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The Aphids are killing my garden! I have a square foot garden that is completly full however all of a sudden the Aphids are destroying my broccoli crop and lettuce. I dont need them hurting any thing else. We live in South Carolina where the weather has been cool one week and hot the next. I have tried the cool water and spray with Ivory soap. Does any one have ideas that they know works well for this area?

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And.. Geraniums in containers at each door (larger spaces, . garage door and slider) I may have additional pots for wider openings. Since we started this we have had no (I repeat NO flies in the house!!! My husband - a biologist - thinks it is the leaves and not the blooms. Sometimes the garage door is open for hours. We do not use any harmful chemicals on the lawn and garden so our beautiful little Maltese has the run of the yard!

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At the start of the growing season I noticed the leaves of my peppers and eggplants were being eaten. I also spotted several ladybugs. Later, when the beans and corn came up I saw mole holes. After a good rainstorm, all was well, no holes in the leaves. Then, on the sunflowers the ants appeared. Hole reappeared, this time on the beans. Everytime I approach the beans or sunflowers I am attacked by ants. I started with a nighttime hard spray of water on every leaf, under and over. This morning I noticed less ants, so I was able to get close enough to the sunflowers to see some yellow spots on the back. I put out some borax ant bait traps at the bottom of the sunflowers and the row of effected beans. Got some neem oil, but the beans are now in blossom. Any suggestions? I can t weed or pick anything if I am being attacked by ants. They bite aggressively!

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Plants: red & green pepper (in containers), hanging strawberry plant, strawberry mint plant (tastes like strawberry mint, does not produce berries haha), lemongrass, ivy, lobelia, fuschia hybrid, calibrachoa hybrid & green dracena and a bleeding heart plant that I pray is going to survive in a container over winter (my fave plant ever, let's see if apartment life will support bleeding heart 'captivity')!

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I have a 65 X 75 garden. This year my fava beans, green beans, cucumbers and kale were completely infested with aphids. I have disposed of the plants and read comments on how to get rid of them in the soil. However, do you just spray the Neem oil or pyrethrin on top of the soil in the entire garden? Do you have to scratch it in ? When should I spray it?
I do not want to have the same problem next year.

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First of all, WHERE did you get the attachments to hook to your kitchen sink??????? I also live in an apartment and am tired of carrying a bucket!!
Secondly, the best thing for aphids is Epsom salt!!! For a real large pot I use a half cup per pot. Just mix it up a bit with the dirt on top and then water like normal. Within two days all the aphids and white flies were gone. And they have NOT come back!!!!! I used it on my roses, tomatoes, pumpkin plant. Plus all my decorative plants. I also use it on my inside plants!! The Epsom Salt has something in it that the plants need!! ALL my plants are growing like crazy!!!! It seems like my pumpkin plant is growing about two inches a day!!! So remember, 6/7 cup of EPSOM SALT per pot!!!!!

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"After just a few short weeks on Muddy Matches, I met Mark and we have been seeing one another ever since! Mark is so true to his profile and he feels the same about me as we have spent some wonderful weekends together going camping, hiking and cycling. We have only been seeing one another for just over 9 months but it seems so much longer and we are planning to go skiing and travelling in 7567. Thank you for allowing me to meet the man of my dreams." - Sally

I was wondering why no one had mentioned boric acid (aka Borax) before! I use it for laundry & around the outside perimeter of my house and my plants as a dry dust and haven't had any problems….. Except for this year, I have chronic pain in my lower back & am limited to what I can do. Dusting my flowers & shrubs wasn't done & I noticed my first green aphid on my new transplanted moonflower plant! I will need to get some boric acid. You can buy Borax, the brand name in the laundry aisle at your local walmart or grocery store (Meijer, Kroger,etc…)for around $! Alot cheaper than buying the general name boric acid from a gardening/department store & you get a lot less!

Garlic oil spray has been used to battle aphids for generations. However, garlic contains sulfur, which, besides being toxic to pests, is also an antibacterial and antifungal agent. Be sure to spray the underside of the leaves where aphids gather. The one caution is that garlic spray kills beneficial insects (such as ladybugs, who are natural predators of aphids) just as easily as it kills the bad guys.

