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Also, thank the gods Samwell Tarly pulled up to Westeros and decided to check on Bran. Not because Bran tells him that Jon is actually the bastard son of Rhaegar Targaryen and his aunt Lyanna Stark, but because Sam is the one with new information. Turns out he was paying attention to Gilly dropping that plot bomb a few episodes ago, because he tells Bran that Jon isn’t a bastard at all, because Rhaegar and Lyanna were lawfully married. Bran activates his three-eyed raven powers, and see that’s it’s true—and then finally hears the words the dying Lyanna whispered to Ned after she gave birth: “His name is Aegon Targaryen.” And he’s the true heir to the Iron Throne. Not Daenerys.

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And in the north, specifically Winterfell, everything seems to be going to hell. First Sansa gets a raven from Jon, blithely mentioning he’s no longer King in the North and oh, also, everyone serves Daenerys now. Worse, the season’s most excruciating storyline seems to be continues, as Littlefinger seems to be sowing more seeds of mistrust between Sansa and Arya, if putting a stick of dynamite in a bag of seeds and lighting it could be considered “sowing.” I mean, he starts by trying to indirectly convince Sansa that Arya has specifically come to Winterfell to kill her and become Lady of Winterfell, an idea so obviously dumb only Jon Snow’s sense of honor would come up with it.

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This gorgeous animatronic creature looks a little more The Last Guardian than The Last Jedi. The environment seems to match set pictures from filming for Canto Bight, some of the first pictures ever seen from filming— and the gated, horse-esque creature could be from a stable we recently heard of in a set report that Finn and Rose duck into during an e laborate chase sequence that ends up with them riding this creature, allegedly called a Falthier.

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The Game of Thrones Finale Wasn't Perfect, But It Made the

Despite the massive amount of the Wall that comes crashing down, and despite how many people die (we don’t specifically see Tormund and Beric die, although hoo boy does most of Eastwatch get annihilated while they’re on top of it), the whole scene felt so preordained it was hard to get excited about it. Of course the White Walkers had to get past the Wall. It didn’t help that the undead army was standing around while the dragon was doing all the work, nor did it help that the dragon was basically hovering in mid-air and blasting ice section-by-section, meeting no resistance from anyone or anything. It definitely didn’t help that it was literally preordained, after the Hound saw that vision of it in that fire in the season premiere.

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Another intriguing moment for the two, immediately after: Rose and Finn disguised as First Order officers. We’ve heard details that this is part of the duo infiltrating a Star Destroyer during the climax of the film, perhaps even Snoke’s Mega Destroyer. Also, bizarrely, we’ve heard this sequence will include a cameo from Tom Hardy, dressed up as a Stormtrooper who slaps Finn on the butt as congratulations for his promotion into the officer ranks. Yes, really !

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To the surprise of everyone in the Dragonpit, Tyrion returns alive. Even more surprisingly, Cersei and her retinue follow him—and then agrees to the truce, that her troops will march north immediately. And later, to the surprise of no one actually watching the show, Cersei sees Jaime issuing orders to send the Lannister forces north and calls him an idiot. Because Cersei lied. She’s not sending any troops north, because as soon as Daenerys’ forces are gone she’s going to retake all the parts of Westeros she abandoned. Euron didn’t turn tail and flee he’s sailing to Essos to pick up the mercenary troop named the Golden Company, paid for by the very pro-Lannister Iron Bank of Braavos. As for the White Walkers? “Let the monsters kill each other,” she says, and her soldiers can take care of whatever’s left.

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I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about the final season. Even if Weiss and Benioff completely planned the show’s final act years ago, and their only trouble was scrambling to get from the end of season six to the season eight premiere, with only six episodes left it’s very hard to imagine the show will suddenly slow its breakneck pace, or that the characters will have much if any time to have those scenes that originally made a phenomenon in the first place. And who’s to say that what they have planned for the final season is actually any good?

I’m not sure the sequel will fix even a quarter of what disappointed me about the first game. And frankly, even if Bungie went on to make Destiny 8 and 9 , I’m not sure the end result would ever approach the game I imagined when the concept art first started to leak back in late 7567. But I go on anyway, hoping to catch a glimpse of that original vision hidden somewhere deep in-between the game’s digital seams.

Phew. After too many episodes of watching Arya acting like a maniac and Sansa turning ever more furtive and guilty-looking, it was so, so gratifying (but still not that shocking) to discover the Stark girls were playing Littlefinger, for at least some of it. A panicked Littlefinger flails about as Sansa lists off his crimes: convincing Lysa Arryn to poison Jon Arryn, then convincing her to write to Catelyn and say the Lannisters did it, lying about the dagger used by the assassin who tried to kill Bran, all of which set the Stark-Lannister war off, ruining or outright ending the lives of everyone in both families, then there was murdering Lysa, and selling Sansa to the Boltons… the list goes on. And when Sansa proclaims the sentence, it’s Arya, of course, who carries out the execution, and suddenly Petyr Baelish has a much-too-large hole in his throat. And later, Sansa and Arya have a talk where Arya isn’t threatening her sister, but the two acknowledge how different they are—to the point where they can’t really understand each other—but they still have affection for one another. Which is how they should have been the entire time.

