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The most beautiful girl in the world - Kristina Pimenova

Posted: 2017-09-11 13:02

There is no doubt that this little girl is beautiful but to day she is the most beautiful girl in the world is a little drastic and quite pretentious. Every little girl and boy for that matter is beautiful in my eyes. I hate to see ones outer beauty judged because just because she is pretty outside she may be the brattiest and most ugly person on the inside. ALL CHILDREN IN MY OPINION ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IN THE WORLD!!!

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Yes she is amazingly attractive, but true beauty comes from within. What are we teaching this child from such a age that her self worth comes from her appearance?.That is a dangerous mentality to bestow a child especially a girl in this media aesthetic driven world. It 8767 s always good to find beauty in this world but what about celebrating beauty from within and the child prodigy in arts music science for thinkers that will change and shape society.. I was a model and a child model so please don 8767 t think this comes from a place of jealousy but insight and substance and experience

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I 8767 m sure there were slight touch ups but that doesn 8767 t mean that she is not naturally beautiful. I mean c 8767 mon now we get our school pictures touched up so does that mean that we don 8767 t really look that way? NO it doesn 8767 t. She barely is wearing any makeup but most look like she has absolutely none. Think of when she is 75 and how beautiful she 8767 s going to be. People are talking about her naturally pretty features that she has eg. beautiful big blue eyes, high cheek bones, heart shaped face etc

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This little girl is an absolute stunner and will continue to be into adulthood. Good genes and beautiful photo 8767 s clearly showing huge potential for modelling and a photogenic edge too. A little disturbing though in some of the pics because she does replicate a little adult. To say she is the most beautiful girl in the world is foolhardy however as we have no idea what every girl in the world looks like and beauty is debatable anyway. I hope she also has a great education, gets to play, doesn 8767 t feel pressure to look perfect her whole life and is psychologically and emotionally protected from an industry made of fakeness. I am a fashion/textile designer so know only too well how it can be.

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I am thoroughly impressed.
Another array of torchlights has been found.
For one of the first times in my life I have now observed a large amount of people coming together and sharing their opinions on a clearly sensitive topic. I am immensely heartened by the realisation that most share mature viewpoints! Most people here have shown a care for the individual 8767 s well-being rather than for the face.

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There is nothing wrong with being beautiful, or being recognized for being beautiful. But, what concerns me are the unintended psychological effects of having thousands of strangers, all around the world, comment and pass judgement. 8775 She 8767 s pretty.. but not THAT pretty. 8776 8775 Oh, it 8767 s all makeup and editing. 8776 8775 I 8767 ve seen way better looking girls. 8776 Seriously, sometimes I wonder if people were dropped on their head at some point during their life, making such thoughtless comments. She is a child and she doesn 8767 t have the conceptual understanding or maturity to deal with this kind of shit. She also, arguably (depending on your cultural lens) is being sexualized in some of the shots. Modelling is big business and I hope it doesn 8767 t mess her up later on in life.

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At some point she looked like an actual doll she is indeed very pretty. No one can deny that. But to me she is way too for this, she is meant to be living life so when she grows up she would have absolutely no regret. And to say she is the prettiest girl in the WORLD .
I won 8767 t know but. you really haven 8767 t seen that many people in the world have you ?
And I am not hating. in fact I really love her pictures, I just giving my opinion

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Who are you people to judge this innocent child. In the word 8775 child 8776 you can definitely figure out that she is very innocent and an angel and she is just doing what she 8767 s mother says like every other child do. In god eyes we are all the same but we people are very judge-mental,it is more like you are bullying the child,. You all grow up don t act like your the child or the innocent one. Let the child live in a peaceful environment. You not the parents or even a relative .God Bless You All!!!

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This 6 year old, like other 6,5,8,7 year olds is 8775 Modelling 8776 . She is advertising something! It 8767 s about a look. We have babies modelling nappies, soap, formula etc. These shoots are in controlled environments and just because she may look sad doesn 8767 t mean she is. Negative banter and assumptions are not the focus here. Let 8767 s hope that this girl and other girls grow up with high self esteem, minimal body issues and no eating disorders. In an industry so competitive these are the issues of concern. As long as there 8767 s parental support and correct guidance models can, and do have great careers. There is no need to reflect anything negative about a choice. Believe me if this little girl didn 8767 t want to model she would not model. A six year old cannot be forced!!

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the child is pretty yes but the question is, did her parents make her go through cosmetic surgery to get this way in order to model? and even if not, a 6 year old child does NOT need to have her face plastered with makeup to be beautiful and doing so to something already perfect is like painting on a priceless marble statue. let the kid be a kid, don 8767 t introduce her into the pressures of body shaming and image altering so early on, that 8767 s something she should learn as she grows and hits high school, then she can decide how SHE wants to deal with it, not at age 6 Shame on the parents. shame on them I bet they did it for money.

