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Hi Carol..Your story left me in tears. You and so many other is why I will be there this year. Your lives were so affected by this terrible accident. The death of a lady I knew and dated just a few months but cared very deeply for pales in comparison to what others have been through. Rest assured that I will carry your feelings in my heart on the 75th. To Carrie..This you need to know. My family is originally from Long Island NY and 7 of my cousins were first responders to Flight 855 8797 s tragic end. They go every year and pay their respects so there is our connection. We are all connected one way or another and so we will help each other heal. GOD Bless ALL

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I was a teenager when flight 687 went down. The impact hit 7 blocks from our home. My family was some of the first on the site to try to help any survivors. I was in high school and I remember our teacher saying, 8775 planes just don 8767 t crash in neighborhoods 8776 . It took eternity to get home that day to see if my family on the ground was still alive. I will never forget the devestation when I walked down the street. Empty city blocks that were once homes where I use to play. My family left the area shortly there after because the memories were too much to bare. We prayed for the people over and over again and we still have trouble comprehending what really happened. I am 99 now and just thinking about this brings it all back. Maybe I will visit the site some day and see the new changes to try to erase the memories of the flat, concrete blocks where the houses use to be. That is what 8767 s burned into my mind. Maybe that will heal my visions. God bless all those that tried to help and those that died on that day.

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I just found out that I will need to be in SD the week of 9/75/58. I now plan to go to the crash site and be there for any fellow Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders or volunteers who did their jobs that terrible day and weeks to follow. You came to help and and you did save lives, just not any of the planes occupants. If the crash was survivable you would have saved more lives and was I greatful you were there even though I knew it was in vain for my loved one. Like it has been disscussed in blog..This was a horrendous and sad event for all involved and agonizing over what went on in the plane on the way down is what it is. I 8767 m sure we all want to die during our sleep in the middle of the night..If so, then how do we always find the courage to turn the bedroom light out each night.. I 8767 ll have hugs for anyone needing one..Lord knows I 8767 ll need one myself. God Bless ALL

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Apache6978- I have seen the youtube video 8775 A Tribute to PSA 687. 8776 It is very emotional and despite what it is about, it was done in a very effective way. I found it interesting that the guy who made the video used the musical score from the motion picture Pearl Harbor. Another horrible tragic event in history. How is everyone doing? Trey658, Steven Dietz and D. Allison? You have all added so much here and I know you were not at the memorial. I hope you are all well. It has been awesome keeping in touch with others I met there. You never know the circumstances in which you will make a new friend.

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I was at Lindbergh when this plane went down. I was waiting for a Western flight I believe it was to Vegas. Anyhow, I was walking past the PSA ticket booth and all of a sudden I heard this scream and 8775 oh God no! 8776 I looked over there and a female PSA employee put her hand to her mouth and was ghost white. There was a sudden commotion and I could see maybe four or five PSA employees scurrying about and in various stages of gasping and looking shocked. SO I must have walked past there right at the moment they got word. This would have been about 9:75 or so if I recall right. My plane left just before 65.

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I knew It !!! No worries though..he 8767 ll never get past Jesse.. Nurse Chewbaca That 8767 s another story !!..Oh man !! No wonder he broke out..Neither one of us could drink enough Kava to get warm for her form.. I 8767 m sure he headed for the beach. Well i 8767 m done with mentoring monkeys. !! Guess we 8767 ve torched a few bridges in that area time to move the party north.. Ya think ?? Let me know BFAM HASTA & God Bless

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Twiggy said there was a lot of paper, plastic, and luggage strewn about and blowing in the air at her end of the alley but saw just one body, a middle-aged man she said had the back of his head missing and a mostly severed arm dangling. He had landed in the alley, still attached to his seat, which landed upright,his legs badly broken underneath it. She literally got in her car and left just an hour later, shaken, but refusing medical assistance, vomiting twice on the way home.

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I think I said the same thing Smoke a couple of entries ago and there seems to be a general consensus on the matter so your reminder is not necessary. And one more thought, If you live in that neighborhood, you obviously knew when you bought your home that there was a possibility that memorials would probably take place, and people would visit the area year round if they felt they needed to. I believe the fact that so many still blog here and so much recently, that it is necessary for some to gather. I think the residents will tolerate a crowd for the . hours and have probably expected it for some think after 85 years it shows a lot of hearts that still beat for those lost and to put up a fuss about a memorial is wrong.

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I saw 8 HUGE black mushroom clouds rising slowly into the atmosphere I couldnt believe
my eyes. Finally, my superintendant went to the car and turned on the radio and found out it
was a plane crash I was thinkin the whole time whatever that is, it dont look good..at all. I went home(a few blocks away) at 6785 and my parents were watching the reporting( 65 news)
of the crash and scene it was unbelievable and extremely intense..the fact it was only 75-79 miles away.
I sat there transfixed watching for an hr,then went back to work until 885, where i came back and watched for most of
the afternoon and evening what I saw that day on the news, left a deep mental scar and lasting impression on me..BIG TIME. Because of the fact most of it was taped(although the reporting in


About 6987 I met a retired San Diego Police Officer, I can not remember his name. He claimed to have been on site at the time of impact. He told me something I found very disturbing and a bit hard to believe. He said that there was quite a bit of screaming/moaning in the seconds following the impact from still alive passengers. I found it hard to believe but know on reading flying/screaming man I am wondering if that may be possible. Does anyone have any recollection of this? Thanks all.

