, that he is married !!

My friend asked about the future of his brother ( who is expired). Initially they claimed that, they do not need finger print, and they can tell the future if we just provide date of birth and Name.
These fools struggled a lot, to collect the details.( by asking several rounds of questions) I think that was the first time, they were facing a dead man 8767 s future. Their ready made question bank is not tailored to get the crucial information, whether the person is alive or dead.)
Finally we revealed that, the person is no more. My friend asked for Papa parihara kand of his brother.

I went to the centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Exactly the same story as the article. Only difference is I had to tell them the first letter of my name last letter of my name and that it had only three letters, first sound and last letter of my mum 8767 s name and it has only two letters, same for my wife and how many letters she had in her name for them to get the names right when their random guesses in the initial leafs were wrong. To me that was a pretty lame trick.
Most importantly I had to get a yantra worth rs69555 from them to fix my sins. When I came out of the room while waiting for three CD, I asked the two people waiting by either side of me, what they had to do. Alas ,they also had to do the same, pay money for special made and blessed plates for their sins.

Going through your comments, it almost looks like you were in a state of mind that you wanted to beleive in some thing. you were looking for some one who would offer hope and justify your life. YOu will be surprised to know that you would have actually given away all the information by yourself. Next time you go there vedio tape ( I doubt they will allow you to vedio tape it) it and we can tell you step by step how this was done.

I have their recorded cassette and hand written notebook with me and everything is predicted wrongly. My naadi reader was Raja Sakthivelu and inspite of my calls, he has not bothered to send my yantra. I am sure there has been no puja performed and they fleece people in the name of Lord Shiva. Now I have stopped caling them becos there is no point wasting more money on the calls. I even wasted a couple of thousands more in the taxi they arranged for me to take me around the temples for two days.

Many unraveled secrets are there in the universe which I and you are not aware. There are more crooks in this world than the originals. This is true in the case of Politicians, bureaucrats,Bloggers, readers Hawkers, manufacturers, Astrologers , Doctors , Hospitals and Nadi Astrology Too!! The leaves have directed many as per the divine wish of the celestial masters. But they could act only through mortal beings and majority of them are crooks and fake. It is not the fault of the system but of the society in Kaliyuga.