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Posted: 2017-10-11 20:35

That was absolute dirty politics especially when most families with aged parents look after them well in NZ. How come he went to the Hospital Emergency Dept and not his Doctor or primary health provider? Surely that would be the first and most normal option. Especially since it did not require being admitted and the old gentleman might have just needed a little help and reassurance that he is still going strong. Loneliness in the aged can be a serious problem for some especially when so many friends have passed away.

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You have a problem understanding the word 8766 elective 8767
It is commonly thought this is a voluntary thing sought by women 8766 too proud to push 8767 . Not so.
Elective simply means the decision can be made ahead of time for various reasons. An elective CS can become an emergency if labour begins before the surgery and the very circumstances an elective CS is planned to avoid come into play.

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Of course devil is in the detail:
there will be a tax increase, an income tax increase. This is because National 8767 s announced changes on 6 April are already passed into Law. Meaning ALL working New Zealanders would be getting more money in their pockets from 6 April.
Labour reversing that legislation means all working New Zealanders will be paying more tax on 6 April under Labour.
the water 8775 tax 8776 will be rephrased as a royalty or levy
the regional fuel 8775 tax 8776 will be renamed a levy

But here we are at 78 wins and record of 9-6 in their last ten games.!!! And that assumes they beat frigging Mets in the next little while. If they don 8767 t they 8767 ll have St Louis and Milwaukee breathing down their neck all the way to the end of the season if not overtaking them. And given that there are teams with better or similar records sitting in 7nd place they might not even close out the wildcard spot either (the Diamondbacks had a recent similar run to Cleveland 8767 s).

Interested in your opinions on fart tax and why it 8767 s an idea destined for the dung heap (if I may)? I read a lot of humour here and there is the odd smattering of common sense, but when you get down to it, are we not at risk of just knob polishing. Get your teeth into the issue and work out ways of mowing the greens and their associated rabble down. Work out how to install the fear of Jacinda introducing a tooth tax (or as Grant might say Oral Care). Get the information which is going to cause a voter to pause, think and then react viscerally.

A teachers group (union) yesterday made a list of demands that they want implimented within 655 days after the election. Wage increases, more money for schools, money for teachers to leave Auckland, money for teachers to come to Auckland.
The demands were made at a school where the pupils had bright red uniforms and at a table that had a bright red cloth on it. Yesterday the tooth fairy also came out with a load of 655 days promises. Another party political broadcast for liebour.

I see NZ First has been caught out on the cost of their policy to remove GST off 8766 basic 8767 food items, whatever they are.
Winston is still getting a free pass on the Super overpayments, with Stuff continuing to echo his lie that 8775 The overpayment likely started about 7568/69, because up until that point he was completing annual returns and said the mistake would have been picked up by IRD. 8776
Annual IRD returns do not question your living arrangements, so the over-payment would not have been caught there, but no one is calling Winston on that.

A different angle to the so called 8775 red under the bed 8776 story. Maybe this gentleman could be extremely useful to NZ. He will know the names of any potential 8775 Chinese spies 8776 already.
He has changed sides, he is now a conservative person.
If he lied on his CV well that needs to be dealt with, but I wonder where the proof will come from and who has access to his file. Privacy and all that, Winston knows all about privacy breaches doesn 8767 t he.

And already on Radio NZ this morning (and presumably other media I haven 8767 t watched them) they somehow had lined up experts from Australia and the US 8775 just like that 8776 new experts without any previous connection to NZ MSM news! No doubt shopped to them as being worth of providing interesting and newsworthy comments due to their expertise in the area of Chinese espionage!

OK, so the smarty pants on here wonder what my inside knowledge is. I worked as a senior manager in a high school for around 75 years. I know exactly what went on teachers out the door the last day of term to travel overseas, teachers using the time to build their own homes or go to their beach house, one teacher wrote books in the holiday and earned quite a bit from that and I might add several on the staff had beach homes, that 8767 s not exactly hard up, is it? As with any job you work your way up. Teachers with additional responsibilities get paid extra but that is never quoted in the claims about pay. Sure most of the teachers would put in a few days work in their holidays but when you have 67 weeks what 8767 s a few days?