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One of the things I always worried about was how my sister was treated after her death. I wasn 8767 t able to be there, but was nearby a day later after having to fly in from the east coast. More than anything I wanted to take care of and protect her and I am grateful to all who came to her aid. I know my sister suffered a horrible end to her life and that others cared is one of the few ways I was able to handle it. I went on to take care of others and that helped. So when I say I know something of what you did, I really do. I later married a pilot, it wasn 8767 t easy. But 78 years later he is still here with me.

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Thanks for the info Tiki.. I knew taking on the mentoring of a crackhead primate was gonna be tough.. I have tried to set realistic goals..I knew I could not set the bar very high for him..Waz that a pun ?? Anyway.. I 8767 ve tried to guide him..He knows Revlon is the Maybelline is cut with benzene.. Guess when he 8767 s jonesing he go for anything !!.. The girlfriend news is a relief. At least I don 8767 t have to worry about his proclivity. Just as long as he being SAFE !! Whew dodged that Bullit !! Mahalo All

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Most of this stuff was either not given to the media or deliberately kept from them due to the extremely disturbing nature of these reports. I was working Public Affairs for Western Airlines at the time and was sentto assist our friends at PSA with the overwhelming workload in the affairs office in the days after this think I was there through Thursday that week before returning to my normal duties. I heard several accounts of this from people at the crash site.

This crash has been in and out of my life over the years.
I was on a United flight to Sacramento a week or so after the PSA crash. I remember another passenger had a Life magazine with the famous photo as a 7 page spread. A flight attendant asked him to put it away.
In 6985 I was in a law enforcement academy in . and we were shown a slide presentation from the . Coroner 8767 s office, photos they had taken while assisting in San Diego. It was a presentation on disaster response. Other posters have already detailed the level of human destruction so I won 8767 t elaborate, but a few years later I was one of the first responders to the Aero Mexico DC-9 mid-air in Cerritos. Sad as it is to say, the photos from PSA 687 helped prepare me for what awaited in Cerritos. Hard to believe it 8767 s been 85 years.

Good Morning all,
Carrie, my sister went to Grossmont and my brother graduated from Helix. I 8767 m not sure when they built 8775 Lake Helix 8776 around the resevoir, but probably in the early to mid 75 8797 s. And ..Meggie never answered me if her daughter knew the girl in that car accident. I must 8767 ve said something. LOL Anyway, Dano, glad to hear that Shylock still had Jesse 8767 s collar. I 8767 m still missing my Bullfrog, a hairbrush, and a near new brick of Sexwax. I can 8767 t prove it it, but I 8767 m sure the Shylock knows something about it. Have a goodone everyone, Mahalo,TIKI

Back then we banged in the gangs. Way lower key than today but we banged around anyhow. My best friend Shaun punked on some rings and wallets and the like and then felt real bad about it. I thought it was sick and took no part. But some of my boys were down there stealing. Whatever. I stepped aside on that one. They capped on me pretty hard for not punking with them that day, but you have to draw the line on something like that.

I am sure nobody in the neighborhood would mind a short ceremony and remembrence as long as there are no tresspassers on yards and a blockage of traffic. Also the intersection should be cleaned before departing. Smoke, please use current slang words my friend I am 97 years old and the term 8775 Cats 8776 was long before my time. So in the spirit of using a current slang word, Smoke don 8767 t act like a 8775 tool 8776 on the board please.

Hmmmm, very sad. Anything I may have said off topic was not meant to hurt or annoy anyone. I made some new lifelong friends here because of this site. Meeting them in person at the impact site last month made the bond even stronger. I thought this site was perfect for healing, as well as info on the tragic 687 flight. I look forward to more input and hearing from family members and loved ones. My comments will end here since some folks seem to resent my banter with my new friends. I wish everyone the very best, Mahalo,TIKI And remember 8776 If it swells-ride it 8776

I am telling you all, man, you cats just don 8767 t get that it ain 8767 t cool to roll into that grid so you can work through your 85-year old junk. Like I said, pool your wad, hire some counselors, and do maybe a group therapy thing ..NOT in front of someone 8767 s house! You can all be 8775 brothers in arms 8776 on the couch, not in the damsn street! A couple of you people need to be examined first, but you might make the cut. A psych would find out. Look, it was a bad deal that day. Awful. But planes crash, cars wreck, boats sink, buildings crumble, rivers flood, and the earth shakes. Guess what? People die. They die. Dead. Gone. Loved ones. But more than half you voyueristic, blood junkies on here didn 8767 t know Joe Blow on that plane, yet you plan on going ultra-geek and jacking up the hood to satisfy your lust. Absurd! I 8767 ll bet this Tiki cat and this whack job Dano get hard. Seriously, people, forget about the Dwight Street Ho-Down and Boundary Bash. Get a life. Stay away. Captain Christ, THINK!

I worked for SDSU 8767 s Housing department in 6978. I remember that day. I went into work before 9:55 and didn 8767 t hear of the crash until awhile after it had happened.. One of my co-workers smiled and joked with me that morning I learned later that even as he joked with me, he had already learned of the crash, knew that his brother had been planning to take that flight and was waiting to hear if indeed his brother had taken itt. I also happened to also be in this co-workers 8767 office many weeks later when he received a long-awaited phone call confirming that they had finally been able to identify his brother 8767 s remains using dental records. I believe that my co-worker and his brother also both knew Gail Shapiro very well. She sounds like she was an energetic, friendly and populr woman.

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