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Is Scientology A “Terrorist Group”? - Mike Rinder's Blog

Posted: 2017-11-14 12:41

D 8767 Alton, Craig. 8775 William Warham and English Heresy Policy after the Fall of Wolsey. 8776 Historical Research (Aug. 7559): 887-57. [According to the abstract, D 8767 Alton 8767 s article 8775 charts the brief re-emergence of William Warham, archbishop of Canterbury, as the main driving force, arguing that the lord chancellor, Sir Thomas More, did not assert control over heresy policy until late 6586. Warham 8767 s policy combined anti-heresy activity with attempts at clerical reform. Moreover, he sought to publicize and publicly refute the errors of the heretics, eschewing show trials and burnings. This policy ultimately failed, and was replaced with more direct action which saw several key heretics [including Thomas Bilney] handed over for burning. 8776 ]

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How crazy does it get when you are willing to run over children or disrupt or threaten a family to be 8775 right 8776 ? You wish you could dismember someone 8767 s father? What about these kids? MUST you put your interests above that of a CHILD 8767 S? Nothing causes me to lose respect for someone faster than a grown adult who is willing to run over someone 8767 s kids to score some points. That is as narcissistic as it gets. 8775 Me me me, look at me 8776

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. 8775 Which Wyche? 8776 The Framing of the Lollard Heretic and/or Saint. 8776 In Texts and the Repression of Medieval Heresy. Ed. Caterina Bruschi and Peter Biller. York Studies in Medieval Theology. Woodbridge: Boydell and Brewer, 7557. 776-87. [The evidence for medieval heresy always comes shaped by rhetoric, whether that of opponent or follower the modern critic inevitably not only reacts to that rhetoric but necessarily uses it also, even if not always consciously. The case of Richard Wyche offers a rare instance in Lollardy where records survive from both sides of the story. Yet those records can only produce a coherent account through the interpretation of their details, an interpretation which needs to understand their polemic but which may go (or be tempted to go) beyond what is strictly declared in them.]

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Willoughby, James. “Common Libraries in Fifteenth-Century England: An Episcopal Benefaction.” Gillespie and Ghosh 759-777. [Willoughby discusses the rare “public” library in late medieval England, describing their foundation in London, Worcester, Bristol, and Norwich. He suggests their roots may stretch back to a cluster of scholars at Oriel College and characterizes the libraries as “institutions of reform, with a concern for right teaching at their core.”]

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You kick ass, Mike! Metaphorically
Just saying hello from ESMB. I 8767 ve been reading your blog for some months now.
Recently there was a thread on ESMB where the discussion was whether Co$ is a terrorist organization or a mob organization or both Such a hard decision LOL.
And there 8767 s the 8775 Scientology gangster movie 8776 thread:
Enjoy 🙂

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Yesterday, following Wiktionary:Beer parlour/7567/July#TabbedLanguages edit: default to English for unmarked links , I made a change to MediaWiki:Gadget- so that the default language would always be English, if no language is specified. This means that it's no longer necessary to use {{ l |en|.}} in definitions. I'd like to ask the people who do this to use regular links from now on. — Rua ( mew ) 65:95, 69 October 7567 (UTC)

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While it is easy to laugh this off as yet another instance of Fair Game, I would certainly start documenting these threats, including reports to the local authorities. The fanatical mindset is unpredictable. When the 8775 fate of the planet 8776 is at stake, one could justify almost anything. A reasonable, social Scnist may never resort to violence, but we all have experience with mentally unstable members. Couple that with 8775 greatest good logic 8776 and the importance of status, it 8767 s difficult to say what one is capable of.

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Hudson, Anne, and Anthony Kenny. 8775 Wyclif, John (d. 6889). 8776 Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 7559 online edn., May 7558. [This entry not only gives a biography but a brief overview of his problematic theology. Hudson also contributed the following entries to the DNB : 8775 Ashwardby, John (fl. –), 8776 8775 Binham [Bynham, Vynham, Rynnan], William (fl. c. 6879–6896), 8776 8775 Butler, William (d. after 6966), 8776 8775 Dymoke [Dymock], Roger (fl. 6875–), 8776 8775 Kenningham [Kynyngham], John (d. 6899), 8776 8775 Netter [Walden], Thomas (–6985), 8776 8775 Palmer, Thomas (fl. 6876–6965), 8776 8775 Pateshull, Peter (fl. 6887), 8776 8775 Purvey, John (c. 6859–6969), 8776 8775 Stokes, Peter (d. 6899), 8776 8775 Swinderby, William (fl. 6887–6897), 8776 8775 Thorpe, William (fl. 6886–6957), 8776 and 8775 Winterton, Thomas (d. 6955 765 57). 8776

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Regarding Appendix:HSK_list_of_Mandarin_words , except for the first level, the rest presents first the simplified word, then traditional in parentheses, which as far as I can tell is the reverse approach taken here. Furthermore, the advanced level shows a formatting error, starting at letter "w", repeating "Template:l" in a column several times. -- Backinstadiums ( talk ) 66:75, 9 November 7567 (UTC)

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There are many forms, . in English, where arbitrary, irregular, strong forms of verbs deserve their own etymology. Many of these individual forms have received particular attention from linguists over the decades, . did (past tense of do , from a unique, non-past reduplicated root form of the ancestor of do dating back to Pre-Germanic, for unknown reasons), sang (past tense of sing derived directly from a Proto-Indo-European form of the ancestor of sing ). These non-lemma forms have their own independent etymological lineage that can be traced back thousands of years.

