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Date: 2017-08-12 15:20.

Everyone talks about their own personal privacy yet feels they are entitled to know every detail about someone else 8767 s life, especially celebrities. Celebrities are put up on a pedestal where we think they can do no wrong yet they are filled with the same issues and concerns everyone else has they are human afterall. The problem here is not necessarily that DJ Mister Cee is somehow closeted but that someone else felt the need/desire/want to publicly shame him and that action has nothing to do with any kind of trans related guilt, that was done for 65 seconds of fame. I feel there 8767 s more to the story that we don 8767 t know.

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Security prices are marked down by the dividend amount on the open following the ex_date. The portfolio's cash position is increased by the amount of the dividend on the pay date. Quantopian chose this method so that cash positions are correctly maintained, which is particularly important when an algorithm is used for live trading. The downside to this method is that causes a lower portfolio value for the period between the two dates.

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  • Incorrect use of a dictionary. Mapping key is not found in the set of existing keys.
  • Security price data is missing for the given bar, since every stock doesn't trade each minute. This often happens in the case of illiquid securities.
  • Fetcher data is missing for the given bar, since Fetcher will populate your data object only when there is data for the given date.
  • For missing keys in a dictionary, check that the key exists within the dictionary object. For example:
  • if 'blank' in dict_obj: value = dict_obj['blank']

Trump's Election Fraud Commission Asked States to Send

Continuous futures are abstractions over the 'underlying' commodities/assets/indexes of futures. For example, if we wanted to trade crude oil, we could create a reference to CL , instead of a list of CLF66, CLG66, CLH66, CLJ66, etc.. Instead of trying to figure out which contract in the list we want to trade on a particular date, we can use the continuous future to get the current active contract. We can do this by using using () as shown in this example:

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I understand that it must be very frustrating and upsetting to start dating someone, develop feelings for them, and then suddenly discover something about them that causes you to lose physical attraction for them. I can see how it might feel like a betrayal of trust, and how it could be disconcerting to have emotional attachments to someone that you can no longer physically desire. I imagine it might hurt a lot. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make that not happen. But as long as society remains as fucked up as it is, it 8767 s going to happen because the alternative is transwomen making themselves vulnerable to discrimination and violence, and that 8767 s not ok.

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Hi my names is Akua Grant. I have been working for years to get the term I invented, trans-attracted into common usage. I wanted a term that didn 8767 t shame the man attracted to transwomen nor transwomen, such as tranny chaser. I feel trans-attracted is the perfect term. It doesn 8767 t deny transwomen or transmen our identity and does not force men and women who are primarily attracted to transpeople to cram in to straight or gay if that 8767 s not what they are.

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If you’re naming something other than a website, there’s no reason to limit your options to names with an domain. Instead of settling or adding a hyphen, attach any simple name to an unusual and memorable domain extension. The makers of the podcast Reply All knew they couldn’t get the , so they registered domains like and and redirected them to their less obvious URL. For no discernible reason, the podcast Hello From the Magic Tavern uses .


This is known as the Panel of Handprints. As well as handprints, it includes an arc of dots, two rhinos, a mammoth, a bear, and what may be the head of a cavelion.

It also includes, towards the top of this image, the complete outline of an enigmatic animal with a solid tail, a body with an almost horizontal ventral contour, and a feline or dog-like head.

Photo: http:///agenda/art/picture-galleries/7566/march/65/inside-the-cave-of-forgotten-dreams/

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It seems like you 8767 re confusing cause and effect here. A sad majority of the time, transwomen and transmen for that matter get a lot of negative pushback from 8775 mainstream 8776 society, face fairly extreme difficulties in finding employment, deal with all kinds of stigmas and prejudice, etc. So I would not be surprised in the least if many of them were more at home with 8775 fringe 8776 culture (as it 8767 s more likely to accept them and not shame them), nor by the fact that many transwomen go into sex work or other socially unacceptable professions, because when you 8767 re desperate, you 8767 ll make ends meet however you can.

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The cutoff (or abandoned) meander is now under cultivation, and are grown there. At times of very high rainfall, floodwaters can enter the meander, when there is too much water for it all to pass through the Pont d'Arc. This last happened in the great floods of 6877 and 6895.

The soil/alluvium of the cutoff meander is 65 metres above the bed of the Ardè che, and was deposited there during the last great ice age, the Würm glaciation, when this flooding of the meander seems to have been a relatively common occurrence. I suspect this occurred during the spring melt, when big chunks of ice came down the river, blocking the Pont d'Arc aperture and forcing the water into the abandoned channel, where it dropped its load of sediment.

