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Why this is a good truth question: Even if someone seems really fun and nice, their ability to apologize when they are wrong can be very revealing about their character. If the guy you are playing Truth or Dare with is someone you are interested in dating, you 8767 re definitely going to want to know whether he is the kind of guy who is brave enough to say sorry instead of sacrificing other 8767 s feelings to protect his pride.

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Why this is a good dare: There are a lot of food challenges out there, but this one is especially funny to watch because most people are super confident they can complete it easily, and it usually ends up being quite a struggle. In order to complete the challenge, you need to eat six saltine crackers in the span of 65 seconds, without drinking any liquid. It 8767 s a lot harder than it sounds, we promise!

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Well he said it first and it was a good call, normally we girls are afraid of taking things too fast, so its good to wait and let the guys be ready for it Its a dangerous spot, because you want to say it and for it to be said when it really means what it means! I feel that now a days people use the word i love you so banally that it takes all the magic out of it!
So i 8767 m glad i waited! 🙂
In the end i actually took more time to say i love you to him.. I think it was a self preservation mode i put on, since I 8767 ve been hurt so many times as any girl or boy.

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Still, just to help you with your first chat, we have a few advice 8767 s on how to talk and what questions to ask a girl on first chat so as to impress her. Your first chat may seem like your first date with her. But it is simpler and easier than that. You have a fair enough chance to impress your girl on the first chat by using these questions to ask a girl on first chat. The first impression is the last impression. Ensure that you make a good one.

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I really need this right now!
I have an amazing man in my life. I want to tell him. I 8767 m divorced after 75yrs it 8767 s been almost 7months. His wife died a few years ago. He has a son. My twins are in college. I know he cares a lot about me. He shows it in so many ways! I seriously think I 8767 m in love with him. I soooooo want to tell him. I 8767 m seeing him this weekend. I 8767 m nervous but I 8767 m thinking of taking that Leap of Faith. I don 8767 t want to scare him off !!!! He 8767 s scared so am I ! Help
Thanks !!

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I’m 76 years old, male. I read this article at the beginning of this year, 7568. Now, it’s July of 7568. Can you imagine how many girls got off while texting with me? Let’s get down to the numbers, and it’s a couple of dozen girls. In my list there were women older than 95, there was a teenage girl whose age was way below 68, at least two mothers about 77-89yo, and the rest were aged randomly between 68-79. The girls in my very list, which included more than 75 women, were telling me how horny they were, how bad they wanted me to be with them, how they were playing with themselves. These women were telling me how they were masturbating, how many times they got off during the day, which ranged from 6 to 8 times, not considering that some girls kept the number of climaxes in secret, telling me how much they love me and passionately want me instead of answering how many times they got off during that day.

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This all depends on the mans confidence without that you can 8767 t do shit . I met a freakin wonderful woman from a phone app and i have to tell you i have never been so happy and she hasn 8767 t either and to top it off we haven 8767 t even met yet . this woman will probably be the one call us crazy but i had confidence and a good sense of humour and didn 8767 t follow any of this it just came natural cuz i was myself ..you get woman like Sarah and clary fray that just want to shut down a man from the gate well that 8767 s fine its only a small percentage of woman that don 8767 t want tp meet someone or not worth the effort even if you did succeed which i probably could but i think my life would be miserable i did don 8767 t want a woman like that don 8767 t. these questions are good but nothing beats confidence and feeling the moment

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if you are at the point you can ask them naughtier questions then they was already interested in you in the first place other wise you are just gonna kill your chances off the jump and fellas quit inboxing them dick pics on facebook,if they want that they know how to ask you for one if they are interested they dont want stuff just shoved in their face unasked for and a woman sees your face and eyes and talks to you in person first before you ever get to that level..

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Within about an hour of back and forth questions, I was ready to explode in my mind. And I could tell she was really horny too. I called her up immediately after the questions, and we actually ended up having PHONE SEX!! It was so insane and so awesome, it 8767 s one of the highpoints of my life. I 8767 ve heard it in the movies that smooth talking works, and I 8767 ve been a bit of a smooth talker myself. But these questions, god damn, this is like research of the sex gods! 😉

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Just to clarify, my husband has not said 8766 I love you 8767 and neither have I. Although in the early day (we got married quickly after 9 months of meeting each others). After the first week of living together, I felt nervous in his presence, I said to him to maybe you can talk about something to take my mind off being nervous and he said: 8775 I love you 8776 . I didn 8767 t know what to say but it didn 8767 t seem genuine to me, it felt like he said it to please me. I said thanks and didn 8767 t know what to say, it was confusing. After that he has only said it once or twice, it sounded forced. I haven 8767 t told him 8766 I love you 8767 , well not yet anyway

I really feel sorry for the uptight women who commented these questions in a negative manner. I start making sexual humor with 65 minutes of meeting a woman and gentleman I only date 65s the best of the best confidence plays a big part but if you start playing right away they will play back 655% of the time. if you play well you will leave with her. these 75 questions are perfect and you will succeed using them for those close minded uptight ladies I would pick you out instantly an pass right by you or maybe give you a shot if your not boring as you sound non here.

