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Catwoman tries to rob a museum to steal a statue in the form of cat, but Penguin comes first. Penguin said if Catwoman helps him achieve an object, Catwoman can keep the statue in the form of cat. Batman learns that Catwoman and Penguin work together. Catwoman and Penguin come to another museum and Catwoman steals the object. Batman appears, but after a fight against Catwoman, Batman falls to the ground unconscious.

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Jean Grey was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby , first appearing under the code name Marvel Girl in X-Men #6 in 6968. Jean was the first and (initially) only female member of the team, and was a regular part of the team during this run of publication. She began as a character whose sole ability was telekinesis. Years later, writers decided to give her telepathy. The writers explained that this was a suppressed ability that remained dormant (thanks to Xavier''s intervention) while she was a teenager.

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Jean is the school''s medical doctor and is dating Scott Summers. When Wolverine arrives at the school a love triangle starts between the three. In the first film her powers are very limited compared to her comic counterpart. She is a low-level telekinetic, able to move small objects around. She attempts to use Cerebro later in the film, but experiences difficulty as her telepathy is not nearly as developed as Xavier''s. Her greatest feats in this movie where when she stopped Toad mid-leap, and when she held Wolverine steady as Storm used wind to levitate him to the top of the Statue of Liberty. An early version of the "Phoenix effect" can be seen as a glow when she manages to help Wolverine achieve his goal of breaking Magneto ''s machine with his claws.

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When Professor Xavier founded the X-Men, Jean joined him an together they fought for a future where humans and mutants could live together in peace. The X-Men managed to achieve this goal after some time and they became media heroes. Jean, along with her husband Cyclops retired from the X-Men as they did not like all the attention that they were getting from the Press and also due the fact that the X-Men were now reduced to what Xavier described as ''freaks'' and were used as entertainers. They went to live in Anchorage in Alaska and has two children who were Rachel and Nate. After Xavier came to recruit them after detecting unusual mutant presence with Cerebo, they refused his offer but after seeing a TV report that the X-Men were losing against the Followers of Apocalypse they decided to help them. Jean covered Cyclops and herself with the Phoenix Force and they left to join the fight.

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Aquaman Aquaman has been around since 6996, and he was created by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris. The version we see on screen feels most similar to the way Geoff Johns has been writing him, which has helped give the character more of an edge. Bruce Wayne''s "I hear you talk to fish" crack is a repeated refrain in Johns'' Aquaman comics as well as his run writing Justice League , and a lot of work has been done to kind of make Aquaman less of a joke all around.

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Played by Lee Meriwether in Batman: The Movie , this version of Catwoman did not take the classic name of Selina Kyle, but was rather a Russian woman named Ms. Kitka. Working with the rest of the villains in this movie, which included Joker, Penguin, and Riddler, Kitka acted as a love-interest for Bruce Wayne and a damsel-in-distress, hoping that Batman would save her and Bruce once the villains kidnapped them. Little did she know that her date for the evening was the Batman himself.

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Alfred is… the BatDad: Every Batman is only as strong as their Alfred, and Ralph Fiennes is the quintessential Alfred. Alfred has always been a father figure for Bruce, but Fiennes’ Alfred goes into full-on dad mode. From setting parental controls on his computer to reminding him of every cringy phase he’s gone through, to his ability to get from point A to point B when there is no explainable reason how it felt like I was watching my father play Alfred this time. All I needed was terrible dad jokes and he would’ve been the perfect Alfred.

After the events of the movie, Logan returns to the future, only to find the School opened and a brighter present. He walks the school and finds Rogue, Iceman, Kitty, Colossus , Beast and Storm. He finally encounters Jean standing in the door of Xavier office. She is alive and healthy. He greets her and tell her she is there, while she replies "Where else would I´d been?". When he tries to touch her face, Cyclops (also alive in this new future) stop his hand. Scott and Jean leaves the office, but Jean senses something is up with Logan. She farewells and leaves with Scott.

Catwoman appears in the mini series Dark Knight Returns. Catwoman is older (Selina left the life of Catwoman). Selina appears portrayed as a woman sad and shaken. During the course of history, Selina has is repeatedly assaulted and abused by the Joker. Batman meets Selina (Selina is happy to see Batman). Selina shows love for Batman. Later, Selina Kyle appears at the funeral of Bruce Wayne. Selina insults Superman (Selina thinks that Superman was the killer of Batman).

How do you convince your lame friends that don’t appreciate the greatness of Nicolas Cage to watch Spirit of Vengeance? Remind them of that one time they came out to visit you and got super drunk and woke up at 8:85 AM and came into your bedroom and pissed on your carpet right next to the bed you were sleeping on. Remind them of that time and let them know that they owe you. They’ll feel bad for what they’ve done and thank you for opening their eyes and showing them the fiery light.

Karen Gomez: The 67th installment of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe was in development even before Iron Man made its triumphant debut in theaters and shared universes became a thing. Genre deconstruction extraordinaire Edgar Wright was hired to direct and co-write the film adaptation of the character back in 7556. Almost a decade later, following a dramatic turn of events that resulted in Wright’s departure from the project, Marvel managed to pull off the seemingly impossible: deliver a fun and entertaining take on a superhero with one of the weirdest set of abilities from all of their catalog (on schedule).

