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Posted: 2017-10-13 12:56

Women dont send dick pics to guys. That's why we are not creepy. If men didn't immediately make everything sexual they might have better luck. I never get guys that ask me about my interest or hobbies. A lot of the men are their own worst enemy. Its their APPROACH that is not working. Guys rant in their profiles. They have few good clear photos or they choose photos with other women in there (and dont crop them out). Most guys put very little effort into their profiles and then they are shocked women aren't interested. I've also had guys get angry because I didn't respond FAST enough. A lot of men come across as bitter, self-absorbed, shallow, perverted, womanizer. They can be the nicest person but if they display any of those qualities they wont get the time of day.

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I have to agree with you on most of what you have said here. However, I do believe that love is a feeling. Love is many things! Because we only have one word for love in the English language this is hard for most of us to understand. Love is a verb, it 8767 s giving, it caring, it 8767 s compassionate, it 8767 s forgiveness, it 8767 s grace, it 8767 s a feeling, it 8767 s undying, it 8767 s kind. Love is all these things. You can 8767 t say love is one thing. Because it is many. There are many ways to love. You love your spouse differently than you love your child, you love your child differently than you love your parent, you love your parent differently than you love your closest friend. But who is to say that one of those is not love? All these things are love!

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While this may not be true for everyone, including your grandparents, I think when you rush in to marriage, maybe not even loving the one you 8767 re marrying yet, you Learn to love the person or at least Learn to live with the person, for the sake of the institution. I feel that it 8767 s better to fully, truly love your partner first, and use your love (and common goals) to decide to marry the person

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As human beings thrown into this as individuals, it is the great ride tofind and experience, to lose and to gain LOVE. Life should not be about simply accepting the 8766 grind 8767 and finding love in giving up yourself for someone else after the emotional fire is gone. Life should be about experiencing emotional fire all the time and that often takes being honest with yourself and the ones you have come close to when you say 8775 it 8767 s over 8776

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I could use some advice. I am 88 and have a 75 yr old who is very interested in me and I am so attracted to him. I ve known him for a couple years now and he is more mature that men who are 85. I just think that is to much of a gap in age. Would I be robbing the craddle if we did go on a date to see what happens? In 75 years it would be a 58 yr old dating a 95 yr old, that s the way he put it and doesn t see what the big deal is. Is it just to much?

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Hi, now I don 8767 t consider myself that old yet but at 88 I am attracted to a man of 79. A big part of me is petrified that he will think that I am just a silly old woman trying to re-capture my youth. I promise you this is not the case. In spite of my inner turmoil I have noticed he is always smiling at me and finding reasons to cross my path on a daily basis in the office. I wonder if he is just not too right now. hope it makes sense.

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I'm college educated with 7 degrees and a terrific job. I make just under $655k per year, have one grown son with an engineering degree. I'm not overweight, and work out everyday for at least an hour. Hiking in nature preserves in Florida is fun, having lunch overlooking the ocean, I'm a vegan, a good cook, and talent. Can't get a decent date. I don't like being attacked on the first date and believe intimacy between two people who love each other is best. I'm interested in hard working men who need someone. An average guy will do. But hard to find.

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Dude did I say that you were lacking fe8male attention?  Is that your inflated ego talking to you? You are proving to be the egotist I thought you were.  Short men do not need advice from you, that 8767 s almost laughable, and I repeat no short feels inferior to you or anyone like you. That is the dumbest thing you said so far. Also this is coming from a man who said women are biologically pre-programed to go for taller men. Saying they can 8767 t help it. Dude you are stupid beyond belief.

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 Rusty, apparently you have not understood a word I have said or have been saying.  This isn 8767 t about what American women don 8767 t like. A successful man who just happen to be short can just do like you did and say to hell with American women and date women in other countries who are not as shallow about height. That is a quick and easy fix.
 My point is to give short men in America advice on dealing with predjudice people like you.  If you read other things I posted you would have gotten it. No one is whining dumbass about not getting a woman. Most good men regardless of height can and will eventually get a woman. 