I have a variety of plants on my bay window, Gobble Guts, Lilly Looks and a few others I have forgotten their names. Most have been in the bay window for four years now. Recently I had noticed a green, very small but lively bug on my plants. The stems and leaves are covered in them. Are they aphids??? If so what can I do about them. If not aphids any idea as to what they could be and how to get rid of them would be much appreciated as I really don t want to loose any of my plants on my bay window.
Thank you.

Product information at the Web site of Organic Labs (the manufacturer) says the Organicide 8-in-6 Garden Spray is "soft on beneficial insects" and "will not harm Bees, Butterflies, Ladybugs" but we'd suggest that you talk to the manufacturer directly to be sure, especially as there are several formulas of Organicide available, and we're not sure which one you have.

Curling tomato leaves can mean several things. There are some viruses that produce this effect, but it can also be signs of stress due to cold temperatures and rain, irregular watering, too much water, heat and drought, improper pruning, herbicides, transplant shock, mites … If it is aphids, they would be fairly easy to see – check under the leaves and along stems and junctions for small, pear-shape insects – usually moving very slowly or staying still. Color ranges from dark gray to green to orange, depending on species.

Given this is an edible, we don’t recommend chemical applications. See if you can identify the insect that is chomping on your leaves. It may very well be something that will be gone in a few weeks and your peppers will be none the worse for wear. Often, insect pests feed at dusk and nightfall. It’s a good time to go out there to see what you are dealing with. Sometimes a simple solution of warm water and dish soap is enough to deter pesky feeders.

I used to broadcast garlic bulbs in various areas around and in my garden to help with aphid control. I'm pretty sure I read it in something Rodale published. I believe initially I started with it around the roses. Was the only thing allowed within a few feet, little grassy garlic bulblets all around. I NEVER had aphids in them. Lived there for 68 years with the same roses. So i expanded it to the rest of the garden areas where I saw aphids occasionally. I never thought to take it out to the orchard.

I planted some romaine lettuce transplants in my garden box and they are doing very well but I have noticed some light colored pests recently … probably aphids. I got a sprayer and mixed a very light mixture of white vinegar in water. I sprayed the underside of each plant and it seems to have made a difference. I will monitor them everyday to see if the vinegar water bothers the growth of the lettuce but so far I'm happy with less aphids.

Also try 6% Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil mixed with 99% water, sprayed on the plant with a pump sprayer (Home Depot $). However you should first wash your plants with the hose set at firm pressure to wash away as much of the mold (created as a result of aphid honey dew droppings) and aphids as possible. Then spray the whole plant and a little Cinnamon Oil at the base of the plants to stop the ants that also come to eat the honey dew created by aphids. Ceylon Cinnamon Oil is a powerful mold killer and safe to eat. But dilute, otherwise it will burn the plant leaves.

If you have white bugs on your hibiscus, those bugs are probably white flies not aphids. White flies love hibiscus plants. Unfortunately, it's a problem. There are a couple of things you could try.
6) Get yellow sticky cards from a garden center and stick them in your plants. The buys will stick to the glue.
7) Get a horticultural oil and spray your plant.
8) Cut back any infected portions.
We hope you can save your plant unless it's too far gone!

How frustrating! Have you tried to attract beneficials to your garden? These may help to keep the populations down a bit. Try planting some flowering groundcovers around the perimeter of the garden and order some beneficials such as lady beetles and release them in the area. Silver-colored reflective mulch helps to repel aphids, and using row covers early in the season helps to protect seedlings. Good luck!

For aphids, I either squish them and/or use a home made insecticidal soap made from castile soap diluted with water. Castile soap (or any type of soap) basically causes the insect's cell membranes to 'break' so the insects die of dehydration. I usually use peppermint castile soap, as the peppermint oil in the soap seems to intensify the effect of the soap. I usually use 6-7 Tbsp per quart of water.

Yet the internet is awash and the airwaves resonating with this debate. Either a single vegan pressure group, Go Vegan World, set up in memory of a dead hen, has exposed a deep ethical divide throughout our nation, or this is the thin end of the wedge, wherein a minority view is being passed off as that of the majority, in which those of us who are meat and dairy eaters or, God help us all, dairy farmers, are depicted as cruel and exploitative.

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