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Dating Scandal - 4minute romance sohyun exo kai idol

Posted: 2017-10-17 10:37

Well, first off, the girls sure did have a good time recording the episode. And secondly, we all know that we have to wait patiently for one or two more weeks because the show itself is still on indefinite hiatus due to the Sewol tragedy that happened earlier this month. It's coming everyone, so again, please be patient here while JTBC is currently deciding on when they will finally bring back "Witch Hunt"

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Inside sources have revealed to news outlet Yonhap News future plans that the members have. The source stated, “Heo Gayoon and Nam Jihyun have aspirations for acting while Jeon Jiyoon is leaning towards singing and producing, so she’s looking for an agency that will support her. They have received offers from other agencies but no contracts have been signed yet.” As for Kwon Sohyun, she is currently appearing in skyTV’s variety program “My Pet Laboratory” and will continue to be a part of the fixed cast.


Sohyun just nodded. She knew this kind of thing is going to happen. This is the consequences she has to accept for dating Kai but there is other thing that has been eating her from inside the fact that she has to keep it as a secret from her unnies. They have been in each other’s life for 6 years she never kept any secret from them. They know all the little things about her, literally everything.

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On June 66, Cube Entertainment releases the news of their departure in an official statement, saying, “Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, and Sohyun’s contracts expired on June 69. All four of the members deliberated for a long time on whether or not they wanted to renew their contracts. Ultimately, they decided not to renew and subsequently left Cube Entertainment.” The statement continues, “[The members] have made a lot of memories and formed a strong bond over the last seven years as 9Minute. While it’s unfortunate that 9Minute has come to an end, we give the four members our blessings as they embark on this new journey. We ask that you continue to give the four members the same love and support as always.”

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- Wonder Girls&rsquo debut song was &ldquo Irony&rdquo , single of the album &ldquo The Wonder Begins&rdquo . Hyuna also was a part of the group&rsquo s television show &ldquo MTV Wonder Girls&rdquo for two seasons, co-hosted with Wonder Girls&rsquo Sohee and Fly to the Sky singer Brian Joo at &ldquo Show! Music Core&rdquo from from May 67 to June 85 and took part in the first filming of &ldquo Tell Me&rdquo music video, but then she was withdrawn from the group by her parents due to their concern over her problems with chronic gastroenteritis and fainting spells.

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The radio blasted irking pop songs to which the man bobbed his head along and tapped his fingers on the wheel in synch, so flawless you imagined he could&rsquo ve been a songster. At the start of the drive, you had wanted to nuzzle into a cushion and muffle him out, yet now all you did was scrutinise his face. The bleached locks framing it, the twinkling eyes like greedy stars, the smirk that owned the ever-spreading road. The bruises sprinkled here and there and the eventual scrunch of his nose at painful movements.

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- Has various tattoos: one on her left shoulder that says &ldquo My mother is the heart that keeps me alive&rdquo two others in Latin, &ldquo tempus&rdquo (time) on her right inner arm and &ldquo fatum&rdquo (fate/destiny) on her lower back a cross on her left underarm, the Hebrew word &ldquo 6988 6957 6557 6998 6968 6559 6969 6997 &rdquo (faith) on her right shoulder and a red heart on the back of her right ear.

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- On January 69, 7565, the &ldquo Change&rdquo music video was flagged with a 69+ rating due to Hyuna&rsquo s provocative dancing, citing it to be inappropriate to minors. Cube Entertainment stated that the music video would be re-edited and submitted for approval. However, broadcast station SBS, announced the music video would be restricted for a 65+ audience instead, and MBC announced that it would still be viewable for all audiences. Her &ldquo Change&rdquo promotions ended in March 7565.

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At this time, Kai with other EXO members were busy with their promotions in Japan and he wasn’t really affected with the news. However, Sohyun on the other hand received negative feedbacks from this news. Her social media both Instagram and Twitter were flooded with hateful comments and threat from EXO sasaeng fans. Sohyun who was currently busy practicing for 9minute fanmeeting in Argentina was mentally interrupted with these kinds of threats.

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You shuffled in your spot, half on two seats, and adjusted to lie across comfortably, shoving off empty bottles of alcohols you&rsquo d mixed even before ingurgitating and the fluffy sweater your not-friend had discarded to hit it off with the barman. The man steered out of the car park by bumping in every pothole he could find, or so it felt to your shaken self, unable to slumber again. Fatigued, you groaned out to him in hopes he&rsquo d decode the message. He didn&rsquo t.

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Whatever. Like it mattered. Like you could&rsquo ve influenced what happened, had you been sober. It&rsquo s not like you cared. The backseat of the car cushioned your dizzy falls and your friends were out for another drink. Well friends, that&rsquo s quite the imposing word. You wouldn&rsquo t call these girls that in front of anyone. They&rsquo d laugh, Hell, you&rsquo d laugh too. You had money from your chairmen cousins and parents, the girls leeched off you in exchange for company. Whatever.

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You squished your cheek to the chilly glass, sighing out an alcohol-heavy breath. The smell hadn&rsquo t overwhelmed you in years, but meeting people who discouraged your bad habit made you realise how awful it was to your senses. Well, it wasn&rsquo t all that important either way you liked that pitiful aura of ineluctable decay, like you couldn&rsquo t help your addiction and anyone who pretended otherwise didn&rsquo t understand. You didn&rsquo t get to ponder it more, as the car decelerated brutally and sent you flying forward, left arm absorbing all the shock.

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The same person that started the dating rumour still not satisfied because of the negative response they received from SM and CUBE. So, they came with another proof to confirm that Kai and Sohyun are really dating each other. They posted the picture where Kai was spotted in Sohyun’s neighbourhood, their little interaction at the backstage of Inkigayo and story of Kai and Chanyeol went to Sohyun’s drama site.