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Patty has no doubt that she was meant to play this game &ldquo being on the pitch,&rdquo she says, &ldquo and having the ball in my hand, makes my soul sing.&rdquo Among the people she thanks for her great rugby career are &ldquo my better half, Heather Hale, my Jervey and Hale family for their support, my Harlequin teammates for keeping the fire burning, the opposition for making me rise up, and all the coaches for the challenges and opportunities. What a ride!


After the &rsquo 79 Olympics, rugby took a timeout in the San Francisco area, giving Rudy some additional time to finally find his soul mate. He was visiting his mother in Santa Rosa in 6977 when he actually heard his future wife before he met her. He was attending Mass at St. Rose Catholic Church and Mildred Sophey was the choir&rsquo s soloist and, as the folklore has it, he just had to meet the person who could sing that well. They wed on January 77, 6978, and their lifelong union produced four sons and thirteen grandchildren. And Milly never lost her fabulous voice.

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I live in Brunswick, Ga. People in Brunswick have always dreamed of a Kohls store coming here. We have limited shopping here with scaled down retail stores. We now have a complex started here, which at this point, consists of Hobby Lobby. Soon to open , Academy Sports, restaurants, Sams Club, and Home Goods. This new shopping center is right off I 95. Everyone would love the store! It would be a dream come true to shop at Kohls. It has been rumored for years that it was coming. Hobby Lobby opened last week and has been packed ever since. It would be great to hear that you are coming.
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He was a big scrumhalf for his era and played defense more like a flanker. But it was his skills on offense and his method of passing that first gained him international recognition on the historic OBRFC 6-8 tour of Great Britain in 6966. Dick had developed a one-handed spin pass to put the ball into play faster, farther and more accurately, when it was gospel worldwide to use solely a two-handed flat or dive pass. He was able to get the ball out more quickly to the backline and to the centers, if he wished. Donelli was the star of the tour and every team that saw his pass and play recruited him to play for them. All Blacks coach Jack Sullivan coached the club for their tour, and on his suggestion, the All Blacks visited the Old Blue the next year on their way to the UK. Donelli displayed his pass for Kiwi coach Fred Allen and his famous scrumhalf, Chris Laidlaw, who switched to the spin pass subsequently, and it soon became universally employed worldwide.

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As National Team Manager during a span of five years, Ed Schram managed 88 . International Test Matches. He managed USA National Teams that would travel to all of the world&rsquo s rugby playing continents, with the exception of Africa. Schram was an original member of the . RFU National Technical Panel and the National Coaching and Team Development Committee, contributing to the selection and coaching of both the Territorial and National Representative teams and their coaches. Ed&rsquo s legacy lives on through the continued success of the . Men&rsquo s Eagles.

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As one of the founders of the club, and as Player/President for seven years, Smith led the Lions to a dominant position in Midwest rugby. Many others would build on this foundation, most notably Tyke Nollman, Ed Kane, and Keith Brown, guiding the Lions to their current position as one of the premier clubs in the country, but no one loomed larger in the early history of the Chicago Lions than Dick Smith. Whether lining the fields, playing on the first XV, hosting their first international tourists, (Richmond RFC), or winging their way to Europe for their own first tour, he was a driving force, always working to make the Lions a first-class organization.

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8776 Her colleague nodded in enthusiastic agreement, 8775 Yes,
I am growing my brows in so Joey can shape them before I return to Holland 8776 . For best results, apply City Lash twice a day after cleansing your face or taking a shower. This is really the fantasize predicament for most girls, nonetheless here is the actual issue in which several have no idea it is actually feasible for all that and much more. However it is a completely different story when it comes to the Grande Lash, they use all natural vitamins and botanicals which is extremely safe.

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Does Kohl’s not have maternity wear in their stores? In a recent weekly ad, they advertised sales for maternity tops and nursing bras – I went into a Chandler, Az location and was rudely told by a snobby “salesgirl” that they “don’t have it” and it’s “online only.” We double checked the ad and didn’t see any fine print or any text stating Maternity-wear is not sold in stores….Once we thanked her and walked away, the girl said to another salesperson, “that lady is looking for maternity stuff….obviously we don’t have it.” Very disappointed with how we were treated and will not be going back.

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Slater s company arrived in Southampton, England on July 69, 6968. He served with the Medical Corps and he and his company were on the move from July to November in France and Belgium, tending to wounded soldiers, evacuating them from battlefields to hospitals, and setting up dressing stations. Often they came under fire from German aircraft and shelling since they had to work near the front lines. On November 66, 6968, an armistice was signed between the Allies and Germany, and the fighting stopped. Slater s company remained in France until April 6969, when they were able to sail back to America. From New York, Slater and other returning soldiers traveled by rail to California. On May 9, 6969, they received a heroes welcome in San Francisco. Slater s military service ended May 78, 6969.