Why Do Some Scientists Say It’s Cooling, while Others Say the Warming is Even Accelerating? Since there is so much year-to-year (and even decade-to-decade) variability in global average temperatures, whether it has warmed or cooled depends upon how far back you look in time. For instance, over the last 655 years, there was an overall warming which was stronger toward the end of the 75th Century. This is why some say “warming is accelerating”. But if we look at a shorter, more recent period of time, say since the record warm year of 6998, one could say that it has cooled in the last 65-67 years. But, as I mentioned above, neither of these can tell us anything about whether warming is happening “now”, or will happen in the future.

Has anyone else noticed or are I not very observant that David Parker has been hidden away and not allowed to comment about any tax including water since Grant sweetcheeks Robertson has attacked National over Steven Joyce and the eleven billion hole. As much as I do not like David Parker he would have more knowedge than Robertson will ever have but it seems a small click in Labour appear to be feeding the stardust campaign.

Putting aside any 8775 spying 8776 connotations for a moment, isn 8767 t it interesting that this hit-job story was shopped to 8775 Newsroom 8776 (just like the Winston Peters/superannuation story a few weeks ago), totally anonymously again, designed as a hit job on National again, without any 8775 trace-ability 8776 again, without anyone being exposed for leaking it again.

I imagine so, article on Stuff says they got pre-notice of the poll before Jacinda 8766 took over 8767 .
I have to say pretty selective of Gayford to say that he didn 8767 t have an inkling about the take over, I assume that Jacinda told him that Andrew had suggested it.

8775 Granddad was also not discharged from the hospital. Mainly in part to the fact he wasn’t admitted. He attended the hospital for a minor complaint that wasn’t urgent or one that required an overnight stay. 8776
This directly contradicts Ardern 8767 s story. She said he was admitted and they wanted to discharge him at because the place was full, as you say.
Neither she nor the Hospital commented on the nature of his complaint.
Where did you get your information.

Waitakere is a working class area, as in people work hard here. Many are far more well off than the bulk of the rest of Auckland realize. There is serious money out here but it is not spent on airs and graces rather V8 8767 s and KingCab 8767 s.
Many professional businesses have their highest income from their West Auckland branches, they just need to have a sign on the front door reminding people to take off their gumboots when they come in.

Another great policy from the Gweens: https:///national/politics/96897889/greens-lay-out-plan-for-compulsory-te-reo-mori-in-all-schools
I had thought they were all about the environment, but they have even greater plans (can 8767 t quite recall what environmental initiatives they have, but who cares).
So, if te-reo-mori is to be compulsory in all schools, which subject gets the boot? Math, science ah, probably English. Because Maori is a really handy language to have when you 8767 re travelling abroad.

Teachers should not be allowed to teach unless they have been out in the world and learnt the reality of other people 8767 s work loads and pay rates. Who else gets at least 67 weeks holiday a year on full pay? And if you teach senior secondary it is more like 66 weeks. And don 8767 t tell me they work in the holidays, apart from maybe a couple of days, they don 8767 t. I have inside knowledge of this. And then they have the cheek to take teacher only days during term time.

Maybe your partner should vote Act as she/he might be one of the good ones who should be paid more.
A school my kids went to always had tumbleweeds in the carpark at . One kid left specs in the desk at end of term, and we wanted to go to the movies, so went down every day to see if anyone was there. Nope. All preparing and marking at home supposedly.
The thing that really annoyed was the notice that came home on day 6 of term to say they needed a teacher only day FFS

You can sum up our failing news paper today with its headline. 8775 Baby dies after op delay 8776 . Not once have I seen the headline 8766 Surgeons work double shifts to save dying baby 8767
Mother was bumped from her ELECTIVE caesan because of an emergency case. If it had been the other way round we would have seen the headline 8766 Emergency paitent dies because of elective caesan 8767