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Posted: 2017-12-07 16:37

I have been a teacher for 75yrs. in catholic, public, and private schools. I can tell you from experience that 8775 schools 8776 (for many reasons) are not the best places for human beings to 8775 learn 8776 . I don not know what the answer is but I think that 8775 homeschooling 8776 (for those families who are dedicated to their children 8767 s learning), has come the closest to what a good learning experience should be.

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My six year old daughter is homeschooled and she is such a social butterfly.  She talks to everybody she can.  She 8767 ll have a full on conversation with someone who is a customer at the stores we frequent.   8775 I like your shoes/necklace/earrings and it turns into a full blown conversation.  I think she does feel a little left out sometimes when we go to the park with our friends and the kids want to play with their friends from school and then it becomes cliquish, which is one of the reasons why we homeschool is to avoid cliques.  I guess we can 8767 t everything.

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It seems to me that each one of us has our own weirdness. Some are more blatant than others, and some (many) are just squelched into conformity and coloring between the lines at an early age. Just like snowflakes, God made us each unique for a reason. Unfortunately, many people think that one must either completely assimilate at 8 years old or have lifetime misfit status. There are plenty of grey areas where we can maintain and thrive in our individuality and still manage to get along in public.

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8775 When we STARTED homeschooling 8776   See!  You stopped seeking affirmation of others, as it became so clear-cut that homeschooling was superior.  Now you know better than stand there in conversation like a sheepish kid stares at the schoolground bully to see if he 8767 s going to walk over and punch him.  Anyone who asks is either pondering homeschooling and some relaxing advice is in order, or is trying only to affirm their intellectual presumption and no response is sufficient.

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Are you letting your children try homeschooling, so they can make *that* decision? If not, your arguement is hopelessly flawed. Of course I make the educational decisions for my children (although we do take their feelings and views into account), and so does every single parent who puts their child in public school or private school, or anything else. To suggest that educational decisions shouldn 8767 t be made for our children is odd. Every parent makes those decisions.

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Statistics? Do you have any? I am telling from 67 years experience of having children in catholic school that the home schooled kids that get dumped back into the system are extremely problematic. I reckon 85% of moms who try it are not qualified academically, emotionally or spiritually. Be honest. Take an inventory of the home school moms you know. And don 8767 t just defend home schooling in a knee-jerk way.

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Other parents (non-homeschooling) always comment on how much they like my 68-year-old son. They wonder why he 8767 s able to entertain himself and others without electronic gadgets hanging from his fingers.  They are amazed at how he treats kids of all ages with respect and will actually PLAY with boys instead of look down on them. Because of these 7 attributes, he is a parent favorite who is requested to come to their homes to play with their sons. Because of economics, we had to put him in school this year. But I attribute his ability to respect and have fun with all ages of boys to the fact that he was never 8775 forced 8776 to be with his own age AND he was never in competition with his friends to be the best athlete or student.  We chose homeschooling for his years, and it was defi
nitely the best decision for each of my kids. I wish we could have continued, but I hope the foundation they received to be 8775 weird 8776 will stay with them throughout their lives.

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Just don 8767 t label yourself! Anyone has the potential to think on their own, as you do. It doesn 8767 t make you weird, nor does it make anyone else so. Eleanor Roosevelt said- 8775 No one can make you feel inferior without your consent 8776 I keep that in mind always. My intelligence- academically, socially, and emotionally- has always been a barrier between myself and discrimination from others. I was home schooled until the age of 65, thrown into high school with minimal experience writing papers and without having ever taken a test in my life. I graduated with a GPA, as a leader of my school, an independent thinker, and with many great friends with bright futures. Let 8767 s tear down the labels. With a world view, normal is relative, and all that 8767 s left to rely on is the content of one 8767 s character. I 8767 m glad to hear you are home schooling! I 8767 m sure you 8767 re kids will thrive.

About a year ago, when I first started considering taking my kids out of public school, I wasn 8767 t met with the kind of incredulous questioning that I expected after suggesting something so reckless and foolhardy.  For the most part people were excited and supportive and helpful.  Many thought we were already homeschooling, in fact.  What surprised me most though is that folks who were concerned about the prudence of such a decision weren 8767 t worried that my children might not learn enough or the the right things.  They didn 8767 t wonder how my kids would know how to be quiet when they were supposed to or to wait in lines when they have to.

A giant pet peeve of mine is when homeschooling families talk down to, insult, or otherwise belittle kids who are have been raised in a private/public school. Homeschooling may seem like a small minority for some, but in many churches homeschooling is the prevailing method where they suddenly become the majority. When this is the case, things can turn downright nasty as some homeschooling parents teach their kids that public school kids are 8766 demonic 8767 , 8766 unlearned 8767 , 8766 stupid 8767 , 8766 slow 8767 , and on and on I recently when in to receive CPA advice from a man who has 9 kids and homeschools all of them. Apparently he thought that I had been homeschooled all my life. He proceeded to degrade and insult families and children who weren 8767 t homeschooled. I saw firsthand how is children (who also worked in his office) echoed this awful example set by their father with knowing, sly grins and snickers as their dad proceeded to denigrate his fellow human beings.

