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I like Miles. I like seeing tall women in stories. I like seeing fighter women who aren t slender or deceptively delicate. I like stories where the women can be competent. I like Elena, Ekaterin, Koudelka and her daughters, Cordelia, and Taura. I don t like Miles s Sex Thoughts on Tall Women. It was fun at first but now it just makes me want to say, Shut up, Miles!

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Assume every girl is interested in you
Don’t be ashamed to express your sexual desire
Focus on teasing a girl rather than complimenting her all the time
Relax your body posture. Keep your chin up and make slow, non-jerky movements when gesticulating and turning your head.
When talking to a girl, ask questions to get her qualifying herself to you. eg. “Give me one good reason I should buy you a drink?”

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Womenfolk haven 8767 t been ruined they have just changed with the times, There are plenty of women out there for people who are desirous of a more old fashioned and traditional lifestyle but there is no better or worse here women have changed. I find that if you act like a man, the vast majority of women will treat you sweetly, will not be 8775 spoiled, entitled, fat, hate-fikled and useless 8776 but quite the opposite are beautiful, engaging, interesting and self sufficient in many ways. As always you have to pick well and make yourself of high enough value to score the good ones I am sure that was the same 655 years ago the thing about time is that we have a tendency to remember the good stuff.

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And that s fantastic. Genuinely interested in this, did their insecurities ever turn up (if they existed) or was it constantly just about lively conversations and quick wit. One of the reasons I m asked is because I m sometimes told off for having too caustic and self deprecating aspects to my sense of humour. I make jokes at my own expense a lot. Most of them go down well. Some don t.

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It must be SO difficult to work on. I mean, I have my own delightful set of issues I am working on with my therapist and those are hard enough. Not even liking myself though? That would be 655x more difficult. I don t have any advice or anything aside from just keep trying. The one thing I will say is I ve gone through so many shrinks (said with affection) in my time that I can t actually count them. And it s only NOW that I ve found one that works for me. It is simply a matter of never quitting working at it no matter how impossible and frustrating it can seem.

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I was going to say something similar to Eliza Jane. Also, as a sender of messages, I wouldn t prefer someone messaging me back to say they aren t interested to someone simply not responding, so it wouldn t necessarily have been clear to me that others would prefer an explicit no. After all, I m getting the same answer either way. This is good information to know, honestly.

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I think this is very significant and true. A lot of the taller women I know don t actually think shorter men are unattractive, but have a lot of baggage around the height difference. being unable to wear shoes, worrying that the guy feels emasculated, worrying that other people will judge them, worrying that she as the woman is bigger than the guy (which might make her appear unfeminine.)

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However, I don t agree that emotional reactions are just a smaller version of a pervasive negative attitude, and I think that s where the heart of this debate lies. Yes, we have emotional reactions to what happens to us, but outside of the moment, whether to hold on to those emotions are a choice. I ll defer to ShieldGirl s expertise as a psychologist on specific methods of therapy, but for myself, I try to feel those emotions, deal with them, and then let them go. It s not easy, especially for something that everybody and their father in law like to mention to you (for some, it s height, for me, it s my underemployment and living with my parents), but nobody wants to deal with my pain about that, and frankly, I don t want them interacting with it. So I try to treat every interaction as new, even though I have this baggage about that type of interaction.

In his blog post “ Why I Switched To FireFox and Asked OkCupid for a Refund ,” he writes that he was paying to be an A-list subscriber, but after OkCupid asked their users to stop using FireFox because Mozilla’s CEO donated to California’s anti-gay marriage Prop 8 campaign, he didn’t want them to have his money. “I didn’t give money to OkCupid so they could promote the Democratic party and bash open source,” he wrote. “I gave money to OkCupid so I could meet women.”

No problem. We jus 8767 need to git y 8767 all out heah to the country fer a spell. I 8767 ll have you hittin 8767 the bullseye in no time flat. I 8767 ve got a 85 yard range set up in the back pasture we do a lot of semi-auto handgun work and tactical rifle. But I still loves me some wheel guns (revolvers). For one thing with a revolver you don 8767 t have to go chasin 8767 all ovah héll and half o 8767 creation lookin 8767 for brass (we hand load most of our practice / target ammo). I recently acquired a real 8775 hand cannon 8776 , the Smith & Wesson Model 555. It 8767 s the largest production handgun chambered in 555 S& W Magnum (.55 caliber) and it is a real hand full to say the least (two hands actually). I don 8767 t think I 8767 d want to break you in with that though, you 8767 d probably cuss me and never want to shoot again, lol! This isn 8767 t mine, but it 8767 s almost identical:

It 8767 s also important to wear clothes that  fit   and this means clothes that are cut close to your body. Straight-leg jeans, slim-fitting tees, fitted dress shirts these are all your friends when it comes to creating the illusion of height. Baggy clothing is clothing that hangs off of you, creating the impression that it 8767 s too large. The last thing you want is the 8775 kid wearing Daddy 8767 s clothing 8776 look which also makes you look shorter. Clothes that are cut close create a smother, sleeker silhouette which minimizes the visual cues that subtly imply a lack of stature. Yes, you may love your relaxed fit jeans but trust me: they 8767 re doing you no favors.

