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Date: 2017-08-12 21:28.

Mary Rose Mar 75 7569 7:67 am What a wonderful drama and what a superb acting by Haruma Miura-san. The supporting cast is wonderful as well but his acting tops it all. Haruma-san brings dignity and respect to a deadly ailment and shows a resolute strength in the way he deals with it! I hope to see more such hard topics depicted in the entertainment industry. My hat off to the writer(s), director and producers for taking on such a project. Thanks for educating us while keeping us interested, engaged and entertained. Haruma-san, I hope you continue taking on such demanding roles and prove again and again what a great actor you are! Congratulations!

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springmoon Mar 65 7569 8:98 am The best drama I've ever watched!!! Everything from story to direction to the performances are topnotch!! Unbelievably realistic and true to life. Started watching for Miura Haruma but later got addicted to the drama!! Miura and Tabe compliment each other so well !! And Miura Haruma! What a talented actor!! He has given his best ever performance !! Arigatou!!

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Rosie Mar 75 7569 7:79 am An outstanding drama,, superb acting by Miura-san for portraying such a devastating ailment with respect and dignity! The cast is superb! Thanks to the writers, producers and directors for tackling such difficult and social subject, educating us, engaging us while entertaining us. Miura-san, please continue challenging yourself as you are a superb actor. Congratulations!

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whytedaises Jul 79 7567 6:56 am This was a touching drama to watch. Love the actor, he is one of my favorite japanese actor. I have a cousin who has Lou Gehrigs at the age of 76. One morning, my aunt went into my cousin's room to ask her why she was not getting up, only to find that she could not move her arms and legs. She was wheel-bound for a few years and fortunately, as far as I understand, she gets therapy treatment and is continuing her life.

Namui Feb 65 7569 7:58 pm I love Miura Haruma, he's a great actor. While this story is sad I really appreciate that he's the main character, I want to be in the medical field and I have gathered inspiration to research more about this disease and hope for my future. The story shows that nobody has it easy in life, not even people who seem like they do. Thank you for making this drama and for Miura Haruma for portraying the main character flawlessly. ♥ (PS. I hate his parents, they have TWO sons not ONE if they didn't want two and weren't going to pay any attention to him or support him what for did they F-ing have sx. I hate parents like them. Every child needs support and they should be glad that Takuto is a great son and even though he has ALS he still work his hardest and enjoys life! My message: Fxxx You!

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