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6. First of all, she 8767 s 9.
7. Second of all, yes, she is really pretty, and modeling is a good career choice for her no matter what people think, and yes maybe she is a little but who REALLY knows what a NORMAL childhood is? Some people spend their childhood indoors reading books and studying, some people spend endless hours in front of the TV, if modeling is what this little girl considers as a normal childhood, then to her it is! Maybe to her, being a kid is modeling.
8. Good compassionate nurses?!

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My god people she 8767 s 6 the last thing she should be is beautiful. she shouldn 8767 t have to think about being beautiful we shouldn 8767 t think she 8767 s beautiful let the kid live her damn live before we start to objectify her looks. every time i see on of those 8775 like if you think she 8767 s beautiful 8776 or one of these posts about child models. the beautiful thing about children is their ability to live in this world in happy bliss, without knowing to fear whatever may lie behind every corner. a kid covered in mud and because it was playing outside with his/her friends is way more beautiful then this. One of the worst thing you can do to a person is take away their childhood.

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I do think she is pretty for a 6 year old, but I would not say she is the most beautiful girl in the world. I also think that almost all of these comments are right, she may be wearing make-up or she might just be naturally beautiful who really cares, let her be her. My mom always told me if you have nothing nice to say don 8767 t say it at all. Not to point fingers, but I saw some posts that had curse words in them now what if a kid or your kid was reading that post how would you feel then. Oh and whoever Passerby is this last part is for you, I am thirteen years old and I wrote this huge long thing defending this little girl how dare you think that all thirteen year olds are like that one shame on you, so in conclusion please if it does not involve you don 8767 t get into it, whoever that little girl is, she is pretty just the way she is in those pictures or wherever.

6 year olds might want to model, but definitely shouldn 8767 t. When I was six I wanted to drive my dads car. Luckily I was stopped, sad that she isn 8767 t. Thats what parents are for. I 8767 m assuming she 8767 s in the absolute best of hands, and well taken care of on those shoots. But that still doesn 8767 t protect her from being objectified. You think being told you need makeup to look pretty enough for a picture is healthy? This is a matter of mental well being, and long term effects. And don 8767 t get me started on the message its sending out to other children.

WOW, seriously like seriously!? You people are saying that a little girl isn 8767 t pretty. You are jealous of a little girl. Yall are damn pathetic. She 8767 s pure and beautiful. If you ever want to know how things like eating disorders and body shaming happen, look in the mirror bc it 8767 s ppl like you who have no scruples or respect and are threatened by a little girl. She 8767 s 6 and you think the only way she is beautiful is by photo shop? Sick, sick people. Grow up. This child is gorgeous and the fact that she models is only an issue bc she is beautiful enough to do high fashion, if she was in a commercial print ad for target, yall wouldn 8767 t even be bitching about it on this website. Grow up and go get your jolly off and stick to talking shit behind your 8775 friends 8776 backs.

She is very prety, but to be honest she didn 8767 t take my breth away as when this weekend I saw a grandchild of my land lady. She had perfect face, and that 8767 s without any make up or perfect lightning and work on photo. She is just beautiful.
Same I know a boy who I think should become a model. His mom takes pic with her phone and it keeps looking like professional.
Here I can see a lot of work next to her beauty but no doubt she is beautiful. Just to say she is most beautiful 6 years old in world I think it 8767 s wrong

I couldn 8767 t agree more. Why is there a photo of a six year old girl that looks up her dress and shows her undergarments. I agree like that photo does borderline and most definitely crosses into an inappropriate photo of a 6 year old. I feel like the other photos aren 8767 t as bad. I agree with many of the comments I have read. Yes she is beautiful. But the fact is she is going to miss out on a lot of the childhood things that most kids get. I hope she isn 8767 t pushed n into the world of modeling to hard to soon.

sure, she 8767 s beautiful for a little white girl with blue eyes that i 8767 ve seen a million times. show me a beautiful little black girl, or a beautiful little indian girl or asian girl, because honestly i 8767 ve seen this face considered beautiful and don 8767 t get me wrong, she 8767 s a beautiful girl while no one else is even given a chance. just because she has pale skin and blue eyes doesn 8767 t make her the most beautiful girl in the world.

Im sure she has similarity with a lot faces. Shes beautiful but does not leave people in awe. What this blog is doing is promoting. They just claimed 8775 most beautiful girl 8776 because she .. theres alot similar caucasian faces like her and caucasian kids have angelic faces at 6 yrs old because they still have that natural glow. Im not dissing the girl just the over dramatically promotion of her.. tsktsk..