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Make sure to let us know what changes you make (I might just steal some of your ideas and use them in my apartment!). That is a great idea. You 8767 ll have someone to talk to and won 8767 t feel so alone, and hopefully that will prevent you from contacting him. After a while, at least for me, you get hit with that lightning bolt that it really is over, and it sounds like that may have happened with you. You will get better, especially with the steps you 8767 re taking. Think about your life a year or two down the line: in all likelihood, you won 8767 t still be torn up about this. Seriously, though, what a turnaround! Good for you.

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Problems really started after I lost my job about 65 months ago. I struggled financially and desperately tried to get back into my field to no avail. Even now the best I found is to leave the state to work a temporary job until winter. I didn 8767 t realize it at the time but I was very depressed and negative. I was angry inside about a lot of things in my life and I began unfairly criticizing her which hurt her. Of course it was not my intention to be this way and she said she knew I was having trouble dealing with my situation and realized I wasn 8767 t her I was mad at. She gave me some chances and I sort of worked on my issues by myself. But I fell back into my negative mind set as we were so close I felt we could get through anything.

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So really my advice to you is keep writing. Go get a notebook or get your parents or an older sibling to get one. A nice one. And write down those feelings you 8767 re feeling. All of it. Uncensored. Some day you 8767 ll be able to look back and see how far you 8767 ve come. You can use it for creative projects. Like the girl who wrote 8767 68 8767 when she was only 68. Do something positive with this heartbreak. Use it to make you better, stronger, wiser, this is your first but I can guarantee it won 8767 t be your last. But eventually you will meet one who 8767 s a keeper. I hope it doesn 8767 t have for more than ten years now because junior high and high school are times to be spending with friends. Figuring out what interests you Sports? Music? Painting? Fashion? Video? Computers? Programming? Knitting? I don 8767 t know but try everything you can until you find stuff that lights you up inside.

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Ricky so sorry for you pain on that one Does sound like it was a challenging one but really at the end of the day it 8767 s not someone else that nearly KILLED us but the way our brains process the experience. You know? I mean it 8767 s that saying 8775 it not what happens to us in life but how we deal with it. 8776 The fact is you 8767 re here still (presumably). Now the choice is up to you what you do with this experience. You 8767 re not dead. You 8767 ve certainly grown and learned as a result. What do you do? Become lonely bitter, weary of all people? Or do you take this knowledge go forth and find a new and better fit? Life is the ultimate experience. I wish you much healing and that soon you 8767 ll be off the meds and feeling suitably happy and healthy! x

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I 8767 m a Virgo woman who dump Leo man. He 8767 s nothing but egotistical, lazy, tight fist and think highly of him self. I must put my needs and everyone else aside but accept for him! What a complete (ASSO!) oh, I must say abuser physical and mentally. He completely drained me out, nothing but hate towards him. And very negative. He criticized me and tell who I am, well basically trying to make him self feel good while he brings me down, pathetic dumb bastard! I can smell his made up story (BULLSHIT) miles away. Fake waste of time. No direction or ambition nothing! Oh if I every commits to him even worst!? I 8767 ll be just a slave! And forceful bastard when it comes to sex. (Big turn off), if you don 8767 t give his way he looses his temper, I weigh and thought ok I 8767 ll tell him he better change his way oh, and a drink problem so I wait and see if he change. Nope not one bit! So I told him where to go! Completely wasted all my time and controlling piece if shit! So sorry on my comments here but I 8767 m so angry why I let this fool in my life :'( But anyway it was only 6yr over Can you imagine if it was years!?

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If he pins you down to ask about being friends simply say 8775 I am sorry it 8767 s too hard to be just friends right now maybe on down the road we can try but for now I need to heal and move on. It 8767 s not that I don 8767 t care, it 8767 s that I care too much still, so please respect my wishes, give me the space I need to heal and move on. I will let you know if / when I can handle being pals 8776 .

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We started dating and things started off really well. Things between us developed so quickly that I 8767 d even met her parents after a month. A couple of weeks later she brought up the idea of us going on a 9 day holiday together with her best friend and her boyfriend. Again I knew it was too soon but instead of listening to my head I stupidly agreed. On the night before the hol she confessed to me that she still keeps in contact with one of her ex 8767 s. He had served time in prison and is one of her best friends brothers. His parents lived a couple of doors down from her house but he doesn 8767 t live there. She said that there was nothing going on and that there was no chance of them getting back together because of the way he treated her when they we 8767 re an item. As he was her friends brother she said he was always going to be part of her life. I trusted her and I had no reason to suspect anything was going on.

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Hello i am Bekzod from Ubekistan i need your help i talked with a guy name is Abdul Sola and he said he works in Lagos electon shop and they can delivery their products to abroad and i ordered a computer and galaxy gear7 and paid 755$ money but i did not get them yet so i need your help he said that he delivered so many products but i did not order them so he said i have to pay money angain about 555$ so i am afraid. Help me i want to get my products or my money to back

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Internet cafes are spread around town and most easily found in the city and residential areas. Charges vary between Rs 5-65/hr. Reliance WebWorld provides Broadband internet centres. Indian Railways is offering free WiFi to passengers for a half an hour duration at Secunderabad Railway Station per day. 67 WiFi locations have been set up between the Cyber Towers - Madhapur Police Station area, the Cyber Towers - Kothaguda junction area, and the Cyber Towers – Raheja Mindspace Circle areas. After selecting the public Wi-Fi network, a one time password (OTP) password will be sent to the mobile user, who can enjoy internet services of up to 755 mega bytes (MB) per day.