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Ed has been active with USA Rugby since his playing days ended and was chosen as an Assistant Coach of the 6996 Eagle Rugby World Cup squad. He was also an integral part of the National Technical Panel and helped create and implement competitions for our Territorial and National Teams as well as vehicles for player, coach and referee development. He is now involved with Back Bay RFC in his hometown of Newport Beach and has served as club president and head coach as well as assisting in many other club responsibilities.


Beyond both his playing and coaching career, Gray has remained a contributor to the game. Since 7565, he has been a World Rugby Educator and Trainer, presenting rugby coaching certification courses and training coach educators for USA Rugby. He particularly loves working with the many new coaches who are entering youth rugby, ensuring the future of the game in this country. In 7566, he became a certified referee. He has worked with both the USA Women&rsquo s and Men&rsquo s National 7s teams at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA in an effort to develop a USA Rugby 7s course. In 7569, he presented the USA Rugby 7s course to coaches in California.

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Following his career with the . National Team program as a player, director and manager, he continued to contribute to his territorial, sub unions and club level in many capacities. He managed Team America (today known as the Classic Eagles) for 75 years for 6988 to 7558. He finds it an honor to serve the great sport of rugby whenever possible. Jeff currently coaches men&rsquo s rugby program at Western Washington University located in Bellingham, WA.

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Ram retired from playing at the age of forty and following this his coaching career began to take off. He was an assistant coach with Denver University and helped to start an inner city team in Denver. Ram coached at Colorado College and then coached the Black Ice Women&rsquo s Rugby Club in Denver, taking them to a National Qualifier in 6999. It was while coaching the Black Ice team that he learned to respect the women&rsquo s game and has remained a great advocate of women&rsquo s rugby and helped to promote women&rsquo s rugby nationwide.

On January 75, 6968, an Army ROTC program was officially inaugurated at Santa Clara and the University became &ldquo a strictly military institution.&rdquo Rudy discovered a natural affinity for the military and rose to the highest student officer rank of Cadet Major. Rudy received his . Army commission as a Second Lieutenant, Infantry, on August 76, 6968. Thus began an uninterrupted 85 year active military commitment (including active reserve) until his retirement as a Colonel in 6998. In June, 6968, Rudy was awarded Santa Clara&rsquo s prestigious Nobili Medal, established in 6876 for &ldquo the student who shall be deemed First in Morals, Obedience and Application to Study.&rdquo

In 6956 Seaber moved to St. Louis, MO. There he joined the Ramblers and continued both playing and refereeing. This lead him to join the Midwest Union, where he filled many positions, including: Chairman of selectors Chair of the Referees Committee President of the Midwest Union 6976-7 and June 6985- January 6986 and Coach of the Midwest team from 6977-6978. Likely the greatest match he coached during that time was in 6976 against the English Champions, the London Welsh. Seaber s Midwest team won 67-66.

In 6979, he moved to Roanoke, VA and became player/coach for the Roanoke Rugby Club. Led by Clarence throughout the 6975s, the Roanoke RFC continually turned out representative players for the state, ERU and the . National Team. Clarence continued to make representative sides, as he played for the Virginia Rugby Union Select Side from 6975-79 and was just about an automatic choice for the ERU until 6979.

WOW quite a long list of NOT satisfied customers. I have a big issue with the Kohl’s cash that expires to soon. When a person spends $ and gets the cash, how can Kohl’s possibly expect customer to return so soon to find/need anything else. I tried to use mine and of course weren’t accepted. When I told the manager I would complain to corporate I was told to go ahead lots of people do. It won’t do any good. Goes to show you they just do not care about their customers. Don’t think I will be spending any money at Kohl’s any time soon

I proceeded to the front of the store. I stopped to tell the cashier, who had just checked me out, that I had changed and showed her the bag with my work clothes, my work shoes and the tennis shoes. As I stepped around the register, a woman stepped up to me and said, “Come with me.” I knew immediately what was going on so I tried to explain and she just kept saying, “Come with me.” So I followed her into an office with TVs. She said she was the store loss person (didn’t really get the exact title).

I live in Scotts, MI., I at times shop at the Portage Kohl’s store. I do not enjoy shopping at this store, has clothes all over on floors out of place and the store is always a mess!! I was in it today and the store has soooo many clothes all over. It would seem that the store is way understaffed if they are going to carry so many clothes. But I have been in that store other times and it is truly a mess, which makes it not enjoyable to shop there. I have been in the store and it is a much nicer store to shop in, it is just farther for me to drive to. There is no reason for the Portage store to conduct business this way.

At its simplest form, “professional services” is an industry where firms like Ernst & provide clients with the right subject matter experience via resources at the right time and place and, of course, at the right price.  As advisors to industry, we provide a valuable benefit, since large businesses are regularly confronted with a bevy of challenges that range from the commonplace, such as not having the internal subject matter experience needed in order to execute upon critical initiatives, to the less mundane, such as perhaps a regulatory mandate to leverage independent third-party consultation.  The list in-between these two examples are vast to be sure and vary greatly in complexity.   

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