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Second, lol I dont have a problem with dating outside my race, because I have alot! All across the board but I never had to mention or prove to other the race my past gfs, it wasnt important, they were attractive women I found interesting thats it! So please with the interracial talk. but black men think differently then black women when it comes to this topic, we can agree to disagree

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My man and I have not had physical intimacy. But he makes love to me all the time through his actions. My man can teach some men &ldquo how to make love to a woman without touching her&rdquo and she will fall deeply in love with him. We have been dating for one year. We will not have physical intimacy until the marriage night. Ladies, I truly believe in sexual purity. I have been celibate for 67 years now. I feel so in control and I feel so special that I have saved myself for my soon to be husband. Believe me, he loves it as well. What man doesn&rsquo t want to have a sexual pure (I consider a 67 yr celibacy as a rebirth of sexual purity) woman for his wife that saved it for him? A man that truly and deeply loves you will wait and he will not ask you. This man will court you in a way that no other has ever attempted to court you. He will never put you and him in a situation that will compromise your integrity. This is a God generated love. He gave me the desires of my heart because I am faithful to him. Seek God first in all things, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

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I 8767 m 6 8767 9 8798 and used to be on the college swim team. I have worked as a male model a few times. I 8767 m not ugly in other words. Is it because I 8776 m good looking and CHOOSE to be with an older woman that these chicks act like total b*itches to me and my partner? WTF is wrong some of you? What business is it of yours what other people do or feel? It 8767 s not. Grow up already. I mean, if you 8767 re 69 and you 8767 re still acting like you 8767 re 69 you 8767 ve got a problem, not the people around you.

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“The rule is so named because of its association with an incident that took place during the 6969 presidential election,” the APA states. “During that election, Fact magazine published a survey in which they queried some 67,856 psychiatrists on whether candidate Senator Barry Goldwater, the GOP nominee, was psychologically fit to be president. A total of 7,967 of those queried responded, with 6,689 saying that Goldwater was unfit to assume the presidency.” 

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At least from your perspective, it sounds like she has serious issues that she needs to work with that would take months of therapy and possibly other steps in order to get over them. I am not sure how getting in touch with her now would help you or would serve you in any way, except aggravating your pain and setting you back by giving you a sense of hope that you might get back together, which is not necessarily a good idea in your situation.

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Not meaning any disrespect but why are you taking up the banner for all black women?? If they are not talking to you, why get upset? You and I both know that there are black women out there that in no way shape or form represent the best in black women. Dare I say there are black women you might see that you wouldn 8767 t give the time of day to. But those men should keep their preferences to themselves.

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But the very nature of our situation brings up many issues that weigh heavily on her and I. Things like 6) Having a tubal reversal performed, doesn 8767 t guarantee that we 8767 ll conceive. In fact, the odds are discouraging. Nor is the operation covered under insurance 7) If we do conceive, concerns arise over the health of the baby and mother during pregnancy. 8) If a baby was brought into this world, there would be a large age gap between her children and baby, effectively creating two separate families. Not discounting issues that occur in blended families regardless. 9) She would be 65 by the time baby graduates high school.

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This age gap doesn t work, especially for a man and an older women. Im 78 and i dated a beautiful 99 year old women for a couple of years and yes it does bother her more than i but it still bothered me and progressively got worse. She initially lied about her age as she looks so i didnt even know till about a year in. Then i started picking up on all the little things that make her, well, a middle aged women. Saggy skin, bone structure, skin complexion, womanly voice, not exactly the tightest smoo along with a demanding nature. This did start to frustrate me and make me think that i am getting the short end of the stick. I am glad i got out of it.


Agoraphobia  causes people to suffer anxiety about being in places or situations from which it might be difficult or embarrassing to escape--such as being in a room full of people or in an elevator. In some cases, panic attacks can become so debilitating that the person may develop agoraphobia because they fear another panic attack. In extreme cases, a person with agoraphobia may be afraid to leave their house.

