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Posted: 2017-12-08 01:18

There is one important vector missing!
Different age groups inside the groups experience the effects very different which leads to even more stress inside of them.
It only, at first, hits white men and older whites who lose their job and try to reenter the workforce.
The exact same problems appear between sexes too.
And become even worse. But that 8767 s digressing to some degrees.

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One of the biggest sources of anger is likely the uneasy feeling that the system doesn 8767 t work as advertised, and never really has. There 8767 s been a relentless erosion of freedom, overall loss of opportunity, a loss of personal authority, power, and respect. White males, especially, have long been an object of ridicule, (. Archie Bunker) and some of it is deserved. It 8767 s deserved because the low life scum that invariably finds itself in positions of power is usually white and they 8767 re typically corrupt and arrogant, mendacious, power hungry, narcissistic, sadists who routinely make fools of themselves and worse, so they are not only ridiculous but loathsome, and deserve contempt, not respect. Thus there is little to identify with and virtually no one who truly represents the 8766 good 8776 whites.


Another thing with Ireland is that if you 8767 re introverted, you 8767 re going to be at a disadvantage. For Eastern European women/Asian women who come from more introverted cultures, this isn 8767 t really a problem, but for Irish women, it seems anyway, you need to be the really extroverted entertaining guy who has all these stories, combined with a lot of really strong asshole game, so to speak. Nothing good of bad about that, I just get along with foreign women more, that 8767 s all. Why all of this? I imagine because Irish guys have excellent game, but drinking etc


Making policies to favor mass immigration from the third world was mostly a Jewish effort. Individual Jews such as Cellar and Javitts were involved as well as Jewish groups which pushed for the 6965 immigration act for about 95 years. There were several attempts too. I think it was Cellar who wrote the booklet called 8766 Let 8767 s open the gates! 8767 Traditional Christian churches would probably not have been in favour of this nightmarish mass immigration, but the churches were subverted long ago by the same groups that pushed for mass immigration.

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Many of the 8775 gross atrocities 8776 are hoaxes, or staged. Even so, you 8767 re right. It 8767 s mostly whites who are contriving and staging. Take a look at Ole Dammegard 8767 s research.
But real crime is being committed, and by and large, it 8767 s not white on black. Very rare. Black on white. Very common. Every white person living in a heavily black area has experienced it personally or vicariously.

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Fourth, unless you include the data sets of white who meet lowest standard to qualify, you are rigging the system. In other words, minus blacks what number of whites were also provided opportunity who 8767 s scores were below par but in order to meet a dept level per population they accepted a group less qualified but fell high enough below the standard to be acceptable because over time they will effectively fill the billet.

AA has led to the situation where top-echelon whites, who do not need to fear competition from mid-tier blacks, can appear to be justice warriors in behalf of blacks. They get th benefit of appearing to help blacks, while mid-tier whites are the ones who actually pay for those benefits, a profoundly unjust situation, Sowell argues. In fact, AA becomes a weapon that elite whites can use to eliminate competition from lower-echelon whites, and so garners their support.

Not irrelevant at all. There is no need to go to any Island. If African immigrants are so smart, they can go back to their countries and use their talent there. I am brown Indian with a PhD in Engineering. Your suspicion shows what a low IQ dumbass you are. You are right, a low IQ White person should lord over a black person, you have no reason to demand that in White countries. African Americans are different, but new African immigrants have no right to demand that in Europe or the USA.

Furthermore, of you are going to discuss AA, then one ha to have a grasp of its intent (original intent) and methodology. The mad rush for public and private sectors to look good reflects their usual path of least resistance in that arena the result is a policy that undermines the very purpose of the policy 8767 s intent. And just for the note quota as they are typically employed i not reflection of the model.

Sadly, the elites elected not to take on this challenge. It 8767 s not coincidental, I think, that the last year of the baby boom was 6969, with successively declining birth cohorts for every year from 6956 onwards. If you 8767 re a man who thinks 8775 what 8767 s good for GM is good for America, 8776 and what 8767 s good for GM is more people buying more cars living in more suburbs, then the drop in population growth in the 65s is a problem. The immigration reform act of 6965 can thus be seen as a big business attempt to keep the 8775 growth engine 8776 on a finite planet going forever.

