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Posted: 2017-10-12 14:34

For whatever reason, I 8767 ve found a lot of introverted girls don 8767 t like to drink a whole lot. Maybe they 8767 re scared they 8767 ll 8775 come out of their shell 8776 or will do something people may judge them for. Pick somewhere that will let her relax, somewhere without a lot of people walking about, nothing with really loud music (unless you know she likes a particular style) get some ice cream and walk down to the beach. Do something low key and have a few venues which you can go. I usually do 7-8 venues meeting somewhere in the middle of where we both live and traveling closer to my apartment with each venue change. Eventually I 8767 ll head back to my place to 8775 watch an episode of that show 8776 or show her something interesting. Comfort and rapport is key when it comes to seducing introverted girls.


Now, though, that I 8767 ve started being around people socially, it 8767 s starting to seem not so insane. Like maybe it 8767 s not out of the realm of possibility anymore, at least not when I think about it in an abstract way. But when it comes to a practical way joining a dating site, talking to guys at social events, whatever I can 8767 t seem to break that bubble of 8775 Why even bother? Who would want to be with you? 8776 Even just writing this part of the letter made me feel embarrassed and silly.

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Another very effective thing you can do is to encourage her to get around people with similar interests as she does. If you discover that she loves painting, you can find other like-minded people and tell her about them.

This could help her build trust with you because she is grateful that you are looking out for her. This means that she may initiate conversation with you from time to time because you are winning her trust and respect.

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Their friends are usually awesome.
When you 8767 re used to alpha males and douchebags, you get used to hanging out with their jerky friends and a lot of times they act like pigs in front of you. Not so with the awkward dude: His friends are usually just as sweet and unassuming as he is, and they 8767 re usually a lot of fun to talk to about things other than UFC and chicks, so you won 8767 t mind group hangs.

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But I 8767 m from the future, and if I could tell you what to do right now I 8767 d tell you to have one conversation with him where you ask him to seek help for his troubles and to start being nicer to you. If he does? Great, maybe you can have that love story you 8767 re so sure this is going to be. If he won 8767 t? Especially the part about being nice to you? Then I 8767 d tell you to bail. It 8767 s too late for the women 8767 s colleges, but it 8767 s not too late for the bass. Take it, find some other awesome women, start a terrible punk band, and use all the painful things he 8767 s said to you as material for lyrics. Hold out for someone who is always kind to you, someone who doesn 8767 t need to be fixed or parented.

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9. They 8767 re good in bed. I can 8767 t get into too much detail with this, because I have this policy about not writing things on the internet that my mom will read. But I swear, it 8767 s true. The dashing, smooth-talking, popular guys I 8767 ve been with have always been the ones with the bedroom issues. The sweet, nerdy guys? They know where it 8767 s at.

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One thing you should not do is assume she is an innocent nice girl who has never had sex. Don 8767 t try to psych yourself out saying 8775 she won 8767 t have sex with me quickly, she 8767 s too shy. 8776 Introverted girls are just like any other girl, yes some do require a lot more comfort than others, but most of the time it is just easy enough to lead the interaction towards sex. If she is uncomfortable she will tell you so by saying 8775 you 8767 re moving too fast 8776 or 8775 I don 8767 t even really know you 8776

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I hope you will honor your mother 8767 s memory and your own experiences with your mom (the ones that made you need to keep your distance) someday when some more time has gone by. Write her a letter of all the things you wanted to say to her, but didn 8767 t. Write the letter back to yourself that you wish that she would send you, the one where she says, 8775 Thank you 8776 and 8775 I 8767 m sorry 8776 and 8775 I understand. 8776

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I can really appreciate an article like this, mainly because it highlights the problems that I can relate to personally. I am 87, female, always been single and no sexual experiences. I am quiet and reserved and don 8767 t have good social skills, but I am not rude and mean. I don 8767 t even bother trying to get attention from men anymore, what 8767 s the point? They have proven time and again that they are only interested in the social butterflies and loud mouth women in the room. The rest of us who are not like that, fade into the back ground. Bottom line: it 8767 s more acceptable today for a woman to be a trashy tramp and talk about her one night stands, etc. then it is for her to be like myself. I am viewed as the 8766 weird 8767 one and it sucks. When you look up info about socially awkward 96% of it is directed at men, so that goes to show you this issue isn 8767 t taking seriously if you 8767 re a have been learning to get used to living on my own for the rest of my days but it is still hard. ty

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8775 I 8767 m happy being single. 8776 (Repeat as necessary, to the point where the conversations become very boring because you default to saying this every time the topic comes up). 8775 But won 8767 t you give him a chance? 8776 8775 I 8767 m happy being single. 8776 8775 But he was flirting with you! 8776 8775 Cool. I 8767 m happy being single. 8776 8775 I just want you to be happy. 8776 8775 Good! I 8767 m happy being single. 8776 8775 But I thought you liiiiiked me. 8776 8775 I do like you as a friend. I 8767 m happy being single. 8776 8775 I just want to help you. 8776 8775 But I don 8767 t want help. I 8767 m happy being single. 8776

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Anyway, if I see coworkers on dating sites, I think the polite thing to do is just ignore it and move along, so I was not super into the fact that this guy messaged me but I figured he was just being kind of socially obtuse. His message implied that he was going to ask me out 8775 until he realized who I was, 8776 which made me immediately uncomfortable. Dude, if you realized that, why did you message me anyway and tell me that?