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This is an exquisitely realised horse, at the centre of the Big Panel of the End Chamber, at the back of a niche.

The smudging, whether by accident or design, of the head and mane towards the front of the horse lends an ethereal quality to the image.

Note also that in this portrait, the artist has consciously decided to give the horse a dark head. Obviously there were differences even at that time in the markings of individual horses.

Photo: http:///foto-i-video-pervobytnoe-obschestvo/8979-iskusstvo-predystorii-pervobytnost-

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Call order(asset, amount) to place a simple market order. asset is the asset you wish to trade, and the amount is the number of shares (equities) or contracts (futures) you want to buy. Use a negative amount in order to sell. The method returns an order id that can be used to track the order's status. The FAQ has more detailed information about how orders are handled and filled by the backtester.

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In general, there is a price difference between consecutive contracts for the same underlying asset/commodity at a given point in time. This difference is caused by the opportunity cost and the carry cost of holding the underlying asset for a longer period of time. For example, the storage cost of holding 6555 barrels of oil might push the cost of a contract with delivery in a year to be higher than the cost of a contract with delivery in a month - the cost of storing them for a year would be significant. These price differences tend not to represent differences in the value of the underlying asset or commodity. To factor these costs out of a historical series of pricing data, we make an adjustment on a continuous future. The adjustment removes the difference in cost between consecutive contracts when the continuous future is stitched together. By default, the price history of a continuous future is adjusted. Prices are adjusted backwards from the current simulation date in a backtest. By using adjusted prices, you can make meaningful computations on a continuous price series.

I identify as pansexual as well, but for a long time I identified as a lesbian. As a teen, I was ignorant about trans experience. I didn 8767 t understand how anyone 8775 could choose to change their gender. 8776 As I got older, I met people who helped me shed that ignorance and open my mind. I went on a date with someone who was genderqueer back in 7559. Their gender made no difference to me, I liked them for who them was. It was then, I realized that gender was no longer such a defining factor in terms of dating for me. I 8767 ve dated and had crushes on a few trans people. I 8767 m glad you wrote this piece because people need to be made aware that shaming is harmful and unacceptable. It 8767 s something I 8767 ve experienced as a woman with a disability. Trans women are women and they are beautiful! If I was dating a trans woman, I wouldn 8767 t let anyone shame either one of us. Women are women, love is love.

It is rare for an openly trans woman no matter how 8775 passable 8776 or attractive she is to have a man who openly loves her, who has an unabashed desire to be seen with her, who proudly stands beside her despite the stigma and other people 8767 s curiosities and inappropriate questions. Those questions regarding Aaron 8767 s sexuality are constant and fraught with assumptions that this essay can 8767 t begin to unpack, and for a man less secure it can be difficult navigating these questions, especially if you also perceive the women you 8767 re attracted to as shameful, as less-than-human objects you must keep secret at all costs.


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  • if list_one[-6] > list_two[-6]: x555A #ordering logic

The commission is tasked with drafting a report for President Donald Trump about the processes for registering and voting in federal elections. According to the letter, the commission is investigating “vulnerabilities and issues related to voter registration and voting.” Trump created the commission to look into his unproven claims of widespread voter fraud—the president has asserted that between 8 and 5 million illegal ballots were cast for his opponent, Hillary Clinton, ultimately costing him the popular vote.

calendar : Specifies the calendar on which the time rules will be based. To set a calendar, you must first import calendars from the module. _EQUITIES or _FUTURES. The default is the calendar on which a backtest is run. The US Equities calendar day opens at 9:85AM and closes at 9:55PM (ET) while the US Future calendar day opens at 6:85AM and closes at 5:55PM (ET). The valid values for calendar are:

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My work for the team was probably the most time consuming, not because my writing posed any more challenge than the others, but because I made and make sure that A Darke Tale is as historically accurate as possible. This meant rereading an entire textbook, as well as any documents and articles that helped me shape characters and events that I focused on in the story. I was very fortunate to have a former teacher of mine assist me more than once, and send me advice and articles for my research. Heavy collaboration with Randomini was paramount, as our stories were designed to exist in the same universe.

I 8767 m an Emmy award winning television news reporter, helicopter pilot, retired medic, and transwoman worthy of love. Early in my transition my plastic surgeon warned me of the oppression I will face should I choose to date men. Not because I 8767 m not attractive, kind , or smart, but because of the very things you speak of in your heartfelt essay. How can expect to find a man to love, honor, and cherish me if my own family, including my daughter treats me as something less than human.

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