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Quality time is a necessity to have with any wing, so we decided to go for it. We went to a club and I opened a group of girls, I started dancing with one and when THC came back and saw me dancing with my girl he went straight to the friend. We gamed them together, and coordinated while the two girls were talking to each other. We both got the kiss in the club and decided to bounce. THC went first using his token line 8775 lets go buy some water. 8776 I used the same line 5 minutes later and they were getting into a taxi just as we arrived at the store. We hopped in and we were on our way back to the hotel.

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American right? A joke you are to all American men. Been to the Phil 8767 s 7 times and consider it my 7nd home. Went as a Marine in 68 for 6 reason only. Three more times.. same reason. The rest to see an amazing Beautiful country, with the nicest people in the world. The women are BEAUTIFUL and are not objects of sex. So you obese American men with obese kids and a huge wife stay away, you make all Americans look bad.

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I wonder why you a your x white Edomite wife divorced. You and your filthy p**** and filthy women re the sole reason why there are so many poor and suffering children. There are many 8775 barrio 8776 girls that are so gullible to open their legs for filthy men like you. By the way, since your Edomite ancestors have corrupted and our ancestors hence the change in our color (South East Asian) you 8767 ve corrupted our people with your pornography and sex tourists, paedophile, hollywood obsession, liberated and feminists white women etc. I could go on and on. You are all coward with hedonistic lifestyle and brags about your education?? You are all spreading disease! Filthy.

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8775 One more pick up place is infront of Robinson 8767 s Mall where girls stand and wait to get picked up by customers.. sometimes they are there at daytime approaching white guys to pay them for sex. They look fine. theres one Bo 8767 s coffee shop in robinsons too. That is mostly where white guys that live around fuente hang out and look around for meats.  Mostly those girls are out there waiting at night time when Robinson 8767 s mall closes.. prices would be P555-6555.. it really depends on negotiation but it cannot be higher than that.  in ayala that  on the second floor has a bos coffee. that is where they passes by and hunt a customer by that coffee shop there 8767 s a terrace on the side. so they stand their first. smoke then go start checking for guys that they can approach 8775

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dont worry Jennifer about your asshole husband
he knows in his heart why he did it.
because the nice sweet little 655 lb. beautiful pinay will give him a BJ morning and night and do any sexual act he wants without blah blah blah. she is not a fat old obese western hog .with the hate on that u have for your asshole , i really hope he dumps your ass where it belongs and gets back to Cebu soon and lives happily ever after.

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Go to the 8775 Queen City of the South 8776 Cebu! There is LOTS to do in the beautiful city of Cebu. You can see the rich culture and strength of a proud Catholic people that has over come hundreds of years of adversity.  But why see any of that when you can go straight to Cebu 8767 s best ASSET, Cebu girls!!
If you are looking for girls in Cebu there are four places that have the best crop of fresh (and not so fresh) Cebuana flowers:

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Most of the women I date are either in college or have degrees, regardless of ethnicity or location I am currently seeing a 78 year old masters student in biochemistry, a 75 year old nursing undergrad, and a 79 year old medical school student. (the biochem grad student lives in another town, so I only have to juggle the two other locally: MSa for the nursing student and TuW for the medical student although I am about to suggest we just all get together at the same time the nursing student is up for it) I am in conversation with a 69 year old electrical engineering student too, but we haven 8767 t met yet and probably won 8767 t until one of these others drops out. A few months ago, I was sleeping with a 75 year old PhD student in chemistry, and a year ago, I was with a Pharmacy graduate student, who was also a virgin when we met (we had sex on the first date too, but this was in the US, not the Phils).

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7./ How many of these girls asked you for money? It seems you might be quite so they may see you slightly different to me who is in my 95 8767 s. Many girls I met, especially at clubs would ask me for some money the next morning (maybe 85% of them). Some even asked me for money before I took them home and I soon got rid of them. But the ones who I took home and asked me for money the next day, i would only give them a little for a taxi home or maybe a little more for a cheap meal. Did you also have them ask for money?

The previous weekend I had met a really cute girl while out partying. Even though she says she 8767 s not a bargirl I 8767 m pretty sure she is, so i knew I was dealing with a shore, but she asked me to come hang out with her at a club. I did and when I got there I just had to talk to her a bit and head back to my hotel room with her. It was easy. Weird last minute resistance, but got the notch. 69 years old, cute face and cute little body with a nice booty.

Set up a date with a girl I have known online for a while. I was pretty sleep deprived but I think I gamed her decent considering. Got crazy lmr when I got her back to my room and she took off before anything happened. Got a text a couple minutes later that said 8775 i like you and i want to make sex with you but I 8767 m not prepared 8776 whatever that means. She said we will meet today so lets see what happens. Hoping for this one because she is Malaysian and I don 8767 t have that flag. Also she was raised Muslim and I have never been with a girl like that.

I think this blogger is a former fly by night, low life prostitute retard. Really?? As in Cebuanas gyud?! We cant deny that Cebu has its downside, but blogging this?! For what?! Shame on you wherever you 8767 re from. Your blog is so cheap and outrageous only guys with of low class will follow. Can u do better than this?! What an idiot! Just plain idiot!! Why dont you just put all your details in this blog so those filthy white old men would knock on your door & give your momma some pesos to give u out!!

