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Diana quickly regained her sanity and was taken out of the mental hospital''s care. She immediately noted the absence of Barbara and set out to locate her. However, when she arrived at Empire Enterprises , she was greeted only by Doctor Cyber. [85] Cale set Team Poison onto Wonder Woman once again, and Colonel Poison managed to shoot Diana through the chest. Diana and Steve quickly overcame their forces and followed Veronica Cale and Cheetah to a gateway that led to Themyscira. Wonder Woman and Cheetah fought, and a drop of Diana''s blood fell onto the gateway which opened the portal to Ares'' prison beneath Themyscira. Phobos and Deimos, whom Cale had turned into dogs with the help of Circe , entered the portal, along with Diana and Veronica Cale. Veronica found her daughter alongside Ares, who had been imprisoned alongside the god. [86]

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Oh, and if somehow Justice League is a smash hit and everything gets greenlit? Well, then Ben Affleck is still obviously, adorably desperate to abandon this nonsense , and Flashpoint almost certainly will, by its very name, reset the DC movie-verse anyway. And then there’s WB’s astoundingly insane decision to maybe make DC superhero movies that aren’t in continuity with the rest of the films, for maximum audience confusion and absence of synergy.

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As Fr. Daniel is taken back by Orr and treated for cancer, Superman activates the machine and disappears. Superman realizes that the Vanishing was caused by a device he originally created should anything ever happen to Earth -- it created a "perfect" city inside a pocket of the Phantom Zone and would teleport some people there (including Lois). Superman finds Lois and the others living in a city there -- but the city is under siege by Equus and his new master, an all-new General Zod. Zod had managed to activate the device to draw Superman there. After a battle with Zod involving Father Daniel (who has been turned into a Borg thanks to Orr), Superman manages to return everyone lost in the Vanishing back to Earth. Superman builds a new Fortress of Solitude in the Amazon Jungle. [788]

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Superman and Wonder Woman met during the Legends event, and Superman was surprised to find that he thought of her often. Eventually, the two came together, discussing their mutual attraction. After a crisis involving Darkseid and the Olympian gods was resolved, they decided they were not right for each other and would just remain friends. However, Superman did trust Diana enough to reveal to her his secret identity. [87]

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Lois returns to Metropolis immediately after the Final Night (breaking up an international drug ring in the process) and reconciles with Clark. The two decide to get married quickly. Lucy Lane throws Lois a bridal shower and a bachelorette party, while Clark has a bachelor party thrown at the Ace O'' Clubs. The marriage is arranged in short order, with Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane as best man and maid of honor. Clark is still powerless, but Batman arranges for a cadre of heroes to look over Metropolis for him. Batman also happened to own an apartment building where Lois found an ideal place, and so as a wedding gift he allowed for Clark and Lois to move into the home. [685]

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Under the new creative team consisting of writer Denny O Neil and artist Mike Sekowsky, Diana Prince gave up her Wonder Woman superpowers (and costume) to stay on Earth with Steve Trevor while the Amazons on Paradise Island left for another dimension to renew their powers. The newly mortal Diana takes up as a boutique owner (now that she has bills to pay), learns martial arts (from a Chinese mentor) and fights crime.

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So that’s at least 95 years of Green power rings running on willpower, before Geoff Johns brings back Hal Jordan (who had been evil and then dead for a while) in 7555’s Rebirth , and started setting up the whole emotional color spectrum of Ring/Lantern users. But you can’t retcon something that has been so fundamental—and basic—to the character it would be like chasing his name from Green Lantern to Green Ring. It feels wrong, even if Green Lanterns carry their damn lanterns for five minutes every dozen issues.

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Superman, once more in control of his powers, receives a clean bill of health from Dr. Hamilton. He flies off to LexCorp, where he has to stop an enraged and nearly out of control Supergirl from killing Luthor. Lex''s depravity had finally been exposed to Supergirl after she discovered a plot to clone her. Supergirl leaves Luthor forever, but needs some time to herself to process what has happened. [88]

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The Salkinds 8767 list of possible stars for the film—whether in the title role, as Jor-El, or as Lex Luthor—is an impressive who 8767 s who: Muhammad Ali, James Brolin, Charles Bronson, James Caan, Clint Eastwood, Dustin Hoffman, Bruce Jenner, Perry King, Kris Kristofferson, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Nick Nolte, Al Pacino, Robert Redford, Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Lyle Waggoner, Christopher Walken, and Patrick Wayne (who was actually cast, but dropped out when his father John—yes, that John Wayne—contracted cancer). In the end, while A-list actors Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman took on the roles of Jor-El and Luthor, respectively, they went with an unknown, Christopher Reeve to play Supes. Amusingly, Reeve was suggested early in the process by the casting director, but was rejected by director Richard Donner as being too and skinny. This led to a Superman film where Jor-El and Lex Luthor had pre-title billing, while the title character was relegated to third billing after the title.

