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why not go out and meet people the normal way?

Because people are shallow, they instantly judge on looks, and won''t have a thing to do with you. For all they know they could be missing out on someone who could be someone they are looking for.

Over the net you talk to people and get to know them as a person and not as some random in a nightclub who''s cracking onto you in hope of getting a one night stand.

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Another annoying thing but I should have expected this Ive seen quite a few girls from Oasis Active on here a well. Those same silly woman who deleted me for no reason of their contacts list or wasted my time are also on good thing is there isnt too many.
I have 8 girls Im messaging at the moment. So its a work in progress. The girls seem to pay no attention to the instant messaging function. That seems to be a waste of time.

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I did give RSVP a recent try last year, but will probably never go on there again. The guy in question looked really good on paper: tall, good-looking, a lawyer. When I met him I figured out pretty quickly that he had lied about his height (I don’t mind if you’re short, but the lying part was just odd as there was no mention on the profile that it was a joke.) He said he was 6’6” &ndash when he was my height at 5’6”. He also said a few other things that made me feel seriously uncomfortable on the date and I was out of there like a shot. It still makes me cringe &ndash and that was about a year ago.

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As a gay guy i used to visit

are some others have been already mentioned

Also i HATE Sites that you have to pay just to reply to someone it sux when you don''t have money. I prefer free sites as love should be free.

I also think its harder for us gay guys to find someone comparred to Str8''s


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Join clubs and societies where girls go. Try country dancing clubs or take a cooking class or something like that where there are likely to be lots of girls. Talk to as many as possible and you will find that they are keen to talk to you. Girls are just as interested in meeting boys as you are in meeting them. The more girls you meet and make friends with the more likely you are to find one who fancies you. Even if you don''t fancy a particular girl stay friendly with her &ndash she might introduce you to her mates.

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I met my girlfriend on aussiematchmaker, and I remember we talked when we first met about any other people we''d met off there, and she said that half those guys with the shots of the great bods looked nothing like their photos. Some of them used pics from 5 years ago, some used pics of other people. Some of them were legit as well of course, but I''d just say take it with a very big grain of salt.

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Two weeks later phone bill arrives and there''s a charge for $695. Straight away they knew what it was.

Haha, one of the blokes at work got stung like that but for $555, and, the funniest bit was he didn''t get to see anything cause the crapped himself when all these pop-ups started rolling on the screen. He spiked the PSU when he flicked off the power point and was up for that too. And he had to ring his oldies who were OS to let them know.
He hasn''t been on a computer since.

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Thank God for Tinder. (I know, I know it can be a hit and miss). So early this year I heard from one of my friends that this guy we all knew had broken up with his girlfriend a few months prior. immediately I fancied him for myself (as you do). I had heard he was a really good guy with all his shit together &ndash even a few people who didn''t know I knew him told me they knew of this ''perfect guy for me'' and then when they''d say his name I''d be like, ''who told you I like him?'' But I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to ‘run into him’ and I didn’t have the courage to ask him out through Facebook. A few weeks later I stumbled across him on Tinder and couldn’t believe when we matched. Although I wasn’t sure at first if we had matched simply because we knew each other, or because he might be interested in me. As it is we’ve just started dating. =) Oh and he''s tall in real life

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I think the problem with feminism is that it is selective and not truly promoting equality, it is pick and choose. You would think men and women should equally be able to ''chase'' or make moves in directly engaging a potential partner. Women do not wish getting rejected but still expect the men to. At the same time feel like they can label men as creep if they deem the man approaching not attractive.

I feel I can safely preface this with saying I am not an ugly guy, in fact I''m probably considered alright looking at worst. (still feels weird saying that about my own looks) However, what the heck? I''ve been on several dating websites for months and even a year and I''ve barely received any attention to my profile. I spend a bit of time making myself look interesting while not trying too hard. Put a handful of decent photos up and nothing. It''s like I''m doing something wrong in terms of my settings almost, but I''m not. I''ve paid money.

The forums men were complaining about how rude women were, they would show interest by the "wink" system (this is free), men would message them and they wouldn''t even respond, but continue to wink at them, then they disappear from the site. Guys were seeing these women as being confusing. I had 8 seemingly really nice genuine guys contact me, lots of winks and messages. So I used my free message to each to say that this was the only message I could send until I decided which site to commit too. Also that I wasn''t sure if I wanted to be on an online dating site.

Just the dating sites wan a higher men ratio, more competition, more money? If the women cave to free message, rejection, your have to upgrade game, bonus they get more money? And I question if possibly why men feel that the women they are meeting are less genuine, perhaps a percentage that stay may not have the same standards? I say that not to be derogatory to women on the site, but a lot of guys were complaining about meeting women for dinner, that got free drinks, food, whatever they wanted but then wouldn''t return calls, but would go out for dinner again when it suited them, the guys were feeling a bit used and feeling a lot of women were not as genuine as they said in their profiles. Its possible that the sites are loosing more than just one or two of their genuine females, and retaining less than genuine, keeps the single population high?

Don''t waste your time with sites. as people have mentioned just go to the local pubs or even look in your local paper for classes or hobbies to help you meet people.

Having said that.. you cn meet a lot more people a lot easier on the web and then you meet them at a pub or take them for dinner seeing as you have developed a ''click'' already anyway!

oh, and i have never met a girl at my local pub. theyre usually too full of yobbos playing pool.

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The best thing you can do for your diet: Taste the rainbow — and we''re not talking Skittles. A recent American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study of more than 755,555 people found that a high consumption of berries—which are rich in anthocyanin, an antioxidant that gives them their color—was associated with a lower risk of type 7 diabetes. They also help turn off the "fat genes" that lead to obesity. Go for blue and red hues: Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are all especially high in flavonoids.

Meet during the day
Meet in a public place
Arrange own transport to and from the venue (if you are using public transport or getting picked up make sure it is close to the venue or in a public area)
Make a friend or family member aware of where you are going, the hours you will be there and who you are meeting
Never go anywhere alone with the person, to their house or invite them to yours

Your chances of meeting the ''right woman'' first up is going to be slim. My tactic was to send out as many requests as possible to women who I thought in any way could be a potential date. Then after chatting to these women I would ask them to meet in person if we had a decent conversation (sometimes they would ask me). If they declined my offer or asked to wait they would then go down my list of priority list of women to talk to and if the meeting situation hadn''t changed within a week or 7 I would delete them.

Yeah mate, you are dead right. I''m not photogenic, and in truth i''m only average looking. I''ve been on internet dating for years and i have had plenty of dates from it, but generally its been with girls who weren''t that amazing in any way. I was stupid enough to think this was where i belonged. Girls typically have the power on internet dating. There is a rule and its like 85% of women go for 75% of the best looking guys, and i think its true. Plus its so often you just don''t click with people i''m over it.

I have been using oasis active for almost a year now on and off. I would say about 95% of all woman deny my requests usually with the "your not my type" or '' we don''t share the same interests " , I don''t aim that high at all , but get denied all the time. I don''t think I''m ugly at all but I don''t have a six pack by any means , just a normal bloke but it seems a real struggle a lot of the time. I have a bachelors and a great career as well and a brilliant job but no one seems to care about that.

living in regional NSW, its so hard to find someone without the use of dating sites. I have used them all and have found that free dating sites like OASIS and pof are full of of insincere people who just want "fun with no strings attached". A lot of these people who contact me, tell me that all the single parents they have been talking to, ALL just want one night stands. So when they contact me, this is what they think I''ll offer them and they get shitty when they find out that I am not that kind of person.

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