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I will comment on this in more detail elsewhere, but the result was that I was confirmed in my understanding that Biblical inerrancy was not itself claimed by the Bible writers, but also confirmed in my understanding that it is historically sensible to believe that Jesus existed and did and said much of what the gospels say about him. Whether one believes he did miracles, rose from the dead, or was the Son of God are, of course, matters which the historical method cannot address, but historians can confirm that christians believed in these things from the very first, and so they are not later legends.

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This article is nothing new. Krauss has been saying this for awhile now (and I might add the only one saying it). Watch his debate with William Lane Craig on Youtube from just last year. Craig deals decisively with this issue and I think you will agree with most reviewers who said that Craig comes out stronger in the debate. In fact, in Krauss’ review of the debate he mentions the universe coming from nothing argument and says, “I continued to try and explain that quantum gravity may imply that space and time themselves are created at the moment of the big bang. This is a rather remarkable statement if true.” Remarkable indeed.

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However, from there you have leaped to unwarranted conclusions. To believe that the Bible contains truth from God as His full and reliable revelation to people (which I and biblical Christians affirm) does not also require that the Bible be interpreted in a “flat” manner, as if one can simply pick a line here on , another line here on p. 768, and combine it with 7 lines on pages 956 and 876. Imagine if you were trying to do something similar with USA Supreme Court decisions during the 785 years of our nation. While there is a notable progression in Supreme Court decisions which are based on prior decisions, one cannot simply take a line (verse) out of various decisions over 755+ years with intent to make the Supreme Court look ridiculous — and end up with any critique that is valid. All interpretation must happen in context. And current application happens in historical situations.

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8. Your blind faith causes you to look like a complete moron. I already accept the responsibility of looking foolish and angry in writing this post, but my actions don 8767 t even bother my own perceived moral integrity. But you, yes you: the shadow of your incompetence and ignorance to everything around you is far worse than anything I could say to slander my own moral reputation. Yours is the legacy of millions of people murdered or forcibly and violently converted for the past 7555 years. I hate you simply because you aren 8767 t ashamed of peddling your religion, worse: think it is inherently GOOD to peddle your religion to ANYONE, even to the writer of this article who is obviously disillusioned anyway. You are stupid and morally reprehensible and have no personal courage to admit yours and Christianity 8767 s faults, nor do you have the strength to look elsewhere for answers to the problems you know exist.

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A great man once said 8775 The capacity for good or evil, like the Force itself, is in all living creatures. And belonging to the Jedi Order, or the Sith, or any group, won 8767 t change what you are at your core. 8776 It doesn 8767 t matter what you believe, its how you live. i have faith in a greater power but its not the christian god, be good to people and good shall be returned to you, thats my believe

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Right. This example is irrelevant to the subject of atheism, which is, get this, LACK OF BELIEF IN GODS PERIOD FULL STOP! Atheism has no teachings, no holy book, no priests or imams or even beliefs ! It certainly cannot even possibly promote the dogma you just dreamed up. For that, one would need an ideology , like Christianity, Fascism, or Islam, etc. And that 8767 s the whole damn point! You must have a brick for a brain not to understand the difference between a belief system, complete with holy books, symbolic traditions and ostensibly divinely appointed leaders, and the total absence of beliefs, holy books, traditions, and divinely appointed leaders. And that brick must be vanishingly small and overwhelmingly dense not to appreciate what range of behaviors the former can inspire compared to the latter.

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I am saying that measures of behavior that modern Christians generally agree is “immoral” are shown to increase in proportion to the theism of the community and decrease in proportion to the proportion of atheism in the community. This suggests that whatever moral guidance Christians have it results in worse behavior in comparison with those who do not have it. That is, what you would call the “guided” behavior of Christians is observably inferior to what you would call the “herd” behavior of non-theists.


Margie, given your slant on Christianity which I very much share I think you might also be interested in Feser 8767 s blog and the subject of classical theism generally. That is, if you are interested in a logical and philosophically strong intellectual conception of Christianity. I always assumed anything like Scholasticism would be very dry and very obsolete, but I find that it makes a lot of sense out of the confusion I see in both common theism and naturalism. And it leaves plenty of room for more mystical, experiential, and literary thinking within the framework of its rigorous logic.

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The testable prediction from this contention is that the more religious a nation or community within a nation, the more moral it can be shown to be on objective measures which reflect the moral values generally accepted by Christians who live in modern civilized societies. The corollary is that the more atheistic the nation or community the less moral it can be shown to be on such objective measures.

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I also wanted to clarify, that by 8775 lost 8776 , I don 8767 t mean I 8767 m still questioning what I believe or don 8767 t believe. I also think it 8767 s 8775 funny 8776 , not meaning to offend anyone, that I love stories or movies etc. that are completely fantastical. My cat 8767 s name is Frodo. Interesting that I love things that couldn 8767 t possibly be real. But, I guess that might be because nobody is trying to tell me that they actually exist.