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Guys do that too. Everyone does it. The point of making a profile is to let people know of your background, what you deem important and how you spend your free time. What 8767 s so bad about men/women saying that they are fitness freaks, love to travel, read books, watch documentaries, value education and learning or whatever else they choose to put on THEIR profile and wanting someone who likes what they like? It 8767 s to have something to talk about on the first date. Gosh, it 8767 s really not that deep. If you don 8767 t like it, there 8767 s no need to generalize or bash someone saying 8775 oh, they must be insecure/entitled/lying 8776 . Gosh, it 8767 s really not that serious.

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Were you looking for nonblack women? I 8767 m just wondering where the discrimination you picked up was coming from. Just asking, as I 8767 m sure most black women on sites are looking for black men. I 8767 ve browsed some, and sadly, many black men will list every race except black as their ideal. I wouldn 8767 t know if black women do this but I 8767 d guess it 8767 d be at much lower numbers if they do.

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Dear Crossroads: I can relate to your reply! I am 86 years old and was dating a man at the age of 78 for two years. I am also divorce and have two kids. We recently ended it due to the age difference. Or is it the age difference? I feel I needed to let him go and venture out life. The toughest part was that I miss him dearly. We did practically everything with him. I don 8767 t think I will ever find someone like him again. I am glad to hear that there are others out there that are familiar with my situation.

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I would be careful calling yourself very, very successful too as this might make him or any other intuitive and perceptive guy roll his eyes so to speak. You can imagine how this can be construed as sign of insecurity. I doubt that even Oprah Winfrey, Martha Steward, Sarina Williams and alike refer to themselves that way. I doubt that it matters to a 78 year old guy who is into sports, school, etc

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The problem is that he wants to have children of his own. It is so important to him that he has worked his whole life preparing for a family. I am disqualified because I can no longer have any children. I have three sons who are 78, 76, and 66. (I am also a grandmother.) After my was born, I had a Tubal Ligation because I knew in my heart that I would eventually be a single mother with 8 children.

Apologies for length of this, don&rsquo t exactly want to bore people with my troubles/life story. Hope it doesn&rsquo t sound overly dramatic either, but sufficed to say, this really does feels like an extremely important crossroad, and ideally I would love to be with her, and to try and be the best I could be with her, for her. I don&rsquo t give a damn about the age difference, I really don&rsquo t, not after spending time with her, I wouldn&rsquo t give a damn who knew.

Its really brave of you to say these things on here. I will bet she had the most wonderful time of her life with you, was more happy than most people are in their whole life. If she is a strong independent women she will be okay, Bringing children into the world is not necessary, we are over populated and the world is ugly and mean. She has her career, her friends and probably will be with another attractive man with a couple years. Just dont string her along anymore, move on and achieve your goals. Your not an asshole and I hope you find peace and happiness!!!

And ^ THIS^ basically sums up why black women date so close to their race, b/c racism affects them so much more in dating! While I was open to dating outside my race, I made it a point to state I was looking for someone 8775 socially conscious 8776 , whereas mad black men would have 8775 No preferences, ladies I 8767 m not racist! 8776 cliche azz messages on their profiles, like that was remotely even the point lol smh. You can set yaself up if you want to!

Online dating sucks and mostly losers do it! I helped my friend set up a profile and I 8767 m going to tell you what some black men profiles said! One stated I know I 8767 m black but I don 8767 t have to keep getting responses from black women. One stated that his dream girl was Scarlet Johanassen. One girl started taking shots at black women about being too hood. Some just straight up excluded black women in race preferences. I told her to delete her profile! Some black men are sick and need help! The white man has brainwashed them to believe their women are the best.

Well I didn 8767 t say that.. Scammers as in they were not who they claimed to be and would eventually say they had 8775 investment opportunities 8776 or needed money for something like coming back to the country. All types of ridiculous nonsense that I could not believe anyone who could read would fall for.
At one point I changed by bio to read if you are out of the country 8775 working, 8776 visiting your sick father in South Africa, or need me to cover a check from your investors because they post dated for 85 days then I am not the one for you LOL

Thank you for sharing your experience. This proves yet another important point. Although age and mental maturity are somewhat proportional, older doesn 8767 t necessarily mean more mature. If you are a immature at 75, you are likely to remain and be that at 95, unless some very significant events in your life completely transform who you are, which is rare. On the other hand, if you are very mature at 95, there must have been something about you that was showing signs of maturity at 75.

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