Plus, by the end of the finale, it’s clear season seven was designed specifically to consolidate everything going on in the show for the game’s final round (or so it certainly seems to me). All the major characters know about the White Walkers. Jon and Daenerys have solidified their alliance, partially while naked. Everyone’s heading north… except Cersei and her troops, because she’s planning on betraying them all, of course. The White Walkers are here. Virtually all the loose ends that began filling this series right from the season one premiere have been taken care of, . Littlefinger.

Destiny is second on my list of most-hours-played, wedged firmly between Dota 7 and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Hundreds of hours later I’m still not sure what that says about the game or me. Is Bungie’s post-Halo MMO shooter my second favorite game of all time? No. Do I regret the free evenings, early mornings, and random lunch breaks I’ve spent grinding through its universe? Maybe. And yet with Destiny 7 just around the corner I simply can’t help myself.

University of Virginia police issued warrants for Cantwell’s arrest on three felony charges on Monday involving his alleged use of tear gas in Charlottesville on August 66th. Cantwell portrayed himself as quite the tough guy in the now infamous Vice documentary where he called black people “animals.” In the video, he brandished a shocking number of guns and said that his movement of white supremacists accepted that violence was necessary to establish a white ethno-state.

“The Wolf and the Dragon” had its own problems to be sure—one in particular made me want to actually scream in irritation—the main one of which was its surprising lack of surprises. If you’ve been paying a decent amount of attention, you didn’t have to hunt out hacker leaks to form a pretty good idea of what was going to go down in the season finale, but for me, that somehow didn’t make it any less satisfying. If you’re a book reader, you know how the show, having advanced beyond George . Martin’s novels, has been partially satiating our hunger by sporadically giving us the scenes we’ve guessed and hoped were coming. The finale was packed with these scenes, like a Thanksgiving dinner—you know what the meal is going to consist of, but it’s still a feast.

In terms of showing the woman who currently sits on the Iron Throne of the threat that lies beyond the Wall, it honestly couldn’t have worked out any better if they planned it (and it almost makes you wonder if they did). Sandor Clegane yanks the wight’s chain back at the last second, so Cersei gets the most horrifying look possible. When the wight’s attention is focused on him, Sandor cuts the wight in two at the waist, allowing Cersei to see both halves trying to crawl towards someone to attack them. When the Hound cuts off a hand, Jon Snow picks it up to demonstrate the wights’ weakness to fire—then stabs the torso with a dragonglass dagger, demonstrating its other weakness.

And that’s the biggest reason “The Wolf and the Dragon” has arguably saved season seven. The episode is so obviously an attempt to clear the board and set up the remaining game piece for the final round that the mystery behind all the bizarre choices the show (and characters) made falls away, because this season was so clearly about getting from point A to B. Actually, to be more specific: Last night’s finale was a pre-planned destination that showrunners David Benioff and . Weiss had to cobble together the route to afterwards, occasionally over some highly irritating terrain, . the excruciating Sansa-Arya conflict.

Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) goes business formal, keeping the helmet but ditching his pleated robes for a First Order officer’s tunic and a new, totally-trying-to-be-grandpa cloak. In fact, there’s been a rumor that it might literally be Vader’s cloak , so there’s a possibility that poor Ben has gone full cosplay. The location he’s on looks very Death Star, but it’s likely Supreme Leader Snoke’s grand Star Destroyer— referred to in reports as a Mega Destroyer —which we’ve heard is a pivotal location in the film.

Jon tells the truth, and dooms humanity. It was as infuriating a moment as anything I’ve ever seen on Game of Thrones. Oh, I know Jon has his honor, and his desire to always do the right thing has gotten him into trouble before, trouble that includes being murdered by his own men. But this moment… this is beyond the pale. Knowing the truth would end the nascent truce, negating everything they’d worked so hard for, rendering the death of Dany’s dragon meaningless, and indirectly consigning god knows how many inhabitants of Westeros to death, Jon tells the truth anyway.

As satisfying as it was to watch Littlefinger finally get his comeuppance for trying to set two Stark women against each other, I can’t honestly say it makes up for the past two episodes. I can’t help but think at least some, if not most of Sansa and Arya’s fights were real (they had several scenes where it seems highly unlikely that they were performing of one of Petyr’s spies), and it was only Littlefinger’s clumsy push at the end—or maybe Bran rolling in with the truth, since he was sitting next to Sansa in the room—that made them realized their rift was primarily Baelish’s fault. Even if they were playing him the whole time, surely there was a way for the show to tell this story without both of them turning into weird, awful caricatures of themselves. But still, I’m still so relieved this horrible storyline course-corrected that I don’t mind Littlefinger’s ignoble, ignominious death, or how he basically did nothing but get himself killed in season seven. Thank the gods it happened.

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