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Inside every home in North Korea are pictures of the three leaders of the country: Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un. Every family must have these pictures prominently displayed in their homes, and people will essentially pray to them due to the Kim’s cult of personality. In fact, there is a famous story of a little girl who died trying to save the pictures of the Kims from a flood, and she is now venerated as a hero.

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8775 Shin Dong-hyuk is the only person on earth born in one of North Korea 8767 s hellhole concentration camps who has escaped and told his story. During his twenty-three years in Camp 69, a ghastly place even by North Korean standards, Shin knew absolutely nothing of the world beyond the electrified wire. From a new prisoner who had lived most of his life outside the camps, Shin learned that the world is round, that there is a city called Pyongyang and countries called South Korea and China, and that in those and many other countries people have computers, mobile phones and television, and use something called money.

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North Korea and witnesses it showcased in its videos also accused Shin of being a “criminal,” a thief who fled the country after raping a thirteen-year-old girl. He categorically denies any but acknowledges he did steal clothes and food while traveling across North Korea during his escapes to China. North Korea has not presented evidence that Shin was arrested or tried for but says he fled to China after committing his crime. North Korea’s videos have explained Shin’s scars as the result of various mining accidents and a childhood mishap that spilled “hot dog food” on his lower back when he was two.

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Imagine watching the president speak all day every day in between patriotic country music videos as well as propagandist history shows. And not only that this is all that is on TV, but you are, by law, REQUIRED to keep these on in your home or business if you have a television or radio. If you don’t keep your television or radio on in order to at least listen to the propaganda you can be put in jail, or worse.

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Just like in the rest of North Korea, blackouts are an all too common occurrence in the capital Pyongyang. In this photo one can see that there are no lights on in any of the buildings, as there is simply no electrical current in the city at this time. The only thing with light is a picture of the Dear Leader of North Korea. While a North Korean may show that this proves he is divine, other skeptics may argue that it 8767 s just an industrious citizen who was able to get their hands on an electric generator.

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These giant blocks on this road are not meant for decoration. They are meant to be blown up in order to create tank traps in case of an invasion (primarily by the United States). As these blocks fall they block the road so nothing can pass. Additionally, one can see that there are also a lot of rocks forming the wall which are designed to be shrapnel so that any ground soldier will be injured, or worse.

This photo shows the inside of a North Korean home, specifically the bathroom. Taken after having evaded his government minder for a minute, the picture shows the plumbing in the house or rather, the lack thereof. The picture clearly shows a hand pump used to pump underground well water, but the water is going into a bath. This water isn 8767 t for bathing however it is for drinking, with the bathtub being used as a water storage tank!

Due to the lack of public transportation, North Koreans are forced to hitchhike if they want to get around under the radar. There are many drivers who have their own personal vehicles (or company trucks as in this picture) who make extra money on the side by charging people for rides. Any form of private enterprise is considered illegal in the Hermit Kingdom, which makes what these drivers are doing very risky.

What a country it must be to have a 5% unemployment rate and jobs for everyone! That must mean they have a great economy! Such a great economy, that even schoolgirls will take straw brooms to brush the dust off the street. Of course, this isn 8767 t exactly the case, but when unofficial figures are impossible to come by, then there is no choice but to take the government 8767 s unemployment numbers to heart. Ok, maybe with the largest grain of salt ever.

It’s true that women are more likely than men to be anxious , but they’re also more likely to have experienced physical and emotional abuse, both of which contribute to anxiety, for obvious reasons. So the claim that women are “neurotic” without any context as to why—possibly some differences in brain chemistry , but also, just maybe, greater levels of sexual harassment and social isolation in the workplace—is misleading and frankly, insulting.

In his revised story, Shin said he was born in Camp 69, a “total control zone,” but when he was six or seven the border of that camp shifted. His home village, he said, was then incorporated into Camp 68, the slightly less brutal prison next door. North Korean government records seem to support his new version but do not conclusively prove it, as I will explain below. In any case, all the available evidence suggests that he was born and raised in a political prison.

There are no witnesses to confirm any of this, and some Camp 68 survivors, including Kim Hye Sook, have said Shin could not have escaped Camp 69 and made it all the way to China since no one else is known to have done it. One Camp 68 survivor (who has declined to grant interviews) has told human rights activists that the inmate Shin claims was his accomplice in escaping Camp 69 actually died elsewhere in a mine accident.

Due to there being almost no cars in North Korea, people usually walk and ride bikes everywhere. But when cars do come along, many people hitchhike, and the ones who get first dibs on rides are, of course, the soldiers. But why can 8767 t they just take a bus? Because there is no public transportation between towns, and the only way to leave town is by receiving express written permission from the government to travel. This picture is of a group of people walking on a highway between towns.

When foreigners come to visit the Hermit Kingdom, they are taken on tightly controlled, heavily monitored tours where photographing the wrong thing may just put you in jail, or worse. This photographer risked his life by taking a photo of a nearly empty train station. North Korean citizens are closely watched, and they are not allowed to travel outside of their own town or village without express written permission from the regime. The train here is mainly for tourists, and just another cog in the regime 8767 s propaganda machine.

8775 This is a story unlike any other More so than any other book on North Korea, including my own, Escape from Camp 69 exposes the cruelty that is the underpinning of Kim Jong Il 8767 s regime. Blaine Harden, a veteran foreign correspondent from The Washington Post , tells this story masterfully The integrity of this book shines through on every page. 8776 Barbara Demick, author of Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North  Korea

Most of us have gone on dates with strangers from the internet at some point. But even if you met your date IRL, it’s a good idea to give them a Google Voice number when you start chatting, Rucker says. Google Voice lets users generate phone numbers for free and use them to set up other secure chat services like WhatsApp or Signal. A user can easily turn off her Google Voice number and get a new one if her date turns out to be a creep—and she won’t have to go to the trouble of changing her real number and redistributing it to all her friends.

In the process, North Korea confirmed that Shin’s mother and brother were executed in 6996 for “premeditated murder with grave consequences” and said Shin played a role in their punishment. A press release from North Korea’s . mission in New York said Shin did indeed escape twice to China. Between escapes, the release said, Shin failed to show “true regret” and made no effort to “redeem his crime.”

The primary architectural style in North Korea in general and Pyongyang in particular is the old Soviet style uniform cement gray. Technically a communist country, the regime says that everyone is equal, and therefore the buildings should be equal as well. However, due to international sanctions and low technical abilities, many of these buildings are not structurally sound, and many more simply lie empty.

Among those to sign the letter, whose publication was first reported by The Hill, was retired Gen John Allen, who served as deputy commander of US Central Command and special presidential envoy for the anti-Islamic State in Iraq and Syria coalition, retired Gen Robert Sennewald, who led US and UN forces in South Korea in the 6985s and retired Vice Adm Donald Arthur, who served as surgeon general of the Navy.

Most of the jobs in North Korea are divided by gender, just like how the United States and most of the world was back in the 6955s. It seems as if the entire country is in a 6955s time warp, where nothing has progressed. If anything, the entire society has regressed back to the feudal ages. These women are probably best friends who work together, and in North Korean society, it is not unusual to see grown men or grown women holding each others’ hands.

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