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An article for a perfect world. Real life, parents who refuse marriage based on these qualities are the type of parents who are authoritarian. They are pig headed and believe that since they older than the child, they are always right about everything and there is no possible way for their child to teach them anything and wouldn 8767 t even bother listening to what the child has to say. What they say goes, and there is no convincing otherwise no matter how much the child may try.

When Parents Don’t Approve - Muslim Marriage Guide

My sister 8767 s english friend in France married an algerian immigrant converted of course (sorry 8766 re 8767 verted). She used to lecture me about Islam. Unfortunately for her, though, I, a catholic, was able to outquote her off the top of my head on any koran or hadith excerpt she cared to mention, while laughing at her. She didn 8767 t even know of the Sira until I told her about it. Funny, that? Hours of fun, guaranteed. Everything was 8766 fine 8767 until they had a child. When the little girl was walking, he disappeared with her to algeria, never to be seen again. The algerian embassy in paris said 8775 sorry, we 8767 ve no citizens of that name 8776 . Of course they did, come on! Needless to say, she 8767 ll never see her little girl again, and she has been in a monumental depression ever since. poor woman. I never had the guts to say 8775 I told you so 8776 .

ANOTHER horror story about a European woman who married a

Slaam. I am going through the same situation my parents dont agree for the boy i want to marry because he is not from our caste. They are very good family friends and my dad and his dad are very close friends. My parents have gave me everything since i was small they have never said no to me. But now because of society they are not agreeing. There is nothing wrong with boy and his family as they are firm on their religion and are practising muslims. I am confused and really do not know what to do.

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Then the ambulance comes with a loud speaker that shouts out 8775 this is the interior ministry 8776 continuing verses from the Quran: 8775 The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement, Except those who repent before you have them in your power so know that Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. 8776


You got it they tried to squeeze me out.
Lawyers don 8767 t like that like of law suit so, I did something new.
I met with a friend of mine at the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission. He never bothered me in any clubs that I owned and/or managed or promoted. He knew I ran clean clubs.
He went in within two days and shut them down. Not only were they shut down they could never get a liquor license again.
Paid to have a good reputation and friends in high places.

Ohio: Muslim dad honor-murdered his daughter because she

Good, overpopulation is the biggest issue this world has to overcome, because regardless of what Christians believe about the 8775 second coming 8776 , we are here for the long haul. That brings up another point, the way some Christians (note the use of 8775 some 8776 ) believe that we can just use all our natural resources and not have to worry about running out or polluting the environment or global warming, all because they believe 8775 soon, the second Coming will be here, so we don 8767 t need to think in the long term or for future generations 8776 .

Woman plans to marry her father after two years of dating

Congratulations, you just totally lost me. Since you want the earth 8767 s human population to die out 8766 en masse 8767 , you would prove your honesty BY KILLING YOURSELF by instead wanting others to die out while remaining alive ( WHY should YOU live and have others die?!?!??? ), you have proven to look down on your fellow-Man, which is a PROFOUNDLY EVIL attitude. Now I 8767 m so disgusted that this can as well be my LAST RESPONSE to you until you ABSOLUTELY REPENT what you wrote above!!!! MARCHE!!!!!

Agreed no good muslim boy/girl encourages to hurt parents and go against you believe in Allah and Destiny no one needs to hurt parents for marriage cause ultimately you are going to marry the person Allah since the the belief what Allah wills will happen is very not there.. brings the outcomes of hurting parents. Marriage without consent Wali is void and wrathbof Allah swt is on such marriages.
Allah knows best

I used to be involved in what most people would call the occult. It was not a teenage phase. I wasn 8767 t a teenager. I had been raised in the church, but it had been a while that I had thought all of it was total bunk. I had some experiences though, that convinced me there was some kind of life outside of the dimensions that we live in, as many scientists say there are other dimensions that we don 8767 t recognise with our 5 senses.

Assalam o alaikum.
I am from Maldives, and i want get married to a boy who is a 65th classmate. We both like each other. We got to know about it through our friends. Previously when we were studying at same class, my mother is very kind and friendly with him amd his family, but when I told her that i like him i wanted to merry him. She totally changed. She wants me to become a doctor but I always wanted to become a nurse. Reputation and wealth is very important for my family. Unfortunately the boy is not well-educated and not doing a good job in my families view. He is a good muslim,very hardworking Gentle men. I am sure he will take care of me and will do all the responsibilities as a husband. And also my parents don 8767 t think that m not ready for a marriage. Cox i am 69. But a girl can get married when she is 68. I think i am ready to get married..So what should i do to convince so difficult for me cox they don 8767 t listen to me well. Please help me through this.