You 8767 re not the 8775 only one hurting 8776 on some level, in addition to all the lovely folks here, your ex is hurting too. He is missing you at times too. He 8767 s wishing he could reach out too. I suspect he doesn 8767 t do so because he doesn 8767 t want to give mixed signals. But I have every faith in the world when I say he misses you too. Maybe not everything about you. Maybe not the tough times. Maybe not certain things you did. But he misses you too.

It 8767 s taken this to make me realise what i have lost i knew what i had inside but didnt express it causing this mess. 7 weeks after we split he got together with someone he has known for years but recently they got back in touch. its caused me to become very depressed as I have had my diagnosis which is bad enough but then lost my soulmate who i could speak to about things and now as a result of my illness i have lost my job, (i cant see how it can get much worse) im lucky i have supportive parents but thats about it the few friends i have are distancing themselves now too as all i do is cry and talk of him. I could deal with it all if i hadnt lost him. So i understand we cant be together now thats ok with me but the thing thats consuming me and making me have these horrible thoughts is that she is already coming to stay at his house where i lived with him.

I have been dumped by my boyfriend 7 days ago. He sent me a text message telling me to stop contacting him. I love him and had never thought he would be the type of man who would dumped me like that given he is 98 (I 8767 m 87) and has never been anything but respectful to people. I can 8767 t sleep, nor eat nor focus at work. I have been there for him for one year (we celebrated our 6st anniversary last week end). It 8767 s the first time I am so in love and so crushed by a break up. I feel I 8767 ll never recover. I am more hurt about the way he broke up with me than with the break up itself actually. And his ignorance is killing me, he hasn(t given me any explanation and I hate this ignorance. It hurts knowing he has probably already moved on Anyone, please help me how long does the pain last??

Dear Thea:
I just wanted to say how helpful your kind-hearted but realistic advice has been for me.
To be brief, I 8767 m a 55 yo confirmed bachelor who feels like I 8767 ve been through hundreds of divorces.
But, my last gf, we we together years. She always wanted to marry me, but I was always thinking about it. Which I was.
When I was ready, she had met someone else.
Thea, it has been almost 5 months of near-constant crying, eating very little and very bad thoughts. I have never reacted this way in my life.
I know I will recover, but for now, I 8767 m shaking, starving and crying and have to be at work soon (in a highly professional atmosphere).
Thank you for listening.

My boyfriend just dumped me, we live an hour and half away. He says he loves me more than anything and he didn 8767 t want to do this but the distant thing is killing him, he is not willing to move in somewhere half way for both of us to keep our jobs and says he drives enough for work and i dont want to move to where he is as i will be isolated withno friends or family. I dont believe this is the reason he dumped me and i am so hurt right niw. Can sombody please advise me on anything!..bex

Maybe he is happy Bella. Maybe he 8767 s happier than he has ever been in his life. I have no idea. If you actually love this guy then don 8767 t you WANT him to be happy? I mean if it 8767 s REAL LOVE then you do. It 8767 s not a case of 8775 I want him to be happy as long as it 8767 s not with HER 8776 . You were happy once. You will likely be happy again. If he 8767 s MISERABLE would that make you HAPPY?

I seldom (if ever) operate from the mentality that anyone ever uses me I chalk it up to being a contributor. He knew how you felt? Well perhaps yes, but so did you, and yes it takes two to Tango. I suspect you enjoyed it at the time, so walk away knowing you had fun too. And don 8767 t put all this energy into thinking about it in a negative way. Put a spin on it. 8775 Yeah that was hot and we 8767 ve left on a good note 8776 .

I have been chased by an Aries male for almost 7 yrs. I 8767 m a Pisces and each time I want to get close to him, he runs off. So, I just keep playing hard to get and he always comes back. Its such an unhealthy thing emotionally but wow is he handsome. Seems to me most Aries Alpha males are all super good looking. Hope he finally decides to commit to me, I would really love to spend forever kissing him. Ha Ha.

There are many ways to get around in Hyderabad. It has good bus service, good autorickshaw service (although they never charge by meter and always overprice, making cabs cheaper) and well developed Radio taxi services as well as new app based services such as Uber and Ola. There is a local train service too, but it is grossly inadequate and unreliable. It is advisable that travelers using smartphones download the Hyderabad Police and Hyderabad Traffic Police apps from the app store, as these have some safety features such as and SOS button to the control room, as well as options to lodge complaints.

OMG. I am just going through the like worst break up ever, he left me for someone he thought was more mature, someone more his age. I feel for an older man. I am in high school and he is 96. He left me and I don 8767 t know how to do. I know it was wrong to ever get involved with a man that age but he was so hot and everything to me. I lost my v to him and everything. He left me and said it was due to my maturity level and his new girlfriend is like so pretty. HELP.

I won 8767 t tell you how wonderful it 8767 ll be someday because it 8767 s always going to hurt. I will promise you this though, you 8767 re stronger than you think and the day will come when you find you have learned to put this hurt in it 8767 s own special box and tamp down the lid real secure. That way you 8767 ll manage the pain, the hurt, the empty feeling all the feelings I can 8767 t even give you names for. There will be days when the lid cracks and all of it comes barreling out on you but you 8767 ll learn to control it. I promise.

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