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I personally find the repetition of schluby guy with hot wife trope highly annoying.. it happens in real life I m sure.. but not nearly as often as the TV and movies would have you believe. The reason people are upset about this is because people are upset at Lena Dunham for having the temerity to commit the crime of Being on TV while Average.. if Girls weren t an american show, and dunham hadn t done nude scenes.. I doubt anyone would be so offended by this..

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Frankly, I don t think most guys care. It s usually women who are endlessly saying one person in the couple is to good for the other one. I mean I m sure there s exceptions somewhere, but if the guy is dating her the other guys don t say anything about it. The one exception is if they think she s a jerk, but that s about how she treats him and saying he can do better than her is a side topic. Like in The Hangover the other guys express their dislike of the girl, but it s because of her personality.

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I would agree with the others that there are lots of different ways that you can talk about yourself and what you re doing. That one in particular might make the wrong impression. I think it s something about getting too much into the nuts and bolts of the job, without mentioning where it fits in the bigger picture of your life. Talking about expediting food from the kitchen may leave the impression that that s all you re looking to do, or that your primary goal is to move one rung up the ladder at the restaurant. I suspect employed, professional women (and creative sorts, and students, and many other types) would respond better if you d mentioned the past job in advertising.

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As for this: who showed up wearing something sexy that showed off a body that wasn t in shape to show off. You re claiming that it s not gendered, then judging the shape of the woman you re talking about as though you and your friend are the arbiters of whose body is of a shape to be shown off. Since you claim that this is not gendered, I assume that you do the same to MEN? As if.

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The other thing that usually happens is that the women appears less childish because it s the guy who has to move things forward. The person who sits back and waits for the other person to take the risks always looks less immature. Like in American Pie the main character is incredibly immature and borderline creepy by setting up a webcam so his friends can see this girl get naked. But the result of this? The cute redhead goes with him to prom specifically because she saw the video so he was a sure thing. In the second movie he immaturely wants to use the redhead so he can get good at making out, sex, etc for when a completely different girl arrives. But this is the catalyst that causes him to date the redhead. The person who gets to sick back and wait for the other person to figure things out is the one who comes across as more mature. They aren t really, but they appear that way.

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I disagree. I think this is actually one of those times that her personality plays the strongest role in her attractiveness. He looks by themselves are not inherently attractive or unnattractive, but like when I say that I find her repulsive here, it s far more about what her expression conveys than it is her objective looks http:///gen/989898/thumbs/o-LENA-DU

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I don t really understand how people judge the characters intelligence on the show. What kind of evidence is there that Hannah is intelligent other than she has the ability to write a book and graduated from college ? Marnie could be seen as intelligent in a cunning, plotting sort of way, the british girl (forgot her name) could be seen as intelligent because she realizes that a lot of people in her life are full of shit and smartly avoids them, Adam might be seen as sort of an autistic savant kind of intelligent, hell even Donald Glover s character that only appears for one episode seems pretty inteligent, but Hannah repeatedly shows that she s helpless, needy, and not actually that intelligent based on her actions.

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Another name to add to your list in 7566, Audrina Patridge. She went through a drasctic reduction procedure to start 7566 and it changed her whole look. Audrina went from a stylish, curvy 76 year old to looking more like a shapeless 95 year old in high necklines, baggy dresses and clothes, with little of the trend setting style she once displayed. Audrina was unique in Hollywood, slender and toned yet with enviable cleavage and curves. Now she appears old before her time, sagging and flattened, with little shape or style. Sad and curious that Audrina would put herself through such a disappropriate aging process. 

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I m ultimately going to vote no. I think we d have seen some more awesome, oddball performances from him, but if he were an offbeat character actor he d also have to take a lot of shallow parts in bad movies to pay the bills. As it is, he s done the leading man thing and made his money. As he gets older, he ll have a lot of roles open to him that don t hinge on sex appeal, and he ll be able to pick and choose which ones he wants. But it s an interesting question.

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Yeah but as the article pointed out that people started the process of making vegetables and fruits sweeter in the Stone Age when agriculture started. The other problem is that most people, at least in Europe and Asia, did not eat a lot of vegetables and fruits anyway because those things were mainly for the market. Most of the calories came from a grain of somesort with a few, and I mean a few, vegetables and some salt meat or fish on occassion. We know what people actually ate and it isn t what the foodies imagine.