Bryan what I am saying makes no sense to you because your thoughts are centered on man. Man is not the great good, but God in Christ is. If you were more concerned about God 8767 s honor than man 8767 s supposed injuries it would make perfect sense. I don 8767 t say this as an insult in any way, but an observation.
Men commit crimes and the state law is honored in their punishment. Sometimes the state makes a mistake and punishes someone innocent (as many believe happened in the case of this video), but the idea of just retribution holds. God on the other hand makes no mistakes. Your suffering and death, and mine, and all of those horrible things that you mentioned will be shown to be just and right.

Tawil''s position represents classic Shari''a but it contravenes the 7555 reforms of the Mudawana , Morocco''s family law, which eased the way for foreigners to marry Moroccan women. Indeed, almost 6,555 such marriages were registered in Morocco in 7557 – about six times as many as a decade earlier and more than the number of Moroccan men who married foreign women that year (which was just over 9,855).

Again and again, same sh** different day. These gals will never learn.
I had several mohommedists working for me in the 85 8767 s, one from Saudi Arabia the other from Lebanon. The Guy from Arabia was smart good looking and well spoken. His family was quite wealthy and has their own business. This man married a white gal, good looking smart college educated. got pregnant had a child girl. The man was so afraid of his father finding out he married a Christian gal he was beside himself. Eventually he and the child went to Saudi Arabia and did not come back.
the man from Lebanon had a little boy that was allergic to mama 8767 s milk, and cow 8767 s milk and all formula. the child wouldn 8767 t eat. so I asked where he was from and what he was raised on as far as milk was concerned, he said goats milk, so he tried it, and the baby ate fine.
later he also returned home with he child.

Christians put the New Testament above the Old Testament and I can tell you most emphatically that whatever grudges you may have with the Old don 8767 t apply almost AT ALL with the New. If you can 8767 t see THAT difference, you 8767 re either an ignoramus or a liar!!! In fact, I 8767 m immediately suspicious that you 8767 re an agent provocateur for either or both of the Moslem and/or the Marxist ANTICHRISTS.

There doesn 8767 t need to be any proof for anyone else. It wasn 8767 t to prove anything. God said Himself 8775 You will seek me and find me when you seek for Me with ALL your heart. And I will be found by you. 8776 But you can 8767 t come with a haughty 8775 prove yourself to me! You owe me! 8776 kind of attitude, you have to come with a true desire to know the truth about Him and humility. And that doesn 8767 t overnight.

The Prophet peace be upon him, reminded us that people marry for four reasons-beauty, wealth, status and piety. The qualities of piety or strong faith are considered to be the best reasons to marry. However, even though the person you want to marry is a good Muslim sometimes your parents feel he or she is just not suited for you or they just can not get past some of their personal or cultural preferences and expectations about who you should marry.

Before I do that, I have to ask you a couple of things. First of all, are you truly interested in knowing if there is a god out there, even though you 8767 re convinced there isn 8767 t? In other words, would you be willing to accept possibly being wrong about your belief? If so, what would you accept as proof? The reason I 8767 m asking is simply this: this is a very public forum. If I 8767 m going to share my experiences, it will mean I 8767 m putting personal details out in full view of the world that are private. I 8767 m unsure of your motives for asking me to divulge those details. Are you just looking for something to scrutinize, or make fun of, or to try to disprove? Or do you truly want to know? I 8767 m willing to share, but I want to make sure I 8767 m not wasting time and energy, for you or me.

Dear, this a Christian site. We were in here on our own, minding our own business, talking to each other. You guys came in here and started harassing us for our beliefs, trying go bully us with yours. We are just defending ourselves and each other. If you 8767 re really an atheist and really believe there 8767 s no god, then why are you coming into our forum and trying to pick a fight? What difference does it make to you if we believe there 8767 s a God? Go back to your own and enjoy what time you have to live and leave us alone.

All the blame can 8767 t be put on stupid women. There are just as many stupid men who convert to the male power cult for the pussy. The majority of the male idiots I met in Turkey were the type who denigrated all American/Australian/Canadian/British women as being 8775 ugly, lazy, don 8767 t cook, don 8767 t know how to be a wife, don 8767 t want families 8776 and went to Russia looking for slaves. When they realized they didn 8767 t have the income required for buying Russian slaves the hopped on over to Turkey and got very slaves for free. Well, almost free, they had to convert to get the barely pubescent slaves.

Very inspiring and just what I needed to read, I am going through a real tough time at the moment and I know I need to put my full faith in Allah as only he knows what is best for me. I hope inshallah my parents do come around and I get their blessings. To all sisters out there If you too are experiencing issues I hope it all works out for you all. Continue to pray and make as much dua as possible, there will be light at the end of the tunnel I just hope I find my light soon.