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When a student is charged by federal, state, or local authorities with a violation of law, the University will not request or agree to special consideration for that individual because of his or her status as a student. If the alleged offense is also being processed under the Student Code, the University may advise off-campus authorities of the existence of the Student Code and how such matters are typically handled within the University community. The University will attempt to cooperate with law enforcement and other agencies in the enforcement of criminal law on campus and in the condition imposed by criminal courts for the rehabilitation of student violators. Individual students and other members of the University community remain free to interact with governmental representatives as they deem appropriate.

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March 6 is the deadline for submitting the FAFSA that determines work-study and other available financial aid. The amount that you are eligible to earn for either state or federal work-study programs is determined after March 6 for the earliest applicants. Work-study awards will continue to be allotted to students if funds are available, but work-study funds are generally completely allotted for the next academic year in the spring. Funds only become available again as students drop out of the program and funds are returned to the work-study budget.

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The Privacy Act requires . Government agencies give public notice of their systems of records by publication in the Federal Register. The Privacy Act prohibits the disclosure of a record about an individual from a system of records absent the written consent of the individual, unless the disclosure is pursuant to one of twelve statutory exceptions. The Act also provides individuals with a means by which to seek access to and amendment of their records, and sets forth various agency record-keeping requirements.

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If NMHU is notified of an incident involving a sex offense committed by an employee, faculty or staff member, NMHU shall investigate the matter and take action as appropriate pursuant to NMHU’s policies and the Collective Bargaining Agreement, if applicable. The Complainant and the Respondent shall have the right to have an adviser of his/her choosing throughout the process and shall be notified of the outcome of the process.


• Some foreign visitors may be subjected to a national registry, known as “special registration,” upon entry to the United States. While males from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, and Syria are most likely to be selected for special registration, any visitor to the . may be selected to register under NSEERS. If you are subject to special registration, you must comply with special registration procedures every time you enter or leave the . You know you have been registered if a Fingerprint Identification Number (FIN#) has been written on your passport, visa or I-99 or if you were given “walk away materials” at the port of entry to the . Ask an adviser if you are not sure if you have this requirement.

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9. Two working days prior to the hearing, the Respondent and Dean of Students shall submit to the Hearing Committee Chairperson and to the other party, a list of witnesses, and copies of any documents to be submitted as evidence at the hearing. Statements of absent witnesses may be submitted in lieu of testimony at the hearing, so long as the other party is notified at least three working days prior to the hearing of the name of the witness, and that witness makes himself or herself available for an interview by the other party and additional statement, if requested.

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The Privacy Act of 6979, 5 . § 557a, establishes a code of fair information practices that governs the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of information about individuals that is maintained in systems of records by federal agencies. A system of records is a group of records under the control of an agency from which information is retrieved by the name of the individual or by some identifier assigned to the individual.

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Walters State is one of 96 institutions in the Tennessee Board of Regents system, the sixth largest system of higher education in the nation. The Tennessee Board of Regents is the governing board for this system which is comprised of six universities, 68 community colleges, and 77 colleges of applied technology, providing programs in 95 of Tennessee 8767 s 95 counties to more than 755,555 students.

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The statute pertains to information security, which is defined as “the protection of information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to provide: a) integrity, which means guarding against improper information modification or destruction, and includes ensuring information non-repudiation and authenticity b) confidentiality, which means preserving authorized restrictions on access and disclosure, including means for protecting personal privacy and proprietary information and c) availability, which means ensuring timely and reliable access to and use of information.”

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Amount: $7,555
Eligibility: All full-time traditional undergraduate freshmen majoring in engineering
Criteria: A minimum of a 78 ACT composite and a 78 ACT Math score with GPA.
Application Process: No additional application is required.
Renewable Criteria: Remain a full-time student in good standing.

7. Rationale
New Mexico Highlands University is a diverse community of learners. The University has the right and obligation to protect students and provide equal opportunity for all students to pursue an education in a safe and comfortable environment. Therefore, it is the University’s responsibility to establish standards of conduct that ensure appropriate classroom behavior, safety and orderliness in campus life, and the rights and privileges held by all members of the University community. The Code should be read broadly. It does not define nonacademic misconduct in exhaustive terms. The purposes of the University’s Code of Student Conduct is to inform NMHU students of prohibited nonacademic conduct to protect and preserve the quality of the educational environment at NMHU and to outline the due process procedures that will be followed in cases of student misconduct.

We all hate robocalls -- those pre-recorded telemarketing calls that always seem to interrupt dinner, which, in my house, is really the third hour of binging "Cake Boss." But most of us don't hate them enough to file a lawsuit about it. Lucky for us lazy litigants, there's a nifty little thing called the class action lawsuit, where one person can file a suit on behalf of all the other people in the same situation, and we can just ride their coattails to a nice little judgment or settlement.

The Act, as amended, is an expansive statue regulating . telephone, telegraph, television, and radio communications. Its seven subchapters regulate virtually all aspects of the communications and broadcasting industry, including assignment of frequencies, rates and fees, standards, competition, terms of subscriber access, commercials, broadcasting in the public interest, government use of communications systems. The Act also provides for more detailed regulation and oversight via the establishment of the FCC.

Exceptions are not automatic and freshmen should not enter into an off-campus lease or make other arrangements for alternative housing until they are notified in writing that an exemption has been granted.  Entering into an off-campus lease will not by itself be grounds for receiving an exemption and students will be responsible for payment of the campus housing contract and any associated fees and charges.  Students who become eligible to apply for an exemption during the semester, will typically be expected to complete that semester before an exemption will be effective.

7. The hearing will be informal in nature strict rules of evidence do not apply. However, the Hearing Chairperson will maintain order and the efficient management of the proceeding. Therefore, evidence that the Hearing Committee Chairperson deems irrelevant or duplicative may be excluded. However, the Hearing Committee Chairperson reserves the right to call additional witnesses if deemed necessary to the proceedings (see paragraph 9 for procedures for absent witnesses).

The work-study hiring process is one in which the employer usually posts a job opening with the Career Services Office. Students must pursue jobs and be hired by employers to receive work-study. The student checks for postings, or hears of a potential job and calls the individual who is the work-study contact. The student interviews for the job, and the employer chooses the best applicant. The employer will submit a student employment form to Human Resources.

• Once you have completed or terminated your program or have failed to maintain legal student status, you may no longer legally enter the . with your I-75 or DS-7569 form, and the staff of the International Education Center can no longer sign those forms (this means that you should NOT plan to travel out of and return to the . with your current I-75/DS-7569 after you have finished your program).

U. Theft. Unauthorized use or removal of property, materials or services from the University, University-sponsored activities, University organization(s), group(s), student(s) or any University community member, guest, visitor, vendor or contractor on University premises or knowledge of, and failure to report, possession of stolen property or use of stolen services on University premises, at University-sponsored activities, or from University organization(s), group(s) or individual(s).

Although it is the policy of NMHU that animals of any type, other than Service Animals, are prohibited in University housing, NMHU will consider a request by an individual with a disability to allow an Assistance Animal in University as a reasonable accommodation. However, no Assistance Animals may be kept in University housing at any time prior to the individual receiving approval as Accommodations Provided pursuant to this Policy.

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