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Posted: 2017-11-14 08:16

So now it 8767 s been awhile, members have left and joined.. During this time so far I have joined a community full of Girl 8767 s Day fans and met people around the world who love the group as much as I do (even though I don 8767 t go on it religiously like I used to anymore), I have been able to chat with the girls themselves as well as people from the company (they are all so friendly and warm!) and I just love how approachable Girl 8767 s Day are. I have always thought of them as girls my age who I feel I could be friends with, as cheesy as that sounds. But it 8767 s true!

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Well, I heard about Girl 8767 s Day through a friend and it was their debut song. My first impression of these wonderful girls was that they were all cute and they had some talent! I watched when they danced to Poker Face before their debut and I definitely knew they were great dancers. Once I heard how they were going to release another song, I was excited because I was sure they were going to have great success in the music industry. And they did awesome and it 8767 s my favorite song now! Great vocals and great dancing. To me they were one of the hardest working groups this year in K-POP.

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when Nothing Lasts Forever came out I got super excited because I 8767 ve been waiting for a new song with the new members and see how the 5 would look like in the new song. and ohmygosh I was stunned. the song the charisma the outfits. everything about them from the MV blew me away. For several days I couldn 8767 t stop watching the MV (heck I didn 8767 t even bother watching Hoot :P) because it was just that amazing~
and yes I am glad the song is gaining much love from both k-fans and international fans :D
I still don 8767 t know much of them (it will take time and progress for me to register and remember every single detail the girls did/said/thought but as far as I 8767 ve known them, I know they are talented girls that is dreaming for something big and being the best. and they will make it. I know it. :)

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Netizens, especially Girl 8767 s Day 8767 s fans, are furious about the random incident. One netizen quoted, 8775 With the passion to attend red carpet, the person who swore must be a fan of a singer too. Although we may not know who 8767 s fan the person may be, s/he should apologize. 8776 Another netizen commented, 8775 To swear like that at a public event not only harms the artist s/he supports, but also herself/himself. 8776  

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reason: its the hardwork and effort they put in that attracted me to them..being so but working hard to achieve their dreams as idols in such tough industry at such a age, it really awesome with their cute and bubbly selfs it makes us feels closer to them and being themself and showing what their made of , it really shows people that they deserve something..from nothing to something. is what they had achieved. love their songs ~ especially the latest hit 8775 nothing last forever 8776 really tells the story of lives.. girl 8767 s day hwaiting ! you girls have all my support till the end ~ hope to see u in singapore for promotion soon ~ !


Hinamatsuri traces its origins to a Heian period custom called hina-nagashi ( 雛流し , lit. "doll floating") , in which straw hina dolls are set afloat on a boat and sent down a river to the sea, supposedly taking troubles or bad spirits with them. The Shimogamo Shrine (part of the Kamo Shrine complex in Kyoto ) celebrates the Nagashi-bina by floating these dolls between the Takano and Kamo Rivers to pray for the safety of children. People have stopped doing this now because of fishermen catching the dolls in their nets. They now send them out to sea, and when the spectators are gone they take the dolls out of the water and bring them back to the temple and burn them.

I still remember when SoJin first tweeted me back on twitter before the group debuted. I was ecstatic from her reply, each girl has replied to me now but knowing that she was the first left a deep impression on me. I have since learned of her as a great leader and a great friend. They interact with their fans foreign ones too like me and read what we have to say to them. This is something I have always admired about them because they 8767 re all still learning English and actually take their time to talk to their fans. How awesome is that?

[**]My love for them didn’t come from pity but rather I was touched on how they want to prove themselves to people. (Which I’m glad that they have truly proven it now with Nothing Lasts Forever) On how passionate they are on how they work hard to be good enough. There’s something about them that made them jump from 65th place to 8rd place of my favourite girlgroups. No sugar-talk but they’re just so irresistible. Once you go deeper into them, or once you get to know them better, you’ll love them more and more. Add the fact that they followed me back on twitter (Though I have no good tweets XD), felt so fulfilling so kind to reach out to their fans. 8 Plus I love how yura thanked me when I showed her my yura sketch, dang’ my heart 8

The top tier holds two dolls, known as imperial dolls ( 内裏雛 (だいりびな) , dairi-bina ). The words dairi means " imperial palace ". These are the Emperor ( 男雛 , O-bina ) holding a ritual baton ( 笏 , shaku ) and Empress ( 女雛 , Me-bina ) holding a fan, often mistakenly called Odairi-sama ( 御内裏様 ) and Ohina-sama ( 御雛様 ) respectively. [6]

Girls day make my every day great. I live in the middle of nowhere with very few friends and very lttle contact with people who don 8767 t live in my village or go to school with me. Even on the days when I feel lonely, wandering around the mountains or doing work in the garden, putting on Girls day cheers me up immensely. Their all fantastic singers, great dancers and wonderful personalities and my one upset is that I find it difficult to support the girls
I would love to own their CD and play it on repeat because I love the girls so much.
I love Girlsdaydaily because you are direct contact with the girls. =) The subbing team is fantastic and uber quick! I love you guys, you do such an amazing thing for us non-korean speakers and I promise if my Korean ever becones good enough I will help you guys out.
Thank you!
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    reason:I like Girl 8767 s Day since their debuts.
    I had no idea of who they were , but I saw their flashmob. And I suddenly love them. I loved the way the move. Then I started follow them on Twitter , that was a good surprise they followed me back ! Just some peoples folloed them , and I was proud to like these girls ! I was very excited because of their debuts !
    Then I read their news everydays , watching all the flashmobs and teaser , saw a lot of pictures , signed on a fan forum.

