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Hi Captain Quirk,
Wow! My son is 68 in 7nd yr. doing a BEd,.. prac was disastrous he couldn 8767 t 8775 read 8776 the main mentor, couldn 8767 t stand the loud bells, was up half the night doing lesson plans (he doesn 8767 t like to read but wants to be an English/music teacher since he loves grammar)
I can 8767 t see him capable of a full time job Your site is my first introduction to aspergers I have been in denial big time about syndromes I have home schooled him and given him a very happy childhood, helping him be a high achiever in music in particular but it is hard to imagine how he would cope in the 8775 real world 8776 ie, cooking and housekeeping as well as working, secondary teaching seems to be over- wants to keep at it but I am worried that there is an even worse crash and burn up ahead

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well i got to say that i have the same point of view as you,I 8767 m dominican and i love asian guys to death even though i havent date anyone because i have bad luck, sense where i lived they 8767 re no asians. To bad but sense i was a little girl i was always attract to asian and i did everything possible to actually meet one. I hope one day i 8767 ll met one and have a asian boyfriend that would be a dream come  true. That 8767 s why im moving to LA when i graduate just cuz the asians.

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I am very happy to see inter-racial mixing. Good for our species . I am a Mediterranean Caucasian guy (just think Roman, Greek, Persian lol) with some 6/8rd Russian+Caucasian Turk Roots but am born and bred American for 8 generations. I find it quite unfortunate that Asian girls have pretty poor instincts for Caucasian men. They cannot distinguish the better choice by looks and/or character than the lesser one too keenly. It 8767 s sad cause Asians are mostly in general, good people and deserve good things. If you are an above average looking Caucasian guy, the far east will bore you out in that department(even tho you still might and probably most likely will get some action) since all the ugly white guys (rejects back in the US or even in Europe) have taken away all the oriental girls. The Asian girls are pretty much foreigner illiterate to find out that they can do better.

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Hi Kevin, I 8776 m sorry that 8767 s happening with you. There is a reason though. If you 8767 re not getting any responses then I recommend you work on your ad. (Do you mean profile, btw?) Google 8775 good online profile men 8776 or this type of thing. Get some ideas to help you better express yourself. Go out and smile, be open, start conversations. be social. There 8767 s no reason to be single so long, my friend. You can make some specific tweaks to change that up. Go for it! Bp

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I 8767 m a mom who has a three year old daughter. I 8767 ve been dating this guy for about 5 months now and he claims to love me and my daughter. I believe him but the issue we have here is my daughter 8767 s father. My boyfriend doesn 8767 t like the fact that still good terms with my daughter 8767 s father. He does nothing for her but I keep him around because my daughter absolutely loves her dad and I can 8767 t take that from here no matter how much I hate the guy. How do I tell my boyfriend that I 8767 m definitely not choosing my daughters father over him. And he needs to understand this situation?

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But he and I both wish that he wasn 8767 t reduced to sobbing terror by flashing lights that he could relax more easily and sleep more, that he could tolerate distress without flying into intense rages. I tell him that brains are funny things, and that he 8767 s great at some things (better than most other kids), but sometimes he has problems that most other kids don 8767 t have, too. We all wish he could be happier and his life could be easier. That 8767 s not the same thing as wishing I could wave a wand and make him a 8775 normal 8776 kid who points and makes eye contact and doesn 8767 t memorize the periodic table, though.

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What I was saying was what many non asians (regardless of their political, religious, gender views) perceive about asians. Western perceptions about east asians is still negative. You can see it with the media like the asian characters in TV shows Community and 7 Broke Girls show. Even though it 8767 s subtle, it 8767 s still negative. And not just programs but even real life incidents like recently with the Asian-themed 8775 Racist Rager 8776 at Duke University fraternity. You 8767 re right, I know full well people go too far with their narcissistic/fascist attitudes like comments by Brandon which doesn 8767 t make sense why he 8767 s on a site that 8767 s anti-racsist. I was just saying in a sarcastic way I was mocking racism.

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As is extremely common in autistic girls because they are so under-diagnosed, your daughter likely does have anxiety and depression as well as autism due to going undiagnosed with autism and the incredible and invisible stress that it puts on a person. Of course it depends on your individual situation, but as long as you do not expect the anti-depressants or other medications to take away her *autism*, they might be very helpful for her. The meds are a lot more often used to manage co-morbid conditions that occur due to coping with autism in our society (or just happened to occur alongside it).

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I think you already know Asians being discriminated whether it 8767 s from hollywood or even sports like Jeremy Lin, and I know there 8767 s more hate towards blacks and homosexuals than there are towards Asians.  I get so bitter when I hear about Asians that work very hard and stay out trouble like Jeremy Lin and Diane Tran but they don 8767 t get the respect they deserve.  Why should you work hard if you 8767 re not going to get the respect you deserve?  And I 8767 m not saying there aren 8767 t any rewards for working hard, but why is it harder for Asian-Americans and not just Asian-Americans but minorities and women as well who are working just as hard and sometimes even more only to be treated unfairly?