Lex Luthor, whose cloned body is slowly decaying, attempts to clone Superman again using Dr. Teng''s procedure, resulting in a second Bizarro Superman. Thinking that he is the real Superman, this Bizarro escapes from Luthor and kidnaps Lois Lane. Lois manages to escape from "Bizarro World," a warehouse where Bizarro had attempted to recreate Metropolis in his own warped way. His memories fragmented, Bizarro flies to Smallville and tries kidnapping Lana Lang, not understanding why she resists him. Superman arrives and drives Bizarro back to Metropolis. [85]

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Many people who have watched both series have identified with Nolan’s depiction as more realistic.  A common criticism of Burton’s version is that it was comical and over the top.  However, when you’re depicting a superhero who dresses in a bat suit to fight crime, is all of the realism necessary?  Others contend that the costume, bat mobile, and voice overs are poorly done in Nolan’s version.  Still more claim that the original series more closely follows the original comic book.  It all comes down to personal preference.  If you want good graphics, special effects, and a story you can relate to, Nolan’s is probably the series for you.  If you want something that feels like the old comic books, you should probably watch Burton’s.

After saving Lois, Superman is transported to the 86st century by the Legion of Super-Heroes. As he arrives in the Legion clubhouse, the Legionnaires show him an image of Takron-Galtos with an S-shield burning in its surface, explaining that a riot caused every prisoner to be released. Cosmic Boy tells Superman that a similar incident happened in Smallville. Then, Phantom Girl shows him an image of the culprit, and Superman realizes that it is Superboy-Prime. Superman explains to the Legion about Prime''s origins, saying that he is from a parallel universe.

After going to the Watchtower, a visibly aged Superman has to battle Preus , who has captured J''onn J''onzz and Jimmy Olsen. Superman is able to defeat him, but collapses from the effort. Gog arrives -- not just a single Gog, but many of them. Gog explains that he was a boy whose family and home was destroyed when Imperiex leveled Topeka (making him similar, yet distinct from The Kingdom ''s Gog). Becoming a master of time, he had tried for two centuries to save his family, but when that failed, he decided to kill Superman for letting it happen. Realizing he could not do it himself, he recruited an army of his selves from different points in time. The dozens of Gogs overwhelm Superman, but then Doomsday arrives and declares that no one will kill Superman but him.

With Wonder Woman arriving in pursuit, Strife warned of the prophecy Apollo and Artemis feared: a child of Zeus would kill a god to take the throne. That child could be either Diana or Zola''s child. Sending Zola back with Hermes to have her baby in peace, Diana warned that if they were not left alone, she would fulfil the prophecy herself. Unfortunately, upon her return to Michigan, Diana found that Hermes had betrayed them, and once Zola gave birth to her son, he whisked the child away, and gave it to Demeter. Diana swore to get the boy back and bring Hermes to justice. [79]

Luthor invites Lois and Clark for an interview, refusing to acknowledge his upbringing in Smallville, and announces to the media that he believes Superman is an alien. [66] Testing this theory, he discovers Superman ''s weakness by exposing him to Green Kryptonite. [65] Luthor begins spreading paranoia by claiming to the public that Superman is an advance alien invader. [67] This climaxes in a staged Kryptonian invasion of Metropolis, using real troops and holograms to discredit him, led by a fictional warlord named Van-Gar. [68]

Superman accepts his aunt Alura In-Ze ''s offer to begin a new life on New Krypton in exchange for renouncing his life on Earth, and places a Labor Guild member named Tyr-Van as his guide. Because of his superior mastery over their special abilities, he is drafted into the Kryptonian Military Guild as a Commander working directly underneath General Zod. [785] Kal is placed in charge of the Red Shard tactical response unit, and Asha Del-Nar is appointed as his XO. Placed under his command are Jeq-Vay , Kir-Ta , Non and Sem-Re. [786]

In order to prove her devotion to her people, the Amazons issued a challenge to Diana, one she would have to meet in two days. In the meantime, the Justice League had tracked the insectoid queen down to a remote mountain. The League journeyed deep into the mountain and encountered the queen. Diana condemned her for the lives she has taken, but the insectoid queen replied that it was Diana’s actions, namely her throwing of the First Born into the depths of the Earth, that awoke the insectoids from their slumber. [58]

Later, Lane travels to Paris to do a story on terrorism, and terrorists take over the Eiffel Tower, threatening to destroy it with a hydrogen bomb. Superman flies across the Atlantic, saves Lane, stops the terrorists, and tosses the H-bomb into space. However, the bomb 8767 s shockwave hits the Phantom Zone trap, and Zod, Ursa, and Non are freed. They go to the moon first, destroying a moon lander and killing the three astronauts. They then proceed to Earth where they terrorize a small town and eventually travel to . where they force the president to abdicate to them.

Superman manages to get Draaga and Supergirl to shake off their programming and join him in the fight. [56] After some desperate fighting, Brainiac is defeated -- Maxima changed sides in the fighting and lobotomizes Brainiac, but Superman prevents her from killing him. [57] The New Gods used a Boom Tube to transport the heroes from Warworld back to Earth, right into the middle of downtown Metropolis. Lex Luthor II was already organizing a victory parade. Superman then decided to join the newly reformed Justice League on a full time basis. [58]

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