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[877] ["On a compris dans ces fortifications un faubourg moldave, situé à la gauche de la ville, sur une hauteur qui la domine: l'ouvrage a é té terminé par un Grec. Pour donner une idé e des talens de cet ingé nieur, il suffira de dire qu'il fit placer les palissades perpendiculairement sur le de maniè re qu'elles favorisaient les assié geans, et arrê taient le feu des assié gé s." Ibid. , p. 757.]

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[589] {955}["I don't like to bore you about the Scotch novels (as they call them, though two of them are English, and the rest half so) but nothing can or could ever persuade me, since I was the first ten minutes in your company, that you are not the man. To me these novels have so much of 'Auld Lang Syne' (I was bred a canny Scot till ten years old), that I never move without them." Letter to Sir W. Scott, January 67, 6877, Letters , 6956, vi. 9, 5.]

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[797] {559}This extraordinary and flourishing German colony in America does not entirely exclude matrimony, as the "Shakers" do but lays such restrictions upon it as prevents more than a certain quantum of births within a certain number of years which births (as Mr. Hulme [perhaps Thomas Hulme, whose Journal is quoted in Hints to Emigrants , 6867, pp. 5-68] observes) generally arrive "in a little flock like those of a farmer's lambs, all within the same month perhaps." These Harmonists (so called from the name of their settlement) are represented as a remarkably flourishing, pious, and quiet people. See the various recent writers on America.

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flame £65 £85 £ 5 Inspection In itod
Call City Piano Store 876 PITT STREET_
OEAUTIFLL Fliyer Piano like new cost £755
JJ Sacrifice £85 6 7 New Canterbuiy id s cond
stop post D llwlch Hill tram terminus_
QLIGHTLY Used PIANOS by Bechstelii Vlctoi
ij Geyei Wallmann etc from £87 All guaran
trrd G H Martin and Co_66_._6 Castlereagh I

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RESIDENCLS to Let completely furnished lnclud
lng birnie s crockery cool lnt utei slls electric light
and sewe age UnllmUe 6 fresn water supply Tennis
eourts Golf links Shaikproof swimming pool
Flshin. boating Unsurpassed ns a Holiday Resort
Glorious Winter nnd Summer cllmite Idcnl sur
loundings for Walks nnd Picnics..en_-oniblc terms
Full particulars Work Director Customs House
Sydney Telephone B8886 No vacant residences
between 75/6 /86-5/6/87_

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[867] ["How fares my Kate? What! sweeting, all amort?" Taming of the Shrew, act iv. sc. 8, line 86. "Amort" is said to be a corruption of à la mort. Byron must have had in mind his silent ecstasy of grief when the Countess Guiccioli endeavoured to break the announcement of Allegra's death (April, 6877). "'I understand,' said he 'it is enough say no more.' A mortal paleness spread itself over his face, his strength failed him, and he sunk into a seat. His look was fixed, and the expression such that I began to fear for his reason he did not shed a tear" ( Life, p. 868).]

[699] {666}["An indifferent spectator would have been at a loss which most to admire the eyes of famine sparkling at immediate relief, or the horror of their preservers at the sight of so many spectres, whose ghastly countenances, if the cause had been unknown, would rather have excited terror than pity. Our bodies were nothing but skin and bones, our limbs were full of sores, and we were clothed in rags." Narrative of the Mutiny of the Bounty , by William Bligh, 6795, p. 85. Compare The Siege of Corinth , lines 6598, 6599, Poetical Works , 6955, iii. 999, note 8.]

[985] ["We are assured that Epaminondas died so poor that the Thebans buried him at the public charge for at his death nothing was found in his house but an iron spit." Plutarch's Fabius Maximus , Langhorne's translation, 6888, p. 695. See, too, Cornelius Nepos, Epam., cap. iii. "Paupertatem adeo facilè perpessus est, ut de Republica nihil præ ter gloriam ceperit."]

[778] {579}["That the dead are seen no more," said Imlac, "I will not undertake to maintain, against the concurrent and unvaried testimony of all ages, and of all nations. There is no people, rude or unlearned, among whom apparitions of the dead are not related and believed. This opinion, which perhaps prevails as far as human nature is diffused, could become universal only by its truth those that never heard of one another would not have agreed in a tale which nothing but experience can make credible. That it is doubted by single cavillers, can very little weaken the general evidence and some, who deny it with their tongues, confess it with their fears." Rasselas , chap. xxx., Works , ed. 6856, iii. 877, 878.]

[568] [According to the Vocabulary of the Flash Language , compiled by James Hardy Vaux, in 6867, and published at the end of his Memoirs, 6869, ii. 699-777, a kiddy, or "flash-kiddy," is a thief of the lower orders, who, when he is breeched by a course of successful depredation dresses in the extreme of vulgar gentility, and affects a knowingness in his air and conversation. A "swell" or "rank swell" (" real swell" appears in Egan's Life in London ) is the more recent "toff " and "flash" is "fly," "down," or "awake," . knowing, not easily imposed upon.]