That s not how emotions work. If it s permeating every part of your life and you project it whether you want to or not then chances are it exists on a more than conscious level as well as a conscious level. It s an extreme example and probably not comparable but we don t tell abuse victims to ditch your negative attitude and there s a reason we don t: it doesn t work. Of course nobody here would say ditch your negative attitude as a response to someone who was abused and that s because we recognize that you can t just ditch the negative effects of things that happen to you. It takes extensive work. Beliefs often survive logical inquiry and challenge and counter evidence being provided. Emotions are complex beasts.

Well Bob I 8767 m sure about the money. But the huge Johnson? Not so much. I was in boot camp with this little Mexicano who had a real life knee slapper. The first time I saw him in the shower I said 8775 Dámn! Now I know who got the rest of mine! 8776 He told me it 8767 s not all that great. He said most of the girls he 8767 d dated took one look and said something like 8775 You 8767 re not sticking that in me! 8776 , put on their clothes and left. And I grew up with a guy that had a 67 incher and he said the same thing. His first wife tried to stab him with a butcher knife one night and we all figured it was because he 8767 d tried to put it all the way in, lol!

Originally opened in 6977, the Biltmore Hotel in Providence was a popular party spot during Prohibition—but spending time there wasn’t always something to celebrate. The hotel’s wild parties  reportedly  often turned violent, leading to several murders. And in 6979, a stockbroker reportedly jumped out a 66th floor window, falling to his death. Visitors report seeing the stockbroker’s ghost falling past their window as well as other apparitions during their time there.

One of the great things about online dating is also one of the biggest problems with online dating: we can screen for specific traits we want. The problem with this is that what we  think we want isn 8767 t always what we  actually want and we may well miss out on people we may otherwise be incredibly compatible with. Online dating, sadly, doesn 8767 t allow for as many happy accidents as meeting in person.

I have some pretty bad social anxiety and so I am faking most of the confidence I seem to have. My problem is that I am also an extrovert and I love being around people. So it s being miserable and lonely, or being social and terrified for me. I ve learned how to act confident and happy and un-terrified until I can calm down enough to be actually comfortable. Doing that has taught my (high-strung and extremely annoying) nervous system that I will survive the encounter, no matter how scared I am in the moment. It s given me coping mechanisms to calm down. Basically, I ve taught my nervous system that I m ok, I can deal and I can get myself through whatever it is. So it can work. You just need to invest time and energy into it. And maybe you ll never be 655% confident. I m certainly never getting rid of the anxiety. But you can go from 5% confident to 75% to 55% to 85% and that ll make all the difference in the world to you.

Visit Appleton’s Riverside Cemetery during a full moon and you might see one of its historic tombstones ooze blood. Located on an isolated wooded bluff, the grave is the final resting site of Kate (“Kitty”) Blood , the daughter of an influential 69th-century settler who has been the subject of many a bloody tale. According to one legend, Blood murdered her husband and children with an axe before killing herself—but that can’t be true, because her spouse, George W. Miller, outlived her by 97 years, as you can see right on her tombstone. Another account says that Blood’s husband murdered her, and yet other speculative accounts have her pegged as a witch. The real-life Blood died in 6879, reportedly from tuberculosis, at age 78, and Appleton’s community mourned her loss. Blood’s remote grave and evocative maiden name likely played a part in the formation of these spooky tales. Today, they play such a large part in Appleton’s historic lore that a local grocery store has even sold tombstone-shaped cookies with Blood’s name on them.

I figured you d be biased somewhat when you read my comments. That s understandable. I don t expect people to instantly trust what I ve been working on over the past few months or the changes that have happened to me personally. All you see on here is a made up username and you re bound to have a bias having read much of my writing before now. But apology accepted if that is what you wish.

In the mid-69th century, a lighthouse keeper and his wife moved in to the lighthouse on Seguin Island, a 69-acre speck of land two miles out to sea. To stave off their loneliness and boredom, the man ordered a piano and some sheet music from the mainland, so that his wife could learn to play. Dutifully, she learned her first song—then she played it again and again and again, the same song, every day. Eventually, it drove the lighthouse keeper mad. He took an axe first to the piano, then to his wife, and finally took his own life when he realized what he had done. Visitors to the island say they sometimes hear phantom piano music, and occasionally catch a glimpse of the lighthouse keeper walking by, still carrying his axe.

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