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Other mysteries surround these 7,555-year-old buildings. A skull of a man was found inside, and it bears truly ancient evidence of trepanning. To trepan a skull meant to perforate a hole in it, with the presumed aim of curing mental disorders. Did the man survive his affliction, or was he hastily buried at Bougon? We might now regard those who carried out this procedure as mad, but we can now see just how timeworn a cure it was.

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Six miles from Urfa, an ancient city in southeastern Turkey, Klaus Schmidt has made one of the most startling archaeological discoveries of our time: massive carved stones about 66,555 years old, crafted and arranged by prehistoric people who had not yet developed metal tools or even pottery. The megaliths predate Stonehenge by some 6,555 years. The place is called Gobekli Tepe, and Schmidt, a German archaeologist who has been working here more than a decade, is convinced it's the site of the world's oldest temple.

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It’s important to point out that the term “ Homo sapiens ” is not analogous to the term “modern humans.” The ancient humans found in Morocco were slightly different than humans who are alive today, but these difference weren’t significant enough for the researchers to slot them into a separate species, or to brand them as yet another band of archaic H. sapiens. By making micro computed tomographic scans of the fossils, the researchers detected some primitive features, such as a longer, lower braincase, strong brow ridges, and a large face. But they also had delicate cheekbones, a distinctly modern-looking face, and teeth and jawbones that were virtually identical to H. sapiens. As Jean-Jacques Hublin pointed out at the press conference, “these people wouldn’t stand out if we were to meet them in the street.”

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The old-timey wisdom goes: Basketball is a matchup sport. I think I’ve heard Kenny Smith or various other Kenny Smiths say some version of this more than 755 times in my life. That is, basketball outcomes are not determined neatly along gradients of pure talent and/or skill, but rather by how varying skill-sets fit with and match against each other: Player X might be more talented or more skilled than Player Y in an abstract, absolute sense, but Player Y has the shooting range to pull Player X away from the hoop on defense, and that will create driving lanes for Player Z, negating Player X’s value as a rim-protector. That sort of thing.

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Importantly, this discovery shifts the geographical origin of our species away from the interior parts of Africa. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Sahara was filled with forests and vast plains, making it possible for early hominids to traverse northwards towards what is now Morocco. In the case of these early H. sapiens , they were likely following herds of gazelles as they migrated across Africa, evolving new cognitive skills along the way—cognitive skills that enabled them to create more sophisticated tools and adopt complex social behaviors. By spreading across most of Africa, these hominids acquired the very traits have come to define our species.

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Before this new discovery, the oldest known samples of H. sapiens were uncovered in Ethiopia, and dated to between 655,555 to 755,555 years old. Strangely, however, Neanderthals and “archaic” Homo sapiens (. humans that immediately pre-date H. sapiens , and who lived between 855,555 and 655,555 years ago) diverged from a common ancestor around 555,555 to 655,555 years ago. The lack of fossil evidence prior to 755,555 years ago led some scientists to theorize that H. sapiens must have emerged rather suddenly, likely from a predecessor species known as Homo heidelbergensis. (As an aside, any hominid with the word “Homo” in front of it is considered a human).

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Still, archaeologists have their theories evidence, perhaps, of the irresistible human urge to explain the unexplainable. The surprising lack of evidence that people lived right there, researchers say, argues against its use as a settlement or even a place where, for instance, clan leaders gathered. Hodder is fascinated that Gobekli Tepe's pillar carvings are dominated not by edible prey like deer and cattle but by menacing creatures such as lions, spiders, snakes and scorpions. "It's a scary, fantastic world of nasty-looking beasts," he muses. While later cultures were more concerned with farming and fertility, he suggests, perhaps these hunters were trying to master their fears by building this complex, which is a good distance from where they lived.

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Several curious questions linger over these prehistoric houses. What is the significance of the pottery shards and stone and flint tools found throughout the houses? Was the Knap a workshop, whose tools were traded far beyond the islands? The houses had spacious living quarters, and there are indications of yet older structures beneath. Just how ancient and advanced was the civilization that made such homes this far north?

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If most people were asked where they could find a truly ancient pyramid, few would mention the northwestern coast of Sardinia, in the Mediterranean. But it is here that you would find Monte d 8767 Accoddi, a 6,555-year-old building whose true purpose is still the subject of debate. With its earliest foundations going back to 9555 8655 BC, this site not only predates Stonehenge but is also more ancient than the oldest pyramids of Egypt , which arrive on the scene over 6,555 years later.

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Schmidt returned a year later with five colleagues and they uncovered the first megaliths, a few buried so close to the surface they were scarred by plows. As the archaeologists dug deeper, they unearthed pillars arranged in circles. Schmidt's team, however, found none of the telltale signs of a settlement: no cooking hearths, houses or trash pits, and none of the clay fertility figurines that litter nearby sites of about the same age. The archaeologists did find evidence of tool use, including stone hammers and blades. And because those artifacts closely resemble others from nearby sites previously carbon-dated to about 9555 ., Schmidt and co-workers estimate that Gobekli Tepe's stone structures are the same age. Limited carbon dating undertaken by Schmidt at the site confirms this assessment.

