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Yes my step daughter age 5 came to our house with a cell phone and a nice tracking devise! Thats so wrong and her mother made her feel like she had to have it around her neck at the play ground! I told her NO infrount of her mom. Thats dangerous she could hang her self. We played the phone game for 8 years. Mom told daughter the last time she brought it that if I took her phone or took the battery out she was in BIG trouble! I kept the battery. She hasn t sent it back.

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#6 doesn t make any sense either. My husband and I make the decisions that concern and affect us, our household, our plans, and ability to make plans. I expect to be consulted EVERY time a decision is to be made and every time there is a change in the plans, not just when he or BM thinks it is convenient or time allows. I will not tolerate being taken for granted or taken advantage of. Let my husband set the boundaries?!?!?!

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It would be nice to go to a church whose theology I agree with and where there''s a group of single friends with whom I can hang out and serve the Lord. I''ve spent a decade searching for a church whose theology I agree with where I have good friends, and I haven''t found it yet. I''m losing hope that I''ll ever find a church that meets both requirements or that I will ever really feel like a part of the body of Christ.

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I disagree with numbers 7 & 9.
#7 In our home it s our house our rules/her house her rules We acknowledge that he s maybe allowed to do things at her house that we do not allow. However we feel that a) it s not fair to expect our children to follow our rules & my stepson having a completely different set of rules. b) it s not fair to us to enforce rules we disagree with or not enforce our rules because SHE disagrees with them. And finally c) it s not fair to my stepson to not be taught that different places have different rules of behavior.

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On the "spiritual warfare" front, since the Reformation we''ve essentially developed a form of Christianity with almost no appreciation for ascetic practice, and I think that loses us men as well. Doctors and theologians steadfastly defended the church against heretics and secular intervention. There''s a heroism in this& mdash one that appeals to the male mind more than the female, I think. But today we shy away from metaphors of warfare and struggle. We tackle psychological issues under a medical paradigm, rather than military one& mdash we are the "victims" of "unhealth" and we need to seek out help from others who will encourage us to "talk about our emotions." There''s nothing to struggle against. The sense of bravery and heroism against fierce opposition is lost. Everything gets reduced to various bland truisms of pop psychology.

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The child must miss her bio mother to call her everyday, and it seems to mean a lot to her to hear her mom 8767 s voice even if its just a probability that she 8767 ll pick up. What would you want to accomplish by asking her to stop calling? She might take it as you showing her distaste for her mom, someone she obviously loves enough to call everyday and hurt her. I 8767 d recommend asking your stepdaughter why she calls everyday and ask her whether thats a good idea for her emotional health, to wait up on a person that doesn 8767 t always pick up. By finding out the reason she calls everyday, you can try to bring her to a happy place and that I believe should make you in turn happy as well :)

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Information on this site is provided for educational purposes. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in-person medical professional. The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. You should always consult your own healthcare provider if you have a health problem or medical condition.

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I never talk poorly in front of my SD, and always encourage her to express the things taught at her mother s house in our house, then we discuss differences. I think it makes her a more complete person instead of her trying to hide everything because she wants to protect us. That s not her place she should be the CHILD :). However, i feel constantly that both my MIL and the Bio Mom try to create divisions that then SD (and DH and I) has to deal with! It SUCKS. what can i do to stop this insanity? Im about to have my first baby and I want him to grow in a stable HEALTHY environment.

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#9 We explain when we disagree with BM s parenting. We do this not by belittling her, but explaining WHY we disagree with the rules. For example, she allows him (he s 66) to have a cell phone (he has had it since he was 9). When he is here, we explain why we disapprove of a child his age having a cell phone and require him to shut it off and give it to his father to be put up until he returns to BM. We have found this really helps with the whole our house, our rules situation.

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I am only 68 about to be 69 an these dreams at first did creep me out. Untill I came to this sight an realized i wasn 8767 t the only one having these frequent dreams of casting out demons. In most of my dreams i have to protect someone sometimes i don 8767 t know the person and sometimes its a family member or just someone i know. My mission is to walk beside them an make sure they 8767 re safe from any harm an most of the time its a demon i must cast out of a person when they are trying to get near. And i wake up so waery without energy. The weird thing is that when i 8767 m casting them out i don 8767 t know what i say an to top that off im casting them off as if like i did that everyday as if i was so used to it as to say i had experience on casting them.