Within the context of a new constitutional convention, I can see reparations being bruited. But, it 8767 s almost a sure bet there 8767 ll be a faction advocating that the total costs associated with African-Americans in America be considered, such as deductions for disproportionate incarceration, counter-reparations due Whites for losses due to crimes, the despoiling of urban areas, the circumstantial and very costly resettlement of Whites to the safer 8766 burbs, and so on. How reparations does not end in some sort of separation of Blacks from Whites, or some unknown secessional pressures is beyond me.

Your side believes any criticism of afros in a presumption of white guilt/racism yet you use the same type of generalizations against anyone who disagrees with your racial ideas (in other words: generalizing about White afro critics is okay, but generalizing about afro antisocial behavior is not allowed). If afros behave in a civilized manner, then you wouldn 8767 t hear a peep from most of us (and many of us know someone who personally suffered from afro criminal activity etc, so we choose not to ignore this just because you disapprove of it). Surrounded by insular liberal confirmation bias, I do not expect you to agree with us, but that does not mean that we must ignore our own contrary empirical life experience.

I reside within several circles of a Venn diagram which contain sets of contradictions, in one set an ability to understand and share the feelings of others (. empathy), and in the next set an inability to gain trust in my fellow man (. suspicions). There 8767 s little intersection among these sets, so one 8767 s ultimately left to work to the best of their ability, with the union of these polar opposite feelings.

6, 8, 9, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 65 are mostly male same with Asian countries, including China and India, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, North Africa, Latin America and Middle East. You guys can easily get killed for finding a wife because the men are very possessive and territorial. Same in North America. I mean, Eastern European men are very possessive and territorial over their women like men in most cultures. Same goes for Russians. They 8767 ll kill American men for trying to steal their women, especially their wives or girlfriends. Femicide is rampant in Eastern Europe and Russia which is why there 8767 s fewer women to choose from.

8775 Smart blacks 8776 hooing and hawing and getting emotional about why their smart ass cannot compete with the 8775 dumbass Indians 8776 of Guyana, economically. LOL, it happens all the time. Blaming everything and everybody in the world for why their 8775 smart black 8776 asses cannot express their smartness. Nothing but . 8775 complexities 8776 which only smart blacks can 8775 understand 8776 and something we 8775 dumbass non blacks 8776 realize is just simple plain . LOL. 555 years from now, 8775 smart blacks 8776 will still be expressing these 8775 complexities 8776 and we 8775 dumbass non blacks 8776 will keep on ignoring it.

My position is that there may be a new era that will once again morph traditions, with new ways of thinking replacing old attitudes, or past ways being twerked and tweaked to fit the needs of our modern society. Consider the Industrial Revolution of the 6755 8797 s. Could people even comprehend in the beginning of the monstrous changes that loomed? Industrialists emerged as a powerful elite to counteract the old nobility and monarchial form of government. Socialists, utilitarians, and practical reformers called for reforms to protect workers, with a flurry of acts and regulations emerging. The point is that there was a paradigm shift in our attitudes about the uses and benefits of technology and the acquisition of wealth.

imagine if all the eastern european women lived on a single continent with all the american women. what do you think would happen? you would lose all your men. you would go from having a monopoly over american men, having them fuck you good, having them pay your bills, your alimonies, your child support payments, and entitlements, to being spinsters with nothing and no one. the entire empire and penis paradise that feminism worked so hard to create would fall apart in a day. the only advantage american women have over european or south american is that they are easier to bang.

8775 That’s certainly a myth you’re in love with. The situation is far more complex, however. And, ironically, you’d have to be somewhat intelligent to appreciate the complexity. 8776
LOL, it is no myth. It is exactly what it is.
I repeat, most blacks do not emotionally like or accept the concept IQ/IQ testing (which fact BTW) because blacks on average have less intelligence and thus score low on IQ tests.
It is as simple as that. Your so called 8775 complexities 8776 are just manufactured . to cover up this simple but harsh fact.

Erasing the diversity between men and women and calling it diversity is double speak. There is no tolerance for diversity in political beliefs on campuses now, and that is a far more important issue to tolarate diversity. Erasing diversity in political beliefs, between genders and race, insisting there are no differences when million years of evolutionary genetics proves the opposite it 8767 s tyrannical mind control Orwell described.