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6Illustrations That Show What It’s Like in an Introvert’s

Posted: 2017-12-06 22:32

How one self identifies and how open or stealth one is, is a vastly personal decision. I myself am quite open to many. I am just the 8775 girl next door 8776 to many others. While I choose to be clear and open on the mainstream dating sites where I have my profiles, I do so not out of any feelings of obligation to 8775 come clean 8776 to prospective dates who may have an issue with my being of transsexual history. I firmly believe if someone has an issue with dating a trans* person, then it is THEIR responsibility to ask every single prospective date if they are trans*. I am clear up front simply because I do not wish to waste my time dealing with somebody who may freak out on me later on. I don 8767 t need to be bothered with their baggage and psychiatric issues and fears over their own sexuality. I prefer to educate rather than obfuscate, but I am not giving everyone I meet a free course in Trans* 656. Also I have no desire whatsoever to date someone who doesn 8767 t believe I exist or finds the thought of dating me undesirable.


Emma Starr is one beautiful married woman. Elegant, tall and amazing presence. She has these incredible sensual eyes that draw you in, a warm smile and a body to die for. Emma first came to my attention being the literal 8767 star 8767 of various gangbang experiences. Just recently Emma and Christina Noir went up to San Francisco to hook up with members of their websites to give them some special attention. Now that is customer service!!!

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So I am speaking as a cis-gendered, heterosexual female. I was always brought up to judge people on their character, not based on anything like gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. etc. I truly am not just trying to sound pc here. Some of my best friends are gay, and I had this fascinating conversation about European history with a trans-woman I met once. My college has a comparatively large trans community one of whom was the best chemistry TA EVER! and a trans-man who I will not deny, I found quite attractive. I did not pursue him because, well, I do not pursue ANYBODY. Because I 8767 m a chump like that. Seriously. I 8767 m WAY too shy for my own good. It 8767 s pretty horrible.

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I think that Emma Watsons recent announcement at the UN Summit was incredibly powerful and something that concerns ALL women. Men are having to protect their sexualities constantly in this day and age if they cry, they show too much affection/emotion, do too much housework, be loving fathers and have gay friends.
This is absolutely appalling because I am not one of those women who would hook up with a man until I know him well enough but even at that. At which point will society stop focusing so much on matters that they are not entitled any say of and matters that is simply none of their business.

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I am confused by your comment Janie B. Do you believe this a moral issue, your cousin not disclosing that she was unable to have children. What moral code requires women to announce that they are capable of bearing children. And what makes women who are infertile natural born women. What about women who have a congenital heart defect are they real women or are women supposed to be perfect specimens. What about women who were born with a male brain, are they natural born women, or is this in the end a moral judgement call you have made which you now generalize across the board. Are women with birth defects lesser women? And who makes the call? Obviously your cousin made a judgement call.


I agree with what you say, but want to point out something: many of us who have transitioned have dropped the 8775 trans 8776 label, if we ever used it all. We always felt we were female, that we were women, and once transitioned, we are officially female. I think the 8775 trans 8776 label confuses a lot of people, that it suggests we are something less than female. The media of which I am part doesn 8767 t help matters by labelling transitioned women with the 8775 transgender 8776 title (see the Jenna Talackova affair). If we want the media to stop using it, we need to stop using it and so do the organizations that support us like like GLAAD.

Unfortunately, our society has not evolved enough for gender distinctions not to matter, everything takes time maybe in a few generations, but until then be comfortable with who you are and who you choose to love if you can if you can 8767 t and someone wants to rendezvous with you clandestinely and you acquiesce, don 8767 t be angry or ashamed or disappointed in them be angry or ashamed or disappointed in yourself.

Thank you so much for this article and for your appearance on Huffpost Live. Your work to raise awareness of transwomen and especially transwomen of color as well as transloving people is so loving and articulate. Thank you for advocating for Mr Cee to have the space he needs to understand his own desires and for encouraging your sisters not to settle for anything less than being openly respected and adored as the smart, strong women that you are. Please know that there are plenty of us out there who have your backs and want you to be seen and heard.

These all indicate something but we try to boil it down to very simple labels and the concepts aren 8767 t so simple but they help us work toward an understanding. For me, when I learned these things, I learned why stepping into an elevator with people I didn 8767 t know was so horribly frightening to me and I learned why I absolutely would not meet someone at a place unless they meet me in a conspicuous place outside (like at the front door) it seemed that I was afraid of people not knowing what to say or looking like a fool. I get tired easily being in noisy places with lots of people to a point. If I 8767 m having fun with a group of people I know, I 8767 ll sometimes enjoy hanging out until all hours of the night, but a place without anyone I have anything in common with or a group of people whom I know no one is exhausting.