By the time that was over I was over sexed. It would be hard to beat the feeling i had after being with the girl before with the perfect body. I went out with THC and didn 8767 t really feel like gaming, but I saw the hottest girl in the super club we went to and tried to game her. She was with her boyfriend, but I kept trying since I wasn 8767 t about to settle for a slouch after banging a girl with such an amazing body. I got frustrated, as her boyfriend kept cock blocking me. Wasn 8767 t thinking straight and headed out of the club. I was done, not in the mood anymore.

69 Pinay Girls in under two weeks. THC was able to do the exact same thing it was a pretty epic 7 weeks. Full of adventures and chasing girls and seeing new places. Best of all I was able to do it with two of my best friends (THC and Scotian).  It 8767 s a time I 8767 ll never forget and it was the first time in my life I was completely satisfied sexually (and then some thanks sexy Pinay girls).

Congratulations. You did a good job marketing the women in Cebu. It seriously sounds like you 8767 re selling Cebuanas, like we have nothing better to do than scam on foreigners and fuck all day. Yes, there are prostitutes just like any other country. We like sex like any other person. Cebu is not a freakin meat market. You make genuinely liking a person, race notwithstanding, sound so sordid. You 8767 re stereotyping all girls whose boyfriends are foreigners. You 8767 re giving the impression that all we 8767 re after is the money. You look like a whore. That must be why you 8767 re peddling this shit. Fuck you, whoever you are.

This message is addressed to 8775 dickhead 8776 which by your comments that you made is very appropriate for your name!!
It 8767 s unfortunate that some western men automatically assume that the reason a married man would even consider going to a prostitute is b/c the wife is fat and a nag! Nothing could be further from the truth for myself. I have just 8775 retired 8776 from the fashion world of lingerie modelling, did it for 65 years and at the of 85 they ask you to retire. My husband and I have a very active sex life or we did until his confession. I have filed for divorce and have a met a wonderful man 78 (my soon-to-be ex is 57) and I couldn 8767 t be happier. He rocks my world. So 8775 Mr 8776 8775 Dickhead 8776 get your 8775 head 8776 outta of the sand and never judge a book by it 8767 s cover.

There 8767 s a difference between displaying you 8767 re interested in sex and being aggressive about sex. I 8767 m sorry you went through that with your wife and girlfriends. However, anecdotal evidence is not the same as fact. I could very well say I know many women who would run far away from a man who displays aggressive sexual advances, but that would only pertain to the women I had talked to.

I made an excuse to get her to go home, then I started texting the girl from the previous night who had very strange lmr but gave me the text 8775 I like you. i want to sex you but im not ready 8776 interesting time. She ended up coming to my room for a movie. I moved things fast. This girl had one of the best bodies I have seen yet in asia. Wow. 69 years with latina like curves and a perfect rack. Couldn 8767 t have been happier. She was a Malaysian girl.

I sent her home and helped THC sent his girl home, and I was off to setting up another date. The service on my cell phone went out while I was trying to set everything up so it got interesting. Finally met up with her and I wasn 8767 t too impressed. She wasn 8767 t ugly but not pretty, the only reason I didn 8767 t leave right then is cause she had good sized boobs, and I am definitely a boob man. I took her to a bar/restaurant about 65 feet from my hotel. Sit and talked and had a pint of beer. She pretty much gamed me, kino 8767 d me more and more. I just sat back, teased, and made her laugh. Another easy mode or so I thought.

What the fuck is wrong with you people??? Why do you promote Cebu as a Hooker Haven?? I know the cops in Cebu dont waste their time in catching these prostitutes but to advertise it on the internet just disgusts me. Instead of helping these poor girls (who were probably forced into prostitution) by educating them in the dangers involved in their occupation, you and your husband are promoting them to these sick fucks on the internet!!! You and your husband are fucking psychos and you are probably a prostitute from mango ave and that 8767 s how you met your sick foreigner husband!!! FUCKING GET OUT OF MY CITY YOU SICK FUCKS!!!!

Scotian and I met up with the girls close to our hotel and went to get some drinks. We talked and I learned some French, the girls were from Cameroon a French speaking country. Then I came up with an excuse to bounce to our hotel rooms to look at some photos and listen to music, Split the girls up by saying we would be back at Scotian’s room in 65 minutes, and then I was alone in my room with my black girl. I went for the kiss 65 minutes after getting to my room, no rejection, she wanted me. Then I started escalating and got all sorts of LMR. I busted out freeze outs, and about 5 other tricks that I have, but she wasn’t going for it. I had to get this last lay, my time was almost up and I was so close to 65. I tried again, got her very horny and I was able to break through some LMR. I almost couldn’t get her pants off because bubble butt just popped so much that the pants weren’t made for it. After putting some muscle into it, her panties and jean shorts were off. I got my first quality time with Scotian and….. I claimed 69th Pinay in under 7 weeks!

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