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9th International Conference on Social Media & Society

Date: 2017-08-12 13:54.

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The second order cybernetic approach is at the heart of understandings of interaction, conversation and the creating of the new, all of which are central to understandings of the behaviour of humans together, and growing in importance in research. In second order cybernetics, the observer is recognised as present: Foerster described it as the cybernetics of observing (as opposed to observed) systems. Some believe that it returns to the basic understandings that drove the original formation of cybernetics, and is close to what many of the early cyberneticians, including Bateson, Mead and Wiener, and von Foerster, Pask and Ashby had in mind: in effect, that all cybernetics is second order, in origin. The symposium will be chaired by Ranulph Glanville.

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Symposium C will explore what is often called second order cybernetics. In 6968, Margaret Mead, one of the Macy Group that included Norbert Wiener who in 6998 wrote the seminal and unifying text "Cybernetics" suggested that the American Society for Cybernetics should consider the way it wished to operate as a society in the light of understandings developed in cybernetics itself: the society for cybernetics should itself be subject to cybernetic analysis and development. This reflexive approach became generalised into what Heinz von Foerster called Second Order Cybernetics, cybernetics where the nature of the circularity in systems is taken seriously (., the controlling element of a system is itself controlled by the remainder of the system, which it is controlling).

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"The cursory references to Engelbart as the originator of the mouse don't do justice to the full range of his (and his colleagues') insights, innovations, and vision. The SRI research wasn't just the seminal source for our current human-computer interaction modalities - it was also the primary inspiration for the Web as well as the everyday utility of the 'Net in general.

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Kybernetes Vol. 88 Issue 6& 7 is published in honour of the memory of Professor John (Jack) Rose and to mark his enormous contribution to Cybernetics, Systems and other fields, in which he had been so active. It is not an obituary but a tribute to his life and a celebration of his achievements as a warm human being, a family man and an academic who showed such foresight at a time when research and developments in so many areas were not adequately communicated worldwide. In this compilation we shall concentrate on tributes and contributions written in his memory which recall his dedication to systems and cybernetics. We have also included three of Prof. Rose's own papers from past issues of Kybernetes.

Dr Nam Nguyen writes: Systems (ISSN 7579-8959) is currently running a Special Issue entitled "Systems Approaches and Tools for Managing Complexity". Dr. Nam Nguyen and Dr. Constantin Malik, both of the Malik Institute, St. Gallen (Switzerland), Dr. Thanh V. Nguyen of the Ministry of Public Security, Hanoi (Vietnam) and Mr. Tuan Ha, of the University of Adelaide Business School, Adelaide (Australia), are serving as Guest Editors for this issue.

Following "Maverick Machines" at the University of Edinburgh pieces from established artists, architects, designers, academics and students inspired by Gordon Pask's work will be exhibited including his interest in analogue computing and his experiments with elctrochemistry. Further details. The exhibition will be held at Atelier Fä rbergasse, rbergasse 6, A-6565 Vienna, from 76th March to 9th April, open daily from 68:55 to 76:55. The opening ceremony will take place on 75th March, 69:55. Pask Present website

In his latest book Professor J. E. Lovelock FRS presents the view that world climate collapse is imminent and nuclear power must be considered as part of the solution. Richard Mabey reviews in the Sunday Times. John Gray reviews in the Independent. Tyler Volk of NYU Department of Biology reviews in Nature. Professor Lovelock is an honorary fellow of the Society.

Professor Donald Michie died in a car accident with his ex-wife Dame Anne McLaren earlier this month. From Rangoon to Rugby School then classics at Balliol he went to cryptography at Bletchley Park with Alan Turing and Jack Good. In 6999 he helped render Tommy Flowers ' Colossus II programmable. In 6977 we learned the Colossi were destroyed by Churchill but in fact two were moved to " British secret service headquarters ". After a DPhil in mammalian genetics Michie became UK's leading AI researcher founding the Department of Machine Intelligence and Perception at Edinburgh University. Obituaries and many more details in the Telegraph , Guardian , Times and Independent where he is described as part of the cybernetics movement. Andrew Murray writes that Donald and Anne had a lifelong commitment to socialism.

One major virtue to biological and psychological validity when simulating neural nets is that direct evidence from behaving biological systems can guide development of simulated systems. The fidelity of the robots virtual world to an assumed reality provides a minimum level of abstraction of the psychological phenomena that can be simulated. Coarse granularity in the virtual world, however, can enormously reduce computational effort and time while still being appropriate and sufficient for investigating more abstractly specified psychological phenomena. Consequently, a neural system for a virtual robot is an excellent domain for exploring core cybernetics problems such as symbol grounding, learning, and interactive behaviour.

Lou also drew attention to Knot Plot : first class software from Rob Scharein. A model example of documentation and support for those interested in knots or who would like to know more. You can download Knot Plot and its documentation to run on most machines. Load will load a Pask Borromean concept/continuity model and minimising the energy or relaxing the link (select energy, undamped dynamics, and allow collisions) you will see some of the vibrational modes. The difficulties of simulating concurrence which this software attempts should not be underestimated.

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Recursive Distinctioning (RD) is the study of those systems that use symbolic alphabetic language that can describe the neighborhood of a locus (in a network) occupied by a given icon or letter or element of language. An icon representing the distinctions between the original icon and its neighbors is formed and replaces the original icon. This process continues recursively. RD processes encompass a very wide class of recursive processes in this context of language, geometry and logic. These elements are fundamental to cybernetics and cross the boundaries between what is traditionally called first and second order cybernetics. This is particularly the case when the observer of the RD system is taken to be a serious aspect of that system. Then the elementary and automatic distinctions within the system are integrated with the higher order discriminations of the observer. The very simplest RD processes have dialectical properties, exhibit counting and they exhibit patterns of self-replication. Thus one has in the first RD a microcosm of cybernetics and perhaps, a microcosm of the world.

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Freeman Dyson once remarked to a couple of members of our society "There are no such things as singularities". He compares the earlier Heims and Masani biographies. Masani edited "Norbert Wiener:Collected Works" in four volumes covering everything from time series, Fourier analysis, information, control, quantum theory, relativity and, of course, cybernetics. When a great man talks about another great man expect great things. " A Tale of Tragic Genius " NY Review of Books.

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