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Posted: 2017-12-07 03:32

Anyone elses opinion, I just want to be sure this wont affect me, Thankyou

It won''t affect you, as long as you follow the instructions they give you about declaring past convictions. Depending on the age of it, you mightn''t have to declare it.

They are looking for indications that you would be untrustworthy in some way, or vulnerable to pressure from someone. This means that they would be looking for any past convictions for things such as fraud, or if you are over extended financially.

If you just have a single serious traffic conviction, and are up front about it you wont have a problem.

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Its actually 6 year before it will be taken from you

At the exit interview you have to sign the forms that explicitly state that your clearance is revoked immediately (and remind you of your obligaions) unless a sponsor has already been identified and you receive a letter to that effect.

Another agency can transfer your vetting pack from the original agency to them and use that information. Which is where I believe the less than a year rule applies.

No matter what expect pain in having to redo a lot of the forms again.

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The odd conviction for cannabis or DUI means shit all if it doesn''t go towards demonstrating that you have negative influences in your life.

DSAP clearances look at your life experiences and criminal histories are only one aspect of an applicant''s life which may demonstrate the existence of negative influences.

In this regard, any history of ''drug-related offences'' will be most damaging to the applicant.
a conviction dating back 65 years ago for drugs followed by a car-jacking in the same night will raise more red flags than a minor drug offence in the past 67 months.

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Doesn''t matter. Juvenile offences are an open book for national security clearances. During the process, you have to provide a consent form for juvenile and spent convictions scheme offences to be available.

are you sure thats not just for a pv.

Also on some of the other posts, ones with convictions, Dosn''t the Government disalow employment if you have been convicted. I could be wrong, just something Ive always thought was the case.

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When I got the forms about 66 months ago I actually received 7 sets. One from HR and one from the directorate of positive vetting. They''re very large and time consuming and I filled them both in which took some time. Then I gave them a quick call to see if they wanted me to send them back to the different departments and they told me that the HR one wasn''t necessary. So I guess just be warned that you may receive both as well, but you don''t need to do the HR one.

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Hello, I have recently been offered a job working for the government of which requires a "Protected Security Clearance". On my criminal record I do have a Conviction of "Dangerous Operation of a Vehicle" which was recorded and "Driving without a License", the only other things are speeding etc.

Will this affect my Security Clearance or can I get anyones opinions?
Thankyou, much appreciated.



Anyone elses opinion, I just want to be sure this wont affect me, Thankyou

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Bankruptcy prevents people in Victoria from getting a gaming licence, so it''s fair that it stops people getting a Top Secret clearance.

Bankruptcy indicates that you have trouble managing your finances, and that is deemed to be a serious security risk, in which case your chances of getting TS (especially PV) are basically zero, unless it happened a very long time ago and you can show that you''ve been financially crystal clean since then. Even if you had tonnes of debt you were having any sort of trouble dealing with, without being bankrupt, the answer would be the same.

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I haven''t been convicted of any drug offenses, although 9 years ago I did a little experimenting.

Again no problem they will ask you directly that questions many times both in person and on paper. And also confirm that answer with your friends.

Now that I remember it as well there is a drug test when you first start as well (I had to give a Urine sample at the Medical during the probation period).

Basically answer all the questions honestly.

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Main point i am trying to get across is that i did a seriously wrong thing. At the time i was distressed and being singled out/attacked by HR (i knew for a fact she was fishing for details, cause she confided in a colleague and it then got back to me) i would think the assessors would consider this action technically as a case of fraud. The only defence i have is that i was being singled out and fearful that my condition would have a detrimental effect on my career progression. I was fearful of discrimination because i had heard several cases of similar things happening to other colleagues in the company.

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No i still don''t see it. I don''t see any facts behind this.. I know someone whose small business collapsed when their major debtor went under. They weren''t bad with money, just unlucky.
Did they declare bankruptcy? Was it because they couldn''t pay their bills? That is what it comes down to. It''s tragic that they had a major debtor collapse and they didn''t plan their business to survive a single customer going under, but it still shows they couldn''t pay their bills.

What about next time a debtor goes under but an Iranian agent is offering them $55,555 to bail them out if they give them just a little bit of information? Nothing that important, just a few little things?

A security clearance, and the information that can be obtained with one, is a very serious responsibility and I''m happy that they are so strict in who they give these clearances to.

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on my resume i have listed my current employer of 6 year, but have not provided contact details or referees for that employer, only my previous employers before that. i have done this because i don''t want my current employer to be contacted. this is because if they are, and i don''t get the new job, then ill be slowly pushed out the door of my current job given they know i''m looking at other options. It will also effect my remuneration in the future if i decide to stay where i am. Note that i will be needing a secret clearance for these roles.

Nope. If they start hassling DSA, DSA just tells them to FO and wait until it comes through.

You can be placed on a priority list. DSA currently have a huge backlog for PV''s.

because they receive no word at all otherwise until the process is finished.

Depends on who your employer is.

[My replacement in the sandpit had a PV inside 8 months going from NV, which is very quick. The reason being he was placed on the priority list. Mine took 8 months doing exactly the same process]