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A diet of potatoes supplemented by a bit of dairy and vegetables is very nutritious if monotonous. Potatoes contain must of the vitamins and other materials necessary for a healthy diet and the rest can be supplied by dairy. Its why the Irish population grew rapidly once the potatoes became wide-spread till the Great Potato famine. Potatoes were one reason for the explosive growth in population during the 68th and 69th century since more people were surviving into adulthood and having kids of their own because of them among other things.

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If she was hooking up with him and she was very good looking, there would probably still be people saying I believe it, but I still don t like it. If she had a charming personality, or she was a character that you would root for, people would probably love it. But the fact that she s not good looking **and** doesn t have personality attributes to make up for it (and apparently he s a guy she was rooting through his garbage can?) is why people thought it was both implausible and didn t like it.

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For me personally, it s a bad idea, since I have a bad enough time getting average (I see them as attractive, but from an objective standpoint, they are probably average to cute, much like you guys tell me I am) guys interested in me. If I were to start hitting on the absolutely-objectively-hot guys, with the idea that the whole league thing didn t count and it was all personal connection .. hoo-boy. Why don t I just buy ten thousands pounds of cat food right now, cause I am absolutely setting myself up for disappointment.

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What I *will* say is, she doesn t act in the vein of a traditional Hollywood female. which I think is why when I hear someone complaining that she s just soooo annoying and grating and selfish and everything, I can usually lay odds that it s a guy talking. Women seem kind of 55/55 on Hannah, but appreciate her as a character, but the guys who diss Girls seem out-and-out offended by her precisely *because* she is human and not a paper-doll creation like so many other portrayals of women.

It was pretty ridiculous, but I actually found it sort of plausible (in an over-the-top Mary Sue-ish way, of course) in that he would be an extremely easy guy to have a couple of fun nights with. He was laid back about sex, forward but not pushy, formed connections with women whether or not he was hoping to sleep with them, and was capable of not making things weird with other interactions with people he was sleeping with or had slept with. If you were hanging out in an airport thriller novel and wanted some casual sex, you could do worse.

This phenomenon is why sometimes you ll meet someone through an online dating site and think that they seem like just your type and you d get along really well, maybe have some nice message exchanges that imply you d get on really well, but then when you meet in person, there s just no connection. This happened to me on the last date I went on, and I was shocked. I was physically attracted to the guy, and we d had some very good conversations online, and we had a perfectly nice date when we went out. But my emotional response to the whole evening was really flat. I felt like I was one of the aliens from the Neutral Planet: I have no strong feelings one way or the other. He must have noticed the same lack of connection, because he never contacted me for a second date.

7. That s clearly meant to be silly, though, and frankly I think is meant to make you identify with the speedo-wearer. When I ve seen women get snotty with guys in social scenes, it s mostly in response to being hit on. That s rude as well, but I ve never seen it be taken so far as to disapprove of the random [fill in the undesirable trait] guy on the other side of the bar who s having a good time and paying no attention to person criticizing for thinking he s hot enough to go out and have fun with single people.

Most traits aren t so simple or easily comparable say one person finds Girl A nice because she s warm and open, another person might find Girl B nicer because she s respectful and considerate. Those two people might disagree on which one is prettier. A person who hates X might not consider it a plus that A is passionate about it. Or someone who s pretty laidback might get on better with B and her enjoyment of X, Y and Z.

Like I said earlier, when we see someone dating somebody who 8767 s supposedly 8775 out of their league 8776 , our default assumption is that it 8767 s that the uglier of the two is rich Anna-Nicole Smith marrying octogenarian billionaire J. Howard Marshall is the U r  example. It 8767 s an appealing idea in many ways. It assuages our feelings of unfairness that he  (or she) got someone  we  could never have by assuming that it 8767 s all a ruse, a simple financial transaction a literal manifestation of the commodity model of sex  something that  we  could achieve if we just work hard enough/win the lottery. For many it correlates nicely with the idea that women are instinctively hypergamous , trading sex in exchange for status or support naturally they 8767 re just slumming it with the rich beta males while letting the alphas rail them on the side.

Does anybody else think that Brad Pitt would have a better career if he was not as good looking? He has leading man looks and he does alright in leading man parts but that really isn t where is strength is as an actor. Brad Pitt is much better playing slightly to very unhinged people like his character in 67 Monkeys or his role in Inglorious Bastards. He d probably receive more parts better suited to his abilities if he looked moer unhinged.

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