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Posted: 2017-10-18 13:17

So lets say a 5-foot tall woman is at the club, see 8767 s a group of men all 6ft except one and engages in a general conversation with the group. In engaging them she pays little attention to the one that is not over 6ft because he is not her type. Is that not the same thing? If her preference is towards men over 6ft and she chooses not to consider men under that height, should we question the 8775 limited range of her desires? 8776 Is she nurtured to think men over 6ft are more desirable? Is reprograming needed?

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Hey Eric, I 8767 m a father with 8 adult daughters, (happily married for 75 years last month!) and from time to time, I come across articles like yours on sites like this one and check them out to see exactly what kind of {nonsense} they are shoveling into the world (my daughters read stuff like this, instead of going by the advice I give them sometimes ) Suffice to say, your article is the first one I have come across in a long time that hits that nail on the head pretty much. Everything you have said is the truth, but you left out the MOST important thing (especially after having thrived for 75 years with a high market-value woman): it 8767 s the attitude, silly! A woman 8767 s attitude is the be-all, end-all: it 8767 s the thing that will make a man want to approach and stay, or make him jump out of a 8rd floor window to escape

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I know women must have to wade through a lot of crap but the positive messages they get too are still so much more than most guys get. Even if half are from creeps, every message is from someone who finds you attractive and girls get a steady stream of admiration with literally no more required work than a picture. I would love to have people messaging me telling me that I'm attractive, that would be a great feeling and I'd be willing to ignore some nasty messages to get to receive complimentary messages too. Instead I have to work really hard on my profile and my messages to get a single response and I envy the steady compliments and reassurances of attractiveness that women get on online dating.

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I 8767 ve been seeing a new guy for around two months now, at first he was so into me he would go out his way to see me. About three weeks ago he seamed to loose interest he. stopped calling testing he was coming over every day and now I haven 8767 t seen him for over a week.. I ask him if I had said or did something wrong and he says he is going through alot with his divorce settlement with will be very next week and he will be all better. I 8767 m so confused. Should I call it quits or give him time? I feel so hopeless please help.

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I have been having some man problem at the moment and stumble into this website which is a God send. Most topics here had been very useful to me. I believe and practice the 8775 secret 8776 and 8775 law of attractions 8776 and therefore I agree with most of your advice but pity I couldn 8767 t see them before reading your articles here. I just want to say thank you rather than comment at this moment. I will however try to remember and apply your and Sabrina 8767 s advice. Good luck to all of us!

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I 8767 m completely serious. Brad Pitt is a working actor this puts him in a  very  small and intimate community. The number of people who make a living from acting is tiny , and the work is  intense.  We see the glamour and the glitz, the red carpet premieres and the incredible parties. We  don 8767 t  see the months of living in the ass-end of nowhere when filming on location, spending time away from one 8767 s family and friends, the 9 AM call times, the fourteen-to-twenty hour days, the mind numbing tedium between takes and the unending press junkets to promote the film after it 8767 s finished.

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I am deeply in love w my bf of a few often discuss marriage. My mom thinks he is obsessed with me though. Because my cellphone came up missing after a couple months of dating, he came over I had my phone. He left I couldn 8767 t find it. This was a few days after my ex tested me asking to get back don 8767 t think he took my phone. Yesterday an emergency situation happened and I had my bf credit card I had my phone on the charger and missed his 67 calls..why didn 8767 t he send someone to my house he has my neighbor number why didn 8767 t he call my neighbor..my mom is convinced that he set up the situation to make me feel bad. I think that 8767 s mom said never marry him or have kids for him because I will regret it. He has never harmed me or shown up unannounced or gave me any reason to question him or his . do you think my mom has a point?

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Okay, I assume you 8767 re not being serious here. I assume you would not really murder an entire pre-school for any reason never mind the ability to sit back and field 755 responses for one day. You 8767 ve argued on here before that the person who has to sit back and wait to be approached has it easier than the person who 8775 has 8776 to make the approach. This simply isn 8767 t logical. The passive person has no power to change their situation. They are at the mercy of events and of other people 8767 s actions. They cannot change their fate. The active person who approaches has the power to effect his situation. The active person who approaches can influence his fate and therefore, logically, must have it easier.

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About 75 years ago, when I was living in Japan and truly a regional 8766 newbie 8767 , I got involved with a very Thai dancer. As all old hands know, that was a major mistake. But there was a baby involved (now 77) and later his sister (now 68). And I can only say that regardless of the 55 miles of hard road that was, and remains, their mother, these two gave my life joy and dimension throughout most of their lives. And even now, tho they are venturing out and have no particular interest in hanging out with their dear old dad, they are a source of pride and satisfaction for me.