    Reason: i have been a fan of girl 8767 s day for a very long time now, ever since pre-debut especially their mob-style dancing in the streets and minah 8767 s guerilla performances, we get to see how persevering and passionate they are about what they 8767 re doing, and they really do deserve the title of hardworking idols. although their debut stage was relatively weak, i loved tilt my head (and the rest of their mini, control ♥), and it honestly only got better from there, especially with how do i look. nothing lasts forever was amazing, and it 8767 s saddening to see how underrated they currently are. the girls are also all very different too, as much as i liked jiin and jisun, i am loving the addition of hyeri and yura as they bring a whole new dynamic to the group making them much more charismatic and outgoing. their stages are always energetic and even though i know they must tired, i never notice it on stage as they smile so brightly. to wrap this up, girl 8767 s day are an inspiration, proving that with amazing vocals, genuine talent and hard work, anything is possible.

    one of other factors is that i have come to recognized your dedications for the girls through this fan blog. it makes me go 8766 wow, i want to be a part of this 8767 , helping to spread out Girl 8767 s Day love. 8775 When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. 8776 and i want Girl 8767 s Day to be recognized and to receive much love. well, that 8767 s all. i hope this message doesn 8767 t bother you. i didn 8767 t intend to write this long.^^

    This is why I love Girl 8767 s Day. The girls have left a deep impression on me and I will never forget them or stop loving them for that. I could actually go on some more but I know this comment is really long already so I 8767 ll just stop here, LOL sorry everybody. I JUST GET PASSIONATE ABOUT GIRL GROUPS. I don 8767 t expect to win at all but I just feel like I needed to let this all out. I need to make more Girl 8767 s Day friends so I don 8767 t have to keep the love inside. :P

    tl dr - Expect European football to dominate until Asian players weasel their way into the bigger, more competitive leagues. Same goes for Americans (both South and North) as well as Africans. Essentially the whole entire world is victim to the higher standards of football in Europe, but now I ve gone on a tangent and I just realized that I wrote this up on /r/kpop. God dammit.

    Japanese dolls or Ningyo are broken down into several subcategories. Two of the most prominent are Girl’s Day, hina-ningyo, and the Boy’s Day musha-ningyo, or display dolls, sagu-ningyo, gosho-ningyo, and isho-ningyo (Scott, 7558 [ incomplete short citation ] ). Collections can be categorized by the material they are made of such as wood dolls kamo-ningyo and nara-ningyo and, clay forms such as fushimi-ningyo and Hakata ningyo.

    79. List of Japanese Imperial Residences – This is a list of residences occupied by the Japanese Imperial Family, noting the seasons of the year they are traditionally occupied. Members of the Japanese Imperial Family inhabit a range of residences around Japan, some are official imperial palaces, others are used as private residences, although they are all owned and maintained by the state. Other imperial palaces are no longer residences, some remain in irregular use for imperial occasions. The occupied imperial residences are cared for and maintained by the Imperial Household Agency, former palaces or sites are under the administration of various ministries or local authorities

    I could replace the 655 and even 6,555 reasons why I love Girl 8767 s Day. I will write a few that I think are most important! *I mention the three reasons*
    The first reason is: I love the girls for their sense of humor and a frequent smiles on their faces. *although the group survived difficult times Sojin, Jihae and MinAh still smiled. The group joined the two great, and most importantly, smiling girls! Now I can 8767 t imagine Girl 8767 s Day without them!* :D
    Second reason is: all the girls are beautiful, sweet and most charming! I love to look at their pictures. I 8767 m glad that the girls quite often on Twitter pasting pictures. *woah, I envy them that they are very pretty! :)))*
    Third reason is: determination, commitment and desire to be even better artist ~ This is what impresses me! show us that it is worth fighting for your dreams.

    i don t think the high standards some netizens have for physical appearance applies when it comes to non-celebrities or athletes. he s no actor or idol so his looks don t really factor into his level as far as some judgemental netizens believe. i also think it s worth noting that celebs like son heung min are probably a bit more mainstream than most pop idols - the general public in korea cares more about actors and athletes than idols (unless they re really popular) so idols are automatically thought of as on a lower level than them. it s not right but i guess for comparison it would be like if.. victoria justice started dating ryan gosling or something.

    The moment i saw the video of them dancing in the street they immediately caught my interest. I waited anxiously for their arrival, and i was SOOOOO happy when they debuted!!! Every time i listen to their music i get CHILLS! Their music transports me to some different realm in my mind..it 8767 s an amazing feeling. They are the perfect combination of beauty and talent! I think they 8767 re the first girl group i 8767 ve liked that i couldn 8767 t pick ONE favorite. They all have a little something they add to the group, and thats what hooks me. I also love how they can have 7 members drop, legal troubles, be bashed for vocals, and STILL come out with determination to be better. And they HAVE gotten better. Hearing their voices puts a smile on my face and warms my heart. Girl 8767 s Day forever 8