I 8767 m an ENFJ. wouldn 8767 t say I feel pressured to be more introverted, but I definitely get irritated at the occasionally arrogant or superior tone the 8775 introvert manifestos 8776 sometimes take. It 8767 s ironic that some introverts don 8767 t like being called shy, awkward, or misanthropic, but some have no compunction about calling extroverts vampires, shallow, or self-promoting. And there 8767 s also a strain that says introverts understand extroverts because our actions are so visible. To me, that 8767 s like saying you 8767 re qualified to be a race car designer or pit crew chief because you 8767 ve watched NASCAR on TV. Just because you see the outward actions doesn 8767 t mean you understand how they came to be.

A great article and very much to the point for me. The 6 illustrations sum up the general distinctions very clearly, however one needs to stress that being an introvert is not something we should hide or try and pretend that we are extroverts. Being a deep thinker and being more comfortable to get some 8775 me time 8776 is a positive in life and I for one think extroverts would benefit from taking time to reflect and plan their thought processes occasionally. I am over saying or thinking I am simply 8775 misunderstood 8776 and/or denying that I am arrogant or even apologising for my natural behaviour. Some of the comments clearly demonstrate why Quiet (Susan Cain 8767 s book) and the Quit Rev is building its natural success storey as they highlight the need to educate a vast mass of people who clearly misunderstand the concepts associated with a world made up of extroverts and introverts .and I am not referring to introverts by saying that.

Taylor Murphy having been engaged to a trans woman makes him no less of a chaser in my opinion. That man likes his girlfriends packing and I ain 8767 t talking about luggage. But to each his own, but he 8767 s a chaser for sure. Being attracted to a beautiful woman is one thing, but not giving her a chance because she 8767 s cis-gendered is about as foul as not giving her a chance because she isn 8767 t cis-gendered!

My life has never been what others wanted it to be but my own. Who I am is really none of anyone 8767 s business. I am a Post op transexual and the men I have dated before were all straight men who knew what they wanted to be with. Most will hide in the dark but just as nice in the light. men are men and the ONE reason they seek Trans women is because we 8767 re are REAL. We don 8767 t hate yet struggle hard to live our own happy life.

Anyway, to come to my main point: If we acknowledge that the 8775 social capital 8776 issue is real in regard to transwomen, and acknowledge that it is a social injustice (just as all discrimination on the basis of looks which are beyond an individual 8767 s ready control is an injustice, regardless of how much or how little can be done about this injustice in the bigger picture), then I think we will if we are honest acknowledge that it is unfair and a little disingenuous to act as if it is only their individual choices or personalities which make us think twice about being seen with them in public.

It also makes for a pretty topsy-turvy world. I am a proudly queer, pansexual, polyamorous and kink-friendly transwoman. I 8767 ve had adventures most people only fantasize about. But it 8767 s gotten so the 8775 kinkiest 8776 thing I can imagine is a man who wants to take me out on the town, to dinner and a movie, and then take me home to maybe fool around on the couch a little. That is the thing that is unattainable for me.

Seems in America people stick their noses where they really do not belong. In Japan we have 9 national pop stars who are trans women. We have a trans woman in parliament serving her second term. I am a trans woman and a test pilot. Probably the first trans woman test pilot. No one knows I am trans and I don 8767 t feel the need to tell anyone. I am married and have been for the last 7 years. I am also half Japanese half Ethiopian. I think this article is great and I wish there were more articles like this. I believe lately there has been a lot of positive media around the world toward trans women which is encouraged. I wish the best for my trans sisters out in the open and in 8775 stealth 8776 and I wish the best for you Janet.

It 8767 s not that it 8767 s talked about befoer being completely processed, it 8767 s that it must be talked about to BE processed. It 8767 s a crucial part of processing and understanding an experience.
For an example of the difference, when my kids and I see a sunrise (or eat ice cream, or anything else, really) my daughter must talk about it to process and enjoy it to be in the moment. My son and I need quiet to be able to process and enjoy it. It is frustrating. So either we ask her to stop talking, thus inhibiting her experience, or else she talks her way through it and we don 8767 t get to experience it. Can 8767 t tell you how many meals or ice cream flavors I could not even taste because my daughter was talking through them. Luckily, I have a husband who is not extreme extro or intro who intercedes when he can and diverts the talker so she can exuberantly share and thus experience, while my son and I get to take a breath and process and take in the experience.

Though insulting to many, a perfect example of this would be shows like Maury, or Springer, where trans women come out and the audience has to guess if they were born biologically male or female. Most of the audience is totally wrong as to which guests are born male or female. Some people try to use the Adams Apple test, or the deep voice test, not understanding that there are men with naturally feminine sounding voices, such as Jerick Hoffer, (AKA Jinkx Monsoon of Rupaul 8767 s Drag Race), and women born with an Adams Apple, an example being actress Sandra Bullock.

Maybe some transgender people feel it 8767 s not fair, or it shouldn 8767 t matter but unfortunately it does to many. Shame wouldn 8767 t be a factor if trans people only dated those who were openly accepting of them and what they stood for as people. The same holds true for anyone who dates someone who doesn 8767 t respect them enough to be seen with them in broad daylight as well as behind closed doors.