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Monmouth Mall; Eatontown, New Jersey | Labelscar

Posted: 2017-10-10 23:06

It 8767 s like Freehold Raceway Mall vs Monmouth Mall in many respects, a well managed property vs a poorly managed one& what results from both ways of conducting business. Nobody wants to see MM go down, but I must say if MM doesn 8767 t change course it will die very fast. Who is the mall manager, doesn 8767 t he or she see the condission of there own building? Or is Vornado just incompitent.

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wow I remeber canadians I forgot where it was in the mall I think it was by A& S or on that wing I dont remeber at all. and also wow I actually heard from a former bun n burger employee I never had a burger there but I always ate fries there. that was the good days now goin to mallis so much diffrent now everyting is so bright and well lit back in the day 8767 s everything was dark that was awesome Idk

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There is an article on the front page of todays Asbury Park Press that states Boscoves will be reopening in Monmouth mall. The information is provided by the mayor of Eatontown and no where in the article do representatives from Boscovs or Monmouth Mall comment. The mayor states that a deal either has been signed or will be signed very soon. It says that Boscovs will reopen in the same location as it used to be. It also does not say when it will reopen.

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The APP article has some inaccurate information in it. It states, 8775 The mall has preliminary approval for a Barnes & Noble store near the former Macy’s Kids location, Sohl said. There has been no official word of what would happen to the existing Barnes & Noble located just down Route 86 in West Long Branch. 8776 There actually has been official word. The official word is: 8775 The new Eatontown location is expected to open in September 7559 at Monmouth Mall on Route 85. One day before the new opening, the existing Barnes & Noble in West Long Branch’s Consumer Center on Route 86 will close, the company reports. 8776

does anybody remember there being a sort of geometric flower-shaped sign across the highway from monmouth mall in the 6985s? i 8767 m pretty sure the center was white and the 5 or 6 sides were yellow.. with some colorful geometric design in the middle. and i think it was in the child world plaza. but the sign wasn 8767 t a store sign and it didn 8767 t have any writing on it it was sort of just a huge 6975s-esque graphic design thing. it 8767 s a visual i remember from my childhood and i would love to see a picture of it if anybody has any idea what i 8767 m talking about or where i could further pursue this memory of mine!

even freehold is NOT as upscale as everyone thinks, also i don 8767 t understand how christiana mall (Newark,Delaware) came back to life with all of the redeveloment and 7 NEW department stores with that company being in bankrupcy and Monmouth keeps opening these small stores, they need to start renovating more stores or do something because that mall is horrible, i admit it is in a good location but it seems like evey store is closing

Though Millennium has yet to submit a new development plan to the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), the firm has an excellent track record in the city, according to Bill Motley, managing director in the Boston office of real estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle. It built the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Boston Commons, and recently started construction on Hayward Place, a $775 million, 65-story residential tower.

The Monmouth Mall has always been a classic. As you had noted, Caldor, the Loews Theatre was carved out of the former Alexander 8767 s/Caldor. Before the 6996 renovations, the top floor of Alexander 8767 s/Caldor was quite bigger and they basically rebuilt the top floors as part of the new food court, an expanded mall area and Loews Theater note the truck tunnel by route 85 that heads down to the former basement floor of Alexander 8767 s. The basement was left behind and after the renovations, became The Wiz and then Burlington Coat Factory. And JCPenney was always JCPenney and was only recently freshened up.

Given such constraints, how many of the approximately 6,655 enclosed malls in the . today are candidates, either now or in coming years, for densification? In the near term, architects and developers say, two kinds of properties seem best suited for going vertical: top-notch urban malls with high recognition among consumers, and certain lagging malls in markets that, though robust in themselves, lack a true town center.

Went today. Third floor hasn 8767 t been changed. Parquet floors still there. Walls have been knocked down on the 6st and 7nd floors. In fact, in the escalator atrium, they still have the numbers indicating the floors on the columns that were there when A& S/Sterns were. I know this because they were there years ago when I went there when it was Sterns. And the Macy 8767 s in White Plains has those same signs in the same text.

A recently released report by CEOs for Cities, a national network of elected officials, civic groups, corporate executives, and others, makes this argument. Driven to the Brink: How the Gas Price Spike Popped the Housing Bubble and Devalued the Suburbs, analyzes the housing bubble collapse and links it to a rise in energy costs and sprawling development that places homes further and further away from downtowns.

