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Is it possible to be environmentally friendly and still send a card?
Until recently, the lack of consistently good quality recycled paper and board products meant that it was hard to be an environmentally friendly publisher. However, in recent years more board and envelope merchants have been adding quality recycled materials to their portfolios and the price of recycled board and paper has become more comparable to non-recycled. This means that it is easier than ever before to source ethical products in the greeting card industry, knowing that you are buying green recycled products which can then be recycled again to maintain a cycle of sustainability.

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Second Green Cross International a global non-profit with national organisations in over 85 countries, has announced its intention to help support the launch of domain. However they seem to be supporting the The Big Room Inc. application for extension. This has been developed along with an international team of advisors and investors with deep roots in sustainability, environmental, and business communities.

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Green and Save was founded by a guy who built one of America 8767 s most energy independent homes and in the process created the first Return on Investment calculations for over 55 green home remodeling projects. The site has lots of informative videos that use his home as an example to other homeowners. It also has a free carbon counter so individuals could better understand their impact, and an Eco Family Guide to help families live greener and healthier.

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Switch to e-cards for a modern alternative to the traditional classics. There are a wealth of online card sites where you can select great designs, personalize them through the site and ping them off instantly. This saves forests, cuts down on the postage and carbon footprint associated with sending the cards and also helps you to remember birthdays and get something off on time! Check out sites such as Ecards or Blue Mountain for more information.