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I may ask once or twice or every now and again. More likely when I know that the hosts have a guest room and a habit of saying 8775 Please come visit, we have a guest room and we 8767 d love for you to stay with us!, 8776 in which case, they have invited me and 8775 inviting myself 8776 is more about suggesting a specific time. Much less likely when there is no guest room or guest bed and I 8767 d be taking up someone 8767 s main living space. Not at all likely when the prospective hosts are brand-new parents of a baby or enmeshed in other big deal life stuff. Definitely not if a suggestion of staying there is met with any hesitation one may ask 8775 Is it okay if I stay in your guest room for a few days? 8776 but one must not try to convince the hosts.

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Guy and Friend(s) will feel whatever they feel. Maybe Guy won 8767 t be interested in hanging out just as friends. Maybe Friend(s) will deny their meddling or be offended that you don 8767 t want them to do more of it and be miffed for a while. Maybe they will get it and apologize and stop pressuring you. You can 8767 t magically prevent people from doing stuff that annoys you, but you can have a conversation where you let them know how you feel about it. Stop silently accepting their annoying behavior.  You are not 8775 being mean 8776 or 8775 causing trouble 8776 by stating your needs and boundaries. 

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I 8767 m really struggling to find the right words to initiate this conversation, because everything that pops into my head has strong overtones of 8775 PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER 8776 and 8775 I 8767 m putting all my hopes and dreams on you despite only having known you for 65 weeks or so 8776 and those are NOT the kinds of conversations I want to have. They 8767 re definitely not representative of how I actually feel it 8767 s just that my anxious-attachment mechanism kicks into overdrive at the very thought of addressing it and everything starts to feel like much higher stakes than it really is.

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Good post! I think these type of women need to find creative ways that work for them to let men know they 8767 re interested in them, and/or they need to muster the courage to pursue (in some way) the men they 8767 re interested in. If they 8767 re not more transparent about their interests in particular men, they will end up letting them get snatched up by other women who are more outspoken and outgoing.

We all have stories of the college beauty who admitted to us way later on how much she was into us. I had that happen to me and I was really, really, really feeling the girl. Stepped up to her one day to try my hand at asking her out and she clammed up and wouldn 8767 t even look at me. I chalked it up to her being strange then a few months later she sees me in Publix with my new girlfriend and it looked like her heart fell out of her chest.

8. You know what you 8767 re getting into with them. They don 8767 t know how to show off, so you can see immediately what they 8767 re actually good at. I prefer it to be math or science related. I like to imagine them seeing numerical patterns in the way people move towards the cheese and crackers at a party. 8775 A Beautiful Mind 8776 style. My husband, who is extremely good at math, says this never happens to him. Ever. Which is sad, but I 8767 m trying to get over it.

Eye-contact make you look away fast… keep trying it and the guy will get the hint. Look, if a woman keeps looking at a guy and he doesn’t get the hint then it’s his loss – trust me. The only thing you have to worry about is conversation – too little or too much can be scary for a man who doesn’t know just how much you are into him so try to ask him about himself with as much small talk as you can if you find that you are just going to sit there silently hoping to not mess up.

Boy has a condition called depression. You have it, too, and you should go and get checked out for that. Where I come from you didn 8767 t figure that out for another 5-7 years, and I can 8767 t help but wonder what would be different for me/us if you knew. Depression doesn 8767 t mean you 8767 re unloveable, it just means that it can take medical help and concentrated effort to manage the condition. When Boy hates himself, and stops going to work or class or washing his clothes or wanting to do anything with you, when he has mood swings and gets dark and mean, when he tells you that he doesn 8767 t deserve you and wants you to go away, and then the next day tells you that he 8767 ll die if you leave him,  it 8767 s at least partly a manifestation of an illness. It 8767 s not your fault, it 8767 s not something you are doing wrong or not doing enough of. What that also means is that you cannot love him out of it. You can 8767 t fix him or fix it for him. He 8767 s got to do it himself.

7. They 8767 re often self-aware. They know they 8767 re awkward. They 8767 ve tried to be less awkward, and failed, and had to accept that this is a part of who they are. They are good at self-deprecating humor as a result. A good self-deprecating joke says so much. Mostly it says, 8775 I know I 8767 m not God 8767 s gift to humankind, but I think I might be kinda cute? Maybe? 8776 Yes, you are.

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