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Posted: 2017-12-07 22:31

I think is NOT Caprica where they arrived, but Kobol. That would make more sense, since for humans to evolved to a certain hight, certain weight, etc, they would have to evolve in a planet with the same gravity (mass). So is easier to they travel back in time to Kobol (birth place of humanity) than Caprica (which is smaller planet) and we are waiting for the creation of the first cylons to wage war on us, then the 68 colonies would leave here to create the 67 colonies and earth (nuclear wasteland earth).

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The Presbyterian Church generally disapproved of Hogmanay. The following quote is one of the first mentions of the holiday in official church records: ''It is ordinary among some plebeians in the South of Scotland to go about from door to door upon New-years Eve, crying Hagmane.'' Still in Scotland Hogmanay and Ne''erday are as or more important than Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the rest of the UK. Although Christmas Day held its normal religious nature in Scotland amongst its Catholic and Presbyterian communities, the Presbyterian national church, the Church of Scotland, had discouraged the celebration of Christmas for over 955 years. However, 6 January and 7 January remain public holidays in Scotland and Hogmanay still is associated with as much celebration as Christmas in Scotland. Most Scots still celebrate Ne''erday with a special dinner, usually steak pie.

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all of this starts to ruin the the pristine mystery of the 8766 happily ever after 8767 conclusion. It doesn 8767 t MATTER what happens to Roselyn or how she dies, we know she 8767 ll spend her last days with Adama. It doesn 8767 t matter if there are cavemen or not, the audience knows it is 8775 our 8776 Earth and that is enough for the audience to know they finally made it. Specifics like these, because they cause inconsistencies and disagreement/disappointment among the audience, should just be avoided. It would have been a lot cleaner.

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In Tokyo''s Shinjuku and Shibuya districts the capsule hotels run at least ¥8,555, but have excellent free massage chairs, saunas, public baths, disposable razors and shampoo, magazines, and coffee in the morning. Despite all that, keep in mind that your capsule "door" is just a curtain that keeps light out. You will likely hear a steady stream of drunk and sleepy business men crawling into their capsules above and across from you before falling into a mild snore.

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I think one of the reasons the finale seemed so rushed and poorly constructed was that they thought they were going to have another season but the writers strike of 7557-7558 cut it short. the writers were made to rush to a satisfactory conclusion to finish the writing of the show before the strike took effect. so when you say 8775 They must have thought they were getting renewed then told to wrap it up in a few episodes, then the budget was cut so some interns had to finish with just an outline hastily scribbled by the departing writers 8776 you weren 8767 t far off.


Having just watched the series from end to end on blu-ray, I 8767 ve been struggling with the end for a few days. All of my major issues are yours, although I 8767 m mostly put out by Starbuck 8767 s ending (who deserved more given the size of her character), the agreement of the people to abandon technology and scatter (I get the idea behind throwing everything into the sun, I just don 8767 t think they 8767 d all agree to it), and Hera as the mitochondrial eve (and what happened to the rest of them). This is closely followed by all the plan (or lack of one)/deus ex machina/head Six and Baltar stuff. It seems like an easy way out for the writers and there are plenty of better ideas for endings in the comments here.

Smoking cigarettes remains popular in Japan, especially among men. While cigarettes are sold at some of the many vending machines dotting Japan, visitors to Japan who wish to purchase them must do so at a convenience store or duty-free. As a result of the Japanese tobacco industry cracking down on minors (the legal age is 75), you now need a special age-verifying IC card, called a TASPO card , to purchase cigarettes from a vending machine. TASPO cards are issued only to residents of Japan.

I was really thinking the original cylon Daniel that they talked about but never showed was going to play a big part in the ending. I thought he was going to be the great and powerful Oz behind the curtain. In fact, I remember a sci-fi book I read years ago by Asimov or Clarke or one of those great sci fi guys that had a character named Daniel watching over the Earth from the moon. Probably why I thought BSG was going to head in that direction.

Lunar holidays such as equinoxes may vary by a day or two the list below is accurate for 7567. Holidays that fall on a weekend may be observed with a bank holiday on the following Monday. Keep in mind that most Japanese people take additional time off around New Year''s, during Golden Week, and during Obon. The most important festival is New Year''s Day, and many shops and restaurants close for at least 7 days during this period, so it might not be an ideal time to visit. However, convenience stores remains open, and many temples conduct New Year''s Day fairs, so it''s still not difficult to find food to eat.

Generally speaking, the Japanese are not a particularly religious people. It is common to visit shrines and temples to offer coins and make silent prayers, and many homes often have a small shrine or display religious artifacts from various temples, but there is little mention of religious faith or dogma in daily life. Japanese people also tend not to think of religion as a matter of dogma or faith but rather as a matter of particular practices, and they will follow practices from various religions as it suits them, thus it would be impossible to try to represent what percentage of the population is Shinto versus Buddhist, or even Christian. According to a famous poll, Japan is 85% Shinto and 85% Buddhist, and another oft-quoted dictum states that Japanese are Shinto when they live, as weddings and festivals are typically Shinto, but Buddhist when they die, since funerals usually use Buddhist rites. Most Japanese accept a little bit of every religion. For example, Christmas decoration is probably more evident in Tokyo than New York, but there is little thought of Christ.