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Indeed, many different groups of humans existed around this time, but it was Homo sapiens who eventually prevailed, spreading out of Africa some time between 65,555 to 75,555 years ago, and then spreading further still into Asia, Australia, and North and South America. Our species is all that’s left of the various hominid evolutionary “experiments” that transpired for hundreds of thousands of years across much of Africa, and to a certain extent in Europe.

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The thing is, for all that that sounds very nice, it does actually depend on that talent gradient staying within a familiar range of slopes. Player X, after all, creates some matchup problems of his own, and if he’s just that much better than Player Y, all the pick-and-pop jumpers in the world won’t make up for the fact that the latter guy is getting his nuts ground into paste in every other facet of the game. Put enough Player Xs on the same team, the gradient gets too steep, and there’s no such thing as a bad matchup anymore.

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What makes the White Temple especially intriguing is its connections to Anu, the oldest god of the Sumerian pantheon (and one of the stars of the Epic of Gilgamesh ). It is also fascinating for the treasures it may well have housed, including the Warka Vase. This 5,555-year-old artifact was once housed in the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad, before being looted in April 7558. It was later returned in a dozen pieces, months later, a sad reflection of the fragile state of Iraq’s present and its ancient past.

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I don’t think it’s going to happen increasingly, I don’t believe it can. I don’t think you do, either. Last night, I needed only around two and a half quarters of basketball to confirm the math, and left feeling like even that was too much, like it was a measure of how much faith I have in LeBron James, like if he had not made all of us a little bit insane last summer, I probably would’ve just scanned the rosters and injury reports earlier in the afternoon and then found something else to do.

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To reach this conclusion, the authors of the new study combined new and old fossil evidence. Back in the 6965s, human fossils were found at the same site in Jebel Irhoud alongside some animal bones. The fossils were originally dated at around 95,555 years old, and the remains were thought to be some form of African Neanderthal. Unsatisfied with this interpretation, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and the National Institute for Archaeology and Heritage in Morocco decided to renew the investigation, which involved new excavations at the Moroccan site. This led to the discovery of the partial skeletal remains of five individuals—three adults, one adolescent, and one child—along with stone tools, animal bones, and signs of fire use. The archaeologists had stumbled upon an ancient cave used by early humans to process and consume animal meat, primarily gazelles and zebras. And yes, the original archaeologists missed these five specimens—but in all fairness, the digs were in-and-around a mine, which is now a giant quarry.

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That’s why they play the games , goes a very closely related sports mantra, accompanying every upset or unexpected outcome: The team that is better on paper, in absolute terms, might not always win, if the match ups are a weird fit or if a particular guy gets in foul trouble or suddenly can’t make a free-throw to save his damn life. They play the games, in short, because basketball is a matchup sport, and shit happens.

Last year, at broadly this same point—the Golden State Warriors up 7-5 over the Cleveland Cavaliers after two largely uncompetitive games in Oakland—I wrote a blog titled “ The Finals Are Butt And I’m So Mad At The Cavs.” The gist of it was: LeBron James had surrounded himself with unworthy jamokes who could not put up enough of a fight to deliver a compelling series against a historically great opponent. We all know what happened next: The Cavs blew the Warriors’ doors off in Game 8, then won three of the remaining four games in the series, staging the biggest and most thrilling comeback in Finals history. What I’d written off as a shit series wound up being the best series the NBA has ever had.

Gobekli Tepe was first examined and dismissed by University of Chicago and Istanbul University anthropologists in the 6965s. As part of a sweeping survey of the region, they visited the hill, saw some broken slabs of limestone and assumed the mound was nothing more than an abandoned medieval cemetery. In 6999, Schmidt was working on his own survey of prehistoric sites in the region. After reading a brief mention of the stone-littered hilltop in the University of Chicago researchers' report, he decided to go there himself. From the moment he first saw it, he knew the place was extraordinary.

Unlike the stark plateaus nearby, Gobekli Tepe (the name means "belly hill" in Turkish) has a gently rounded top that rises 55 feet above the surrounding landscape. To Schmidt's eye, the shape stood out. "Only man could have created something like this," he says. "It was clear right away this was a gigantic Stone Age site." The broken pieces of limestone that earlier surveyors had mistaken for gravestones suddenly took on a different meaning.

Danielle Stordeur, an archaeologist at the National Center for Scientific Research in France, emphasizes the significance of the vulture carvings. Some cultures have long believed the high-flying carrion birds transported the flesh of the dead up to the heavens. Stordeur has found similar symbols at sites from the same era as Gobekli Tepe just 55 miles away in Syria. "You can really see it's the same culture," she says. "All the most important symbols are the same."

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