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As a
student from Germany I visited Thailand together with my girlfriend some years
ago for the first time. Claudia and I were together for three years and she
never cheated on me nor did I on her. She is a good looking girl and rather
conservative minded. But already during our initial visit I recognized how much
she was fascinated by athletic Thai guys. On the other hand she became
extremely jealous when I dared to have a quick look at Thai girls or any other

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One of the first ways an undiagnosed aspie might try to determine his or her likeliness of having Asperger 8767 s syndrome, is by taking one of the online tests. Some of these are better than others, and caution should be taken when considering the results particularly if you find yourself worrying that your results don 8767 t match with those of other aspies. Many of these tests are based on research that might not be that well grounded in science. Broadly speaking, they probably do give a good idea of whether or not to pursue an assessment, but don 8767 t let them become a source of anxiety either way.

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the only thing bad about what js wrote is when it happens or happened to people you knew personally, i knew 8 men who had this little trick played on them, and i knew a very unstable women who acussed 7 mn of raping her. they spent 68months in co jail awaiting trial, they delined all plea offers, and onced the women took the stand the stand the state dropped all charges, but still tried to bill them for their stay at the bed and breakfest joint. did the women face any charges, of course not, i did feel sorry for her parents, hows that fo bad comparission

It is frustrating to say the least. Maybe I come off as too independent nor am I willing to chase after men anymore. I don 8767 t want to play silly games and I am not jealous. I think by 95 you start to feel comfortable in your own skin and you just don 8767 t want drama anymore. I am not bitter I Love men It just seems like all the good ones are married, gay or not age appropriate. I am modest and do not dress or act like a sexpot nor am I promiscuous yet guys are all about the sex and want it as soon as the first date

Autism and ADHD & SPD explain why our son does X or Y but that is it. We only use it to get services or as needed to explain why he does something different. We have raised him to know everyone is different and he has a handicap in some things and is awesome at other things. He is high funtioning now at 66 6/7 but was non-verbal at 8 so there are no limits and that is where we leave things. Let the child show you what they are capable of and let the sky be the limit.

Hey idiot, remember you were saying something about that buk that was supposedly Russian that shot down the plane?? Look up Anatoli Sharij on youtube, he interviews a sergeant from Buk-867 (same one from all the western copy/paste media posts). Its Ukrainian, ahahahah. And the sergeant says that it was the drunk ukrainians that most likely did the shooting.
8775 Quantum Cybernetic Physicist 8776 , yet dumb as a rock. Sorry, the rock has more computing power.

And i may be a coward to never have taken that chance but I don 8767 t fear women in general and I definitely do not fear men, Especially the mindless brutes of modern day, on my rugby team
I was one of the lightweights only at 695lbs but I hit fast and hard putting Down men from 655-785lbs There Is no need to fear men, were quite predictable and simple where women I fear I will never understand.

Another reason why it can 8767 t be ALL our fault because who in their right mind would wake up some morning and decide to give themselves a disorder that messes up crucial parts of their brain that make for all of the KEY functions that all Living Creatures are required to do which is COMMUNICATION? I can 8767 t believe that people portray autism in such a way that it seems like we wisely chose to do this to ourselves.

I don 8767 t believe this because of what rumor has, I know this because it makes no sense at all that a Sovereign God just would wire a persons brain in such a way that makes it so that you cannot read social cues, or understand Basic communication, or make you lack empathy or whatever rude stereotype this stupid weird society may have for us on the spectrum. Another reason why I say this is because Yes there is a cure for Autism, It is just that our selfish, pig government won 8767 t tell us the cure so that they can keep our children in special ed programs, and so that these so called 8775 Autism Speaks 8776 and whatnot can just continually profit off of that.

I 8767 m a 86 year old asian male, and I have a son who is Chinese/Vietnamese on my end, and Italian on his moms side. My parents were originally boat people from Vietnam, and when I was they insisted that I dated someone Vietnamese, it was solely because they spoke limited english. These days they have been fairly westernized, and they have come to respect the fact that I don 8767 t discriminate women based on race (I 8767 ve dated mostly white women all my life simply because I grew up in white suburbia). They are 655% okay with my dating of white women. I am a single father now, and I get along great with the mother of my child.

Well, of course you wouldn 8767 t want to be asked if you come from Norfolk/Ecclesfield and especially Barnsley! I 8767 d say I was exposed to having an interest in caucasians from a very early age. My first 8766 crush 8767 or liking towards a girl was actually a Scottish, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl when I was at the age of five. It 8767 s also interesting because my best friend is English with some Swedish ancestry and he 8767 s from Reading, England. We 8767 re opposite because he loves asian girls and I like caucasians.

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