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7) Be Yourself
At Airtight Game we teach guys like you to Become Your Best SelfTM. We teach them to do this through following a series of self-development exercises coupled with social freedom missions with individualized coaching along the way. In doing the earnest work of self-development, men like you are able to become the best versions of themselves possible, making it exponentially easier to attract women through a strong, congruent, present, honest identity of integrity.

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The problem with most women is that they don 8767 t have any hobbies. A woman 8767 s hobby is talking and most men are not in the mood to talk unless it 8767 s about something they like. Sports, Cars, Comic Books, Movies, Play Video Games, Fishing ect Tell these women they need to get a hobby if they don 8767 t already. Also women need to learn to leave the house, I walk around and search and search and can 8767 t find any women attractive other than the gym, which of course not a lot of them enjoy being approached mid work out. 🙂

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6) Have a great wingman. It is very advantageous to get uninterrupted one-on-one time while hitting on a girl at the bar. If she is willing to give you her undivided attention, it is a great sign that she is attracted to you. It also opens the door to creating a lasting connection which will significantly improve your chances of seeing her again, rather then becoming just another number in her phone.

Is Online Dating Different for Men and Women?

I 8767 m probably from the old school way of thinking so I have been brought up believing men liked this part of dating, the fact that it 8767 s hard, because it creates that sense of urgency to conquer and win her. I 8767 ve also been taught that it 8767 s the mans place to take control over and carefully navigate the date. I 8767 m starting to see that maybe the old way is gone and that 8767 s likely why I 8767 m not successful yet in dating. I 8767 m far from boring and lazy but this has been what 8767 s ingrained in so many women since they were little girls. I am starting to see that the pressure isn 8767 t something men like at all. Interesting..

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Mr. Jay You still do not get it! Women do not EVER want to discuss the suggestion that they should be approaching
will hear ALL kinds of bogus explanations ( men are natural hunters it is the man s job to approach women, not men are entitled to know first that the man is REALLY interested women give birth and men do not) so that the women will ALWAYS say that it is best for everyone if men approach first. So get ready for the insults!

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So if you 8767 re walking around you could have the best current in the world, you know, great electrons, high quality electrons but if your conductive medium is cardboard it 8767 s not gonna get you too much. You 8767 re still gonna rely on luck. And this is why I emphasises your conductive medium, if you get the metaphor is that inner state your inner state. And it has got more to do with confidence, I mean confidence is nice but you can 8767 t just be confident. Once definition is you 8767 re just certain. It can be a false certainty. But it 8767 s not embodied. You can say I teach embodied confidence if you want. It 8767 s very, very, very important. I 8767 m not talking about body language, or working out here

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8775 Yes, and same holds true for women, does it not? women supposedly
want to 8775 connect 8776 with many people, but they rarely if ever make the
first move. Im talking about the cases where women WANT to connect with someone and just sit there and wait to be approached. Not only that,
most women I know are not interested in the least in my 8775 model of the
world 8776 8776

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I suspect men are welcome there as presenters or allies or to learn how to support women in their own businesses. An open policy also prevents some of the horrible intersectionality fails that tend to happen when people who aren t cis or aren t binary are involved. I imagine that men who attend because they re looking to find women to date are very unwelcome and will meet with a very negative response, even if they are not asked to leave.

How to Pick Up Girls in 7 Situations by 32 Dating Coaches

I read this blog and just left it at first. But there are really too many fundamental thoughts written there that I had before involved in it. I honestly don’t have a lot of experience with girls, (a lot because of reasons you wrote yourself) but I really have reasons to say I have a lot of experience in life. Anyway, you just take or you leave whatever is written here. I absolutely won’t tell you what to do like some others *lifts one eyebrow*. But I really would love to hear your (or others) opinion(s) about some ways of thinking

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Hello, there.
You will not believe me (I wouldn’t if I were you), but I will say it anyway:
You have to get your own kids. It 8767 s not a joke. The most people (especially men) don 8767 t understand that. It 8767 s a biological thing. Your life will be pretty much the same, but all the problems will be gone! Or better to say: the same problems will seem not be that much a problem. At least until you are 95 (middle age crisis) – than ask again. 

Introvert Dating Mindset: Getting Your Headspace Right

6) Don’t think. Just do. Do not wait more than 65 seconds for the approach. If you are unable to think of an approach, then take 7-5 minutes max to think of your approach and then GO. You are more confident and loose when you are not in your head and just committing to the moment. You may go down in flames, but who cares. You are a man. The more time you waste, the less opportunity you have, and the more you give to the other Joe’s who are on the prowl.