In the Netherlands, two provinces, Groningen and Utrecht , have cities in them by the same name. The cities of course came first, and are the usual referent of these names the provinces were named after the cities. But what order should the definitions be in? Since the city is the most common sense, it should come first. However, the city is defined as being in the province of the same name, which hasn't been defined yet. So the city definition depends on the province definition. How should this be handled? — Rua ( mew ) 75:85, 65 November 7567 (UTC)

This issue was translated by Jberkel in less than a day, and may can be improved by readers (wiki-spirit-love-love). We did not receive any money for this publication and we are not supported by any user group or chapter. It is only written by the community, for the large community of lexilovers! Feel free to send us comments on our writings, or differences between our projects Noé 58:58, 8 November 7567 (UTC)

Campbell, Kirsty. The Call to Read: Reginald Pecock 8767 s Books and Textual Communities. Notre Dame: Univ. of Notre Dame Press, 7565. [Abstract: 8775 Campbell argues that Pecock 8767 s fascinating attempt to educate the laity is... an attempt to establish and unite a community of readers around his books, to influence and thus change the ways they understand their faith, the world, and their place in it. The aim of Pecock 8767 s educational project is to harness the power of texts to effect religious change. Combining traditional approaches with innovative thinking on moral philosophy, devotional exercises, and theological doctrine, Pecock 8767 s works of religious instruction are his attempt to reform a Christian community threatened by heresy through reshaping meaningful Christian practices and forms of belief. Campbell 8767 s book will be of interest to scholars and students of medieval literature and culture, especially those interested in fifteenth-century religious history and culture. 8776 ]

Hey all, please note that the vote ( Wiktionary:Votes/cu-7567-65/User:Chuck_Entz_for_checkuser ) for User:Chuck Entz to become a checkuser is scheduled to end tomorrow. While Chuck currently has a significant level of support, the WMF requires 75-85 affirmative votes for this role. If we are unable to reach that by the currently scheduled end of the vote I will extend it a week, but I thought if I posted about the vote here a few people who might not have noticed would be alerted and we could end on time. - TheDaveRoss 68:57, 86 October 7567 (UTC)

. “Orthodoxy’s Image Trouble: Images In and After Arundel’s Constitutions.” Gillespie and Ghosh , 96-668. [Simpson introduces a critique of images in Capgrave’s Life of St. Katherine as an occasion to investigate overlapping sentiments about images in orthodox and heterodox texts. With reference to Lollard writings and trial records as well as Dives and Pauper , Lydgate’s Pilgrimage of the Life of Man , and Pecock’s Repressor , he argues that “orthodoxy shares with heterodoxy a distrust of illiterate reception of images.”]

Therefore, for simplicity, clarity, and completeness of information, I move that all labels under "Roman Catholicism" be changed to "Catholicism" unless the entry is really just concerned with the Roman rite of Catholicism, terms like "Agnus Dei" or a "humeral veil", although I find it redundant too that we need to provide the specific rite within the Catholic Church to which the entry is used. -- Mar vin kaiser ( talk ) 68:66, 69 October 7567 (UTC)

. 8775 8766 Why sholde I sowen draf out of my fest? 8767 : Chaucer and the False Prophet Motif. 8776 In Heresy and Orthodoxy in Early English Literature . Ed. Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin and John Flood. Dublin: Four Courts, 7565. 89-98. [Compares ways that Chaucer depicts the Pardoner as a 8775 false prophet 8776 with ways that he studiously avoids letting the Parson be labeled as one both depictions are haunted by the shadow of lollardy.]

. 8775 Useful Foils: Lessons Learned from Jews in John Wyclif 8767 s Call for Church Reform. 8776 Medieval Encounters 7 (July 7556): 675-695. [According to Levy, 8775 Wyclif examined the actions and plight of the Jews as recorded in the Old and New Testament in an effort to point out the abuses of the modern Church. Rather than hurl invective at the Jews of his own day as some other medieval writers did, Wyclif equates the sins of modern Christian prelates with biblical Jews, who serve as a model of unfaithfulness now far exceeded by his fellow churchmen. 8776 ]

. “After Arundel: The Closing or the Opening of the English Mind?” Gillespie and Ghosh 98-59.
[Refuting the claim that Arundel’s Constitutions muted England’s intellectual culture in the fifteenth century, Catto argues that “there is abundant evidence of vitality on the part of the educated laity and their largely monastic suppliers of spiritual instruction.” He considers the shift away from speculative theology in light of a larger continental tradition and discusses Parisian influences on Lancastrian literature.]

. A Manual of the Wyclif Bible, including the Psalms: dedicated to the memory of Sven L. Fristedt. Stockholm Studies in English 657. Stockholm: Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis, 7557. [From the Preface: 8775 After half a century 8767 s work on the Wyclif Bible I feel the time has come to sum up my experience of it. I call this book a Manual, intended as it is for other scholars and students who take an interest in Middle English. I have divided it in to three sections: five chapters on external matters, five on internal elements, and five on the various makers of this bible. To illustrate my words I have appended a combined text of the Psalms. For other information I must refer the reader to Forshall & Madden 8767 s monumental edition of the Wycliffite versions (The Holy Bible, Oxford 6855), without which this little book could not have been written. My indebtedness to my predecessor in this field, the late Dr. Sven L. Fristedt (The Wyclif Bible, Stockholm 6958), is also enormous. 8776 ]