I find it hard to imagine a parent trying to teach their children AP classes such as AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, and AP English plus language and other elective classes to the level where children need to compete. There 8767 s a reason why teachers went to school for this and they know the subject best. They teach because they have a passion for teaching. Public schools offer programs such as music, art, sports, business clubs, service clubs, etc. Children need to be exposed to these things to develop interests. As far as the socialization goes, children are more resiliant than we think. Exposure to peer pressure is needed more than a theoretical approach. Children need to realize that there are different types of people in the world and they need a level of stress in their lives in order to push themselves to be great. Parents coddle their children too much and schools are not full of bullies. There 8767 s different groups of people and a kid will find friends if they look for people with similar interests.

Parents, the people who care most about their children 8767 s development, learn to be industrious and find the BEST sources for subject matters in which they themselves do not excel.  And you FAR underestimate the motivation of a learner who has not been 8775 socialized. 8776   They know how to dig, how to research, how to figure it out on their own.  The involvement of an 8775 expert 8776 is not always needed, and when it is, we can find one.  When their drive hasn 8767 t been killed in school, children are more resourceful than you think!

Socialization is such a fallacy! We have been homeschooling for 67 years, our kids have more active social lives than the public school kids we know. Our kids interact well with adults and other children of all ages because they have been homeschooled. I constantly get compliments from strangers at church who are impressed by the way our sons look them in the eye and shake their hands during the greeting. Public schools are set up to make kids not interact with others who aren 8767 t their own age, and they don 8767 t know how to interact well with adults. I hope that the socialization issue will disappear in the future with more and more people choosing to homeschool.

Thank you for stating what I was thinking. I have a sister-in-law who declared that her home-schooled children didn 8767 t have any socialization problems. No one was going to tell her otherwise! In my view they certainly did. I think the writer 8767 s opinion that kids become stronger because they don 8767 t have to be moulded into society 8767 s form is weakly supported here. Sure, one might become pounded to the point of conforming. OR one might learn to actually deal with real life if they have parents who teach them at home what to do with what 8767 s going on at school. It doesn 8767 t have to break them. 

I don 8767 t home school my children, and I will try to define what others mean by issues of socialization.  One of the benefits of public schools is that it exposes children to other children from different social-economic-political backgrounds, races, cultures, languages, beliefs and abilities!  Do home schooled children get this exposure in their home school environment?  Public schools are not ideal, and my children have had to deal with bullies, teasing, different personalities and learning styles that don 8767 t mesh with their own (or my own) but it has taught them that this is our world and grown them in patience, empathy, tolerance, and understanding in the midst of such diversity. I don 8767 t believe that this can be best learned in a textbook at home, but by learning and living it at school with others.  Our world is becoming less and less an enclave and children will invariably be living in a world that is larger and more diverse than ever before because of this.  I believe socialization is more important than ever.  Unless home schooled children will live the rest of their lives at home, this will be a very difficult reality to escape. 

There 8767 s plenty of judgment on the other side, too. I 8767 m planning on sending my son to 6/7 day public school kindergarten in the fall. Homeschooling is my backup plan if public school doesn 8767 t work out. If I do end up homeschooling, I have plenty of friends and family members who will be horrified. They think that homeschoolers are sheltered, unsocial, you name it. It 8767 s time to put these stereotypes to rest. There are pros and cons to all different types of schooling, and it varies from region to region, depending on the resources available.

High standards? That 8767 s a good one. I suppose that 8767 s why the
United States, a country of more than 855 million people, has to
recruit engineers and other professionals from oversees because there
aren 8767 t enough qualified US students to become qualified engineers and other professionals. The
public school system in this country is a failed system based on an
anachronistic, obsolete model.

That 8767 s a good point, Kelley. There have been a lot of judgmental anti-homeschooling comments on this thread, but you 8767 re right that this comment is an example of judgment coming from the other side. I wish both sides could let go of the judgment and generalization. There is no one-size-fits all approach for every family. There are pros and cons to all types of education, and some will work better for some families than others.

As far as home schooled kids being weird (. not like the others), I would say that isn 8767 t that one of the goals of home schooling? It 8767 s not something to be ashamed of. You want your children to be different than the average child. You want them to be of a better moral character or smarter. That 8767 s why you home school. You feel that they will receive something in the home environment that they won 8767 t receive at school. You don 8767 t want them to be like the kids you see in public school with their drugs and their hooking up. It 8767 s a good thing if they 8767 re considered weird.

Annie: could it be the reason they are homeschooling is because they have a hard time reading? One of the fastest growth areas is special needs. From what I have seen, dyslexia (and yes, dysgraphia, although I wonder if that is a real disorder) are rampant in both the homeschool and the non-homeschool environment.  I have one son who is mildly dyslexic and one who is quite severe and goes to a special tutor twice a week.  The tutor says my son would have extreme difficulty in the local public or private school envirnoments. Our town does not have a school dedicated to those with dyslexia or nonverbal learning disorder, etc, although some larger metropolitan areas do.