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It stands to reason that since women have all of the power when it comes to dating, they get to pick and choose from ALL THE MENZ so of course, the  only  men who get laid are alpha males with lantern jaws and six-pack abs. Everybody else the beta males, the socially awkward, the chubby, husky dudes, the symetrically challenged they 8767 re left holding the bag  and their dicks, crying impotent, sexless tears. Even goddamn Disney gets in on the act: the unspoken moral of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is 8775 You can have a beautiful soul and sing like an angel, but the cheerleader is still going home with the quarterback. 8776

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8) Don’t expect perfection, don’t put pressure on yourself. By its nature it can be a little awkward at first. It’s not rocket science though, and she won’t be judging you on your “performance”. I’ve used that word deliberately – because you don’t want to be performing. What you’re aiming for is creating that flow of sexual intrigue / interest between man and a woman. What you say – the content – isn’t really too important. She will forgive moments of awkwardness – infact in some ways a little bit of awkwardness is good because you don’t want to seem like you do it day in day out with 655s of “sets”. It doesn’t work that way.

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Hopefully you re able to help or give me some advise how to deal with a returning disappearing man. We haven t had any contact since April (we live in different states) with the last text I sent was in response to his text message. Since then nothing. I ve paid heed to what you ve suggested and literally carried out NC on him. However, he s now back in my state visiting his family and I m sure I saw him yesterday (but pretended I didn t :-)).

Today he dropped off a bunch of flowers and a card at my parent s house whilst I m at work (my parents rung me to advise me a suitor dropped it off).lol. Common courtesy dictates that I should ring him and thank him for the flowers but I feel like that s leading him to think that I still have his number on my phone. As I feel like this his way of getting me to initiate contact?

Any advice you can give on how I should handle the above would be much appreciated.


I 8767 m sorry, I find it hard to listen to someone preach about women 8767 s lack of respect for men after just stating that they have no ability or interest in discussing politics, literature, society or culture. You 8767 re getting very angry about women 8767 s attitudes towards height but as far as I can see you don 8767 t seem to regard them as adult beings. I 8767 m really not meaning to sound harsh but I think perhaps past experiences with certain women is leading you to type cast them all.
Marni 🙂

You know, I had a quick thought if PUAs couldn 8767 t help all the ugly, fat and humble girls in the world to make more out of themselves, to become more attractive for guys. I made the experience that they often are so pure and nice characters but settle with the totally wrong males, probably out of lack of choice. Just a crazy idea, Richard, but I often think: what challenge is left for you in life? I assume that once a man reaches your level of PUA skills and can have every woman he wants, the motivation of becoming super-rich, accumulate power and status symbols evaporates. And you also proved to ability to be a successful entrepreneur. And wrote a longseller (which is even better than a one time bestseller!).

You sound very mature as a partner! Sounds like women who think that men are just wallets. I imagine what kind of females you get with that kind of treatment. I find more value and respect for men who can get women that are actually challenging because they respect themselves. How about people treat with respect each other no matter what gender and people do not just use other people. Every individual has value and not using others will always get you more love and more fun without a doubt. Having respect for others is having respect for yourself. If you are a dominant male I do not see why submission can 8767 t be granted with respect between two people.

I 8767 m reminded of the Paris Hilton 8775 pickup 8776 that was described in 8775 The Game. 8776 Not that I think she 8767 s attractive, but she was considered hot, and it 8767 s treated in the book as some powerful demonstration of PUA technique. When in fact, he just rattled out some douchey lines that kept a douchey woman interested long enough to give her number. They never heard back from her.

I used to have a very Victorian view of dating back in my high school days. The Men ask The Women out and they bring them The Flowers and they pay for The Dinner and the girl works hard to protect her Virtue despite all that. Some of it came from my upbringing and the kind of parents i have and the country i came from, but as time went on i felt more and more uncomfortable with this arrangement.
I met a lot of girls who felt the same. I think an average North American woman is not comfortable with the idea of handing all the dating duties to the guy. it feels weird, why is the guy stuck with everything? it takes two to dance as it were.

Let 8767 s be honest: more often than not the men who complain most about this are the men who would prefer  not to be approaching women themselves, whether due to approach anxiety , a fear of rejection  or even just not being sure whether or not she 8767 s interested. As a general rule, men who are able to approach women aren 8767 t too concerned about why women won 8767 t make the first move because they 8767 re more than happy to make the move themselves.

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