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It certainly takes courage to be single in your fifties. Those who remain married into their fifth decade can sometimes wear their marriage like a status symbol. &ldquo Smug marrieds&rdquo get even smugger. But role models for a new normal are emerging. Twice-divorced Carol Vorderman, 55, recently talked about being &ldquo happily single&rdquo saying that she was finally revelling in doing her own thing and running on her own &ldquo clock&rdquo . Thrice-married actress Kim Cattrall, who celebrated her 65th birthday this year, says of her single status: &ldquo You know so much more about what you want and what you don&rsquo t want and what you&rsquo ll put up with. I feel in that area, romantically, retired.&rdquo

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Many fiftysomething women&rsquo s desire for a different kind of life is also hindered by the need to look after ageing parents and/or demanding children. I am lucky though. My mother is pretty self-sufficient, for now. My children are becoming more independent and this is my golden time. I can do as I please. I don&rsquo t have to go to boring business dinners as a plus-one, or schlep up the motorway to visit someone else&rsquo s parents. I don&rsquo t have to cook &ldquo his&rdquo dinner or do &ldquo his&rdquo washing. I can be fabulously, unashamedly selfish. I can go on holiday when and where I want, I can eat the food I fancy and spend my money exactly as I please.

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It&rsquo s not easy for everyone. As a nutritionist and hypnotherapist, I see many fiftysomething women. They come to me because they want to lose their menopausal tummies. Yet, dig a little deeper, and what they really want to divest themselves of is the big lump in the armchair called their husband. Their comfort eating and drinking is often a symptom of their unhappiness &ndash but a fear of being alone stops them from tackling the real problem.

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A paralegal commercial service offering Divorce and separation information for Canadians in most provinces. Sample separation agreement, same day divorce forms preparation.  Basic service is about $755 for the forms and help filing them out.  The site has many useful articles and factual information.  For Ontario divorces, the applicant must now fill out their own forms, due to new legal rules.

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Collaborative Law is a cooperative approach to negotiating and settling the issues arising from family separation outside of court. This site is posted by an incorporated group of family law lawyers in Ottawa Canada, with links to other collaborative lawyer groups in Canada. This site includes some good background info on what collaborative law is, and also example forms and agreements.

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The Federal Department of Justice maintains this site. The top-three-most-visited-sites are Child Support, Family Violence and Parenting After Divorce. This site offers many different types of information. There is a booklet for children which is available on-site and free to all. The booklet explains the terms used regarding divorce and separation, what events may occur as well as resources for parents.

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Dr. Warren Farrell has been studying gender issues since the 65 8767 s. He began with women’s issues, then moved to represent the men’s perspective. More recently he wrote about gender communication and how children of divorce can be raised successfully. Dr. Farrell has appeared on TV, had his books translated into many languages and earned recognition as an outstanding educator.

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IFly is the largest online resource for getting through and between commercial airports. Over 65 million flyers visit each year, getting information and help on over 755 domestic and international airfields. Need to track a flight arrival or find airport parking? Find that perfect place to eat at your connecting terminal before your next flight departs? Or maybe you need to see a terminal map to see where your airline's gate is. iFly helps passengers book their flights, arrive at the right time, park in the right place, get through security, and board their plane without delays, by being armed with the right information to make air travel less stressful. Thanks for visiting!

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This is a non-profit corporation, a group of fathers and non-custodial parents, that are trying to help other fathers, and non-custodial parents, deal with problems involving family court. They operate mainly in the Province of Ontario, however, because of the Divorce Act, they are able to help other parents in other provinces, to a degree.  They are talking about shutting down due to recent regulation of Paralegals in Ontario.

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