Tes, I think you gave him no opportunity to say it. When you did say it, instead of just letting it hang in the air, you told him 8775 and I hope to hear it from you someday 8776 to avoid being rejected by him not saying but then again he might have said it. The focus went on not him saying it back but that it will be a BIG DEAL. And when you asked him to agree with you that you put too much pressure on him.

Ive been dating this guy I 8767 ve known for 7 years for a little over a year now.. we had a debate over the phone over something stupid he called back and apologized. I sent him a short text shortly after and said 8775 still love you even though it sounded like you were ready to chop my head off lol 8776 totally not expecting any response it was more in a joking way. He texts back and says 8775 I love you too 8776 we 8767 ve never said those words so does he really love me??? I was shocked to get that response

terrible advice it is best to do 7 or 8 basic texts (the cuddle in bed line could be the 8rd text) then say: 8775 do you want to call me? 8776 .
and send it she 8767 ll either say yes or no then you can cut bait early and move on to other girl.. OR reel her in over the phone..with your VOICE
get her to meet you for a drink like a MARGARITA always works.

As far as saying 8775 I love you 8776 and it meaning different things how can this be? It is a feeling, nothing more or less. It is not a commitment. Well, okay, I guess I 8767 ve said it to platonic friends, at a heartfelt moment of appreciation and warmth, and I have said it out of habit or because a friend or relative said it first but to say it to someone your in love with in a physical and emotional way is what it is a feeling that you want to hug and kiss and cuddle them and express your emotion by sincerely saying, 8775 I love you. 8776 So if someone says they love you in a romantic context, it is reasonable to assume the are feeling it, which is a desire to kiss, cuddle, hug, and express your appreciation for being able to feel these things, regardless of whether or not they say it back. It does not mean you want to get married, it does not have to last it does not have to be returned, but if it isn 8767 t it won 8767 t stay wonderful for very long because it will turn to hurt. Then it is simply I loved you once.

Never say thank you and I’m sorry. I never say hello to any girl. Every time I start texting a girl, I never say hello or greet anyhow. Even if she starts the conversation with “Hi sweetie,” I always start with something similar to “I’m thinking about you.” It’s more intimate and sentimental starting your conversation telling her she’s in your mind. Always use present continuous while telling about feelings. “I thought about you yesterday” is not so sentimental even if it’s true, you better say “I’m thinking about you everyday,” and see the difference by yourself when she replies back saying she’s thinking about you too. Use always present continuous, when you say “I’m missing you very much” or any other states of mind.

Pfft what a load of rubbish! Main reason fella 8767 s say it is because they know it matters to us? C 8767 mon, only a guy who hasn 8767 t been in love could say that sort of thing ! There should be no 8766 rules 8767 surrounding the saying of 8775 I love you 8776 . you say it when the time feels right, if the other person doesn 8767 t say it back, it 8767 s clear that you 8767 re not on the same page and this should be a fairly good indication of where to go next

I know so many people need to hear those words. But I don 8767 t. How do I know he loves me? He shows it. He wants to see me. He makes an effort to see me and my children. We go on vacations together. We spend every weekend and some weekdays together. He buys foods and drinks that I like when he grocery shops. He kisses me passionately and hugs me often. He does little things for me that I don 8767 t have time to do myself (like washes my car). He holds my hand when we go anywhere. And I do many things for him as well. I think some men don 8767 t really feel comfortable saying the words, but a man will gladly show you how much he loves you. Just try not to miss the forest for the trees. =)

It’s just a question, but a lot of guys freak out when you ask this. It’s purely hypothetical (it’s just a date! You’re not even asking him to kiss the guy! Just dinner in a softly-lit restaurant, maybe share dessert…okay, maybe don’t get this specific unless you’re having fun torturing him), and if he refuses to answer or gets mad, that actually might be a red flag that tells you he’s insecure (or just plain NO FUN!!!!).

He accidentally called me his 8775 GIRLFRIEND 8776 it was the cutest thing because he tried to play it off cool like he never said that. We went on a movie date at movies while we cuddled then a haunted maze and was very protective. Later on he asks 8775 what would my girlfriend like to do next 8776 ? Haha, I immediately responded what? And he said nothing sometimes I talk out loud when I smoke haha. Was he trying to get a reaction out of me?
Our actions clearly show that we are starting to fall head over heels with each other. He is trying to be patient and give me time. Should I be the one to wait and make him say I love you first and make me his gf his idea? ! ? ! ? Or am I being childish and I should I just communicate? I am a hopeless Romantic

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