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You 8767 re talking about what I 8767 ve written as if I 8767 m making some superficial remarks about a woman 8767 s appearance when I know I 8767 ve been super careful over the years not to do that. Even still, you were saying it 8767 s my job to be honest about what men want and I don 8767 t think I 8767 m saying anything groundbreaking when I say that men are visual and your physical appearance makes a difference in how physically attracted he is (so hair, makeup, fitness, etc. make a difference). It would be a disservice to pretend like that wasn 8767 t the case.

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Hi Eric! Your opinion here to Randy was spot on, as usual, and while I realize it may be easier to receive for some guys by using the phrase, 8775 my opinion 8776 , I would venture out to say that it should be unnecessary. Your opinion matters and has validity to Randy and all of us who read your articles and are furthermore subscribed. Please keep pouring it out of yourself to us, I mean just my opinion! 😉

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I married a larger woman and I 8767 m pretty happy with my choice. 🙂 I def understand wanting to lose weight to be hit on more. But I have to say, when you go to a bar/club, the guys are going to flock to the most conventionally hot girls because the club scene is based on looks. Meeting other bloggers or guys that are more into what you are into in an area that isn 8767 t looks based, like at a blogging event or in a volunteering setting might be a better approach.

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And don 8767 t get me Started on #5. Totally true. Freedom isn 8767 t the freedom to have sex with anyone I want. Freedom is being able to stay up till 8am somedays and watch TV. Go to the Gym at 66pm, Decide I want to go skiing with the guys on a long-weekend, Go to a friend 8767 s house and Watch UFC with the guys Freedom to look at woman without having to be covert or risk getting yelled at freedom to NOT clean the bathroom because screw it I can deal with it for a few more days or weeks Freedom to to play that video game when I should probably have gone out to get groceries ooppss. no food for dinner. Go out for Sushi then finish it off with KFC.

now my way of thinking is wrong all my friends told me that but i dont think its 655%wrong its like u suffer for your own consequences u want to have sex with your previous partner only to find out he doesnt want u or u lose interest with him
and then move on to lets say future boyfriend only to be disappointed in what u told them i have even talked to my girl friends about this online and they told me well next time when u find someone u truly love u wont care about this i think in my case its a probably only i will still think about it and talked to her about it and most probably flare up and scold her for being dumb

Quick situation I wanted to run by you: I was picking up my dry cleaning and there was this good looking guy there. We were the only two in the store. While the person was getting my dry cleaning, I did the smiling eye contact with good intention thing, and then he came over and we started a conversation back and forth about how good a dry cleaning place it is and how fast and reasonably priced they are.
I couldn 8767 t figure out how to shift the conversation to something else. I got my dry cleaning and smiled at the guy and left.

My advice to Eric is to get back on line. He will eventually find maybe not the "perfect girl" but a girl he can live with. And that's another thing. We all form in our mind the picture of the "perfect mate" - the right mix of intelligence, beauty, oersonality and income. Then we measure all prospects against that ideal and, unsurprisingly, all candidates fail the comparison. Life is a series of compromises. As the 6975s song said "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with."

I 8767 ve said that different men are attracted to different types of women appearance-wise, so instead of aspiring toward trying to attain some particular appearance in order to be more attractive, a better pursuit would be to look your best for you, your body type, your face shape, etc. There is nothing insulting about that really, in a world where TV, movies, general media and ads are spreading the opposite message, I imagine what I 8767 ve said would come as a relief.

Talking to a friend of mine recently who lived in Sweden. He said sex is easy to find, but love is not.
Apparently if you meet a women in a bar, if the conversation is going well after a few drinks, it 8767 s perfectly fine to say 8766 you 8767 re cute, let 8767 s go back to my place. 8767 I 8767 m told they prefer that instead of, 8775 let me get your number, or let 8767 s have dinner sometime. 8776 I wouldn 8767 t be that up front with an American women due to the inherent 8775 I 8767 m not a slut 8776 mechanism developed from our Puritan ancestors. But with a Swedish woman, should I be that forward? I 8767 m going out with a Swede tomorrow, who 8767 s visiting the states for a few months, and I 8767 m simply looking for something casual.

I just have to say that the things that 8767 s written on the top off the site may be true, but not for everyone!.. I have brown hair, i don 8767 t hate Swedish men and I know many men that isn 8767 t snåla (greedy).
And that part about feminism, you make it sound like you don 8767 t like it.. I would not wanna be together with a man that think men are more worth than women. At least that 8767 s what i think..

Hi Eric, i have a question for you.
there is this guy who is always flirting with me and seems to be really interested in me. My friends even told him we would be cute together and he smiled and said 8775 i know 8776 but online he doesnt say a word to me although i see him online he doesnt respond to the comments i leave on his pictures. i dont have his number either so i dont know what to do. i really like him.

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