Regarding #9
My emphasis is that the couple needs to jointly make a decision and ideally it needs to be communicated by the bio-dad. Stepmom is part of the team, just not its voice. The children will be more open, and less defensive to hear feelings, opinions, and concerns expressed by their dad rather than from a stepmom, especially during the marriage s first couple of years.

Additionally, your step-children become miserable and impact your marriage. Out of the blue, some woman their dad fancies shows up and condescendingly says she knows better than the mother that&rsquo s been working out just fine for them thus far. Having followed their biological mother&rsquo s rules, they feel attacked too, and grow distant and upset. As they lash out and resist visitation, your husband will be irritated at you for having provoked them, and may withdraw physically and emotionally.

It seems like you have a case of major GUILT on your -mom dishes it out and your stepdaughter is not strong enough to stand up to her. I hope that in therapy she will learn how to become assertive and talk about her needs. It is common for children during custody transitions to be more guarded and uncomfortable in displaying affection especially to to a stepparent. The crying though that you are describing is more unusual. The guilt is too painful, and the demand for loyalty is so upsetting that your stepdaughter ends up crying from the pressure placed on her by her bio-mom. I believe that it is the parent 8767 s responsibility to contact the child and not the other way around. I would stop encouraging the children to call her because that may be perceived by them as added pressure from you. It 8767 s helpful to have designated times for phone calls. However, if the calls are upsetting the children, they should be monitored, and certain topics should not be allowed. Also, the calls need to be restricted in time.

I totally had a dream on saturday that I had Cast a demon out of my sister. It was crazy. I walked into this room, my mother and little brother were there and my sister was there too. i walked over to my sister. she back up and kind of screamed like get away from me scream and I held up my hands to show her that i wasn 8767 t going to hurt her. She was crying saying she just gets this rage out of no where. I said I think I know and I saw her eyes change and told that demon to leave in Jesus name. He left and my sister had that peace look and asked her if she felt beter. And told her that she need to accept Jesus other wise that demon was going to come back and it could be worse. Sometimes I dont think that was me doing it. I sometimes think the Holy Spirit does it. This would be the second time i tried to cast out a demon from someone. this time It was someone I knew.

And while I understand it''s hard to be on the "overweighted" end of the gender imbalance, it''s also hard for different reasons to be on the "underweighted" end. At least women can blame demographics for being single. Here I am, single at 79 and unable to get the time of day from any of those women outnumbering me two to one. I can only assume it''s a personal reflection on myself. The marriage game is stacked in my favor, and I''m still scoreless! That amounts to a real blow to one''s self-esteem. I get that kind of dismissal from other people all the time& mdash "What''s wrong with you? The church is full of women!" Plus, it''s hard to find anyone else to commiserate with!

But she belittles my husband for saying that he just wants to check with his wife to make sure that the change works for both of us. We usually do accommodate the changes that are not only for the kids, but for BM personally. And you know the rare occasion where we say that we can 8767 t do that turns into days of nasty belittling and bullying texts from BM. At this point, DH just gives in to 8775 keep the peace 8776 .

The oldest did get into see a counselor a few times at first her mother took her without telling her father, and we found out about it after the fact when the child told me she went to see a special person to talk about her feelings. When her father asked her mother about it, he was told that the child wanted to keep it a secret from daddy and that she was respecting her wishes (which I don 8767 t believe). Her father did meet with the counsellor himself (at the counsellors request), and after several months of lots of tears things are getting much better. The kids are way more stable and tears are few and far between. They are now able to have fun now without feeling guilty or getting sad because they are having fun without mommy.

I wish I had an answer that would be suitable for all of us. The only thing I can offer is prayer that our brothers will come forward and step into all of the promises of God for their lives. My prayer today is that we as women of God begin to pray for our men like never before, not out of selfish motivation, but out of a sincere place of longing for our brothers to take their rightful places in church, in ministry, and maybe, just maybe, in our hearts.
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