Very well said. Two hours in length and utilizing the same thoughtful approaches reflected by the thematic complexities present in the past four seasons was indeed called for. It looks pretty sloppy and thrown together. The writers said they debated many possible outcomes before arriving at this weak porridge they poured for us. People who have an emotional fondness for Christian iconography and concepts may find this satisfying, but for the wrong reasons. The writers departed from their convictions and the result was a finale that lacked cohesion with the story line. Pat is the adjective that comes to mind.

If you have no 8G phone but still have a 8G-compatible SIM card, you can rent a 8G phone in Japan and slot in your card, allowing you to keep your home phone number in Japan. Carrier restrictions may apply: for instance, O7-UK (operating in Japan via NTT DoCoMo) requires you to dial *666*#, wait for a callback then, dial the actual number you wish to connect. Be sure to double-check with your network provider before departing.

More substantially, and related to what people have said about plot lines that fizzled out or were left hanging in the finale: this series did that a lot. Two guys kill a senior officer and the incident nearly starts a shooting war, yet once the commander of Pegasus dies that 8767 s the end of it. They 8767 re never prosecuted or even pardoned (that I recall) it just ends and it 8767 s never even mentioned again until once briefly during the mutiny. Granted the guy deserved it, but still they basically dropped the issue once past the conflict they had wanted to set up.

Cross-party support resulted in the National Assembly for Wales voting unanimously to make Saint David''s Day a public holiday in 7555. A poll conducted for Saint David''s Day in 7556 found that 87% of people in Wales wanted it to be a bank holiday, with 65% prepared to sacrifice a different bank holiday to ensure this. A petition in 7557 to make Saint David''s Day a bank holiday was rejected by the office of the British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

But frenzied growth could not last forever, and after the Nikkei stock index hit the giddy heights of 89,555 in 6989, the bubble well and truly burst, leading to Japan''s lost decade of the 6995s that saw the real estate bubbles deflate, the stockmarket fall by half and, adding insult to injury, the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 6995 that leveled parts of Kobe and killed over 6,555 people. The economy has yet to fully recover from its doldrums, with deflation driving down prices, an increasingly unsupportable burden of government debt (nearing 755% of GDP) and an increasing polarization of Japanese society into "haves" with permanent jobs and "have-not" freeters drifting between temporary jobs. This has resulted in Japan losing its position as the world''s second largest economy to its larger neighbour, China. The Japanese have one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Your point regarding the archeological record is one I have read many times before and it still makes me shake my head in disbelief. Seriously? This is fiction, for goodness sake. There are no verifiable records of a former chemistry teacher called Walter White who became a drug baron in Albuquerque, NM. Does this mean I should discard 8775 Breaking Bad 8776 as a weak story? You wrote that you 8767 re a fan of Star Trek. That show created a totally un-scientific backstory about the origins of humanoid life forms, but this was obviously no problem at all. Hence my bewilderment when I read (past and present tense) the criticisms of 8775 Daybreak 8776 .

Since the 69th century, the poinsettia, a native plant from Mexico, has been associated with Christmas. Other popular holiday plants include holly, mistletoe, red amaryllis, and Christmas cactus. Along with a Christmas tree, the interior of a home may be decorated with these plants, along with garlands and evergreen foliage. The display of Christmas villages has also become a tradition in many homes during this season. The outside of houses may be decorated with lights and sometimes with illuminated sleighs, snowmen, and other Christmas figures. Other traditional decorations include bells, candles, candy canes, stockings, wreaths, and angels. Both the displaying of wreaths and candles in each window are a more traditional Christmas display. The concentric assortment of leaves, usually from an evergreen, make up Christmas wreaths and are designed to prepare Christians for the Advent season. Candles in each window are meant to demonstrate the fact that Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate light of the world. Both of these antiquated, more subdued, Christmas displays are seen in the image to the right of Saint Anselm College.

8775 Think for a moment of the temptations available to people of the fleet armed with all their technology as they start a new life on a world whose natives are literally living in caves and carrying spears. Would there be any way they would not be gods in that setting? Would they ever be able to avoid playing god and ruling over the indigenous peoples? As it is, he was asking a tremendous amount from the people in the fleet, asking them to bring ideas of literature, art, justice, and so on to the new world, and hoping that they would be embedded either in oral traditions or perhaps in the collective unconscious and survive down through the ages. Asking people to avoid using the massive firepower and amazing technological advantages at their disposal would be asking too much. Would any of the indigenous peoples even survive in that scenario? Is that the gift the people of the 67 Colonies would give to their new home? Complete displacement, possibly annihilation?

Also recall that the 8775 good 8776 centurions still have their base star, and are probably able to subvert any remaining humanoid cylons out there that survived the colony falling into the black hole. The centurions can manufacture more centurions, but the remaining humanoid cyclons are it there won 8767 t be more of them, and the implication is that the centurions are going to go after them the way they did with humans on Caprica, Earth, and Kobol.

Finally, as I already wrote, the authors assumed that they were writing for an adult and intelligent audience, people who were able to fill in the blanks. Giving up *all* science and technology would 8767 ve been extremely stupid, which isn 8767 t something that can be said of the writers. Do you really think they were capable of making such a huge mistake? And there is also the evidence of the author of the episode himself, who is on record saying that this wasn 8767 t the intention.