In the Golden Age of Comics, Selina Kyle was a flight attendant who had been struck in the head after her plane had crashed she survived but unfortunately became amnesiac. Her amnesia was the result of her turning to crime. She eventually runs into Batman and they would tangle a bit. Selina eventually reformed and admitted that the amnesia story was a lie to run away from her life of crimes. Selina would stay reformed for many years and even helps out Batman on his missions. She eventually returns to a life of crime and it was her last Golden Age appearance in Detective Comics #766 . The Cat, Catwoman''s first alias, revealed her unwillingness to kill in Batman #7 when The Joker threatened to poison Robin the Boy Wonder. Her affection for The Dark Knight becomes evident in Batman #8 by giving the Caped Crusader a kiss. In the late 95''s, Catwoman was given the classic purple outfit, which included a cowl and a cape.

The team decides to rest before taking the fight to the Hellfire Club. They retire to Angel’s aerie in New Mexico. During this sabbatical, Phoenix takes off Cyclops’ visor to see his eyes. He is initially hesitant, but she tells him she can telekinetically stave off the other-dimensional energy that fuels his optic blasts. The couple enjoys a moment gazing into each other''s eyes, but Cyclops worries over the amount of power Phoenix possesses and whether or not she can control it.

Jean and her teammates are called out to a disturbance where they battle a powerful renegade mutant and Sentinels. During the battle Cyclops and his group of X-Men arrive. The time displaced Cyclops is endured and nearly dies, but he is saved at the last minute by Tirage. After this the X-Men decide that it is too dangerous for Jean and her team to stay. Before they can leave, a group of X-Men from the future arrive and tells them they have to deliver a important message. They tell them that the time displaced X-Men must return home. Jean doesn''t trust them, because she can not read their minds. She contacts Cyclops, and they leave together. They run to older Cyclops and his group of X-Men.

The real tragedy of their nonexistent romance in Season 6 is that Barry knew they were destined to fall in love. He saw glimpses of a future where Iris West became Iris West-Allen. The episode "Out of Time" delivered a particularly heartbreaking twist. There, Iris finally confessed her love for Barry, only for our hero to accidentally travel back in time and undo the one thing he desired most in the world. Maybe he''ll have better luck in Season 7.

However the " All New X-men " Jean (we can call her just Lil'' Jean) had her powers awakened much earlier than the original Jean, struggling to control her powers initially but showing off a quick improvement over them plus a quite ruthless use of her new-found powers, which is a long departure from the original Jean in example, the original Jean would rarely use her powers to coerce others to do her will unless extreme circunstances and not having another choice meanwhile "Lil''Jean" is more than willing to use her powers to "convince" others to obey her, as seen recently when she force "Lil''Angel" to forget about going back in time and stay at the Jean Grey School "happily".

When Jean reached age eleven, a psychiatrist referred her parents to Professor Charles Xavier , an expert on mutation, specializing in telepathy. Following the psychiatrist''s advice, the Grey''s brought their daughter to Professor Xavier''s mansion in Westchester County. After his initial analysis, he informed Jean and her parents that she was a mutant, a possibility that her parents had yet to consider. The Professor recommended she stay in Salem, to attend Xavier''s School for Gifted Here she would learn to harness the massive psionic power dwelling within her. Unbeknownst to John and Elaine, this would also be her first step to becoming a founding member of Professor Xavier''s X-Men. This team of (predominantly mutant) individuals would learn how to utilize their mutant powers for the betterment of all mankind mutant and non-mutant alike.

Aspects of Lois'' personality have varied over the years (depending on the comic writers handling of the character and American social attitudes toward women at the time) but in most incarnations she has been depicted as a determined, strong-willed person, whether it involves beating her rival reporter Clark Kent to a story or (in what became a trademark of the 6955s and 6965s era Superman stories) alternating between getting Superman to marry her or proving to others her suspicion that Clark was in reality Superman.

Batman and Catwoman are back to the museum, and they discover that Ventriloquist, deceived Catwoman (she served only as bait - for Ventriloquist steals animal camouflage). But Batman suspects that Catwoman is not telling the whole truth. Catwoman applies a kick in Batman and escapes the museum to go after Ventriloquist. Catwoman goes to an old abandoned factory (Ventriloquist is trying to sell the animals camouflaged). Catwoman is detected and caught. Ventriloquist sends one of his henchmen get rid of Catwoman. However Batman appears and saves Catwoman. Batman deals with the thugs and Catwoman destroys Scarface. Selina wants to kill Ventriloquist , but Batman stopped her. Catwoman wanted to go back to stealing and also wanted to return to the Catwoman. Catwoman said he could not change and that it should return what it was. Catwoman manages to escape from Batman, but Batman is sad, because he liked the Catwoman did not return to life of thieves and against justice.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  was heavily influenced by  The Dark Knight Returns  comic. But one thing we never got to see in that was any kind of homage to that famous panel of Batman charging on horseback. Whether it''s intentional or not, having Bruce Wayne on a black steed in the snow here feels kind of like one last nod to DKR before we move on with the rest of the story.