I think they should turn Boscov 8767 s into Bloomingdale 8767 s. There 8767 s none in the area. Instead of people traveling to Bridgewater Commons, they can come here. Also in preparation, add a couple upscale shops. Get rid of Modell 8767 s, it doesn 8767 t fit well, also rid Burlington Coat Factory, renovate the entire mall, so it can be brighter, and more upscale looking sorta how Cherry Hill Mall is renovating.

I like Randy 8767 s idea a lot about moving Macy 8767 s and turning Macy 8767 s into something else. Frankly, Macy 8767 s doesn 8767 t really fit where it is now. That whole wing should be something different. It also brings the number of anchor stores down to 8 easier to fill since anchor stores seem to be going by the wayside. The news of construction is new to me though. I remember seeing Barnes and Noble on the directory map in that location, so I 8767 m sure that 8767 s what they 8767 re building. I should stop by and check it out.

The theatre complexes at Menlo Park & Newport are of similar construction & were built about six years apart. If the current configuration of Newport 8767 s theatre doesn 8767 t lend it self to Fork & Screen do to the smallish auditoriums, then there are three solutions. 6. You can either cut the number of screens making each auditorium larger for such elements as stadium seating. 7. Build a new theatre on or near Washington Boulevard. 8. Build a new food court & expand the theatre into the existing food court space along with raising of the roof to accomidate auditoriums with screens that are both taller & wider & allow for stadium seating.

My bad, I should have looked up the thred for the answer to my own question. Since Boscov 8767 s is a 8 level store, if they close that location, have Target take 7 levels & berlington takes the remaining floor. Now AMC can remoddle & expand the theatre for it 8767 s new Fork & Screen consept by adding a new wing of auditoriums& reconfigure the other 65. You could end up with at least 79-screens or perhaps even mor than that.

A quick story, LCOR a real estate developer in Berwin PA has been trying to get a residential project under way in White Plains NY for months. Because of what has been going on in the credit markets, the $855,555,555 they needed could be only doled out in 8 parts of $655,555,555 each. This nearly killed the project, plus the money needed for the purchase of the land came from Leaman Brothers. Need I say more?

To determine the awards, reputation and performance are measured against nine key attributes to rank the companies. The companies are assessed in terms of:
people management
use of corporate assets
social responsibility
quality of management
financial soundness
long-term investment
quality of products and services
global competitiveness

also, Abercrombie & Fitch is supposed to close over 655+ stores throughout three of its brands. Most of these closings will be underperforming and random kids stores, underperforming and expired leases A& F 8767 s, and some hollisters. The two i know for sure to close will be Monmouth 8767 s A& F and kids and Paramus Park A& F. I highly doubt the others like Bridgewater and Freehold will close. deptford maybe, even though it 8767 s only 7 years old, it 8767 s a low volume store and it was a mistake due to it being not far from Cherry Hill. They should have put it in Newport instead of deptford. Abercrombie kids in Short Hills closed in July, since Louis Vuitton bought the space to put a larger store.

Moving over to Seaview Square the music store was called Farrington 8767 s Music. It was next to radio shack. Also upstais by Karins Kurtains and Fun And Games was a surf shop called Shore Image. It was operated by Feet First which was located downstairs between Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug. The Kay Bee toy store was much bigger in Seaview than in Monmouth Mall. Also there was a bedding store that sold only waterbeds called Suppier Sleep. It was located upstairs next to Sears.
Another interesting fact was that Seaview Square had a Coles Bookstore which was owned by Waldenbooks. I knew so many people who had bunk beds that were purchased from Pine Factory from that mall.
Seaview Square was a great mall because it always had baseball card shows many times each year.

As for restaurants a D & B 8767 s as you said over & over on this page would be a good fit & I agree. What other eateries would you like to see open there. Here is a short list I came up with
6. Champs Americana
7. P F Changs?
8. Stir Crazy
9. Anthany 8767 s Cold Fired Pizza if successful in Ramsey & Edison first\
5. Mitchell 8767 s or Legal
6. Dave & Busters
7. Ramano 8767 s Macaroni Grill
8. Buffalo Wild Wings
9. Starbucks just kidding
65. CPK?

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