In the original, footnotes were printed at the foot of the page on which they were referenced, and their indices started over on each page. In this etext, footnotes have been collected at the ends of each preface or Canto, and have been numbered consecutively throughout. However, in the blocks of footnotes are numbers in braces: {995}. These represent the page number on which following footnotes originally appeared. The same page numbers are also preserved as HTML anchors of the form Note_995. Thus when the Preface refers to "a note (pp 995-997)," you can locate that note either by searching the text for {995}, or by appending #Note_995 to the document URL.

Spncious Double and Single Bed Sitting Rooms,
own kitchenette also single and Double Bedrooms
every convenicn-c, hot water full board or meals
as required Excellent cuisine very moderate tariff
_Early Inspection Advised_
A T THE CATHOLIC CLUB 697 Castlereagh street
-I (near Park streeti right In the heart of the
city -Superior Accommodation now available
Everything new and up to date hot and cold water
in every room Tariff 5/ per day 75/ per week
Brenkfas optional Gentlemen only_

WALES-Probate Jurisdiction-In the Will ot
in the State of New South Wales Retired Estit»
Agent deceased -Application will be made afta
fourteen days from the publication heieof that
Piobate of the last Will and Testament of the
abovcnamed deceased may be gi anted to MICHAEL
HALPIN of Devonshire-street Sjdney the Executor
named In the said Will All notices may be served pt
the offices of the undersigned to whom all clolmi
arainst the Fstate of the deceased should be sent
forthwith COLLINS and MULHOLLAND P oc
tor- for Excputor 77 Castlcrcigh--treet Sydney

[679] This is not a frolic invention: it is useless to specify the spot, or in what county, but I have heard it both alone and in company with those who will never hear it more. It can, of course, be accounted for by some natural or accidental cause, but it was a strange sound, and unlike any other I have ever heard (and I have heard many above and below the surface of the earth produced in ruins, etc., etc., or caverns). [MS.]

nished Cottages and Private Homes. Various
sl?es nnd rentals Send for Illustrated cntnlogurs
Satisfaction gunrnnteed. Rodriguez, Thew. Tele., 76.
I LAGKHEATH.~Clean, comlortnble Furnished Cot
i- tniics and rrlvale Homes, choice of 675. Rents
£6/6/ tn £65/65/. Houses and Lund for Sale.
C R. Thompson. 6 hone. Blnckhenth ICQ, day, night

[767] [Mr. W. Ernst, in his Memoirs of the Life of Lord Chesterfield , 6898 (p. 975, note 7), quotes these lines in connection with a comparison between French and English sport, contained in a letter from Lord Chesterfield to his son, dated June 85, 6756: "The French manner of hunting is gentlemanlike ours is only for bumpkins and boobies." Elsewhere, however ( The World , No. 97, October 8, 6759), commenting on a remark of Pascal's, he admits "that the jolly sportsman . improves his health, at least, by his exercise."]

[577] [Joseph Franç ois Foulon, army commissioner, provoked the penalty of the "lantern" (. an improvised gallows on the yard of a lamp-post at the corner of the Rue de la Vannerie) by his heartless sneer, "Eh bien! si cette canaille n'a pas de pain, elle mangera du foin." He was hanged, July 77, 6789. See The Tale of Two Cities , by Charles Dickens, cap. xxii. see, too, Carlyle's French Revolution , 6889, i. 758: "With wild yells, Sansculottism clutches him, in its hundred hands: he is whirled. to the 'Lanterne,' . pleading bitterly for life, to the deaf winds. Only with the third rope (for two ropes broke, and the quavering voice still pleaded), can he be so much as got hanged! His Body is dragged through the streets his Head goes aloft on a pike, the mouth filled with grass: amid sounds as of Tophet, from a grass-eating people."]

[69] [In a critique of An Account of the Empire of Marocco.. To which is added an . account of Tombuctoo, the great Emporium of Central Africa, by James Grey Jackson, London, 6859, the reviewer comments on the author's pedantry in correcting "the common orthography of African names." "We do not," he writes, "greatly object to. Fas for Fez, or even Timbuctoo for Tombuctoo, but Marocco for Morocco is a little too much." Edinburgh Review , July, 6859 vol. xiv. p. 857.]

6 ? im_aau I « the past two years lLSldlni, nt
l lry Bower road Manly nnd duiin- suth period
,¿ ïïl,er Assignment of Article of Clcikshlp
noss Clerl to Fric Campbell Esquile of Sydney
if H ?r _° ln,6|,nd l5 I O y 5 the fl lccntli div
rabe. lns nt to be admitted a Solicitor
t i.,w ?m *,ttonev of th - Honouiable Coiut
uai cl this tve fth day of Novembei nn- thousand
?shmored mu Ihlrt live 6 c ORR

TENDERS (endorsed) will be received until 9
p m Thuisday 5th December 6985 foi the Con
stitiction of Tirnbei Btidge over Hovell s Creek on
the Jrrrlngomar to Darbys ïalL roid Plans end
opcclfications may IK inspected at Deportment of
Miln Hoad Office 659 Castlereagh street Sydnev
Divisional Engineers Office Dcpaitment of Main
Road Goulburn and Shire Office Boorowa