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It was actually really interesting. The study showed men consistently rated themselves too highly, went after women right out of their league, got knocked back. Women consistently rated themselves as less attractive than they are, went after men well within their league, fewer knock backs. However, the more attractive men did not mis-rate themselves and did not have this problem. Average men consistently tried to latch onto women they had no realistic chance with.

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Dear Cherry:

Your thoughts and insights are so wonderful!,- I do think it s hard still- to
imagine- in a marriage to a man- if your energy or pace would be
enough for him- (if you love him,- you d never want to let him down or dissappoint him-)
especially if the age difference is quite a bit.
I d love to hear more from you on this topic, Cherry,- You are fabulous!
Happy Paris and always,

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I became so weary of these half hearted advances and men who could not follow through, I just gave up. Why should I put out so much personal information about myself on the Internet for a bunch of really half hearted losers who were too cheap to even pay for a drink, and if they did, they felt it gave them license to grab me or shove their tongue downy throat on the first date? These men had no dating etiquette at all.

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but again why do we say anything comes first? a chicken and egg kinda thing, it seems to me. does thought breed action or action thought? you can 8767 t really separate them. i could start saying things like 8775 time is an illusion 8776 and whatnot, but I 8767 m afraid I 8767 ve gone far enough if anything it 8767 s mere poeticism and purely for the sake of being safe, and keeping other safe—both, always a double-edged sword

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Ya, I agree. If you 8767 re in class with 8775 them 8776 all they talk about are babies! The only current events that they are interested in if it 8767 s about babies! If you work in a job that employs mostly women, they only open their mouths to talk about babies! They only bond with other women that have babies! They don 8767 t acknowledge single women! Another takes over their work when they leave to have a baby. When they come back from having a baby, they special hours but nobody else is told so when the business phone calls come in you 8767 re not told when they would be in OR out! They 8767 re a lot of trouble during and after a pregnancy in the workplace. As far as school, they only return to show everyone the baby and then drop out!

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My point is to get you to respond with as many of your lame theories as possible so short men can spot an idiot like you more quickly.  You have given a world of idiotic information on how 8775 heightest 8776 think.  If you don 8767 t know what that means then look it up. I am concerned about all the Military careers you destroyed because you have a pre-conceived notion and a hidden dislike of short men thinking they have an inferiority complex.  They are simply coming to work and doing their job just like everybody else, you decide to single them out and mico-manage them while you make strange assumptions about them. That is so dangerous. 

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By the way, I am a strong, confident and successful guy, but for anyone to suggest because of such strength I am (or any short guy) 8775 Napoleanic 8776 is in need of some therapy. That 8767 s a stereotype that doesn 8767 t sell the short person short, but sells the believer in that concept short. A woman who is successful is not some power hungry b ch, but should be lauded for overcoming what are still strong (albeit thankfully decreasing) cultural biases.

Now I'd ask that you reconsider your question. If your question was based upon a society of equals who were all knowledgeable, reasonable, autonomous and yet cooperative we could easily reason that people would treat each other with kindness and respect. However we've created a system of inequality in which the common citizen holds little if any power and instead lives by the whims of society at large. This system promotes competition as it is undeniably preferable to gain power and move up the social ladder.

I have gone with married woman when I was One of my married girlfriends quit her husband and married me. I was then married to a woman with a history of quitting a husband for a boyfriend. It never occurred to me that once we were married I would no longer be a boyfriend, but now I was her husband. It didn t take her long to trade me in on a newer model. That was my last marriage. Now I only go with unattached, unmarried trustworthy ladies.

At least from your perspective, it sounds like she has serious issues that she needs to work with that would take months of therapy and possibly other steps in order to get over them. I am not sure how getting in touch with her now would help you or would serve you in any way, except aggravating your pain and setting you back by giving you a sense of hope that you might get back together, which is not necessarily a good idea in your situation.

Not every man who goes for older woman is just interested in sex. I bet most don 8767 t even think 8766 oh I bet you she 8767 s very experienced when it comes to sex 8767 . They 8767 ll just think 8766 wow, she 8767 s beautiful. 8767 or 8766 she 8767 s such a lovely, kind person. 8767 Most men at 75 could find plenty of experienced women their age or You shouldn 8767 t just assume they just want sex. It sounds like you 8767 ve found a guy who loves YOU, not for sex.

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