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To describe the atheist 8775 lifestyle 8776 as 8775 pleasing 8776 and 8775 fashionable 8776 and to compare it favorably with a 8775 stigmatized 8776 American Christian lifestyle is outright laughable. Some form of Christian belief is the acceptable norm in the . It is those who do not conform to this norm who are given a hard time, not the ones who toe the party line. There is nothing 8775 pleasing 8776 about losing their job, being forbidden to hold public office, being unable to win a political election, being bullied by school children, discriminated against by school teachers and being labeled as 8775 evil 8776 , 8775 angry 8776 , or 8775 immoral 8776 8766 , simply because one admits to not believing in the prevailing community beliefs in the supernatural.

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If an all-knowing, all-caring and all-knowledgeable god had been involved in the process he/she/it or they would have found some far more reliable method of disseminating the information. At the very least, the Jesus god, or at least one of his chosen followers, would have written down the important points and made sure that they were preserved and disseminated in such a manner that the meaning was clear in any language into which they could be translated. Of course, even that would have unreasonably disadvantaged most of the people in the world, since not everyone is literate, has the same access to written material or the same ability to comprehend what they read. The Bible is an extremely poor method of communicating messages that are supposed to be crucial to every person’s level of comfort after they die. It’s divinely incompetent.

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Let me try to explain it once more. The belief that moral absolutes exist is a feature of immature forms of moral reasoning but not a feature of the mature forms. If you believe in moral absolutes you demonstrate that you have not yet progressed to the mature stages of moral reasoning and cannot understand how people think at those levels or why they do not accept moral reasoning that seems obvious to you. This does not say that you are not capable of reaching these levels. It may simply mean that have not been sufficiently challenged to bump you up to the next levels. Perhaps this discussion will help.

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Meanwhile, the Apostle Paul use the backdrop of slavery as an object lesson of how to live: . Christians are to live as slaves to God. Meanwhile, everyone apart from Christ effectively lives as a slave to themselves . their inherent sinfulness. How many people apart from God die in their selfishness, their inability to change their bad habits, divorced, alienated from family and former friends, broke, drunk, angry, hurt, etc.? This is the road for all of us apart from God 8767 s loving and transforming intervention in our lives which rescues us from the worst parts of ourselves. It is belief in Christ that actually breaks us free from our spiritual bonds. So, perhaps God found the word picture useful in communication to us.

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In other words, you are relying on the leaders of your current world view to make moral judgments for you, in spite of the fact that the decisions which these people make are not universally accepted by other Christians, or even by intelligent and compassionate members of this society. You have shown yourself to be easily led by specious arguments, especially those which are wrapped in the semantic trappings of erudition.

Let 8767 s go over this step by step. By your own admission you had faith in God, yes? You believed in him and prayed to him and served him, right? But then you stumbled upon some information you deemed as potentially damning to his credibility. By your own admission this damning evidence 8775 scared 8776 and 8775 shocked 8776 you. Your conundrum only intensified when the evidence kept streaming in.. deposition after deposition.. fingerprints.. documents.. exhibit after exhibit. 8775 Where are you God? Show yourself! Disprove this lot! I command you! 8776

It was contended that Homer’s Iliad and the history of the Roman Empire would not be believed if this kind of standard were used for them. This ignores the fact that the truth of these things is not a matter which affects how people live their lives. It makes no difference to anyone’s belief about the truth of the stories in the Iliad whether it was written by Homer or not. It makes no difference to anyone’s day to day life whether Constantine was an emperor of Rome or not.

In due course Ndzundza was succeeded by his son Mxetsha who, in his turn, was succeeded by his son Magoboli. Magoboli was followed by his son Bongwe, who unfortunately only reigned for three years, and as a result of his premature death, his brother Sindeni was appointed as regent. At this time, for reasons that are not known, there was a shift in the line of succession, which allowed Sindeni s son, Mahlangu, to follow his father. As a result the ruling family, which had previously been known as the Mdungwa, now became the Mahlangu. The last of these events probably took place in the latter part of the mid-eighteenth century.

I love your blog! Welcome to the big 8766 A 8767 club! I do understand that it is not always easy to throw away the indoctrination of our religious childhoods. I was raised by my Assembly of God family (grandfather = pastor, father=unordained minister) and was sent to a private Baptist school. Trust me, if there is a hell I 8767 ve done my time!! I 8767 ve always been a nonbeliever, however, due to the teachings of my childhood I was stunted in growth by thinking that I couldn 8767 t be a 8766 truly 8767 good person unless I believed. It was tortureous to say the least. There was a lot of self inflicted doubt of my goodness and ability to be a productive citizen. That is all far behind me now, and I 8767 m free, godless, productive, and a good person!

Like you said, you can see the evidence of the Grand designer it all around you in nature. For example, tomatoes are good for the heart, and they are shaped like the 9 chambers of the heart. A carrot is good for the eyes, and when you cut it open, it looks like the iris of the eye. The majesty of our planet and how the wind, the clouds, the water and the earth all work in concert together to make this sustainable for all the living creatures on it. A sunrise or sunset, just like our fingerprints are unique, and each day we are given a new day to love and appreciate.

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